Stewart’s late-inning hit gives Yankees 2-1 win over Mariners in series finale

Sunday Night Open Thread
Fan Confidence Poll: June 10th, 2013

Three outta four ain’t bad. The Yankees managed to beat Felix Hernandez for the second time this season — technically, they beat the bullpen after he left the game, but who’s keeping track? — on Sunday, giving them three wins during their four games in Seattle. Pretty cool. The score was 2-1.


Bailed Out
There was a definite “wtf?” feel to the end of this game. The two teams were knotted at one in the eighth inning when all the crazy happened. Robinson Cano was hit by a pitch to leadoff the eighth, and before you knew it he was standing on second with two outs and Vernon Wells at the dish. There was no particular reason for Wells, who has been awful for about six weeks now, to bat against a right-hander in that situation, but there he was. Five pitches later, the inning was over on a ground out.

The Yankees got another gift to leadoff the ninth, as Ichiro Suzuki drew a five-pitch walk to kick things off. Jayson Nix bunted him over to second — Ichiro is on pace for 13 stolen bases this year, so so much for his speed game — but Reid Brignac (!) was allowed to hit with the go-ahead run in scoring position with one out in the ninth. If Lyle Overbay won’t come off the bench in that spot, he has no business being on the roster. Brignac flew out to left and failed to even advance the runner.

Now, I get that left-hander Oliver Perez was warmed up and would have been brought into the game had Overbay pinch-hit for Brignac in the ninth, but I’d much rather take my chances with Overbay against Perez than with Brignac against anyone. In the eighth, righty Yoervis Medina was brought into the game specifically to face Wells, so the Mariners couldn’t have countered with a southpaw had Overbay pinch-hit. I don’t get it.

Thankfully, Chris Stewart bailed Joe Girardi out. The teacher’s pet slapped a ten-hop single through the 5.5-hole on the left side of the infield, and I thought there was going to be a plate at the plate when I saw the outfielder scoop the ball as Ichiro was rounded third. That outfielder was Raul Ibanez though, and his throw was far enough offline for Suzuki to slide in safely. It was Stewart’s first go-ahead hit after the fourth inning this season. Good timing.

(Otto Greule Jr/Getty)
(Otto Greule Jr/Getty)

Out Of Control
The pitching line is great — one run on three hits and three walks in six innings — but I thought David Phelps was pretty shaky in this start, especially early on. He threw 19 pitches in the first and 26 pitches in the second, and four of the first eighth batters he faced saw a three-ball count. It wasn’t looking good early on, particularly when Seattle strung together a double, a walk, and an infield single to tie the game at one in the span of four hitters in the second.

Phelps settled down though, needing just 54 pitches to complete innings three through six after using 45 pitches in the first two frames. He retired the final ten and 12 of the final 13 men he faced with exactly three balls leaving the infield. That ability to settle down following a shaky start seems to be a shared trait with the team’s rotation, and I don’t think it’s a coincidence. I’m not saying they “feed off each other” so to speak, but the veteran guys have been there before and they’re probably helping the younger guys along. Very nice outing by Phelps even if it wasn’t always pretty.

Nailed Down
These last two games were not easy for David Robertson and Mariano Rivera. The combined to put three men on-base in 1.2 innings on Saturday, and on Sunday it was four base-runners in two innings. Robertson allowed a leadoff double before escaping the jam with a sac bunt and two strikeouts. His curveball was ridiculously sharp, as he threw six of eight for strikes (two whiffs). That was some serious Houdiniing.

Rivera, meanwhile, allowed a leadoff single to Kyle Seager — did it not seem like he hit the ball hard all series? — for the second consecutive game. Mark Teixeira turned a 3-6 double play to clean up that mess, but Raul Ibanez and Endy Chavez followed with a walk and a single to make a new threat. Mo escaped that with a fly ball. It seemed like Rivera pitched around Ibanez both times he faced him, which is just weird. I know Raul did some amazing things late last year, but geez, go after him.

(Otto Greule Jr/Getty)
(Otto Greule Jr/Getty)

How hot is Brett Gardner? Four hits in five at-bats hot. He doubled, stole a base, and singled in the team’s first run on Sunday. Gardner has now hit safely in 15 of his last 17 games, going 23-for-63 (.365) with six doubles, a triple, and three homers during that stretch. He’s up to .284/.349/.453 (118 wRC+) on the season.

