Report alleges A-Rod’s people leaked un-redacted Biogenesis documents


If ballplayers had a problem with Alex Rodriguez following the Biogenesis revelations, they’re going to downright hate the man if the latest report proves true. According to a 60 Minutes report, it was A-Rod‘s camp that provided un-redacted versions of the Biogenesis documents to Yahoo! Sports last February. This is quite a big deal, considering the un-redacted version of the documents added many names to the list of known Biogenesis clients.

If you search the original Miami New Times article, you will see no mention of Ryan Braun, among others (including Francisco Cervelli). It was only when the Yahoo! Sports report ran, almost a week later, that we saw Braun and others appear. Nearly all of the players on that un-redacted list have since been suspended, with the exceptions of Gio Gonzalez and Danny Valencia, who were cleared, and Melky Cabrera, Yasmani Grandal, and Bartolo Colon, who had previously served suspensions.

Given the deluge of leaks from MLB leading up to the Biogenesis suspensions, and their continuing case against A-Rod, it’s fair to assume that this leak also came from them. MLB has accused Rodriguez of attempting to obstruct their investigation into the players involved with Biogenesis, yet this seems to be the exact opposite. Whoever leaked the un-redacted documents did MLB a favor, since it exposed more players. Yet that might not be the biggest implication of this matter.

Craig Calcaterra of HardballTalk notes that if A-Rod did leak these documents, he might have violated the confidentiality clause in the CBA.

Like any report from anonymous sources (especially when signs point to MLB as the source), we shouldn’t take it as fact. Like any report involving Alex Rodriguez, we will anyway. I do have to say, if this does prove true it feels quite a bit worse than using PEDs.

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  • brian

    Arod is the gift who keeps on giving…

    I still love the fact that he took the fight to the yankees F.O. over the whole keep him off the field/void his contract stuff…

    Beyond that though, the guys an embarrassment to the pinstripes and always has been… he has officially entered the tyson zone

    • handtius

      Personally, I think it’s mlb and their open relationship to the media who is the gift that keeps vomiting.

    • John

      Look, don’t be Fooled by  Joe Pawlikowski’s Lies. He, Joe Pawlikowski, knows that Alex Rodriguez brought the Un-Redacted Biogenies Documents after learning of his 211 Game suspension in August 2013. This is a Fact established in the present Arbitration. The Miami New Times and Yahoo Sports report(s) were written in February 2013, Six Months earlier. Furthermore, did you know that Bud Selig & MLB submitted  “Redacted Version of the Biogenies Documents” as their Evidence against Alex Rodriguez? Joe Pawlikowski knows this as well. Don’t believe  Joe Pawlikowski because he’s a Lier. Joe Pawlikowski knows the Facts/Truth but chose to Report The Opposite. **Joe Pawlikowski The Sham Journalist**

  • The Oberamtmann

    If A-Rod gets in trouble for violating the confidentiality agreement, then what legal action could players take against the leak-prone MLB?

  • Holy Ghost

    This leak has “Bud Selig” written all over it.

    • Murderers’ Row Boat

      Obviously A-Rod is the victim here. I bet Selig made him rat on his teammate.

      • handtius

        because the media says it, it must be true.

        • LazzeriScooter

          Yeah, Because A-Rod Always tells the truth!

          .. sometimes… um okay well there was that one time, no… Uh, has he ever told the truth, seriously?

          But go ahead, A-rod fans keep screaming victim, witch hunt and abhorring the evil Yankee F.O. and Selig… Keep blinding yourself to the obvious truth.

          Damn, Rodriguez is an absolute pathetic joke to the sport and this franchise but reading some of these commentators is so disheartening and embarrassing to me.

          • Mikhel

            Why would we abhor Bud Selig? It is not like he colluded to… oh wait, he did.

  • Mike c

    So now he’s a rat and a fraud. Good luck defending him this time RAB

    • lightSABR

      I’m no great A-Rod defender–well, except when people say that the team would win more games without him this year, which is nonsense–but here I do have to wonder: why would he do this? The only reason I can think of is spite, and violating the CBA confidentiality provisions for nothing but spite isn’t the sort of thing you do when you’re paying as much for legal advice as A-Rod is.

