Jeter plays five innings in latest rehab game

Game 89: Start A New Streak
Venditte returns to the mound in GCL win

In his third rehab game with Triple-A Scranton, Derek Jeter went 0-for-2 with a walk and a run scored. He reached on an error and also went first-to-third on a single and second-to-home on a single. Jeter made three plays on ground balls at shortstop in five innings of work. After the game, he told Donnie Collins he will take Tuesday off and play shortstop again on Wednesday. So far, so good.

Game 89: Start A New Streak
Venditte returns to the mound in GCL win
  • KD

    We need him this week!

    • trr

      much as I hate to rush a 39 y/o SS back, we need him ASAP

  • Eddard

    Cruz looks inept in the field. Girardi won’t even play Eduardo Nuney tonight. Where’s Ichiro? Overbay? Hafner? Girardi ran a bunch of nobodies out there and they look like it.

  • brian

    all reports are he looks good… ready to play yesterday… starting to rethink my friday prediction though…

    off tomorrow… play wed AND thurs and then play for the yankees friday??? i don’t see that happening, sounds like they aren’t going to let him play this week, as I said I think it’s a mistake to have him return in Fenway without getting his feet wet this weekend but I understand the caution

  • EndlessJose

    It’s good Jeter gets to play only 3 months at SS. He can play that long because I don’t think he can play a full year at SS. He looked worn down last year in Sept. The Yankees need Jeter now but next year there goanna need a replacement.

    The Yankees are too confident AROD is coming back yet will be suspended by than.

    • Bo Knows

      the reason he was worn down was probably because he was playing on a bum leg, which eventually gave way

  • dkidd

    once more i’ve boomeranged from “i can’t believe i was stupid enough to write this team off!!!” to “i can’t believe i was stupid enough to believe this team could compete!!!”

    the only good thing about tonight was the guy who threw out the first pitch

    • dkidd

      wrong thread