Swept: BoSox embarrass Yankees in series finale

Update: A-Rod leaves game with tight right calf
Fan Confidence Poll: September 16th, 2013

This was a bloodbath. The Red Sox toyed with the Yankees this weekend before finally blowing them out of the water 9-2 on Sunday night. This looked like a big league team against a Triple-A team. Furthermore, the Yankees were officially eliminated from the AL East race with the loss. It’s wildcard or bust. That’s a nice little twist of the knife.

(Jared Wickerham/Getty)
(Jared Wickerham/Getty)

Ivan The Mediocre
Remember when Ivan Nova was a bright spot, giving the Yankees high-quality innings every five days? That seems like a long time ago. Nova lasted just four innings against the Red Sox for the second time in a week, though this time he only needed 88 pitches and not 97. Boston punished him for five runs (four earned) on six hits, four walks, and one hit batter while striking out just two. His night would have been a lot, lot worse had the bullpen not worked some magic after inherited a bases loaded, no outs jam in the fifth.

Since dominating for close to two months, Nova has now allowed 18 runs in 36 innings (4.25 ERA) across his last two six starts. Perfectly serviceable but not what the Yankees need. They need him to be better but this really isn’t Nova’s fault; he didn’t build the pitching staff. Anyway, Ivan has reportedly been dealing with some triceps tightness in recent weeks and hopefully that is why his performance has slipped lately. He wasn’t going to sustain that pace all season, but it would be nice if he finished the year well so there’s at least something the Yankees could feel good about rotation-wise.

(Jared Wickerham/Getty)
(Jared Wickerham/Getty)

One Mistake
After going a month between games with one or fewer run scored, the Yankees came dangerously close to doing it in back-to-back games. They drew first blood in the very first inning and needed a big hand to get it done. Curtis Granderson worked a leadoff walk before moving all the way to third when Clay Buchholz threw away a pickoff throw. It was a throw a better defensive first baseman probably reels in, but whatever. Alex Rodriguez plated Granderson with a ground out and that was pretty much it for the night. At least until the game was out of reach.

The Yankees had has many double plays (three) as runners who reached second base over the final eight innings of the game. Buchholz was nice enough to walk four batters (plus one more by the bullpen) but New York only had five hits — singles by Alfonso Soriano, A-Rod, Ichiro Suzuki (two), and Brendan Ryan — and only one was actually well-struck (Soriano’s). The final seven and 14 of the final 18 players they sent to the plate made outs. Aside from the garbage time run in the ninth, they went down without much of a fight.

Two weeks left. Jared Wickerham/Getty)
Two weeks left. (Jared Wickerham/Getty)

Pretty much the only highlight of this game for the Yankees was Adam Warren‘s escape job in the fifth inning. Nova allowed the first four men of the inning to reach base and Warren inherited a bases loaded situation with no outs, but he got through it without allowing a run thanks to two strikeouts and a routine fly ball. Warren allowed two runs and got just one out in the sixth inning, but you know. Small victories. Oh, and Dellin Betances struck out two in a perfect garbage time inning. Hooray.

Remember when Vernon Wells stole home a few weeks ago because rookie catcher Josh Phegley threw to second when Eduardo Nunez broke towards towards second? The Red Sox pulled the same trick on Chris Stewart in this game. He threw to second and not only did the run score, but the throw was so bad the runner at second was safe. Stewart also committed his 11th passed ball, the second most in baseball behind J.P. Arencibia. Arencibia has to catch a knuckleballer, remember.

Mike Zagurski, who pretty much looks like a left-handed Joba Chamberlain, made his first appearances as a Yankee and extended the franchise record to 56 players used this season. Amazingly, of those 56, there are only about 10-12 guys you would legitimately want on the team going forward. I’m not joking. Look at this cast of characters.

The Red Sox won the season series 13-6 and are the first team since the 1976 Orioles to win 13 games against the Yankees in a single season. Boston outscored them 120-84 in the 19 games. Complete dominance.

Box Score, WPA Graph & Standings
For the box score and video highlights, check out MLB.com. FanGraphs has some other stats and the updated standings are at ESPN. Both the Rangers and Rays lost — they have the same record and sit in the two wildcard spots — so the Yankees remain four back in the loss column with only 12 games to play. They’re three games back of the Indians and have the same record as the Orioles. Cool Standings gives New York a 6.5% chance to make the postseason.