      The lack of a motive makes this smell fishy to me. I’m not saying it’s not true; I’m just saying I’m going to need a bit more evidence before I’m convinced.

      • LazzeriScooter

        Smells fishy?!? Not Convinced?!?!

        The man has lied to you multiple times to the camera that would make a politician blush with shame. He is a shameless prolific liar at every moment in his pro career. But No, you still support him no matter what. I am in disbelief.

        Wake Up, RAB. Please let us unite against this beyond a doubt bad man who has cheated and lied his way into permanent infamy.

        • Mikhel

          I sure hope it was Alex Rodríguez who leaked info, it is not like MLB has acted right all the time; they already comissioned a report on doping to an executive of a franchise which had no prominent players mentioned in said report even when he already knew about the positives; MLB turned a blind eye to various other users (even gave Manny a discount on his 100 game penalty), Selig has his hands dirty since that collusion case in the 1980s and now the info gathered versus the players was acquired by ilegalli hacking, spying and recording conversations.

          If I was Alex I’d take down with me everybody in sight connected to this case and take this case to its ultimates consequences in a court to exhibit MLBs efforts to make an example out of Rodríguez when somebody like Manny who was protected by Mitchell, who has accepted his usage in the mid 2000s and failed two antidoping tests only got a pair of 50 games penalties, Braun failed a test, lied and only got 65 games, Melky failed a test and lied and got 50 games and now they make an exemption to ban Rodríguez for 200+ games.

          • Mikhel

            and don’t get me wrong, I dislike Rodríguez and most every other player who has tested positive or has been mentioned as a user/dealer/peddler in court (Willie Mays, for example, mentioned in the 1980s cocaine trials)

  • JOhn C

    WOW! If these allegations prove true, he may as well just quit and move to Algeria or Argentina

  • Eddard

    People here were so upset that Selig and MLB were dealing with scum and trash to get their information. Turns out that scum and trash is A-Rod. He’s become the new Jose Canseco and should be banned for life after this season.

    • Holy Ghost

      It sounds like the lawyers, not ARod, are being blamed for naming other players. Not that it makes ARod look any less bad. He certainly might have been aware of it and maybe even authorized it but we don’t know for certain that ARod intended to implicate other players.

    • Darren

      Why are lumping Canseco in with ARod? Canseco is the only one whose told the truth in this whole fuckin mess.

      • LazzeriScooter

        Sad but true.

      • Mikhel

        Sad thing about Canseco: he told the truth once he was practically banished from MLB.

  • johnnybk

    Man I defended a-rod many times down through the years. Whether some dipshit was spouting the “he only hits homeruns and only when the team doesn’t need it” narrative or the more serious matter of steroids the first time around, I had his back. At this point though I say fuck that narcissistic prick, I can’t defend him anymore. Unless the majority of the alleged obstruction and charges that he recruited other players turns out to be untrue, he deserves to get run out of the game.

    • The Oberamtmann

      How about we wait for confirmation?

      As Joe wrote, we shouldn’t accept these allegations as fact just yet, but of course we will

      • johnnybk

        Like I said, it hinges on the truth. I’m not an asshole. If it turns out there nothing behind the allegations I won’t hold it against him. If the allegations are true, I personally feel like the punishment is warranted. What is so wrong about that?

        • I’m One

          I definitely get what you’re saying (all of it). If this proves to be true, he deserves the full 211 games. While I’ll wait to see if there’s proof or if an agreement is reached (proof enough for me; if A-Rod is will to accept punishment, there’s something to the accusations), it certainly is sounding more and more like A-Rod played a major role in this. Time will tell.

          • LazzeriScooter

            Why wouldn’t this be true?

            Seriously, when has Alex proven to be a decent honest person?

            The only thing I can think about is how he help younger players who just hit the Show. But now you have to imagine he helped kids like Melky and Cervelli in illegal ways as well. So, I don’t really see where he deserves any trust in his integrity or opinions.

            Remember, he is guilty of all the drug charges, just appealing the suspension amount not the accusation. The guy is an absolute bad man in every way possible.

