Pineda lasts three innings in latest rehab start

King: Yankees interested in Dominican third baseman Rafael Devers
Ramirez roughed up in latest Triple-A start

In his second minor league rehab start with Double-A Trenton, Michael Pineda allowed four runs on four hits, four walks, and a hit batsman in just three innings of work. He struck out four and only 32 of his 67 pitches were strikes (47%).

Pineda’s rehab window expires on July 8th, so there’s time for just one more tune-up game. At this point, I have to think the Yankees will send him to Triple-A Scranton when the clock is up. They’ll “but back” a year of control and he’ll get to continue to work where results don’t matter following surgery.

King: Yankees interested in Dominican third baseman Rafael Devers
Ramirez roughed up in latest Triple-A start
  • trr

    More important at this point if he feels well, threw the ball easily

    • Dalek Jeter

      Agree 1000%, and I’ve said from the beginning, unless he’s just blowing the minor leagues away, like 98 and gas throwing 80 pitches through 8 innings, striking out 10 a game keep him down for those couple weeks for the extra year.

      • Laz

        If he is blowing the minors away it is that much more important to keep him down. Is the production he gives in those 2 weeks greater than an entire extra year?

        • The Doctor

          If he’s clearly more than ready to take over in the big league rotation and likely to outperform 2 or 3 of the Yankees starters, the union might have a bit of a fit about keeping him down for extra control. I doubt they’d get anywhere but I don’t mind avoiding it all together.

          • Mr. Roth

            I don’t really see the union getting involved with something like that at all.

          • RetroRob

            Coming off this surgery, it’s perfectly within the Yankees rights to send him to the minors since he has options left. They could call him up, he could toss a perfect game on the Major League level and then the Yankees could option him all the way down to A-ball and there is nothing the union could do.

            • jjyank

              Yup. If the Union throws a fit about that, then they should have been fighting during the CBA negotiations to alter the rules about player options. If Pineda has options left (and he does), then I don’t see how anyone int he Union can bitch about the Yankees using one of them.

              It seems like a no-brainer to go that route with Pineda. I hope he throws a no-hitter in his next rehab start. And I hope the Yankees still option him to AAA for a couple weeks to get a year of control back.

  • RetroRob

    His control — at least evidenced by low number of walks — has been impressive overall considering he had shoulder surgery. That control seems to have been missing today.

    Still not expecting much from him until next year.

  • Bo Knows

    This inning gives the team a good excuse to keep him down for those few weeks to gain control

  • bpdelia

    hell. I want some moves to make this team bearable to watch. I don’t see any reason to bring pineda back before rosters expand. the weight of unreasonable expectations sounds like a recipe for disaster. at very best pineda adds what? 2 wins? no reason to rush him. option him and call him up in September. slowly get him prepared for spring training

    • The Doctor

      Considering how close the AL East is, 2 wins could be huge. Not sure how you can just disregard that.

      • SDB

        2 wins for Pineda in the next couple of weeks assumes the offense might actually support him.

        Big assumption. Big, big assumption.

        • The Doctor

          I’m just working under their assumption. Assuming he adds 2 wins to the team, it’d be a no brainer to have him up as soon as they get that extra year of control.

          Regardless, if he’s out pitching one or more of the current rotation members, he will give them a better chance to win with limited support than the other will, so it’s best to get him up. You’re following the pitcher’s wins logic, which seems to say a pitcher is only valuable if the team supports them. It’s simply not true; they can keep the team closer in the game to take over towards the end, and over time they’ll still help the team win more than an inferior pitcher would.

          • bpdelia

            I’m going on the assumption that Yankees will be no where near two games out. the team is not making the playoffs. I can deal with that. I went to 60 plus games in the days when Claudell Washington was my favorite player. I went to whole serierz of Jeff Johnson, wade Taylor and chuck Cary. this team isn’t in a slump. this is the true talent level. it is what it is and irrational hope won’t make it better. when I watched the Yankees in 1990 it wasn’t because I thought they would actually win.

            • Fin

              I agree. I feel this is a team that has a better chance of finish under .500 than over it. I don’t think all these guys on the DL will make much of a difference either. They either wont make it back in time to make a difference (Arod, Jeter), have linger injury problems effecting performance (Granderson, and Jeter and Arod if they make it back), or aren’t good enough to matter (Cirvelli, Nunez). Pineda, since hes already so far down his rehab is the only guy I can see coming back and making a large contribution, but even then I expect more out of him next year than this year.

              • bpdelia

                yup. in reality once TeX and youklis were finished any hope for this season ended. the odds of jeter and arod riding in and playing balls to the wall after 8 months of rehabbing in their late 30s are vanishingly small. grandson will help and the three will make the games fucking watchable again but it’s going to be way too little way too late. and Nunez really hasn’t shown me that he is anything more than MAYBE the tiniest marginal upgrade over nix. the only reason cervelli is an upgrade is that GASP! Chris Stewart and romine is a laughably terrible major league catching tandem. embarrassingly so. how much better after over a year of not pitching after major major shoulder surgery can pineda be over Hughes or Phelps? at very very best two wins. probably closer to none than that. pretty pointless. use the time working on the changeup that he may need now that he’s throwing two miles an hour softer

            • The Doctor

              They’ve got injured players and potential trades coming back as reinforcements. I wouldn’t exactly bet on them making the post-season, but to say they should do less than putting the best team they can on the field within reasonable costs (in this case nothing, so long as they wait a couple weeks) is completely illogical.

      • TomH

        Where the Yankees are presently concerned, with their laughable offense, this AL East “closeness”–merely 4 games behind Boston in the loss column–is more or less an illusion, a mirage. It does exist for the other 4 teams, which possess real everyday lineups.

        The Yankees’ appearance of “closeness” is trending towards the reality of distance with every game. Pineda’s possible “2 wins” contribution won’t get them out of the basement. It would take the return of recognizable versions of Granderson, Jeter, and ARod to do that. I would not rush Pineda. Work on the hitting.

  • Dan

    My dad was at the game in Binghampton… he said the ump was calling an extremely tight strikezone. Both Pineda and Snyydergaard were getting hosed, hence the walks and high pitch counts. Dad said that by the 3rd or 4th inning they were just throwing it right over the plate, hence the hits and runs.

  • Robinson Tilapia

    It happens.

  • Derbs

    Any word on his velocity today?

    • Bo Knows

      someone just told me 91-93 with him touching 95 several times

  • Preston

    Oh no, we’re losing the trade again!!!

  • tommycassella

    it seems like the last time petite won a game was when moses parted the red sea.