Source: FanGraphs

Up Next
The Yankees get a much-needed off-day on Monday before heading to Toronto for a quick little three-game series against the Blue Jays. Andy Pettitte and R.A. Dickey will be the pitching matchup in Tuesday night’s series opener.

Update: A-Rod leaves game with tight right calf
Fan Confidence Poll: September 16th, 2013
  • bill

    Rangers choked away WS, then division, and now WC. Remember when they and the Yankees were the 2 best future rankings by ESPN? LOL what a joke.

    • Laz

      Rangers completely fell apart

  • ialien

    funniest part of tonight is there are still RAB posters talking playoffs.

    Best one should say at this point is job well done for sticking around so long with all the setbacks. The record vs the run differential should get Joe manager of the year.

    • https://twitter.com/KramerIndustry Kramerica Industries

      RABers are still talking playoffs because they are only three games out and have a schedule with last place teams and one of the WC leaders left, which means they still control their own destiny, as crazy as it sounds.

      Look, what the hell do some of you people want? Part of the reason for watching games is to have the hope of having something to shoot for. If the playoffs are still there to shoot for, then that’s what most people are going to do. Not many of us are going to subscribe to some haynecked belief that the Yankees would be better to lose every single remaining game for the marginal upgrade it would give them in the draft next year. Besides, if this team sucks at developing players as much as we think they do, then what the hell does it even matter, as far as where they draft? Whoever they draft will just flameout anyway.

    • Winter

      RAB posters are talking playoffs because the wild card is still very much in play. The Rays (4-6 in their last 10) and Rangers (1-9) have been playing as badly as the Yankees (or worse!), and going 3-1 against the Orioles helped the Yankees keep pace with Baltimore. The Yankees schedule is pretty easy from here out, and if they can win the Rays series I think they have a good chance of catching the Rays. The Rangers look absolutely awful and I think the Yankees have a decent chance of catching them as well. Baltimore (5-5) is about to play Boston, and given how the Red Sox are playing there’s a pretty good chance the Yankees can pull ahead of them as well. The Indians are the problem team, as they’ve been playing good baseball (7-3) and have a relatively easy schedule for the rest of the season.

      Remember, though, there are two wild card teams. The Yankees only need to beat three of these teams, not all four. If they take the second wild card to Cleveland’s first, that’s great, and completely realistic. Given how hot Boston is, I’m hopeful that the Baltimore series is a better indicator of what we should expect going forwards, not the Boston series.

    • ropeadope

      Always darkest before the dawn, but the playoff hunt is definitely NOT over.

      Was it over when Abraham Lincoln assassinated President John Wilkes Booth? No! Was it over when Balboa aspirated the Pacific Ocean? No!! Was it over when Pee wee Herman got caught jackin’ at the movies? No!!! Was it over when Lewis and Clark spearheaded the torpedo attack on Pearl Harbor? No!!!!

      We rose up and overcame all those atrocities, and we shall do so once again. Yankees sweep the final dozen games of the regular season and fly high into the post season.

      • RetroRob

        It’s always darkest outside right before the lights go out…

        • ropeadope

          My head hurts.

      • Darren

        Rocky Balboa assassinated the Indian Ocean you dummy!

        • ropeadope

          I believe you’re a smidge confused. It was [Rocket] Rocky J. Squirrel and Bullwinkle J. Moose who defeated the Indians at the Battle of Blackwater Bay. Don’t beat yourself up – a very common mistake.

      • Betty Lizard

        OMG I feel a spell of Kipling coming on.

        For the Empire!

        • ropeadope

          For the Empire!

          If possible, seek out the 1939 movie version of Gunga Din. If for no other reason, to see Cary Grant, Victor McLaglen, and Douglas Fairbanks Jr. on screen in the same film. Not to mention a terrific performance by Sam Jaffe in the title role. Toward the end of the movie, Kipling is introduced to recite his poem. For the longest time (I’m a bit embarrassed to admit) I thought it actually was Kipling, until I realized he passed in ’36, three years earlier. But the role was initially uncredited, and the actor looked exactly like the pictures of Kipling I had seen.

          Din! Din! Din!
          You Lazarushian-leather Gunga Din!
          Tho’ I’ve belted you an’ flayed you,
          By the livin’ Gawd that made you,
          You’re a better man than I am, Gunga Din!