            • johnnybk

              he facts will come out in court(arbitration, whatever). I expect them to confirm some pretty bad things, but I’m not gonna act like I KNOW anything except that I don’t like the guy.

  • blehmann

    I do not mean to be naive but why would he leak these documents? He would have nothing to gain except, I guess, to bring others down. Someone in the commissioner’s office would have something to gain, however, since it would advance the cause of generating steroid-related suspensions. This one seems strange at the very least.

    • Holy Ghost

      I agree. I don’t see what motive ARod or his lawyers would have for helping the MLB implicate other players.

      Something doesn’t smell right about this one. I’ve already written it off as another leak by the MLB intended to hurt ARod for having the audacity to challenge their suspension.

      • The Oberamtmann

        If they did leak, it was probably to make sure not all the heat was on A-Rod and it didn’t become a witchhunt (which it did anyway).

        Without comparisons to the plea seals given to Braun et al, Selig might have been able to ban A-Rod for life.

      • Gonzo

        Because 60 Minutes reporters are dopes that will print anything the MLB office tells them.

    • Joe Pawlikowski

      The only thing I could come up with was to distribute some of the heat. But that seems like a horrible long-term strategy.

      • fat jeter

        True, but look at the guy’s track record. He called Selina Roberts investigative journalism “stalking” and was worried about the safety of his family. He flat out lied to Katie Couric in on 60 minutes 2003 only to confess to Peter Gammons a few years later. The “slap-play”. There’s not a ton of foresight with this guy. His attempts to “cover up” are pathetically childish and irresponsible. There is definite precedent in his ability to further screw himself over with ridiculous statements ans actions.

        • trr

          It’s just the deny ’til you die strategy, and then try throwing enough shit around to see what sticks. It’s not up to us the judge the character of the man, but actions like this can only create a schism between he and the other players. Not a good thing.

        • MannyGeee

          “The slap-play…”

          One of these things is not like the other. Might as well bring up him dating Madonna in questioning his character.

        • Mikhel

          Well… Selena Roberts stalked him, and her journalism was proven to be flawed because she is prone to throw a rock even when she doesn’t has all the info… remember that LaCrosse incident when she destroyed the lives of young players who were accused of rape and she leaked their names, photos and personal info before they were even deemed guilty.

          The girl who accused the players was proven to make that claim time and time again as leverage, now, the girl who made those accusations is being prosecuted because she stabbed one of her ex-boyfriends and later killed another, while Selena has never acknowledged she did something wrong (but cried when ARod accused her of stalking).

      • Robinson Tilapia

        Seriously, this.

      • lightSABR

        Exactly. It doesn’t sound like the sort of move you make when you’re paying as much for legal advice as A-Rod is. He has to have known that the Union was his most important ally in fighting the suspension, and he has to have known what the Union would think of a stunt like this.

        I’m not saying he didn’t do it, just that this story doesn’t make sense yet.

    • Murderers’ Row Boat

      When A-Rod did this the Biogenesis story was an A-Rod only story. By getting other names out there he expanded the outrage to other people, meaning he was less of a focus. This was also before baseball sued Bosch so A-Rod would have been able to buy the materials from him, however the lawsuit cost would have been too much for Boesch to pay on his own.

      Basically the plan was, Distract, buy up evidence, pay off people. Once the second and third goals because too expensive, A-Rod was forced to go the path he ended up taking.

      • Mikhel

        Another reason: to leak names so they could be penalized, and when his case gets to an arbitrator or to a court (which I hope it does) reveal more names not penalized by MLB and demonstrate it was a witch hunt since the beginning.

    • Gonzo

      Why would a guy who was guaranteed to make hundreds of millions of dollars risk it by taking known banned substances in the first place?

      • MannyGeee

        Because he made hundreds of millions more. We think.

        Fact is, we don’t know what effect the PEDs had on A-Rod and his performance, good or bad. But he was the BEST (and most lucrative) player in the game for well over 15 years and potentially juicing for a majority of them.

        • Gonzo

          I said nothing about whether or not banned substances had an impact on his performance. This is a red herring.