How crappy is the rest of the team? The other eight guys in the lineup went a combined 3-for-28 (.107), including a big fat 0-for-17 from the two through six hitters. Stewart was the only other player in the lineup with multiple hits, adding a bunt single to his game-winner. The Yankees did draw four walks though, so that’s good. They’ve drawn at least four walks in only four of their last 15 games.

I think the PitchFX system at Safeco Field might be a little hot. It had Boone Logan sitting at 97.2 mph and topped out at 98.2 mph in his perfect inning of work. We’ve seen him sit 94-ish and bump 96 a few times over the years, but 98? That’s new. Either way, he was awesome in the seventh between Phelps and Robertson.

Box Score, WPA Graph & Standings
I love a late-inning win as much of the next guy, but there have been a few too many graphs like this so far this year. Winning a few blowouts wouldn’t hurt anyone. Anyway, for the box score and video highlights, go to For the other stats, go to FanGraphs. For the standings, go to ESPN. The Red Sox won while the Orioles beat the Rays, so the Yankees are one back of Boston and two up on both Baltimore and Tampa in the loss column.

Source: FanGraphs

Up Next
The Yankees are off on Monday and will open a three-game series against the Athletics in Oakland on Tuesday night. We’ve got about 700 lbs. worth of pitcher in the opener as CC Sabathia goes against former Yankee Bartolo Colon.

Sunday Night Open Thread
Fan Confidence Poll: June 10th, 2013
  • Matt DiBari

    Lost the game started by Bonderman and won the game started by Felix.

    That’s baseball Suzyn

  • The Real Greg

    The reason why Overbay was not brought in to face Medina instead of Wells is the same reason why he hasn’t been playing at all in this series.

    Safeco Field. And its huge outfield.

    As for the Perez decision, if he’s not going to start Overbay against left handed pitchers, which a lot of people agree with on here, then he’s not going to bring him in to face a lefty reliever.

    He may have last year, given how bad Perez was against lefties last year, but not this year.

    • forensic

      The defense isn’t that big a deal if you never score or have a lead to protect. Plus, Wells is pretty bad out there himself, so pitifully enough it’s not that big a dropoff to Overbay.

      • The Real Greg

        The thing is that you can get away with that in Yankee stadium because right field is pretty small.

        I was calling for that opportunity, but when I saw Perez warming, I knew he wouldn’t do it because Wedge expected it,

        But again, most of the outlets will not care a bit because they won the game.

        • Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting)

          RF in Safeco isn’t all that much bigger than RF in YSIII

    • Evan Carter

      No, that’s not the reason.

      The real reason is that Joe had predetermined that Youkillis would not play except in an emergency because of that feet first slide into first bothering his perpetually cranky back on Saturday. Joe wanted to give Youkillis today off and tomorrow is an off day anyway.

      Why does that matter?

      Well, when Brignac batted in the 9th, if they go to Overbay there, the Mariners go to a lefty. Overbay’s hitting .164 vs. lefties so far this year.

      No problem, the Yanks have righties? Well, Youk, as mentioned, is unavailable. Adams is lost in space and time at the plate, 2 for his last 25, maybe as bad as Brignac, maybe worse. The last righty on the bench is Romine, hitting a nifty .146 himself.

      Brignac fails. So send Overbay up for Stewart? Same thing again. I’m not sure Brignac was the best option. I’m pretty sure Stewart was, believe it or not.

  • forensic

    The teacher’s pet slapped a ten-hop single through the 5.5-hole on the left side of the infield,

    I love that this hit was the ‘Drive’ of the game on the YES wrap-up.

    He retired the final ten and 12 of the final 13 men he faced with exactly three balls leaving the infield. That ability to settle down following a shaky start seems to be a shared trait with the team’s rotation

    I’m so confused. I heard there’s no way his stuff could get through a lineup multiple times…

    Completely agree on the Overbay stuff. It’s absurd that he never batted in one of those situations.

    Cano is horrid right now. A total platoon player. Still no doubles in weeks and only one in well over a month now. More GIDP’s than XBH’s going back several weeks too.

    • jim p

      Needs a day or two off, imo.

    • WhittakerWalt

      I was one of the naysayers who insisted BGDP’s stuff wouldn’t hold up multiple times through the lineup.
      I’m very glad to be wrong about that.

    • mustang(The Has Been & Wannabes Bunch 2013)

      I’m another one who is confused then again he is probably going to be the next Nova. That’s the next little chime he has to break.

    • WhittakerWalt

      Cano looks like a gigantic pile of ass. Where the fuck are the doubles?

