Yankees and Kuroda outlast Kershaw in 3-0 win

Game 107: Dodgers Ace vs. Former Dodgers Ace
David Robertson was unavailable on Wednesday due to arm fatigue

Source: FanGraphs

Man, that starting pitching matchup was as good as advertised. Clayton Kershaw and Hiroki Kuroda traded zeroes for 7+ innings before giving way to the bullpen, which is when the Yankees finally made their move. Let’s recap the 3-0 win:

  • Cy Kuroda: The Yankees have seven shutout wins as a team this year, and Kuroda has started five (!) of them. The staff ace held the Dodgers to five singles and one walk in seven innings, striking out eight and throwing a first pitch strike to 20 of 25 (!!) batters. He even showed some rare emotion by pumping his fist and screaming after striking out Skip Schumaker to end the seventh with men on first and second. Kuroda was marvelous yet again. What a stud this guy is.
  • Cy Kershaw: The guy on other team was pretty great too. Kershaw held the Bombers to five scattered singles in eight innings, but for whatever reason he was taken out of the game with his pitch count at 97. He stayed in to bunt in the bottom of the eighth but wasn’t allowed to pitch the top of the ninth, and it came back to bite them. Kershaw was great, but Kuroda & Co. outlasted him.
  • The Check Swing That Turned The Season Around?: Lyle Overbay struck out against lefty Paco Rodriguez with two outs and two on in the ninth, swinging feebly at three sliders. Except he wasn’t out, the third base ump said he checked his swing on the third strike when the replays showed he did not. The at-bat continued and one pitch later, Overbay dumped a run-scoring single into center. The Yankees got a huge break and took advantage. That was great to see. The single gave them a 1-0 lead in the ninth.
  • Leftovers: The Yankees tacked on two runs when Mark Ellis and Yasiel Puig had a little communication problem in right field, resulting in Jayson Nix’s pop fly being dropped and two big insurance runs crossing the plate … props to Derek Jeter for the leadoff walk to start the go-ahead rally. He was lifted for a pinch-runner, which never happens … Boone Logan faced the top and the heart of the order in the eighth, but pitched around a single and an intentional walk to keep it scoreless … Alfonso Soriano, Vernon Wells, Brent Lillibridge, Chris Stewart, and Melky Mesa had the other singles while pinch-hitter Ichiro Suzuki was walked intentionally … CC Sabathia was on deck when Stewart made the final out of the ninth. That would have been fun.

MLB.com has the box score and video highlights, FanGraphs some other stats, and ESPN the updated standings. The Yankees are seven back in the AL East and three back of the second wildcard in the loss column. It remains doable. Following Thursday’s off-day, the team will be in San Diego to open a three-game weekend series against the Padres on Friday night. CC Sabathia and Andrew Cashner is the pitching matchup.

Game 107: Dodgers Ace vs. Former Dodgers Ace
David Robertson was unavailable on Wednesday due to arm fatigue
  • Gonzalo Hiram

    What an amazing game? That was better than any last year world series

  • forensic

    I thought the check swing was really close, but FSPT never showed a replay so I wasn’t sure if he had actually gone. Huge break there. Guess that explains why Mattingly was so pissed during the pitching change.

    There are worse things than spending an off-day in San Diego after a nice win like this. Hopefully they come out and play well in SD after the day off, especially since I’m going to two of the games.

    • Pasta Stumbling Sojo

      YES’s replay showed that he clearly went. I’ll take it though.

      • Darren

        Close call on the check swing, but I don’t thin he went.

        great, great game.

        BTW, you can tell Puig is an asshole from the look on his face after the collision in right.

        • forensic

          Just saw the replay finally on the postgame, and he certainly went. Huge lucky break there.

  • Pasta Stumbling Sojo

    Kind of crazy that through 7 innings neither team had more than a 58% win expectancy and through 8 innings neither team had more than a 66% win expectancy. That’s how much of a pitchers duel it was.

    • forensic

      And the LI barely moved until the 8th too. Not even really any threats from the offenses until then.

  • Stanislaw

    Yankees win. Doesn’t matter tho cuz Yanks didnt get anyone today. Cashman failed. Everything suxz.

    • Chris

      Way to keep it positive. If you look around, there were not many hitters traded to any team. The Yanks got the best on in Soriano. We don’t need pitching and I am glad Cashman did not cave to the reported ridiculous demands for Schuerholz, Morse or any of the other average roster fillers out there.

      • Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead

        Check your sarcasm meter.

        • SDB

          Cashman broke his sarcasm meter. #Cashmanfailed

          • Robinson Tilapia

            Cashman couldn’t even trade the sarcasm meter for a third baseman such as thisaguy and thataguy.

            This is all a giant snowball that goes back far past signing Kevin Youkilis, giving Alex the extension, Aaron Boone’s injury, and Mike Blowers’s parents having sex…..and dalelama predicted all of it.

            Cashman failed.

            • SDB

              why couldnt cashman have the sarcasm meter play third base this sucks THIS IS TEH WORST SEASON EVER OH NOES!!