          • Betty Lizard

            For rent on Amazon Prime instant video! I shall watch it.

    • Steve

      You’re not feeling PROUD of this team?

    • TheEvilUmpire

      I think the Yanks need to hire Jim Mora as a special coach just to address the media about their playoff chances.

      “What’s that? Ah — Playoffs? Don’t talk about — playoffs? You kidding me? Playoffs? I just hope we can win a game! Another game.”

  • Mike

    Did Boston decide to give Mo a broom as a farewell gift?

    What a disgusting series.

  • Winter
    • nyyankfan_7

      That’s awesome

  • WhittakerWalt

    Well, that was horrible.

  • dkidd

    it irked me that girardi let stewart hit with 2 on in the 7th down 7-1

    i hate chris stewart

  • Tom

    I fear Ivan Nova is heading down the Phil Hughes path – when his 2 pitches are on he can be dominant (more so than Phil because the curve doesn’t have the same platoon issue that the slider does and he gets groundballs so he is a bit less HR prone when working down in the zone); The problem is if one pitch isn’t on, it’s hard to beat a competent offense when you only have 1 pitch working.

    At some point the change needs to be more than a token pitch – he’s throwing it a career low 2.4% this year. Two pitch pitchers without serious high end velocity don’t tend to last long as starters (or are inconsistent).

  • WhittakerWalt

    Why is Chris Stewart?

  • Get Phelps Up

    As far as just players go (not contracts) I count 27 players on that list who I would want around in some capacity next season: Cano, Gardner, Sori, Granderson, Romine ARod, Zoilo, Reynolds, Tex, Cervelli, Ryan, Murphy, Hirok, Nova, CC, Andy, Phelps, Claiborne, Nuno, Betances, Kelley, Cabral, Mo, Marshall, Drob and Warren. Obviously if you take into account their contracts, you’d take out guys like ARod, but as far as players go there’s more than just 10-12.

    • Wolfgang’s Fault

      This is an old tired ball club with a foundation that’s had its day & is essentially kaput. Every effort should be made over the winter to dismantle much of the present team, clear the decks, & begin anew w/new players acquired elsewhere & prospects. They have to decide if Romine/Murphy can hack it as a catching duo, & if not, which one of the two can & which veteran catcher can they bring in to to serve alongside Romine/Murphy & until Sanchez is likewise ready. Stewart is playing on fumes, & his defense is degrading w/each passing game. I’d like to have a solid veteran back there w/Murphy &/or Romine come ’14.

      They’re going to have a hell of a time rebuilding the pitching staff, & this club is in big need of arms that can give them starting innings, and arms that can step into the bullpen and consistently keep them in games. I’d sign Robbie but if he’s going to ask for more than 5-6 years, out of the question NO! If Robbie signs elsewhere, a full blast rebuild becomes imperative & any & everybody becomes dealable or releasable. Make an offer to Granderson, release Wells. Ichiro can’t be a starter come ’14. If he’s unwilling to be a 4th outfielder, release him. Soriano can come back, but if they can upgrade w/talent & youth, deal him to a club where he has a chance to win in ’14 and we can get a decent prospect or useful younger player.

      Can Gardner be dealt for some need elsewhere & can they get similar production from some cost-controlled kid such as Zoilo Almonte? IF so, someone else has to be a decent leadoff hitter to replace him. W/A-rod probably gone for first half of ’14, they have to find guys who can give them production from the corner infield/outfield spots. Would probably be best if Jeter called it a career. This club needs a solid shortstop who can cover ground, make all the routine plays, and still give them quality offensive production — make opposing pitchers work. I have very little confidence this F/O can turn things around reasonably quickly. Should be interesting to watch them try though.

  • Steinbrenner’s Ghost

    The Red Sox won the season series 13-6 and are the first team since the 1976 Orioles to win 13 games against the Yankees in a single season.

    If the old man was still alive…

  • Laz

    at least they still play giants, astros, and the jays. Along with a must win series in tampa. While O’s and Rays have to duel each other along with texas/boston.

  • https://twitter.com/KramerIndustry Kramerica Industries

    (I said something in much briefer terms in the game thread)

    Dunno if I’m buzzed, high, insane, or full of enough hot air to explode, but after the past seven Red Sox games, I have never had so much uninitiated belief that, if the Yankees play the Red Sox in the ALDS, that the Yankees COULD beat them.

