Update: A-Rod leaves game with tight right calf

Game 150: Six Innings
Swept: BoSox embarrass Yankees in series finale

10:15pm: It’s a tight right calf for A-Rod, the Yankees announced. Not the hamstring. Phew, I was getting worried they would go more than two games without a new injury.

9:46pm: Alex Rodriguez was pinch-hit for and left tonight’s game in the fifth inning for an unknown reason. He’s been battling a nagging hamstring injury that has limited him to DH duties only, so that seems like a pretty good reason. So it goes.

Game 150: Six Innings
Swept: BoSox embarrass Yankees in series finale
  • Kevin G.


    • Tisha

      Queen’s “Another one bites the dust” is the Yankees new theme song. Gees

  • http://www.penuel-law.com/ Cuso

    Unknown reason = crabs

  • truth

    OH BULL %%%% He left the game so he doesn’t get the blame for the team losing. Add wimp to steroid loser cheater

    • Winter

      How does that even come close to making sense?

  • Winter

    Gameday it an “injured leg.”

    Uh oh.

    • Winter

      Oh, submitted that before the update. That was close. Phew is right.

  • RetroRob

    He seems to be picking up Derek Jeter’s leg issues.

  • Jors

    Season over…. ARod has played his last game as a Yankee.
    I want to see the kids play. Murphy should start at C, Adams at 3b,
    Almonte in LF the rest of the way. Pitch Marshall, Betances and Cabral.

    We need to clean house. No contract to Kuroda or Pettite. Good bye Granderson, Overbay, Stewart , Logan, Hughes, Joba. Thank you to Mariano. Trade Cervelli. I would let lackadaisical Cano walk..
    Bring Jeter as a UT/DH so he can say his proper goodbyes…
    Yankees want to get better they need to spend money. Saltalamacchia or McAnn at catcher, Nelson Cruz for the OF and Garza and Haren for the rotation…

    • Darren

      No, no, no, yes, no, no, no, yes, have to, no, no, no, no yes, yes, obvs, yes, yes. obvs, no no, not exactly, yes, no/yes, no, no, no

  • EndlessJose

    Funny how Cashman and the Yankees actually thought A-Rod and Jeter were gonna play everyday at SS and 3rd.

    The Yankees need to stop relying on these guys to play hard positions.

    • Delbert Grady

      No, come on. Get back with the apologist narrative of “how were the Yankees supposed to know all these guys would get injured????”

      They strip mined the team, signed no depth players to cover positions where they were relying on old guys with MAJOR injuries, but sure…they did a great job assembling this team. They tried their best….uh huh….

      Any fan who swallows that front office BS spin for why they didn’t sign any players last off season for more than a 1 year deal (or token 2nd year at low to no dollars) deserves this team and what’s coming next season.

      We’ll be the Mets in 3-4 years with Cashman, Hal and Levine running things. And when fans stop coming to the park (more than they already have) then they’ll say they don’t have the “revenue” to support the team like they used to.