Michael Pineda headed for tests on stiff shoulder

Granderson, Nova power Yanks to win over Pads
Game 110: The Big Three Two

Right-hander Michael Pineda is heading to New York for tests after leaving Friday’s start with stiffness in his surgically repaired right shoulder. He exited after only two innings and 29 pitches. The Yankees have been limiting Pineda to three or so innings per start recently in an effort to control his workload. He’s thrown about 40 innings since having surgery last May.

Granderson, Nova power Yanks to win over Pads
Game 110: The Big Three Two
  • William

    Uh oh

    • Tisha

      I said all along that Jack Zombie screwed us and sold us damaged goods

  • El Maestro


  • Different Josh

    You’ve gotta be shitting me.

  • Slu

    Who would have thought this trade would have been so inconsequential for both teams so far?

    • billbybob

      Seriously…trying to figure out who won the trade is about as exciting as watching paint dry (or watching the Yankees offense this year).

  • Jacob the OG

    *Sigh* no surprise tbh

    • ajra21

      Indeed. This is pretty much what I expected. Fingers crossed.

  • Bo Knows

    It could just be scar tissue breaking down, just like with how players who have Tommy John usually report some elbow discomfort when they start playing.

    So calm down, until we know the actual results.

    • matt b

      Bo, your lips to God’s ears (though I guess I hope God ultimately has more important things to worry about). I’d take that diagnosis in a heartbeat, of course – and even then, I imagine he’s shut down probably for the year, which again I’ll take, if it means no structural damage. And certainly not a surprise, tough road back from the labrum as we all know. But man, his recovery seemingly being on track was one of the very few bright spots looking forward, even if it sill left him as a total wild card (just the fact of his being able sit 93 was awfully encouraging) – with Nova seemingly a fundamentally different major (albeit not one you’re ready to believe in long term just yet), there’s still a sliver in me that believes there’s some serious upside in-house rotation help that’s here or not far off. Dreams of Nova and Pineda as frontline starters (CC figuring out whatever his deal is would be terrific, too) go a long way towards believing that, while I don’t wish it on him, if Arod goes and takes his money, this club, if they’re smart can retool and transition the offense such that they can be good nexy year while giving the lower level position players more time to see what they are.

      I tend to run optimistic, but that’s been tough to maintain this year. Here’s hoping. And as to those who would call the trade inconsequential – no way. Montero was getting moved. That he’s turned out as he has, thus far (PED issues as well) has no bearing – they had the one shot to get a return on Montero, and hence Pineda’s importance can’t be overstated, on so many levels.

      • David

        How could God have something more important than the Yankees??? That just doesn’t make sense!eleventy!

  • DERP

    At least he won’t be accruing service time if he is out. Then again, if this is serious, chances aren’t great he is coming back as a useful player.

  • Robert

    Whatever happened to Vidal Nuno????

    • vin

      He suffered a groin injury after being sent down. Then his arms fell off… both of them.

    • Lighting McQueen

      I too often wonder what happened with our 7th starter.

  • Gonzo

    I know it’s not something to proud of right now, but I’m pretty sure Axisa nailed it in the preseason on what we could expect out of Pineda this season. I think he nailed A-Rod’s hip schedule too. He’s good people.

    Correct me if I’m wrong Mike.

  • RetroRob

    The Season of the Injury — and reinjury — continues.

    Hopefully it’s just part of the rehab process and is a precaution. I’ll stick with my belief that we won’t see Pineda contribute anything of value (“value” open to determination) until 2014, and that it maybe 2015 that he’s able to provide value over a full season. Some might think that was pessimistic, but considering the surgery he had, I thought it was optimistic!

  • ThatstheMelkyMesaWaysa

    Could have kept Jesus but no

    • LK

      LOL, yeah his -.9 WAR since the trade and looming Biogenesis suspension would’ve been a godsend.

      • Kramerica Industries

        You can’t assume he would’ve been so bad as a Yankee.

        • jjyank

          No, but there is also no indication that he would have been any better. So we can’t exactly cry over not having Montero in the line up.

        • LK

          No, but he’s been so bad that he could’ve been way better as a Yankee and still be bad. And the biogenesis thing would be no different.

        • lightSABR

          The Mariners are looking more and more like the place talented young bats go to die. You have to think their hitting coaches are at least partly to blame for the flameouts of Montero, Ackley, Smoak, and so forth

  • vin

    I’m actually embarrased for feeling optomistic.

    • Gonzo

      I saw the reports of him hitting 95 and I was there too. No shame.

  • vin

    I’m actually embarrased for feeling optimistic.

  • Eddard

    Shut him down for the rest of his career. Another bust for Cashman.

  • MIKEd

    Like I said from the beginning, he never throws a pitch for the Yankees

  • pat

    Scar tissue. Sore isn’t necessarily bad. Pain is bad.

  • https://twitter.com/Craigslist_26 Craig

    Phelps, Pineda, Jeter, Granderson, Youkilis, Cervelli, Teixieira, have all suffered setbacks this season. Accountability, please

  • Dro413

    All these injuries are ridiculous. They just wanna get paid without playing. Fucking pussies!!! Most pathetic Yankee team I’ve ever seen LoL.

  • adeel

    are innings limits hurting pitchers? Everytime I hear of some pitcher on an “innings limit” they end up injured. Whereas players that never have the innings limit seem much more durable (at least injury wise).

    • Greg

      kinda like how every time you hear about “levees,” there’s a flood

      • sangreal


  • Dro413

    Much respect for Cano but he’s not worth $20 million. If Yanks don’t sign him, they should of traded him.

  • trr

    Done for the year.
    We need to realize that all that these serious injuries take time – lots of time – to heal.

  • Jim James

    For whatever reason I’m not too concerned. If he felt pain I’d definitely be worried. This is the most throwing he’s done since, what, September 2011? Coming off surgery I’d expect to have him deal with stiffness/fatigue at some point after he had a few innings under his belt.

  • Roy Munson

    Waiting for the dr. James Andrews visit followed by the TJS announcement

    • Pasqua

      Didn’t realize that they performed TJS surgery on the shoulder now! Modern science is a wonder!

  • Dick M

    I’ve said from the get-go that you don’t find dominant, young starters on the trade market like that. Unless something’s up.

    • Pasqua

      Sure. I can just imagine the Mariners’ front office meeting as they debated the trade: “Gentlemen, Pineda is going to injure that shoulder next spring. I know it! The oracle has revealed it to me! Let’s unload him before the prophecy is realized!”

      • Dick M

        It wasn’t an oracle deal. Most likely, time travel.

  • Bronx Bombers23

    Our entire injury situation has bordered on the absurd this year. It’s a miracle we’re above .500.

  • Steinbrenner’s Ghost

    Cashman Failed

  • http://www.twitter.com/matt__harris Matt :: Sec110

    where’s the CashmanSUX guy from the other night?