Update: A-Rod homers in rehab game, will be activated Monday

Thursday Night Open Thread
Pineda strikes out eight in SWB blowout win

10:28pm: A-Rod will be indeed be activated on Monday if he comes through this weekend in one piece, team president Randy Levine told Bob Nightengale. “If he’s ready to come back, and he’s healthy, he’ll be back Monday night,” said Levine.

9:29pm: In his latest minor league rehab game with Triple-A Scranton, Alex Rodriguez went 1-for-4 with a homerun to right field. He flew out to the warning track in right, ground out to first, and struck out in his other three at-bats. Donnie Collins has video. A-Rod played seven innings at third base and didn’t have to field a single batted ball.

“I think we have one big obstacle and that’s this weekend. That includes four games. After that’s over, we’ll huddle up with our medical staff, the front office, [Joe Girardi], and we’ll come up with the best decision and what’s the schedule. And that will come from them,” said A-Rod to Dan Martin before the game. Alex has been swinging the bat better the last few days and his rehab assignment expires Monday. If he comes through this weekend fine, it’s hard to think they won’t activate him then.

Thursday Night Open Thread
Pineda strikes out eight in SWB blowout win
  • Bartolo’s Colon

    Nice! Sounds like the first fly out would have been a homer at the stadium from what I heard on twitter. Hopefully this game is a good omen.

  • ropeadope

    All our problems are solved!

    • commenter

      Don’t make book on it.

      • ropeadope

        Call me a cockeyed optimist. Or a sarcastic pessimist. One or the other.

  • CONservative governMENt

    Can’t hurt to see what he has left. If Youkilis were at 3B, Hafner at DH and Teixeira at 1B, all healthy and productive then maybe there would be some drama but he’s coming back at a time where the bar will be very low for him to help.

  • the Other Steve S.

    Thank God!!!!!!!!

  • Steinbrenner’s Ghost

    Where does he bat in the line-up?

    • OldYanksFan

      If he can still take a walk, 2nd might be OK. Otherwise 5th.

    • OldYanksFan

      Or maybe cleanup!

      • Mac

        Yeah, I think clean-up is pretty likely when he first gets back, provided his timing is there and the hip is decent.
        Gardner, Jeter (at some point), Cano, A-Rod. Starting to look like a solid line-up up top.

        Then Granderson gets back and they have some options for how to stack the top 5.

        Acquire a decent bat before the deadline and the line-up could go from like 2, 3 deep to 6, 7 deep with quality hitters. Could really be a totally different team without more bad luck.

      • lee

        yeah, why not? the bar there is pretty low at .218/.314/.407.

      • trr

        Anywhere from 4 – 6

    • forensic

      I see no reason to believe he wouldn’t bat 4th.

      Even diminished, he’s better than anyone that would bat below him and it helps break up the lefties more (as does Jeter batting 2nd). This would give you a lineup where you could have only one pair of back-to-back lefties at the bottom of the order (likely Ichiro and Overbay at 7-8 in my mind).

    • Mcyankee57

      He bats 5th

  • A Roids

    I have a feeling he’s gna come back and really hit well but he’s going to get suspended for a loooong time and the MLBPA already said they won’t help the players if the evidence is overwhelming. And what’s going on with Pineda? No more starts for him?

    • Mac

      I remember reading within the last couple of days that the players union indicated any suspensions will not be likely this season. A union is by design going to side with the players. Unless MLB has video of A-Rod using PEDs and a positive test, the union is probably not going to find the evidence overwhelming. It’s an adversarial process like prosecution and defense lawyers in the criminal justice system. The whole system is designed for the union to rep the players’ collective interests and the league to rep the owners’.

      Pineda started today. I’m a little confused by that comment. He went 4.2 IP with like 1 hit, 0 Rs, and 8 Ks.

    • BFDeal

      He started tonight.

  • vicki

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    • ropeadope

      I imagine you’re much too young to remember the original version by Shep And The Limelites (unfortunately I’m not).

      • vicki

        certainly too young to remeber when it was a pop hit, but my mama raised my on oldies, and i only just now found out usher had a hit under the same name (when i googled the lyrics). punk, garage, glam, trad country girl here.

        i don’t trust anyone who doesn’t love doowop.

        • ropeadope

          Mama obviously did a wonderful job. I love doo-wop, 60’s and 70’s rock. Oh, and this is several days late, but I recently saw your Strat-O-Matic inquiry. I was a big fan; bought the game in ’66 (for the ’65 season). Added the cards for the next few seasons along with the Great Teams of the Past (which included the ’27 and ’61 Yankees).

          • vicki

            so cool. i hope your read the times article about rex ryan. i like how his childhood friend went on to become some kind of strat-o-matic champeen.

            according to wiki, both keith hernandez and lenny dykstra were avid players. after dykstra hit the walk-off against the ‘stros in game 3 of the 86 nlcs he said the last time he’d done that was playing s-o-m against his brother.

            and if you’re a reader of literature i very, very strongly recommend ‘the universal baseball association, inc., j. henry waugh, prop.’ by robert coover. it’s one of my favorite books ever.

            • ropeadope

              Thank you so much for the recommendations Vicki. I am an avid reader and will definitely obtain The Universal Baseball Association, Inc., J. Henry Waugh, Prop. I read the blurb at Wikipedia, and see the President of NYU called it the “the best book written about baseball by anyone.”

              I hadn’t seen the Rex Ryan article, but I will track it down. I knew Keith was a Strat-O-Matic fan, as he often references the game during telecasts (lol, hope I don’t get savaged for listening to an occasional Mets broadcast, but I enjoy the commentary of Hernandez and Darling). Wasn’t aware of the Dykstra connection – great story.