      • Mikhel

        Because besides that 2003 test he never tested positive, so he wasn’t risking, it is being said he has been tested 11 times since 2011 and every single test was negative.

        • Gonzo

          I never said anything about testing positive. If you argument that he never used, then we fundamentally disagree.

  • RetroRob

    Agreed. While I don’t support PED use, it also doesn’t particularly bother me. Leaking documents that implicate your fellow ballplayers does.

    Not quite sure I believe it, either, anymore than I believe the story that A-Rod offered to retire as long as he could reach a settlement on his Yankee contract. In this case, the reporter would have had to have been the source, telling MLB that A-Rod (or his people) gave him that information. Seems unlikely. If not the reporter, then A-Rod’s own people would have been the source. That also seems unlikely.

    This dripping of information is going to continue on both sides.

    • Gonzo

      This is 60 Minutes. If Miami New Times was bang on right about this, I’m probably going to believe 60 Minutes.

      • handtius

        sorry, but 60 minutes isn’t always right. in the 90s they tried to paint chiropractic as a scam, creating massive amounts of damages from unneeded and unwarranted lawsuits, bankrupting many families. They’re still a news outlet and still full of shit.

        • Gonzo

          So you only take news from sources that have gotten everything right? So basically you think The NY Times is shit too, right? What news sources do you follow then?

  • Ant Yankee

    Wow, if I knew what unredacted meant I’d be really upset.

    • Darren

      LOL. Instead of blacking out the names so you couldn’t read them (redacted), the names would not be blacked out, so you could read them (unredacted)

  • TomG

    Sweet Jesus I am so sick and tired of all this. Baseball is supposed to be entertainment; it’s a stupid distraction from everyday life. Between all the moralizing, investigations, cover-ups and leaks the players and management are putting out a product as entertaining as congress.

  • Mscott

    Methinks perhaps that Mr. Rodriguez should not get too dug in in the batter’s box…

    • Gonzo

      Didn’t even think about that. +1

  • mick taylor

    why didn’t selig and his henchmen go after the person who leaked to the ny times reporter who in 2009 outed a rod as being on the list of 2003 players who tested positive. that was much worse than what arod lawyer may have done because those players were told their names would not be published. . selig has spent his whole tenure trying to destroy the yankees. he hates the yanks. also, does that piece of crap phil hughes have a shot at 20 losses this season

    • george jetshon

      Be careful about criticizing Phil Hughes. He is rumoured to be the next great Yankee Ace and some have even taken to calling him Phranchise Phil because he is so great.

      • Mr. Spacheley

        Jetshon……..Yooooooooooou’rhe fiiiiiiiiiirhed!

  • steves

    Lamely repeating that “Arod’s camp” or “Arod’s inner circle” (but not Arod himself!) leaked info seems to me to simply be part of the continued smear against Arod by MLB who are trying to paint him as being the ruthless head of some criminal cabal. The claim that Arod has violated the confi provisions of the CBA (even if remotely true) pales in comparison to the “Daily” leaks by MLB to their Daily News henchmen. It seems abundantly clear to me that MLB wants to avoid a hearing at all costs; Cornwell has already called this latest stuff as being “improper and viciously false”. Hopefully the facts will eventually come out if the appeal is heard. If Arod did all the things he’s accused of then he’ll pay the price. If it turns out that MLB is dirty as well in how they pursued their investigation and how they volated confi provisions I hope they will pay a similar price.

    • Darren

      Word the fuck up. I agree.

      • LazzeriScooter

        Pathetic. Absolutely pathetic… A-Rod fans are vicious, stupid dogs following their lying & cheating master off the cliff into oblivion.


        • Darren

          I prefer to think of myself as flat billed platypus, rather than a dog

          In all serious, I was never a fan of ARod, and can;t really say that I am now. I’m just waayyy less of a fan of hypocrisy, with hunts, and corruption, than one purple lipped cheater.

        • OldYanksFan

          I agree. I say hang ‘em first… then beat a confession out of him. This ‘due process’ shit is for commies.