  • Brandon Mauk

    There is no logical explanation for leaving Brignac to bat there in the 9th inning. None. Especially following a sac bunt by Nix, who has been hitting the last few games. Even if you can’t use Youkilis you can PH Overbay and replace him with Adams thus moving Nix to short. Good thing Stewart bailed him out.

    • The Real Greg

      Now that is a more logical suggestion.

      Unfortunately Eric Wedge blocked the move by warming up Perez.

    • The Doctor

      I completely forgot Adams was still on the team, wow.

      • forensic

        heh, that’s forgivable, his play has been pretty terrible of late.

        He’s 0 for his last 12 and 2 for his last 28 (and it doesn’t get much better the few games even before that). He’s also been replaced defensively late in each of his last 3 games and the pool for the first walk is still alive between him and Romine (71 PA’s for Adams and 51 PA’s for Romine).

  • Eddard

    The big OF doesn’t even come into play when PH Overbay for Brignac because Adams could play 3rd and Nix SS. Brignac shouldn’t be hitting in that spot.

    Phelps was brilliant as usual. He’s the #4 starter right now, a run lower in ERA than Hughes. He started as #6 and has worked himself into the top 4. He’s only had one bad start and name me one starter who hasn’t had a clunker every now and then. Phil has one every other week. BGDP vs Felix, there was never any doubt in my mind.

  • Nathan

    I’ll be at the game on Tuesday, I hope CC remains sharp. A’s are hot so we’ll see how it goes.

  • forensic

    Hope they reinforced the mound for Tuesday.

    • trr


      • vicki

        somehow that joke got old. by which i mean, HOW is bart still pitching in the majors??? matching up against cc??? winning games???? the hell?

        the good news is all he has is a fuck you fast ball. and all our old guys love them some fuck you fast balls.

  • bill

    i’m becoming increasingly convinced that Mike Axisa (and others who run the main yankee blogs) are being ‘asked’ not to mention that tv rating for these games are crap..

    the attendance can be explained in part by the economy and ever increasing cost of just getting to the games… but why isn’t anyone watching on television? no derek jeter explains a lot, it doesn’t explain it all… or maybe it does, idk but i’d love to hear mike’s take on it

    just seems odd that we get writeups on some lower round picks who will never sniff the pinstripes but the yankee business is suffering and we don’t hear a peep… and it’s not just the blogs the ny media, for the most part is avoiding it as well.. gotta be bullying by levine and co.

    mike, if i’m wrong feel free to chime in

    • Pat D

      Mike isn’t affiliated with the Yankees. TV ratings have no impact on this blog or on Mike personally.

    • Jenny C

      do you have a link(s) to article showing ratings are down?

      I would say, as a life long Yankee fan, I have been let down too many times since 2001, that it finally got to me. We have a great year, and then nobody hits in the playoffs (2009 not withstanding). So this year I just didn’t feel it. I didn’t want be invested for 7 1/2 months only to see Cano case a pitch 3 feet out of the zone and get run out in 4 straight. So I’ve been a casual fan this year, watching games here and there.

      • forensic
      • gc

        It must be so difficult for you to be “let down” so much by this team in the past twelve seasons or so. Poor baby.

        • Robinson Tilapia


      • Pat D

        My mother is somewhere between a casual fan and a diehard fan. She probably watches every game but because she has to get up so early in the morning, she usually goes to bed somewhere between 9 and 10 at night and may not see the end of the game.

        But she’s had an opinion that, despite the decent amount of success, they’re “not a fun team to watch” and “our guys aren’t there.”

        I mean, in comparison to last year, they’ve been without Jeter, ARod, Teix, Grandy, Swisher, and Martin from the everyday lineup. Now all of a sudden you’ve got Wells, Overbay, Hafner, Youkilis, Nix, Brignac, Ichiro, Stewart, etc. To casual fans, none of those guys are “YANKEES.”

        I can only guess that this might be similar thinking for other fans. This might be the time where that adage about “rooting for the laundry, not the players inside them” is proven false.

        • gc

          In seasons like this, I for one and glad to be able to tell so clearly who the fair weather fans are.

          • Pat D

            I can do that without relying on TV ratings and such. My mother isn’t a fair weather fan. But I do get a feeling that once Mo, Pettitte and especially Jeter are gone she won’t enjoy the team as much as she once did.

