Update: A-Rod leaves game with left hamstring tightness


10:29pm: A-Rod‘s left hamstring tightening up on him running the bases, but Joe Girardi made it seem like the decision to lift him is precautionary more than anything. There are no tests planning and A-Rod may DH tomorrow night.

9:42pm: Alex Rodriguez left tonight’s game after the top of the eighth inning for an unknown reason. He scored from second on a single earlier in the inning and had to slide into home, but there was no indication he was hurt on the play. He didn’t limp off the field or anything. Considering A-Rod’s injury history and the way this year is gone in general, a red flag goes up whenever anyone leaves a game for a non-obvious reason.

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  1. handtius says:

    no way it’s for defensive reasons? I know Adams isn’t a wiz, but just getting off his feet? (wishful thinking)

  2. Eddard says:

    This is trouble

  3. Andy says:

    He grabbed his leg as soon as he slid. Maybe he didn’t limp off the field, but it definitely did not look good at the time.

  4. soxhata says:

    On the replay,ARod did grab the back of his leg,and walked off quite slowly.What a weird year.Young or old.Rich or poor.A guy walks on the field in Yankee pinstripes,and he’s as fragile as Nick Johnson-Unbelievable!!!

  5. RetroRob says:

    The last replay they showed had him very quickly grabbing his hamstring. Hoping it was just tight and Girardi pulled him as a precaution. Yet…

  6. Adam says:

    Who the fuck is running this team’s fitness training staff? A bunch of unemployed elementary school gym teachers? Every single one of those assholes should be canned. I’ve never seen so many tight hamstring, calves, quads, elbows, shoulders in my life. Christ

  7. YES says:

    Please be OK Alex. Praying hard for him.

  8. YES says:

    Day to Day YES

  9. forensic says:

    One tight hammy, one tight tricep, and one concussion.

    Covered the lower body, upper body, and head. Very thorough tonight on the injury front.

  10. Frank says:

    No way he plays tomorrow if he can’t run. Probably at least 3 days.

  11. Manny13Yankees says:

    He needs to rest a couple of games. We all know how the script goes if he plays through this, he will tear it worse and then the team is in some serious danger.

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