A-Rod moved to DH in Triple-A due to tight quad

Game 97: Just Win
Saturday Night Open Thread

Alex Rodriguez will serve as the DH for Triple-A Scranton tonight due to a tight left quad, the team announced. He was originally slated to play third base in his second-to-last rehab game. If the tightness was that bad, I’m sure he wouldn’t even be playing, so this is likely just a precautionary thing. A-Rod is due to return to the team on Monday as long he makes it through this weekend in one piece, so fingers crossed that this is nothing major.

Game 97: Just Win
Saturday Night Open Thread
  • trr

    These seemingly minor things become major for us in a hurry this season

  • Eddard

    That’s just fine, as long as he can hit he can DH. Cruz has actually contributed today, something Hafner hasn’t done in quite some time. Hafner should be the one DFA’d when A-Rod returns. No sense in having two players that can’t play the field.

    • Mouse

      Not a chance they’d cut Hafner. They still foolishly think he will turn it around. Same with Wells.

    • Andrew

      More than likely will be Mesa or Neal to go down Monday (if Al is ready), I would guess. Hafner will get a chance just because they’re starved for power and he just might miraculously run into one.

      • LarryM Fl

        Only if it hits in the head!

      • Wolfgang’s Fault

        They should release Hafner. Let the man go free.

        As for Alex, the Yankees should probably slow him down some, give him a little more time to rest & rehab the hip, gain more flexibility & conditioning, a little more practice/playing time, etc.,, & see if he’s ready to come back w/Jeter on Friday. I know they need hitting, but there’s no point in letting him try to do too much too soon & then losing him for another month or so. There’s going to be a circus surrounding him when he gets off the d/l anyway, & having Jeter back to deflect some of the craziness can only be to the good for him & the club.

  • forensic

    As you said, at least he’s playing. I would hope if it was anything too worrisome they’d sit him and get an MRI. So, hopefully it’s nothing big, DH today, maybe tomorrow again too (or just sit and travel tomorrow, and still join them Monday.

  • http://frankmarcopolos.com ThisTimeFreddy

    Quad tightness is going around, everyone. Be careful out there, you don’t wanna catch it.

  • LarryM Fl

    Just when Cruz was commimg around. I pray Hafner is Adios.

    Nice win today!

    • Wolfgang’s Fault

      Just a huge win today!!!

  • http://rab yankee76

    it’ll probably be lillabridge

  • http://rab yankee76

    although i think lillabridge brings more versatility.

  • Bennett

    While I hope nothing major is wrong with A-Rod, all these setbacks this season have me wondering less if there are issues with the Yankees’ trainers and staff, and more if we are suffering some sort of voodoo curse. Seriously, do we have to sacrifice anything or anyone to end this run of bad luck?