          • The Real Me

            I get what you’re saying, yet also understand what Jenny C is saying. It’s a long season. There’s a lot to do in the summer. If, for whatever reason, we don’t find the Yankees exciting (this has certeainly been an interesting season), why wouldn’t I take advantage of the summer weather and do something else? Once we’re past the All-Star break, it’s a different story, however.

            BTW, I follow the team pretty closely. Since I don’t live in the Tri-State area and don’t subscribe to MLB TV or Extra Innings, I only get to see the nationally televised games (ESPN, FOX, TBS & MLB Network). That being the case, I pretty much watch all the games I can and follow some on Gameday and was also able to go to 2 of 3 games against the Rockies. But I do understand Jenny C’s comments.

    • Laz

      Mike is more concerned with the roster, and less about the financial situation.

      • Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting)


    • sas

      Why aren’t you trolling a Mets blog? Or is that too depressing?

    • Robinson Tilapia


      I root for the New York Yankees. I don’t root for Neilsen ratings.

      • Manny’s BanWagon

        I get what you’re saying about ratings and attendance but
        Poor attendance and poor TV ratings = less revenue and the Yankees now more that at any time in the last 40 years are about the bottom line. If this trend continues, it will eventually trickle down to their payroll and impact talent on the field.

        What I find curious is that they have a good record and they’ve been winning but that hasn’t been enough to interest fans. It could be people find the lack of offense boring or maybe people are used to seeing a team full of big name players but whatever the reason, as Yankee fans, we should hope it doesn’t continue.

        • forensic

          I think the lack of offense certainly affects it a bit. I also think the glut of one-year players and ‘has-beens’/’wanna-be’s’ (/mustang’d) turns people off a bit since there aren’t many players for you to try to get attached to for a longer period of time.

        • Get Phelps Up

          The attendance hasn’t been poor this year compared to the rest of the game. The Yankees have drawn the most people in the AL and the 4th most in baseball.

        • Wheels

          I don’t think kids are into baseball anymore.

        • Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting)

          It’s theoretically possible the attendance/ratings could have the opposite effect on payroll.
          For example, the Yankees could realize the value of star power and realize the $189M plan could result in more revenue being lost from disinterest in the team than savings being gained. (Or I suppose they could decide if fans aren’t going to strongly support the team with a $230M-ish payroll, it won’t make much of a difference if they do cut to under $189M)
          Also, their overall kept revenues aren’t necessarily going to decline, or at least much, considering gains in the new national TV contracts (though I don’t think that starts until next year), as well as big gains in other team’s local TV contracts potentially making the Yankees revenue-sharing burden lighter – offsetting at least some of the local revenue decrease..

        • Robinson Tilapia

          People who know more than about television trends, level of interest, etc., know more about this than we do and I’m sure have fancier graphs to show. I just don’t think it should be within our pay grade as a fan to care about things like ratings.

          • The Real Me

            To be fair, the people that closely follow blogs like these are slightly more than the casual fan that go to an occasional game and watch some of them on TV when it doesn’t conflict with the rest of their life.


  • Pat D

    Just a somewhat interesting stat to throw out here: At +16 the Yankees have the 4th worst run differential amongst teams with winning records. Only the Pirates (+14), Orioles (+13) and Giants (-10) are worse.

    Interestingly enough the Yankees have a better record in 1-run games than those other 3 teams.

  • nycsportzfan

    Just win baby! I don’t care what happens as long as the score has the yanks with at least one more run then the opposition when the games over. Lets not forget this was King Felix pitching today against David Phelps in Seattle. These are the kinda games that get you into the playoffs by seasons end, winning against a foe as tough as Felix with a David Phelps starting against em on the RD.

    Were not gonna have a ton of guys with monster numbers offensively by seasons end, and thats ok, as long as our pitching comes up aces and we get the timely hits and make the postseason.

  • andrew

    Robbie’s average is down to .272; any reason for concern?

    • WhittakerWalt

      Plenty of reasons for concern. He is no longer capable of hitting lefties, for one. If he can’t get that figured out he’s basically a platoon player. Also, the strain of being The Guy in the lineup seems to be taking a toll on him. He’s pressing, big time.

  • nycsportzfan

    By the way , that Chris Stewart game winning single was a bit more hard hit then let on by Mike. That thing got through the infield pretty dang quickly.

