Jeter hitless in latest minor league rehab game

Update: Gardner and Hafner day-to-day with contusions
Enns dominates in Tampa loss

In his latest minor league rehab game with Triple-A Scranton, Derek Jeter went 0-for-3 with two ground balls to short and a strikeout. He also had to make several plays at shortstop, including coming in on slow-hit chopper. Jeter did commit a throwing error when he short-hopped the first baseman. As planned, he played seven innings in the field. For what it’s worth, a scout told Andy McCullough that Jeter still looks rusty and not acclimated to game speed just yet.

Jack Curry says the plan is for the Cap’n to come off the DL and rejoin the team on Friday — George King notes his stuff has already been shipped from Tampa to New York — as long as his ankle holds up well between now and then. Jeter is scheduled to play shortstop for Triple-A Scranton again tomorrow, which will mark the first time he plays back-to-back games in the field as part of his rehab. The Yankees are scheduled to face a left-handed starter on Friday, and I’ll be surprised if the he isn’t serving as the team’s DH that night.

Update: Gardner and Hafner day-to-day with contusions
Enns dominates in Tampa loss
  • RetroRob

    Gene Michael was also in attendance and no doubt saw Jeter’s rusty reactions. I wonder if that will decrease the chances he appears this weekend.

  • Larkin

    Knowing jester, he will go 3-5 with three runs scored and 5 RBI

  • Fin

    Jeter will fight right in, there are several Yankees who haven’t acclimated to game speed yet.

  • I’m One

    Slightly off topic, but Jeter related:

    I was watching “Necessary Roughness” on USA Network and a character, Terrance King of a fictional NY football team, has sex with a model at his apartment. He steps into the shower and when he returns, the model is gone and he finds a goody bag of some of the product lines she represents. He looks at it and says “did I just get Jeter’d in my own apartment?”. Great line. I broke out laughing.

  • forensic

    I don’t see the point of rushing him up before the ASB.

    • Dalek Jeter

      A win (something we aren’t doing enough of) counts the same the day before the ASB as it does after the ASB.

      Gardner CF
      Suzuki RF
      Jeter DH
      Cano 2B
      Almonte LF
      Overbay 1B
      Nunez SS
      Cruz 3B
      Stewart C

      Finally we have a line up of like…3!! legitimate MLB regulars with 2 legit platoon players!!

      • forensic

        Of course a win counts the same, but if they call him up for Friday then that would be 3 straight days played. Would he do 4 on Saturday or would they sit him? In all likelihood, he’d only play 2 of the 3 games. Then, he’d have to sit around for 4 days during the break instead of continuing to play like he could in the Minors. I don’t think it’d be that huge a difference for the 2 days, especially since it’s against the Twins.

        • Darren

          I know it won’t happen, but could they option Jeter to the minors after Sunday so he can play a couple 3 games and call him up after the ASB, with his blessing, of course?

          • forensic

            Even if he consented to that, which he wouldn’t, they couldn’t just call him up again after the break. He would need to stay down for 10 days.

      • forensic

        I also don’t believe they’ll bat him 3rd like that. He’ll bat 2nd and drop Ichiro a bit.

  • OldYanksFan

    Has either Jeter or ARod hit a ball 300′ in the air?
    It seems crazy to bring him up before the ASB.
    Are they desperate to sell tickets???

  • brian

    great news.. as I’ve said several times, normally waiting til after the all star break would make some sense… but they open in fenway, and then go to texas… let Jeter get his feet wet this weekend against the twins

  • WhittakerWalt

    “two ground balls to short”

    It begins.

    • forensic

      If they were on the first pitch, then he’d be right in midseason form.

  • D$1184

    If this were Granderson, it would make more sense to get him back before the break. The Yankees are losing a lot of games because they’ve got an entire team of singles’ hitters and every now and then, somebody runs into a home run and they win that night. Having never been a big home run hitter and now 39 and on a surgically repaired ankle, what are the odds he will be sprinting around the bases like the Jeter of old? I know he’s being a pain in everyone’s butt, trying to get back ASAP but how about we wait until he drives (I don’t know) one ball with authority to the right-center field gap at AAA? Remember, Jeter didn’t have much of a Spring Training at ALL. Veteran players don’t play 5 or 6 Spring Training games and then jump into games that count and really matter. Why rush Jeter that fast? This screams “bad idea”.