  • Ken

    Given that if this is true, it would probably destroy A-rod’s rep for good, then I prefer to wait for all the facts. Lots of people are out to get A-rod, so who knows if this is an attempt to dirty him up even more or the truth?

    • Gonzo

      Why couldn’t it be true AND an attempt to dirty him up some more?

  • JCK

    Maybe I’m missing something, but did MLB get their copy of the unredacted documents from Yahoo? Essentially, this seems to be alleging that if A-Rod hadn’t leaked the documents to Yahoo (assuming that’s accurate), then then MLB would never have seen the unredacted versions and those people wouldn’t have been suspended. That seems unlikely (especially given that they had the cooperation of Bosch and supposedly had “mountains of evidence”).

    • Mikhel

      What I make out of it is: MLB had the “unredacted” documents but were not going to prosecute those players because they were focused in ARod. If that was the case, ARod would have been better withouth those leaks because in a hearing he would be able to prove it was a whitch hunt; so, maybe ARod leaked those documents to somebody in the press who later made them public back then instead of waiting until the hearing.

  • Gonzo

    This is 60 Minutes reporting this. The big guns are on this.

  • Gonzo

    I’m curious, why is Joe so skeptical of anonymous sources from 60 Minutes? I mean, I understand skepticism to a degree, but there are a ton of huge news stories that have to be broken via anonymous sources.

    The leap that MLB leaked this to them is fine, but then the leap to discredit the 60 Minutes is a little too much for me. Seems like you are fitting your narrative into the story.

    Could totally off base here. It’s just my opinion.

    • Mikhel

      “60 Minutes” in the late 1980s and in the 1990s they aired a lot of pieces with wrong info due to poor research; they even lost credibility in other countries because of that “investigative” line (in México it was hosted by a known scammer who to this day tours the country with “proofs” of “extraterrestrial civilizations”, most all of ‘em procured from the Art Bell radio show).

      • Gonzo

        The NY Times got some stuff wrong on a HUGE scale and more recently. Do people still read them?

  • Bavarian Yankee

    wait … if the players and the league really want CLEAN players … wouldn’t they be happy that A-Rod’s camp leaked this? They can only be angry if they want to protect the cheaters.

    • pat


    • Gonzo

      I’m sure MLB would have been jumping for joy if A-Rod handed over the docs to them, sure.

      • lightSABR

        And if he did, how awful is it for them to suspend him extra for obstructing the investigation? I mean, maybe he obstructed their investigation of him, but the enforcer has to give the snitch some credit for the help, right?

        • Gonzo

          There is no evidence that he helped them. You’d have an argument if you had any whiff of evidence, but you don’t. You are basically just piecing things together on a blog.

  • It’s a Long Way to the Bronx (If You Wanna Hirok ‘N’ Roll)

    People are so quick to believe these reports and crucify A-Rod yet again, but am I the only one a bit more than pissed off at MLB? It’s like Bud Selig didn’t get his way because A-Rod is out there playing and is now whining like a spolied kid. Does anyone doubt these leaks are part of a mental game to try and break A-Rod before appeal time?

    • Holy Ghost

      It should be pretty obvious that Selig is behind this but he will get away with it because ARod is so unliked by so many people.

    • Geo

      A-Rod has the hammer, nail and lumber. He doesn’t need much help with the rest of the crucifying. Talking about breaking him down at this point is irrelevant. About 225 reports ago I gave Alex the benefit of the doubt, now I expect the reports are the start of something much worse and just the tip of the iceberg.

      • Holy Ghost

        If his lawyers advised him to incriminate himself in order to incriminate other players, he needs to fire his lawyers.

        I just don’t buy this story…

        • Robinson Tilapia

          I’m still just waiting until the actual evidence is out there for everyone to read. Anything else is tabloid fodder.

          I will say that I absolutely utilize Bill Romanowski as my top guy for medical referrals. Need an eye doctor? You’ll have 20/10 vision out of both eyes with Bill’s doctor.

          • Holy Ghost

            I agree that ARod tends to use bad judgement in life. But based on the article, the claim seems to be someone from ARod’s inner circle, most likely his lawyers, is the source of the leak.