  • Troll

    Hey Mike A., I know you don’t normally comment on players from other teams but what the hell is up with Boston’s Enrique Iglesias? He hasn’t stopped hitting since he came up . . . And from what I’ve heard he was never intended to be much of a threat with the bat. I’m annoyed, frankly. Boston’s offense is masterful and they continue to get production fom superior scrap-heapers like Carp and company. Even Salty looks good again. Basically what I’m wondering if you believe that offense is sustainable especially considering the recent re-emergence of Ellsbury. Their moves are paying off far better than I or anyone else expected and they look to be, as of now, the best team in baseball, which is he last thing I anticipated this season . . . Ugh

    • nycsportzfan

      and yet were less then 2games away from 1st place. We also just beat the M’s both times they started King Felix against us this yr. Not to mention, the redsox don’t have there HOF Short stop on the DL, there 40plus hr a yr CF’er on the DL, there star 1st basemen just getting back a wk or 2 ago, and the center piece of a monster deal for montero yet to play for us, and there also not playing there 4th string catcher, and haven’t had there starting 3rd basemen out for extended amount of time, and so on and so fourth.

      What happened to the mighty redsox when they had resembling injuries to what the yanks have this yr? Oh ya, they were completely dreadful and didn’t sniff the postseason. Fuck the redsox, they coulden’t dream of doing what the yanks are doing with the kinda injuries they’ve endured this season.

      • forensic


        • Pat D

          He’s kinda right in his assessment.

          • forensic

            My comment had nothing to do with his assessment, which was alright (though I am trying to figure out how they’re on their 4th string catcher).

            • Pat D

              Perhaps he’s referring to Martin as 1st string, Cervelli as 2nd string and………Posada as 3rd string?

            • nycsportzfan

              You get the point, don’t ya? If not, the point is the yanks are right there with the redsox, and the redsox haven’t endured nearly as many injuries as the yanks.

              I didn’t even add in Andy Pettitte spending time on the DL, Joba spending time on the DL, and Nunez…etc

              The yanks are leaps and bounds ahead of where the redsox were just last yr, when they had similar injury issues(not really as many injuries as yanks either).

              As far as catcher, maybe I should of said that they have catchers who would be most teams 4th string catcher. Would that work for you? And yes i mean catchers, because Romine and Stewart and Cervelli probably all would be most teams 4th catchers on depth chart.

              We should all be proud of this team, anotherwords.

              • forensic

                I got your point. I also got a headache trying to get there.

                • nycsportzfan

                  Take a couple Tylenol, wuss.

          • Robinson Tilapia

            My assessment was that he’s never been the same since Kounikova came along.

      • Troll


    • Evan3457

      Best team in baseball right now would appear to be the Cardinals.

    • Jenny C

      everyone overachieves in the red sox line-up.

      just think about Mike Aviles and Cody Ross’ before and after stats

      Aviles was hitting .222 for the Royals and then goes to the Sox and hits .317

      • Troll

        That’s what I’m saying . . . How come anyone and everyone comes and goes to the Red Sox and suddenly performs like a perennial all-star? I don’t get it. It just pisses me off that the Yankees can’t quite obtain the players that react the way a Nava or Carp or (FILL IN THE BLANK) does. I mean, look at Teixera, for example . . . He’s being paid a king’s ransom to play in NY but he’s being outplayed by a bunch of overachievers in Boston. Its, well, it’s just infuriating and I was hoping that Mike could spout off a bit of logic that might explain it. I mean, c’mon, Iglesias is just killing it! You don’t see David Adams doing anything remotely close to that. It’d be great if the Yankees could just pick a guy up out of AA-AAA and have him surprise everyone with phenomenal, continuous, unpredicted greatness, but, well, that’s likely never going to happen. Musty? I don’t know.

        Ramble, ramble. Rant. Rage. Depression. Eat. Purge. Blah.

        • Steve (different one)

          Come on, has it been so long that we forget Crawford, AGon, etc? The Sox haven’t won a playoff game since 2008. They have had plenty of high profile busts over the last 5 years.

          How you are feeling is exactly like they felt last year about Ibanez, Ichiro, etc

      • nycsportzfan

        Every team gets that sometimes. Mariano Duncan, Mike Stanley, Aaron Small, Sojo, Swish..etc

        • Robinson Tilapia

          1000% this.

      • Get Phelps Up

        Given the type of player he is, it’s no surprise Cody Ross had a good year in Fenway and even less of a surprise that he had a huge home/road split.

        • Get Phelps Up

          And Aviles’ .317 came in just 38 games in 2011. His total career line with the Red Sox is a very uninspiring .261/.291/.390.

    • forensic

      Unfortunately, most of Iglesias’ damage has been done against the Yankees. He has his best numbers (.545/.545/.727) against them and his most PA’s vs. any team against them. His numbers against some other teams are still insane, but the Yankees have given up the most damage to him.

