A-Rod draws four walks in latest minor league rehab game

Game 109: Number Two Starter
Avelino's walk-off triple caps five-run comeback for GCL Yanks

In his latest rehab game with Double-A Trenton, Alex Rodriguez went 0-for-0 with four walks. That’s a rather interesting batting line. He played seven innings at third base as expected, fielding three ground balls and throwing one away when he tried to get the force out at second.

Under normal circumstances, A-Rod would join the Yankees in Chicago for the start of their series against the White Sox on Monday. These aren’t normal circumstances though. Alex is facing a lengthy (and potential lifetime) ban due to his ties to Biogenesis, and the suspensions are expected to be announced on Monday. There’s a decent chance this was the final game of A-Rod’s career.

Game 109: Number Two Starter
Avelino's walk-off triple caps five-run comeback for GCL Yanks
  • Mike Axisa’s Dr

    He looked healthy in my professional opinion

  • thundergoat

    Lets say A-Rod gets suspended for life (i don’t think he will), if he wants to continue playing i can see him going to japan. he would be great over there………until the fans turn on him.

    • Mitch

      If he is suspended he would not be able to play in Japan. It is part of mlb policies

      • Kevin G.

        Didn’t Manny Ramirez play in Japan while suspended?

        • Havok9120

          No, in the minors.

    • JP

      If he’s suspended 1-2 seasons, he’d still be under contract with the Yankees. So it would be impossible to play in Japan.

      But if he’s suspended for life, I wonder if a Japanese team would (or could) take him.

      • bring back the bullpen car

        Arods new love…. CRICKET !!!!

  • RobA

    Come on. Theres a 0% chance this is the last game of his career. Everything is posturing. Either MLB wont have the guts to do the ban because theyre unwilling to fight the epic battle that would ensue with MLBPA and they dont want Arod filing a federal suit and challenging the anti trust exemption that is baseballs Golden Goose……..or they ARE serious abiut it and ARods camp will realize and take the year and a half ban or whatever.

    Whatever happens, ARod will play baseball again.

    • Laz

      Right, MLBPA can accept suspensions, but no way do they allow the NYY to get out of this. Sets a bad precedent.

    • Steinbrenner’s Ghost

      You must be joking.

      two hip surgeries, two years out of baseball, he won’t return to a pro game until age 39 1/2 (an age when most people without steroids have to retire).

      I mean, look at Manny. One of the greatest batting eyes ever, and when he came back from his suspensions, without juice, at his advanced age of 39 he couldn’t even hack it as a DH.

  • fat jeter

    wonder if these walks were of the unintentionally intentional variety — just to fuck with him

    • JonS


  • dkidd

    he was way too happy to take those walks!


  • Kronk
  • trr

    No, I don’t think it’s his last game.
    He’s like bubble gum on the bottom of your shoe, you just can’t seem to scrape it ll off

    • Pseudoyanks

      Can we just throw out the shoe ?

      • JP

        One person’s trash is another person’s treasure.

        • fat jeter

          Direct Cashman quote?

          • Steinbrenner’s Ghost

            I think one of his mistresses said that.

      • Bronx Bombers23

        I wish Alex would fall off of a cliff somewhere. So sick of his crap.

        One way or the other, he will never play another game with the Yankees.

        • RetroRob

          So they’re going to write him a check for $61M?

  • Will

    There’s no way A-Rod gets suspended for life. Don’t get your hopes up fellow Yankee fans!

  • Al

    A-Rod will get a court order injunction if he is tonight’s grievance procedure display when he goes for his hearing because of the appeal or quarter injunction he’ll ask that have the head of the That was given by him read it in court where at which point the federal government can use his statement so somebody’s going to get shitted on and it’s not going to be Alex plus all the witnesses that have accepted money from major-league baseball to give a statement will be exposed. This will put major-league baseball into such a Dark light to show their gestapo tactics and what they used to get these statements and to force issues To get Alex Rodriguez

    • Steinbrenner’s Ghost

      ARod, is that you?

    • Evan3457

      I would tell you that you don’t know what you’re talking about, if only I could figure out what you said.

      • Tuttle

        You can not figure out what was said, so how can you come to the conclusion one does not know what he or she is talking a about?
        This would not appear to make sense – no mathematician or logician would ever let you get away with this.

  • OldYanksFan

    At 40, after 2 full years off, it is pretty close to end of career.
    If ARod sucks in 2015, he might just go for a buy out.

  • felixpanther

    I’m surprise by Selig tough stand against A Rod, Probably he got something really solid on him

    • Laz

      Is kinda a sham though. Seems like he let many players off the hook so he can get to arod.

  • RetroRob

    A-Rod will swing a bat for the NY Yankees before the end of 2014, no matter what penalty is announced by MLB shortly.

    • Evan3457

      Doubt it.

      You could be right, but I doubt it.

  • whitey

    Be gone!!!!!

  • Laz

    It’s more than coincidence that Selig wants to announce suspensions the day he is ready to come back.

    • Evan3457

      Putting it more precisely, it’s more than coincidence that the Yankee plan for taking A-Rod off the DL calls for him to come back the evening after he is suspended the same day.

  • AAArod

    Pete Rose is betting they ban him for life.

    • Manny’s BanWagon

      Pete and Arod should get their own reality show like a modern day odd couple.

      “Can a degenerate gambler and a pathological liar share an apartment without driving each other crazy?”