    (note: I did not say WOULD, I did not say SHOULD, I did not say they WILL, just that I said they COULD)

    About the only historical source I could point to on this was the 1988 NLCS. The Mets went, like, 12-1 against the Dodgers that season. The Dodgers beat the Mets in the NLCS.

    I mean, is there any debate which team is better at this point? No, of course not. The 2013 Red Sox, for whatever reason, are the best team in the league at this point. They are on pace to win 99 games. You tell me with a straight face this is better than the 2004 or 2007 teams (98 and 96 wins, the most any Theo team won), but I digress.
    At the same rate, I also subscribe to the theory that, as good as the Sox are, they are playing better than that right now. That is to say, they are on a high right now, and that this high can work one of two ways:

    1) it lasts through to a World Series victory
    2) it crashes and burns late in the season and leaves them vulnerable in the ALDS

    If the Yankees can somehow sneak into the ALDS, they would face the Red Sox. And, whatever disparity might exist, I cannot see that 13-6 stuff continuing in such effervescent force in the playoffs. There is a gulf, but it is not this extreme.

    But, if anyone disagrees with any of what I said, then just refer to the opening sentence. If nothing else, the premise of this post is nothing more than gallows’ humor.

    • dkidd

      pains me to say it, but i think they’re going to the world series (hopefully to be beaten by the dodgers or pirates)

      • https://twitter.com/KramerIndustry Kramerica Industries

        I’ll hope Detroit or Oakland ousts them before they get that far.

        I’m a stubborn fool. I had no problem giving credit where credit was due for the past many years, because I thoroughly respected just about every roster the Red Sox have had between 1999-2011. The vast majority of those teams were really good baseball teams.

        They won 69 games last year. They’re gonna win, at least, 27-30 more games this year. I understand last year was a slight aberration; this year is a slight aberration. But did they honestly make enough improvements to that roster to be THIS MUCH BETTER? Furthermore, I will maintain until they day they win the World Series that their lineup doesn’t scare me a fraction as much as those loaded lineups in that aforementioned time frame did in the past.

        It doesn’t make sense to me, how this team is going to likely win more games than any of those teams Duquette or Theo (or the 2003-2004 hybrid rosters) won. I’m not so dense to admit that they aren’t good. They are quite good, in fact. But do I believe this is the best team in baseball? Well, if they are, then I certainly don’t think baseball is in a particularly good state as far as the quality of their product is concerned.

        • Kiko Jones

          “I’m not so dense to admit that they aren’t good. They are quite good, in fact. But do I believe this is the best team in baseball? Well, if they are, then I certainly don’t think baseball is in a particularly good state as far as the quality of their product is concerned.”


          Said the same thing yesterday, albeit in a much more brief and less eloquent manner and was branded an ignoramus or a homer. Fuck ’em.

        • Wolfgang’s Fault

          Ditto on Hoping for Tigers or A’s knock the Bosox off. No hope the Bombers can. There’s no one on the Yankee pitching staff who can get these Red Sox out, & the Sox pitchers can handle this burned out Yankee lineup. Yanks need major renovations or a rebuild. Could be a while before they can compete again w/these three clubs in any meaningful way.

        • Derbs

          I feel the exact same way. They have gotten production from EVERY single player they’ve picked up. I mean Nava and Carp hitting well over 300? Give me a friggen break! It’s like if Vernon Wells had kept his April production up for us all year. There is no way they continue to hit. Career 260 hitters do not just start hitting 300+. All the stars aligned for them this year…ughh

      • Get Phelps Up

        As much as it would suck to see them in the World series, the Pirates beating them would be pretty great.

      • Lukaszek

        I’m hoping they will get steamrolled by the Pirates, I have a soft spot for Pittsburgh and their 20-year losing streak

    • Winter

      You’re definitely not far off the mark here. The Red Sox are super hot right now, but right now isn’t what counts for them. There annals of baseball history are littered with examples of teams tearing things up in September only to falter in the postseason. Any team vying for the wild card is capable of beating Boston in a 5 game series. Remember, in a short series luck plays a large role, not to mention that even the worst teams regularly beat the best ones. The other division winners are also not to be discounted. If you think the Tigers or Athletics are incapable of going 4-3 against the Red Sox in 7 games, you need to reexamine how you think about baseball. These are very good teams we’re talking about here, nothing should be taken for granted.