      He’s also currently on a 13-game hitting streak, and 15 of 16 games, since he’s come back up from AAA. The only game without a hit? He went 0-1 with a BB, HBP, and SF.

      Yeah, it’s time for him to remember he’s Jose Iglesias…

  • nycsportzfan

    Brett Gardner looks like the one playing for a monster contract, not cano. Gardy is beasting!

  • sas

    Was the PitchFX hot for the other pitchers? Logan was throwing harder than usual.

  • Robinson Tilapia

    Four letters: B, G, D, and P.

    • Wheels

      The dude can pitch.

  • Mouse

    Does anyone know what it means when Phelps points to the infielders and does the horns gesture (thumbs and pinky up) with his hand?

    He seems to do that several times a game.

    • forensic

      The pointing is just acknowledging which infielder, 2B or SS, will be covering second base if the ball is hit to him with a runner on first.

      As for how he does it, that just seems to be a little thing he does.

    • Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting)

      Is it with a runner on first base, and towards a middle IF?
      If so, he could be asking who’d cover second on a DP ball back to the pitcher.
      Otherwise, I have no idea.

      • Mouse

        Sorry, I didn’t notice the game situation.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      “I love anal.”

      I looked it up on Snoopes. Must be true.

  • forensic

    Ichiro on the dropped foulball (via Chad Jennings):

    “Obviously I was able to get there, so I needed to make that play. There were a lot of fans out there today, and they were pretty loud, so I kind of hesitated a little bit thinking that maybe Robbie didn’t hear me. I called it, but because it was so loud, I thought maybe he didn’t hear. But I got there so I needed to make that play.”

    I’m sure he didn’t do it purposely, but I love how that’s basically a back-handed comment about how badly they usually draw crowds there.

  • WhittakerWalt

    Why can’t this Reid Brignac ever show up for us?

    Als, ugh Sergio Mitre.

    • WhittakerWalt


    • forensic

      Isn’t there a commenting guideline banning the posting of anything showing Sergio Mitre in a Yankee uniform?

      No? Well there should be.

      • Pat D

        I swear I witnessed him pitch a one-hitter for 6 or 7 innings back in 2009.

        • forensic
          • forensic
          • Pat D

            Pretty awesome game (still my only time in the YS3), except for the rain and that me and my friend left before ARod went deep.

            But I saw ARod hit one out during Mo’s 400th save game, so that was OK.

            • forensic

              You didn’t stick around to see Chad Gaudin twirl 2.2 hitless innings to close-out the 1-hitter???

              That might be among the most pitiful offensive performances ever.

              • Pat D

                We probably left during the top of the 8th. We were only just outside the stadium when I heard the roar go up and figured ARod hit one since I knew he was leading off the inning.

                Between the crummy weather and the desire to beat as much traffic as we could, since we live in PA, we decided it was a good idea.

                And my friend is a White Sox fan, so he was pretty embarrassed. The White Sox were terrible at all facets of the game that day. Couldn’t hit, couldn’t pitch and they were pretty comical defensively, too.

                • forensic

                  Yeah, the 8 runs (including 2 unearned) in 3.1 innings for Contreras lays that out pretty well.

                  That was also his last start with the White Sox. I can’t imagine why…

              • Robinson Tilapia

                F, marry, kill:


                • WhittakerWalt

                  I LOLed.

                  F: Sturtze
                  Marry: Gaudin
                  Kill: Mitre

      • WhittakerWalt

        Two things I will never forget or forgive: that hit by Reid Brignac, and the existence of Sergio Mitre on my team.

    • Kramerica Industries

      Oh fuck you, man.

      I was at that game. I was out of the stadium within ten seconds of that ball leaving the yard.

      Fuck (that) Reid Brignac. And fuck that Rays team.

  • Troll

    Also, just a thought. I’m not sure if it’s been mentioned yet but what has Cano’s numbers looked like since he signed with Jay-Z’s disgrace of a sports agency? I believe the slump started well after his jump into mockery, but it could be an interesting correlation, no?

    • forensic

      That change happened during the first couple days of the season. He was still fine for awhile after that.

      • Troll

        Yeah, I figured. But, for some reason, maybe it’s my utter disdain for Beyonce and Jay-Z (and Kanye and Kim Kardashian), I have a feeling that Cano signing with HOVA is somehow affecting his play. Perhaps Cano has become too big for his britches? There must be some reason for his horrendous play because he straight up sucks of late. Oh how I miss the day of “Murderer’s Row Plus Cano” . . .