              (I really think Mike needs to buy the cashmanfailed.com domain and have it redirect to RAB.)

  • forensic

    Fun with splits from Paco Rodriguez to see how unlikely that Overbay hit was:

    vs lefties: .127 BA, .346 OPS
    Home: .123 BA, .331 OPS
    July: .077 BA, .188 OPS
    Two strikes: .063 BA, .214 OPS
    1-2 count: .000 BA, .000 OPS (16 AB, 11 K)
    After 0-2 count: .050 BA, .148 OPS
    2 outs: .130 BA, .297 OPS
    RISP and 2 outs: .111 BA, .222 OPS

    Obviously sample size issues and all, but it’s still pretty crazy that Overbay got that hit against all these numbers and his own numbers vs. lefties.

    • trr

      That’s baseball

  • http://twitter.com/Paddock9652 Stratman9652

    That had to be the most predictable dropped pop up ever. Saw that coming the minute I saw three guys going after it, especially with Puig out there going balls to the wall. Ellis is lucky he didn’t get steamrolled.

  • Improbable Island’s Dirty Midget Whores (formerly RRR)

    I disagree that the replays showed that he swung. I thought he swung during his first “checked” swing but managed to just hold up that second time.

  • BigBlueAL

    Sure would be great to take 5 of the next 6 games against 2 teams well below .500 but 4 out of 6 would be fine I guess.

    • forensic

      With where they are at this point and who they’re playing, I think 4 of 6 is the bare minimum that they need to do. Really, they need 5 of them considering the opponents.

      That White Sox series could have a total of 3 total runs scored between both teams.

      • I’m One

        Come on now. The Yankees have Jeter back and Granderson will be back tomorrow. The world’s issues are solved. Yankees will explode for 20 gazillion runs against the White Sox. Just hope they don’t all come in one game. :-)

  • Wheels

    Kuroda is an All Star to me.

  • Andy

    I was there. It was unreal. There was just so much wonderfulness about that game. Mariano gets the tribute and the save. Great pitching. Clutch Overbay. I nearly died when I saw CC on deck. (I also saw him hit back to back home runs in BP, three in total BTW). My dad and I were singing “New York, New York” on the way back to the car. I’m so happy right now.

  • jedua

    Acording to @Enrique_Rojas1 there will be a 100 game suspension to A-rod.

    Con 100 juegos, MLB mandará mensaje que quiere y evita arbitraje que NO HAY FORMA DE GANAR. A-Rod volvería en junio ´14

    With 100 games, MLB will send a message, that it wants to avoid the arbiter. THE IS NO WAY OF WINNING. A-Rod will return in June ’14

    I really don’t trust Enrique Rojas in fact i dislike him very much but he is the first one with this information

    • Gonzo

      That’s a win for A-Rod and probably a bad outcome for the Yankees.

      • forensic

        The irrational A-Rod fanboy side of me is happy with anything that will allow him to play again for the Yankees (at whatever point that is).

        The rational Yankee fan of me would love to see that salary freed up.

        It’s very tough for me.

        • Robinson Tilapia

          I’m not buying it’s 100 games.

          Irrational A-Rod fanboy in me has, sadly, long died. I just want them to figure out a way for the money to be freed up for as long as possible.

          My honest hope is that “negotiations” mean a lifetime ban from playing only, or something of that sort.

          • Jedua

            I don’t buy it either that report would be all over the place

        • Iron Horse

          Couldn’t agree more forensic…I don’t think A-Rod will play again for Yanks, just my opinion…and for all the dollar store moves Cashman has made there is almost no way for the Yanks not to be on the hook for A-Rod’s salary…

  • Get Phelps Up

    Wow I sure made the right choice when deciding which LA game to go to. So glad I got to see Mo in person on more time. It would have really really sucked if we scored a 4th run in the 9th and he didn’t come in. I’m also going to the Friday and Saturday games in San Diego so I would have had another chance to maybe see him, but I doubt it could top how awesome it was to see him come in at Dodger Stadium coupled with the crowd’s reaction.
    I also had a great view of Puig and Ellis dropping the popup.

    • Gonzo

      That’s pretty awesome.

    • forensic

      That’s pretty cool. I’m going Saturday and Sunday too. Guess that means they have to sweep so we’re both happy at our games.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        We’ll be sure to have security on band when youknowwho pitches. Please forensic, you’re a dad now. No more of those shenanigans from the old days.

    • MB923

      I think Mo would have came in regardless since there’s an off day today and he hadn’t pitched since Sunday.

  • FIPster Doofus

    Kuroda in July: 33 IP, 2 ER.

    • forensic

      Eh, show some numbers that really matter. How many wins?


      • FIPster Doofus

        He’s no Chris Tillman.

  • Bartolo’s Colon

    Out west for today’s game and for Fridays as well. The game was obviously awesome, I am really a big fan of dodger stadium, it is really nice. It seems huge. The fans were pretty good too the only gripe I have is getting there and leaving. Unbelievable how long it took to get out of there. Not just the parking lot, even just walking out of the stadium. We have if very nice at Yankee stadium as far as accessibility. Nonetheless it is an awesome place. However I have no clue how fans can deal with that parking lot day in and day out. Looking forward to petco.