    • Get Phelps Up

      I guess 2007 Yankees and Indians would be another example.

      • https://twitter.com/KramerIndustry Kramerica Industries

        In a sense. In hindsight, I know I personally underestimated the Sabathia/Carmona aspect (though Sabathia sucked in Game 1) and the fact that the Yankees’ rotation was quite feeble. That, and the fact that 6-0 is a much smaller sample than 12-1; that’s four series during the season, not two. Much more randomness (Yankees on fire, Indians ice cold) could’ve taken place in the 2007 case.

        That said, I still would’ve rather faced Cleveland than Anaheim that year, just because I would have zero confidence in the Yankees beating the Angels in a playoff series around that time. They would’ve had to win a game in Anaheim, and hold serve at home. Kinda like 2005, where they grabbed the road opener, but dropped a home game in return and lost in 5. That wasn’t a very good Angels team, but the head games of the mid-’00s were a distinct Angels advantage.

  • Winter

    The way I see it, there are a few things the Yankees need to have happen if they want to make the wild card:

    1. Texas continues its schneid: Texas is 1-9 in their last 10, having just been swept by the A’s. They’ve dropped from leading their division for tied with the other wild card team. If they continue to lose, I’d say the Yankees have a fair chance at catching them (see point 3). They do play the Rays yet, so I’d say root against a sweep, which brings to…

    2. Beat the Rays: The Rays are the last non-cellar team the Yankees play this season, and the Yankees need to at least take 2 out of 3. A sweep would go a long way though, that’s probably the series that makes or breaks the Yankees season.

    3. Beat up on bad teams: Other than the Rays, the Yankees play the Blue Jays, Giants, and Astros three times each. All three are at the bottom of their respective divisions, and the Yankees need to show them why. I’m talking about 7-2 or 8-1 over those nine games. The Yankees have an uphill fight; they can’t afford to lose any of these series, and probably need to sweep one or two.

    4. The Red Sox stay hot: Yes, as painful as it is the Yankees are going to need some help from the folks up in Boston. The Orioles play the Red Sox 6 times in their last 13 games, and we need them to lose as many of those games as possible. The Yankees are one back of the Orioles in the loss column, but the schedule heavily favors the Bombers. Losing 4 or 5 (or 6?) of those Red Sox games might just knock the Orioles out of the race. Three of the 7 Orioles games not against the Sox are against the Rays so… root for injuries there.

    5. Catch a lucky break: The Yankees play no more games against the Indians, Orioles, Rangers and Royals (who somehow are back in it), so they need to hope that those teams manage to lose on their own. As previously mentioned, it’s not too far-fetched to think that the Rangers and Orioles will lose a fair number of games. The Royals are still behind the Yankees, so all the Yankees need to do to fend them off is win games (see point 3). The Indians are another matter, since they’re ahead of the Yankees. They play the Astros, White Sox, and Twins, so they have a chance to finish the season very strong. Remember, though, that any Major League team is capable of beating any other Major League team at any time, so maybe those teams get fired up to play spoiler and stick it to the Indians. Even if they don’t, it’s still possible for the Indians to take the first wild card and the Yankees the second. Lets hope for the former, though.

    This is far from over, but there’s a reason that Cool Standings has the Yankees’ playoff odds in single digits. They need several factors to go their way, and their fate isn’t entirely in their own hands. They could play great baseball down the stretch and still miss out on the playoffs. That being said, stranger things have happened, and everything I’ve talked about here is well within the realm of possibility. The Yankees need to win games, and hope everything else falls into place.

  • your mom

    We sure did screw the pooch this weekend. Good job rising to the occasion. Could’ve at least taken 1 game. Sheesh. I guess this late run was just a huge cock tease.

    It’d be great to see KC and Cleveland make it in instead of Texas, TB and Baltimore.

    And for the 20th time this weekend…………….Fuck Boston!

  • Eddard

    Those who keep saying there’s still a chance at the WC…stop it please stop it. People say, well if their starters can just string some good starts together. What starter has strung any good starts together recently, except Andy? Gardner, Romine and now A-Rod have gone down to injuries.