            I can believe ARod on his own would do something as stupid as what’s being alleged. I have a hard time believing the people who advise Arod, especially his lawyers, would leak incriminating docs. And I’m not surprised by the timing of this story.

            • Robinson Tilapia

              I guess the simplest explanation I can come up with is “desparate people do desparate things.”

              Just thinking it’s OK that the greatest player of a generation be involved with some anti-aging dump on the side of South Dixie Highway in Miami is an error in judgment on the part of anyone who gets to say more than “hello” to Alex.

        • Geo

          Yes, because it’s evident that he has received great advice so far.

          • lightSABR

            Actually, I think he has. Remember all the threats MLB used to force him to accept a suspension? Lifetime ban, no playing while he appealed, and so on. I believed at least half of it myself.

            But A-Rod’s lawyers didn’t. They saw Selig’s bluster for what it was, refused to deal, and (I’m sure) got a good smile out of the Commish backing down. And I fully expect that they’ll get his suspension reduced.

            • Geo

              I’m talking in the bigger picture. The guy has displayed the worst judgment over the years. Sure, they are doing well in high crisis mode but the people around him and his own choices have prove Team A Rod are completely inept.

        • Gonzo

          Did his lawyers also tell him to jeopardize hundreds of millions of dollars by using banned substances too?

  • pat

    He’s either a rat or a whistleblower, depending on your opinion of teh-Rod.

    • Gonzo

      If he’s a whistleblower, why didn’t he share the docs with MLB’s investigation?

  • Robinson Tilapia

    Alex Rodriguez associates with shady people? I have to call bullshit on this.

    • Darren

      Have you SEEN Mick Kelleher? Homeboy looks shadier than a pussy willow at dusk.

      • Lukaszek

        Mick Kelleher looks like one of those tough guys who stand outside the projects and offer you strange pills when you pass by them

        • Darren

          Larry Rothschild looks like your cousin’s neighbor who stops by unnannounced with his potato gun, and you end drinking at his place til 5am drinking his homebrew and watching old Deep Purple videos.

          • Deep Thoughts

            If this entire comment thread caught fire and burned down to the ground, this is pretty much the only comment worth saving.

        • Robinson Tilapia

          In the projects I frequent here in NYC, they call that guy “officer.”

  • Hughesus Christo

    And people are STILL defending him

    Hitching your outrage wagon to ARod will get you nowhere.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      I’m not quite even half the folks expressing outrage are truly siding with ARod verus questionning how MLB has gone about this.

      It’s entirely reasonable to question how little of what has happened here thus far lines up with existing MLB policy on banned substances. Rules are meant to be enforced, not changed because this one, oh, this one’s REALLY bad. We need to hang this one.

      Me? I’ve chosen to be a fascist bastard in the name of helping the Yanks save some money in 2014, but that probably does fly in the face of everything I should be believing here. Call me Hypocrite Fish Fingers.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        “quite sure”

      • lightSABR

        This. Agree 100%.

  • Bartolo’s Colon

    I have been on the arod train for a while, and I’ll be damned if this will make me change my mind. This whole thing just seems crazy. Every single day there is something new and more outrageous. I can’t help but think that MLB is just doing anything they can to make him look more and more like a villain. Especially because he had the nerve to follow the process outlined in the union contract (that every player is a part of) and not bend over like the others and take the very fair and well thought out 211 game suspension.

    I really do hope that the truth comes out eventually. Until then I am on team arod, just because I like him a lot more than selig and his goons (owners, nydn, etc).

    I also find it funny that these same players/writers/etc. that want tougher PED penalties and are on PED crusades are the same people who will say they hate arod for outing other players who did PEDs. Not saying that arod actually did this or he should of if he did, it is just unbelievable how these people react.

    • AllyinCt

      Agree with Bartolo. I call “Shenanigans” on Selig and his vendetta!

  • Geo

    It’s like what Mike Ehrmantraut said to Walter White last season “You are a time bomb. Tick, Tick, Ticking. And I have no intention of being around for the boom.” Well, just like Mike, we are all around for the boom and this is just the beginning.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      There’s no witty reply I can give here without spoiling the series for those still catching up. Damn.