  • Bob Buttons

    I’m proud to say that I had faith in Stewart and strongly believed that he will get a cheap single and drive in Ichiro.

    I Believe in Chris Stewart!

    But yes, as some have pointed it out, Adams/Romine vs RHP or Overbay vs LHP wouldn’t be that much better than Brignac.

  • Pat D

    Re: Red Sox offense.

    As might be expected, quite a few of the guys have extreme home/road splits. Fenway Park can help a lot of guys.

    Iglesias also has a BABIP over .500.

    Some of the regulars still have OPS+ numbers below 100, so it’s not like every guy in their lineup is doing great.

    It’s not just their lineup so far. Buchholz has been great, Lester and Awesome O’Clock have been really good and most of the bullpen has been rock solid.

  • mustang(The Has Been & Wannabes Bunch 2013)

    “The teacher’s pet slapped a ten-hop single…”

    Is it me or does Yankees catcher 101 only have 2 students one of them being a freshman?

    “I love a late-inning win as much of the next guy, but there have been a few too many graphs like this so far this year. Winning a few blowouts wouldn’t hurt anyone.”

    I LOVE WINS! Late-inning, early-innings, blowouts, 1- runs games, etc.
    and when the opening day line-up was this:
    1. Brett Gardner, CF
    2. Eduardo Nunez, SS
    3. Robinson Cano, 2B
    4. Kevin Youkilis, 1B
    5. Vernon Wells, LF
    6. Ben Francisco, DH
    7. Ichiro Suzuki, LF
    8. Jayson Nix, 3B
    9. Francisco Cervelli, C
    I’m happy as shit that they are 1.5 games out of first and 11 games over .500 on 6/9/13.
    So fuck the style points JUST KEEP WINNING!!!!!!!

    Boar’s Head Natural All Beef Hot Dogs Presents Mustang’s Has Been and Wannabee of the Game Awards:

    The Wannabees of the game are David “I bow to no king” Phelps
    AND Chris “Get off my ass” Stewart

    Their no Has Been of the game today :(

    • Pat D

      Since they don’t play the Mariners again, you could just modify it to the Never Was of the Game and collectively give it to Montero, Smoak, Ackley and Donovan Tate.

    • mustang(The Has Been & Wannabes Bunch 2013)

      Thank God the last 2 games were in Safeco because we know they can’t keep winning like this in a small park in the AL East.


    • mustang(The Has Been & Wannabes Bunch 2013)

      Has Been of the game are Montero, Smoak, Ackley and Donovan Tate “Help us please we are sleepless in Seattle, Hitless, RBI-less, defenseless, etc.”

      Thank you Pat D

  • jim p

    Aren’t cable subscriptions in general down, and heavily, as well? And the economy ain’t in happy days.

    There was about one month, 2008? 09?, where you could be a basic Time-Warner cable subscriber and get YES for $1 a month. But they killed that pretty quick.

    So, to watch the Yankees, that’s another $50 a month to get that level of service. I’d think economics is playing a big part in this.

  • Improbable Island’s Dirty Midget Whores (formerly RRR)

    There are no bad episodes of Firefly.


    I love this show. I really do. This is amazing.

    Whoever was in charge of cancelling Firefly should be dragged into the street and shot.

  • Improbable Island’s Dirty Midget Whores (formerly RRR)

    On baseball, I feel as if we have this same discussion about Cano every year. He’ll be the best player in the world for about a month and then we’ll forget about this.

  • vicki

    it sounds weird to me when you say drob and mo “struggle” or whatever. GOAT doesn’t mind baserunners; and highsocks LIKES them.

    on bunting/ibb days i want to rub joe’s nose in his own poop, but will concede: teams soon to face the m’s should study how we managed kyle seager. and to an extent, raul ibanez. good job, skip.

  • TomH

    To go back to the ratings discussion for a moment: I read the Forbes article for which someone provided a link. It makes pretty good sense. There have been Yankee implosions for a long time in the post-season, and they haven’t appeared to affect tv ratings. The new thing this year is the missing “star power” in the lineup. The no-namers now populating the lineup probably do not have much appeal to what the Forbes guy calls the “casual group of fans,” distinguishing them from the “hard core” group.