    Last time they were in Toronto they lost 2/3 so it’s not like they can just walk in there and sweep with a depleted squad. It’s over, accept it and just hope that changes are made at the top so we can be the Sox next year.

    • Winter

      What changes do you want to see? Boston’s turnaround in the last year is unprecedented (literally, unless I’m mistaken no team has ever increased their winning percentage by this much), and the odds that the Yankees could do something similar are slim to none. Remember that “rebuilding” is much easier said than done, and the vast majority of teams take years of mediocrity (if they’re lucky) or downright awfulness (if they’re not) before they contend again. Rebuilding isn’t something that happens in an offseason, it’s something that takes thee or five or maybe even more years. The teams with quick turnarounds are the most visible, but they’re the exception, not the rule. The Mets have been rebuilding since 2008, the Astros since 2006. The Royals, Pirates and Orioles all took more than a decade to rebuild. What makes you think the Yankees are going to be the Red Sox and not, say, the Cubs, who haven’t won 85 games since 2008 and haven’t had a winning season since 2009?

      • Darren

        Exactly. There’s no such thing as tear down or rebuild. At least not with this farm system. This year WAS like a tear down year, with every young player that was viable getting a chance. And we need to get better, that much is clear, not get worse on purpose.

  • Get Phelps Up

    I will say that we have a huge chance that we must take advantage of with the Rangers and Rays and Indians and Royals playing each other while the O’s play Boston and we get the Jays. If we can properly handle Toronto we’ll be right back in this.

    I’m also really surprised (and thankful for!) what happened to Texas. This could be 2 straight years of huge collapses for them.

  • ialien

    for those still talking playoffs. I suggest looking at the pitchers coming over the next 9 games. RA dickey, Todd redmond (both beat yanks recent) Tim lincecum, Yusmerio petit (3-0, a baller), & any pitcher on the rays.

    combine that with gardner gone, jeter gone, arod & soriano gimpy, & you have an offense that is quickly reverting to summer form. At least a week ago they could put up 8 runs on the sox. not this weekend. none of the baltimore games were blowouts were they?

    add in 3 tired starters in CC kuroda & nova, then there’s hughes, & then there is the middle relief, not to mention how hittable DRob has become, & rivera has blown how many saves since the all star break?

    please stop talking playoffs.

    • Darren

      The fact that you just used Tim Lincecum in an argument against the Yankees undermines anything else you had to see. You know he’s really bad, like, nowadays he makes CC ’13 look like CC ’08

      • Silvio

        Yeah, he blundered in citing Lincecum, but it doesn’t undermine the other stuff he said. There he’s right.

        The Yankees is dead. Charie Dressen–sorry, I meant Tim McCarver–implied it Saturday when he said their farm system is about 3-4 years away from being of any help. And that’s assuming the guys now low in the system pan out, something their MiL guys don’t do much of any more.

        Play the kids? What ******* kids? Other teams have “kids,” like the Os’ Machado. Yeah yeah, years of lousy teams gave them an edge.

        Well, Boston has “kids” too.

        By that jerk McC saying all this (there was more, all of it super patronizing), it’s clear the whole damn league knows they’ll have the Yankees to kick around for a while. And they’re feeling real good about it.

        See if the feelings hold when the tv ratings nosedive without the Yankees.

        The way they’re playing now, they could lose the Jays and Rays series and struggle against SF.

        The Yanks are in a tough spot. They can’t go “blowing up” the team (as you may be saying in another post) and expect decent attendance. They can get all noble about Cano and long contracts, but if he goes (esp. to the Dodgers, lining up to replace the Yankees as #1), what are they gonna do? Make Nunez or Preston the “Face of the Franchise”?

        Blow up the front office, the team can come later, when they got people in the FO who know how to do things right.

        What will really take the ******* cake is hearing Hal’s royal address to the fans, when the season ends, go on about how all this embarrassment was because of “the injuries.”

    • stuart a

      petit is a baller. look at his #’s the guy is a career over 5 era pitcher….

  • Itsallhowuseeit

    Just curious, who was the last team with the best reg. season record to win the world series

    • Get Phelps Up

      2009 Yankees!

      • https://twitter.com/KramerIndustry Kramerica Industries

        Before that, 1998 Yankees.

        Before that? 1989 A’s.