  • nycsportzfan

    If the Yanks make the postseason, Hiroki kuroda should get some MVP votes.

  • nycsportzfan

    You know whats kinda funny? The fact the Yanks get crusified for there season and yet they not only are right there with there old injury prone team, the young talented Orioles with Adam Jones, Chris Tillman, Matt Wieters, Manny Machado, Jim Johnson ..etc have only WON 3more games then the yanks…lol Only 3games!!!!

    • Robinson Tilapia

      I always find people being crusified for there season hilarious.


    • Iron Horse

      Gee, somebody made a grammatical error on the net…it’s so rare. What’s the point of making fun of spelling and grammatical errors when you can understand what the person is trying to say? Lighten up a bit…nycsportzfan makes the most important point about this season: as bad as these dime-store Yankees look on paper, they are a pretty scrappy group, they’ve stayed in contention for the post-season, what more can a fan ask for when the team looses the heart of the order, and the pitching ace has been sub-par so far.
      I cringe when I see the BA’s of catcher/3rd base, but they are still in the hunt; and for all the carping at Cashman, who signed Kuroda last year? Did anybody think he’d be as good as he was? Who resigned him? Think the Red Sox would like to have him?

  • nycsportzfan

    Heres the pitching matchups for the San Diego series, in case any were wondering.

    Sabathia VS Cashner Friday Night.

    Nova VS Ross Saturday Night

    Hughes VS Kennedy Sunday Afternoon

  • Robinson Tilapia

    Is there anything in the CBA that allows for punishment of fans who say things like “TEH TEAM HAZ NO CHANCE OF WINNING THIS GAME I DONT CARE WHUT YOU HAVE 2 SAY?”

    If you can suspend 20 guys for PEDs, you can fine fans who say this a shiny dollar.

    We survived the YANKEEZ OF TEH WEST OMGZ by outlasting their ace and losing a game that could have gone either way. Hello, August. That other shoe hasn’t dropped, and was supposed to lead for a fire sale, has not, in fact, dropped yet.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      “and which was”

  • JLC 776
    • SDB

      Oh, that’s AWESOME. Bookmarking that (and I think I might end up watching that five or six times today at work.)

      • JLC 776

        I was actually (sort of) disappointed when Ellis grounded out – I wanted to hear Vin talk about Mo some more!

    • pat

      Like listening to Shakespeare. Beautiful.

      • Andrew J.

        I got the extra innings pacakge, living in Florida, obviously to watch the yankees. Otherwise, I always watch late night Dodger home games because of Scully. He doesn’t just announce; he tells stories in that rich voice of his. Nobody like him out there.

  • JLC 776


  • JLC 776
    • Robinson Tilapia

      I think there’s a non-zero chance we may have not liked who the prospect offered at the last minute was as well.

      I honestly think one of the two has a fighting chance of passing through waivers anyway.

  • ropeadope

    Conked out bottom 6th and woke up with the Yes replay having just reached the point I originally lost contact with the game. Watched to the end (not knowing the outcome) and what a great game and win. Instant Yankee Classic!

    • Robinson Tilapia

      I *think* I watched exactly two batters in the second and woke up to someone on here cheering on FB in the morning, which was my initial clue that good things happened…..or that my phone was busted.

      • ropeadope

        I have the luxury of being able to sleep a bit later than you RT. Oh, from previous posts I believe you’re situated close to my old stomping grounds in Brooklyn. I was within walking distance of the Prospect Park Zoo, Botanic Gardens, etc. But I think we were on opposite ends.

        • Robinson Tilapia

          Sounds like you were more on the Prospect/Lefferts Garden side of the park? Yup, definitely the other side, but only a difference of the length of the part, really.

          We spend a LOT of time at the zoo now.

          • ropeadope

            We spend a LOT of time at the zoo now.

            I’m so jealous. My mobility is pretty limited, so haven’t done those fun things for some time. Yes, opposite side. I was actually on New York Ave., a few blocks south of Empire Blvd. Did you go to high school in Brooklyn? I would have gone to Erasmus (although probably closer to Wingate), but took the test and went to Brooklyn Tech.

            Anyway, off to the eye doc now.

        • Lukaszek

          You might’ve been a bit closer to my house when my family first came here. We were Avenue J and Ocean. Used to shop at Belka, they had really good torts but from what I heard it became really run down in the past eight years.

          Was kinda lonely though since at the time I knew less English than Sammy Sosa at the PED trial. The only place where people understood me was Sheepshead Bay/Brighton Beach, and that was kinda far

          From what I know, RT is further away by Prospect Heights

          • ropeadope

            Ocean Ave. or Ocean Parkway? Either way, you must have been fairly close to Brooklyn College. I was probably equidistant (roughly) between yourself and RT. Good memories but seems a lifetime ago (which I guess it is).