              Have you ever read The Glory of Their Times: The Story of the Early Days of Baseball Told by the Men Who Played It. I would highly recommend it to you. Originally published in the 60’s, and revised with additional chapters in the 80’s.

              This one isn’t sports related, but if you enjoy sci-fi, check out the four book series referred to as the “Hyperion Cantos” (Hyperion, Fall of Hyperion, Endymion, Rise of Endymion). Finished it recently and it’s a great read.

              • vicki

                i picked up ‘glory of their times’ the first time when i was eleven years old (i got it at a garage sale) and have re-read it every winter for years. i’ve bought dozens of copies of the reissue (i give them to children and guys i date), which includes cd’s of the actual recordings of ritter’s interviews. i can’t describe what that book has meant to me.

                also on the must-reads: ball four (madly in love with jim bouton; beaver-shooting, phil linz harmonica incident), crazy 08 (cait murphy, brilliant tale brilliantly written), garagiola’s baseball is a funny game (i’d memorize every word if i could), and anything roger angell. richard ben cramer’s bio of joe D. is sad, but important.

                works of fiction: the natural (even better than the very good movie), philip roth’s great american novel. i’m forgetting some.

                baseball books are how one makes it through the hot stove. and the all-star break. this week i revisited ‘john mcgraw’ by charles alexander (just awesome, every time) and ‘bottom of the 33rd’ by dan barry’, a birthday gift.

                i haven’t read any sci-fi in years but i will certainly grab your suggestions, because they’re your suggestions.

                • ropeadope

                  Vicki, I had refreshed the page but somehow hadn’t noticed your reply, so please see the post below this. Anyhow, I loved the Times article – appreciate your calling it to my attention.

                  I read Ball Four when it was first published – I should do a re-read. The first tell-all book written by a player which I can recall (pre-dating Ball Four) was The Long Season by Reds pitcher Jim Brosnan. I read it such a long time ago (at a very young age) I can’t honestly remember much about it. But you may wish to check it out.

                  I will certainly investigate your other recommendations (because their yours of course, lol).

                  I also need to ask you numerous questions about beaver-shooting, but as we’re on a family blog (as I once recall you pointing out), I’ll hold those queries for another time.

            • ropeadope

              Just found and read the Times article – extremely enjoyable and brought back great memories. There’s a brief mention of APBA (a rival board game company) which I also owned and played. The article dismisses APBA as not being realistic enough, which actually wasn’t the case. The appeal of Strat-O-Matic vs. APBA was in ease of play. With S-O-M you generally got immediate play results right from the player cards, only occasionally needing to refer to other boards or charts. In APBA you always had to refer to the player cards initially, and then to other boards. So S-O-M was faster, easier, and more enjoyable to play (although there are certainly many APBA diehards who would argue otherwise). Notice how Ryan laments the enhancements Strat-O-Matic has made over the years (end of article). Those revisions made the game more complex and lengthened playtime, but almost certainly strengthened its statistical accuracy.

  • Cool Lester Smooth

    Alex needs to shut the fuck up.

    …too soon?

    • Mac

      I did find it interesting how he went out of his way to say that his schedule was the team’s decision. Jeter seemed to dictate his return on his own terms, while A-Rod seems to be walking on eggshells with the FO.

      • vicki

        after enough shit you toe the line, take the path of least resistance. been there.

    • Pat D

      “Well, you are the quiet one, so why don’t you shut the fuck up?”

  • Evan3457

    How did A-Rod cram a home run, a fly out, a ground out and 3 K’s into 4 AB. Must be a new form of PED: Duoextraabanabol.

    • vicki

      was the fly out a sac? without looking at the box that’d be my best guess. though surely mike would’ve reported it as such.

    • forensic

      One ground out, one fly out, one K in his three outs. That’s just how Mike apparently prefers to phrase things. Somebody else apparently got confused about it the other day too.

      Instead of:

      He flew out to the warning track in right, ground out to first, and struck out in his other three at-bats.

      think of it as “In his other three at-bats he flew out to the warning track in right, grounded out to first, and struck out.

  • forensic

    Love that he hit it out to RCF too, in addition to the other ball to the track. Good sign that he may be starting to really get in the zone.

    • MannyGeee – Failed Starter

      OR…. he was way late on the fastball but had enough power coming from the bionic hip that he could muscle it out, which is a little worrisome but still quite encouraging.

  • Brian Cashman

    I’ll make the decisions and announcements about when the player will return. Randy Levine just needs to STFU!!

  • Michael Gianthead Kay

    Let’s face it…the Yankees got the shaft when they traded for a-Rod. They thought they were getting a bonafied super star. but…as we have seen….when you take away to steroids, he is nothing. Not just a loss of power, but struggles to hit .250. For that, he makes $30 Million a year = Yankees got the SHAFT!!

    Best case scenario for the Yankees is that Arod gets suspended for the 150 games they are talking about, and the Yankees get their best legal minds together and BREAK the contract that makes their storied franchise a laughing stock.

    Next…get RID of KEVIN LONG whose best claim to fame is taking career .300 power hitters and turning them into STRICTLY power hitters who can’t take a pitch the other way to save their life (Teixeira) and who struggle to hit .220 even if they do hit a lot of homers.

    The yankees need to develop some players. the CORE 4??!?! Anyone remember them? Rivera…(Greatest Closer in the HISTORY of the game) Posada (best power hitting catcher since Yogi) Petitte (all time Yankee Strike out leader) and last…but not least…JETER the all time Yankees Hits leader and probably the best all around shortstop they ever had.

    We need to get some young players and DEVELOP them. We need to develop a Strasburg….a Trout. Why NOT the Yankees??

  • roise heller

    the yanks should bat a-choke tenth in their batting order.