  • stuart a

    arencibia does not catch DIckey the old met catcher does.

    your point is Stewart stinks, no arguement there…

    bright spots for the season when it is all said and done; cano, gardner, Mo, RObertson, nova is a legit starter, Kuroda gave you 3 very nice months, overbay was decent, almonte was decent, kelly is a legit pen arm, and really not much else.Pettitte seems to be pitching respectable at the end of his career

    the dud’s were; cc is a wreck, hughes no words describe his or Jobbber’s fall from grace, Jeter at 39 basically missed the whole season, almost all the 1 year deals sucked(youkilis, wells is really a 1 yr deal, hafner, etc.)

    not a lot of positives…

  • Wolfgang’s Fault

    No guarantee Robertson steps into the closer role seamlessly or even effectively. Until he’s successfully done it, he’s a question mark. Who sets up for him, & how successful can they be. Logan has arm issues. Do you resign Kuroda, & if not, who gives you his innings? Pettitte come back or should the Yankees even be interested if he want one more year? Hughes gets an offer or you just let him walk. Let Joba walk as well or hope he can turn it around w/one more shot in pinstripes in ’14? Can Nova become a consistent starter or should he be dealt & the club look elsewhere. The entire staff is a question mark.

    If Robbie signs elsewhere, then what, & even if he does, where are the complimentary pieces? The entire lineup is a question mark as well. Looks like Lean years ahead for the NY Yankees. Something tells me we’re all going to find out what kind of war consigliere Brian Cashman is. This club needs to go to the mats — this is war!

    • your mom

      Cashman sucks. Unless this team spends BIG this offseason the team will still suck shit next year.

  • LarryM Fl

    I have watched diligently all season long. This team has performed beyond any realistic expectations with the roster and injuries. As one poster has indicated the AAA farm system has been exposed. There are a few players who can contribute to 2014. My guess would be Romine, Warren, Betances and Almonte. You can not rely on Arod or Jeter who are both under contract but are not serviceable players on a full time basis.

    Cano and Tex should man the left side of the infield if Cano can be signed to a reasonable long term contract 6/125.

    The Yanks should attempt to sign Granderson to a qualifying offer for one year or a reasonable 2 or 3 year deal. He can still play. I would start Granderson, Gardner and Soriano with Almonte and Ichiro as backup with Almonte the 4 OF. Wells is released.

    Catching comes down to Romine, Murphy and Cervelli. The starting rotation looks like CC, Nova, Phelps, Warren. Maybe Kuroda signs but I prefer going younger for the 6 to 8 starters needed.

    I would sign Ryan for shortstop as long as the team has some punch to carry his glove. He can make the plays. Reynolds should be signed to DH, 3rd and fill in at first base. Arod scene will be a nail in the coffin if he comes back or if a deal can be worked out after his suspension to lighten the burden of his contract and retire.

    If the FO is serious about 2014. Derek Jeter should not go anywhere near shortstop more than once a week. He can play Dh, Third or first base as a fill in. Nunez should not be on the roster.

    The bullpen is in transition. D Rob should stay as setup man if no closer can be acquired. We have a few young guys who can do the job such as Betances, Logan and Clayborne. Joba and Hughes should move on. We have seen enough of their abilities to turn the page.

    All the above will change with deals and FA’s but I doubt the team above could fight for the AL East crown but maybe in the hunt for a WC just on the fringe.

    But I will get my clue to the 2014 team if they consider Jeter the starting shortstop. And if they are not aggressive to get quality pieces with the 50 million or so money from the Mariano, Pettitte salaries etc.

    • Kosmo

      I agree with much of what you have to say BUT I would not under any circumstances reward Granderson with a QO of 14 million. He just ain´t worth it. I would rather NY go with an OF of Soriano, Gardner and Almonte and concentrate on the INF. I´d pursue David Freese or any other realistic option to play 3B , sign Kendrys Morales to DH and play a little 1B. Sign Dioner Navarro to split catching duties with either Romine or Murphy. Maybe look into what the D-backs want for Gregorius if they decide to give the starting SS job to Chris Owings. NY will have to bid high for Tanaka and sign or trade for a solid mid rotation SP.
      All wishful thinking on my part ….

  • MB923

    “Nova has now allowed 18 runs in 36 innings (4.25 ERA) across his last two starts. ”

    Pretty impressive to pitch 4 games in innings in 2 starts.

    I assume Mike that you mean 12 runs (11 earned) in 14 innings?