Rehab Updates: Jeter, A-Rod, Pineda



There will be no regular minor league update tonight — all of the box scores are here (3B Eric Jagielo hit his first pro homer) — but here are the all-important rehab updates:

  • Derek Jeter (ankle) went 0-for-2 with a walk for Triple-A Scranton. He grounded out to third and hit a line drive at the second baseman. The Cap’n played five innings at shortstop and only had to field one ground ball, which was hit right at him. He said his ankle felt fine afterwards, and the plan is to DH tomorrow then re-evaluate.
  • Alex Rodriguez (hip) went 1-for-2 with a hit-by-pitch and a run scored for High-A Tampa. He singled back up the middle and played six innings at third base, fielding two ground balls and one line drive. I assume A-Rod will remain with Tampa and just continue getting at-bats and innings in the field.
  • Michael Pineda (shoulder) allowed two runs on four hits and two walks in five innings for Triple-A Scranton. He struck out seven and threw 56 of 78 pitches for strikes (72%) while sitting right in that 92-93 mph range with his fastball. Pineda’s minor league rehab window expires on Monday, so the Yankees have to activate him off the DL and either add him to the big league roster or option him to the minors. Hard to believe he won’t remain with the Triple-A squad for another few weeks, especially after never throwing more than 80 pitches during the rehab assignment.
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  1. Pseudoyanks says:

    Even the minor leaguers are throwing at Alex.

  2. Bob Michaels says:

    A-Rod got two hits not one, check the box score.

    • forensic says:

      I checked it earlier too and they had him listed with two, including a double, but now they only have it at one. Obviously, they screwed up and initially credited him with the double that his PHer hit. Bastards, I was excited that it likely meant he had driven the ball well.

  3. John C says:

    Way to go Jagielo!!

  4. John C says:

    Way to go Jagielo!! Dallas Martinez hurled a scoreless inning for the GCL 2 team. he’s another intriguing young arm. Along with Severino who pitched in the DSL last season.

  5. whozat says:

    Interesting that Jeter and ARod are playing for different affiliates. They both live in Florida. They both had no spring training and really just need reps, not so much the competition right now.

    • Laz says:

      I thought the same thing. It’s not even like AAA is throwing out a real prospect 3B with Musty still down.

    • OhioYanks says:

      I would be willing to bet that it’s nothing and that they have merely assigned each to the level they felt was best. Jeter was getting ready to go for opening day. He’s been rehabbing for a long while, now. If they were just trying to separate them, they could have moved them to sequential levels. It’s totally possible that they do not want to play together, but I would guess that’s a secondary reason for their actual assignments to Tampa/Charleston/Tampa and Scranton.

      If they thought that Jeter just needed reps and not competition, for example, there are a lot of places besides Scranton they would send him with no A-Rod there. It’s very unlikely that they’d just send him to AAA if they didn’t think he was ready for that level of competition. AA, GCL, SI… plenty of options with no A-Rod.

  6. Cool Lester Smooth says:

    Yeah Mikey!

    Incidentally, it’s entirely possible that I have the worse version of Pineda’s injury, so there goes my major league career! (It’s not my throwing shoulder, but still).

    • Cool Lester Smooth says:

      Also, it’s good to see Jordan Cote’s back. That kid’s hands down my favorite sleeper in the system.

  7. Art Vandelay says:

    Anyone else think Pineda is tipping his slider with his index finger sticking straight up like that? Strange.

  8. vicki says:

    he jag’d it.

  9. YankeePankee says:

    Cashman needs to get on these guys all year round to stay in shape.
    Pineda still looks heavy. Scouts speculate he was out of shape when Yanks got him and helped lead to his arm injury.
    Hughes was out of shape for a few winters.

  10. Michael says:

    Was at the AROD game. He played pretty well on the balls hit at him. He kept stretching/pulling his left legs. Obviously something is still a little sore. After he was pulled he went down the line and signed autographs for 15 minutes. I sat behind the dugout. He seems like a great role model for the young guys. Great Win for the T-Yanks!

  11. Slu says:

    Best Case Scenario: Pineda and Phelps are both healthy. Pindea is effective. Nova is not terrible. What do you do? Phelps can be your long man. Does Hughes become the odd man out?

    • Cool Lester Smooth says:

      I drop Nova down to AAA, because I don’t trust him to continue not being terrible.

    • Jay says:

      I think Pineda will be the odd man out. I do think he’ll be a full time member of the rotation in 2014. But with the way this season is going, someone will probably get hurt, making my opinion moot.

    • Robinson TIlapia says:

      How’s Hughes doing in your scenario?

      Ride the three hottest hands, put the fourth in the pen or in AAA.

      Yes, it’d work out great if the others outperformed Hughes, since those guys will be around next season, but now is now.

    • Kosmo says:

      if Pineda is good to go and Nova shows some consistency maybe Phelps is either traded or optioned. Warren is the longman, a spot on the pitching staff he´s excelled at this season.

  12. Get Phelps Up says:

    So the Red Sox are up by 4 runs with 1 out to go…and they lose. Wonderful. At least for tonight I take back what I said in the open thread.

  13. Wayne says:

    José Ramírez is low erina his arm ángle again not a good sign. AA AA AA

    • Robinson TIlapia says:

      Did your mama never let you go into the pool or something?


      • OhioYanks says:

        While Eddard attracts the most attention, I think Wayne might actually be the most eccentric commenter on here. Very underrated.

        Says basically the same thing every thread and I don’t think he has ever responded to a question asking for further details or evidence.

  14. OldYanksFan says:

    Forget the box scores for these guys.
    I just want to know:
    1) Were they able to walk off of the field after each inning?
    2) Did anyone have lots of blood on their uniform?
    3) Did anyone have a bone protruding through their skin?

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