    • David Brown

      The Yankee ratings are really not that big a deal. The team is essentially like an NFL “loss leader” (loss leaders occur when a company (In this case Fox who purchased 49% of YES ($1.5b in fact)), take a loss on a team in order to gain in another area). What Fox wants is for expansion of BTN (Big 10 Network) onto basic cable, throughout the Tri-State Area. By “Bundling” BTN with YES (Coupled with Rutgers joining the Conference), they expect to gain millions of new customers on Comcast, Cablevision & Time-Warner Systems (BTN is already there on FIOS). It is projected that BTN will pay the Big 10 Conference $35-40m a year, per School for College Football and Hoops rights per Season, when their contract ends. How important is this for Fox? Here goes: “Ten years after its founding, the YES Network has nearly quadrupled in value ($800 million in 2002, $3 billion today). Most of that worth comes from subscriber fees, the amount cable companies pay to the network for the right to carry it. That cost is, of course, passed on to customers—even the ones who don’t watch the channel. If your cable package has the YES Network, you’re paying nearly $3 a month for it, whether you are a Yankee fan or not. With YES available in 15 million households, that’s more than a half-billion dollars each year, even before the channel sells advertising.”…/news-corp-buys-into-the-yes-network-as-the-rsn-bubble. Basically even if people are not watching it really does not matter.

      • Hans Moleman

        $50 million != Half-billion

        So it’s only about 2% of their revenue.

        • Hans Moleman

          I apologize I was confusing value with revenue but my math correction still stands.

  • mustang(The Has Been & Wannabes Bunch 2013)

    Got this stat. form the Daily News so I’m a little skeptical the Yankees are 14-7 against left-handed starters that’s .700 winning pct. BEST IN THE MAJORS!!!!!
    Please can someone check it out if that’s true it so laughable with all shit around here early in season on how bad they were against lefthanders.

    • mt

      Can’t verify that number – not sure where to look – but there were some games Yankees won where they faced lefty starters (for example, Matt Moore/Nuno game in Tampa Bay from a couple of weeks ago; the Buerle games in Toronto) where Yanks did not do much against the lefty starter but won the game agaisnt bullpen).

  • mt

    I saw someone comment on the game thread that Cano’s current performance was costing himself money – actually I don’t think so (unfortunately).

    Now if Cano had a monster year (40+ HRs and 120 RBIs; .315+ BA and a .385+ OBA; .900-.960 OPS; top three MVP finish), I believe that would cost Yankees but I don’t think it will work the other way. Given the mediocre (for him) year he is having, he will just argue that being the one star in a line-up of has-beens and never-weres is what caused him to not get good pitches to hit, etc. Also his HR total (probably somewhere between 30 and 40 this year) will still be strong so that will be his focus. If Yankees also want to make this a negotiated deal before he hits general free agency, how do they really hammer in on his increasing struggles with LHP and his mediocre performance with RISP? His threat will be – OK, you don’t want to pay me because I had some issues; I’ll just go free agent. I think he will become even more over valued in free agency and Yanks will do everything possible to sign him before he hits that step.

    Cano and his agents have the leverage against the Yankees specifically that the other Yankee stars are declining due to age, injury, and ineffectiveness (Jeter, Arod, Teix, maybe even CC) – Granderson will be gone. Who else can even hope to be the face of the franchise for the next four years after this one? Brett Gardner? Francisco Cervelli? Michael Pineda? So I think that will be the key leverage in terms of getting a bigger contract even if he does end up with something like a .285 with 85-90 RBI year (i.e., good numbers but nowhere near the levels of other elite, highly paid, mega contract hitters).

    For 2013, according to ESPN stats, Cano is currently 30th in MLB in WAR at 2.2 (Brett Gardner now is 28th) and tied for 41st place in OPS at .839 (tied with David Wright, coincidentally enough) – the top 10 War guys all exceed 3.1 with 4.0 (Carlos Gomez – who knew?) being the highest and the top 10 OPS guys all exceed .920 with 1.1 being the highest (Chris Davis followed closely by Miggy).

    Cano will of course look much, much better if his 2010-2012 average position versus other players are used (in two of those years, he was as high as 2nd in WAR in all of MLB). But given state of Yankee position players, isn’t the 2013 experience (Cano surrounded by lesser talents) much closer to what the near future will look like than 2010-2012 (Cano plus some others whether Jeter in 2012 or Grandy in 2011 operating at high levels)?

    • WhittakerWalt

      “tied with David Wright, coincidentally enough”

      Stuart will be crestfallen.

  • Steve (different one)

    No one else found it amusing that Mike is telling Mariano Rivera how to close games?