      • Geo


      • MannyGeee

        Thank you immensely for this. I am damn near a social hermit right now trying to avoid all things Heisenberg…

        • Robinson Tilapia

          SPOILER ALERT!

          A-Rod implicates Walt White in Biogenesis. White ultimately brought down by Bud Selig. “Don’t Stop Believin” gets shamelessly recycled in the end credits to an image of Selig playing air guitar in tighty whities.

          Gilligan failed.

        • Robinson Tilapia

          and/or GET OUTTA THE HOUSE DUDE.

    • dkidd

      “my orders say i’m not supposed to know where i’m taking this boat, so i don’t. but one look at you and i know it’s gonna be hot!”

      this sums up my feelings of being a yankee fan right now

  • Mondesi

    You know… I just don’t get it, which makes me question whether it’s true. Not that I’m some grand arbiter of all the world’s problems or anything, but I don’t get why it would have been in A-Rod’s best interests for that info to have been leaked. What was the benefit to A-Rod? Without having some inkling of the answer(s) to that question, this just doesn’t sound right to me.

    I don’t really give a shit what happens to A-Rod at this point, don’t mean to run to his defense or anything. The guy seems totally narcissistic and I have no idea if he’s intelligent (same goes for those in his “inner circle”), so maybe there’s no rational reason behind it but it did happen. I just tend to look for the most obvious answer/motivation behind actions, and I just don’t see it with this one, unless I’m just being dense and missing something everyone else sees.

    On the other hand, I do see the benefit to certain other parties in having this allegation made public, so there’s that. (Although, again, to be fair, it would seem like a crazy thing to make up just to smear the guy, seems like they don’t need the help doing that at this point.)

    If true, though… Man… The guy’s going to have to retire, no? Don’t see how he could keep playing if it’s true and the whole world knows about it.

    • dkidd

      retire or get ready to “move your feet” every other at-bat

  • sjferrari

    If MLB ended up getting names of players who were eventually suspended for ties to Biogenesis, then how does it count as hindering the investigation? Seems like A-Rod’s leak eventually helped MLB out in the long run.

    My question is, if A-Rod did in fact throw other ballplayers – including one of his teammates – under the bus, does the MLBPA continue to give a full-throated defense? Being a snitch, a stooley, a squealer doesn’t seem like something the union would be too happy with.

    • Mikhel

      They defend him because they HAVE to defend him, though they didn’t really defend anybody, seeing how everybody (besides ARod) accepted their suspensions without one single positive test (well, only Braun).

  • Kiko Jones

    This doesn’t make sense for various reasons. A-Rod’s team supposedly ratted these guys out, for what purpose? To get a better deal for something he hadn’t even been accused of yet? This is the guy who took the fall for 102 other players—Teflon Ortiz has paid no price for being outed—but now he’s going to rat out a dozen guys including current and former teammates?

    Also, he maintains he never dealt with Bosch. So, he ratted the other players in February—establishing the Bosch connection—and then turned around and denied ever having anything to do with Bosch? Yes, he could’ve pulled that one on the public but not MLB, since he couldn’t give up those guys to MLB and then say, “Oh, btw, I have never dealt with Bosch.”

    Also, some of you guys have made a great point: if he gave up names, how did he obstruct the investigation. Looks like there’s 2 week old trout on the windowsill…

    It’s quite likely that A-Rod is guilty of PED use again, but this particular accusation seems pointless, except for MLB trying to make A-Rod even more of a villain, for having the audacity to defy St. Bud and getting to play the rest of the season, further enraging His Holiness.

    • lightSABR

      Yes. MLB trying to turn the Players’ Union against A-Rod seems like the likeliest explanation to me.

      Selig’s office hasn’t exactly shown a strong commitment to honesty in this process so far. Why should they start now?

    • Holy Ghost


  • MannyGeee

    He’s screwed. Whether or not he did it, he’s screwed. Perception is reality, and just like our boy Joe said above…

    “If ballplayers had a problem with Alex Rodriguez following the Biogenesis revelations, they’re going to downright hate the man if the latest report proves true.”