Red Sox clobber Yankees to take second game of four-game series

Update: Boone Logan leaves game with biceps issue
Update: Yankees call up Jim Miller, place Vidal Nuno on 60-day DL

Source: FanGraphs

Pretty much all you need to know about the current state of the Yankees is that in an extremely important game against the Red Sox, some guy named Matt Daley was their most effective reliever. The team’s failure to develop pitching was on full display as Boston pounded out nine (!) unanswered runs in the seventh and eighth innings, eight against the forgettable homegrown trio of Phil Hughes, Joba Chamberlain, and Preston Claiborne. Sure, the grand slam Boone Logan allowed to Mike Napoli to tie the game was the big blow, but the fact that he was unquestionably the best option in that spot tells you what kind of shape the bullpen is in.

The Yankees dropped the second game of this four-game series 12-8 despite leading 8-3 with nine outs to go. The pitching as a whole is completely shot, apparently worn down from carrying the team through the first four months of the season as they waited and waited (and waited) for offensive help. Andy Pettitte allowed three runs on five hits and three walks in six innings and it felt like a damn masterpiece, that’s how ineffective the rotation as a whole has been for the last month or so. Scoring eight runs on back-to-back nights and losing both games? Hah.

The offense was all over starter Felix Doubront, hanging six runs on him in just 3.2 innings. They only had three hits in those 3.2 innings, but the six walks Doubront issued did the trick. Just two of the final 14 men the Yankees sent to the plate reached base, and their final hit was Mark Reynolds‘ run-scoring single to end the fifth — Eduardo Nunez got caught in a run down between second and third for the final out on the play. As improved as the offense has been since getting Alfonso Soriano, Alex Rodriguez, and Curtis Granderson back, it still doesn’t match up with a Red Sox lineup that has zero easy outs. They simply don’t compare.

Anyway, has the box score and video highlights, FanGraphs some other stats, and ESPN the updated standings. With the loss, the Yankees are now one game back of the both the Orioles and Indians in the loss column and will be either three games (Rays lose) or four games (Rays win) back of the second wildcard spot depending on the outcome of the late game. David Huff (lol) will look to stop the bleeding against John Lackey on Saturday afternoon. Check out RAB Tickets if you want to catch the carnage live.

Update: Boone Logan leaves game with biceps issue
Update: Yankees call up Jim Miller, place Vidal Nuno on 60-day DL
  • Steinbrenner’s Ghost

    Cashman Failed.

    • JohnnyC

      A season in which his two most famous remarks are 1) telling ARod to shut up and 2)declaring he was not in favor of dealing for Soriano. His “asleep at the wheel” inactivity all year makes me think he’s already out the door, probably to Seattle when they fire Jack Z (finally).

      • BFDeal

        At least try to get your story correct regarding Soriano.

        • vicki

          close enough. he wasn’t in favor of the deal as it went down.

          surely you can understand if people want to vent a little bit about yankee brass right now.

          • BFDeal

            Venting is one thing, creating a false narrative as fact is another.

    • 0407pesky



      It is particularly grand when we see the max exodus of the ever so faithful Yankee fans when you are losing by one run??? Wow..through thick and thin????


      • 0407pesky


        • vicki

          you can’t troll this team any harder than we can, looser.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        OMGZ that’s never happened before! The Boston Red Sox winning at the stadium?!?! Perish the thought.

        At the end of the day, my team won 27 of them. Yours hasn’t won one without one fatass shooting another one up in the ass since 1918. We smoke you. We breath better air than you. We are more entitled to be on this earth than you. We have more electoral votes than you do.

        • lightSABR

          Also better spelling, and an ability to turn off caps lock. I’m fairly confident I also smell better than you, because dang, man. I’m just awesome like that.

    • http://RAB I remember the CBS years!

      We’d be cheering Hughes if Nunez and AROD would’ve done their jobs. No errors on either play!!! TURN OUT THE LIGHT!!!

  • Kramerica Industries

    (the repost)

    Since the 2004 ALCS, I cannot think of another two-game stretch that shook me to my very core the way these past two did. Truly. I had to bolt because these games are literally bad for my health at this point. And as much as I love baseball, nothing this frivolous is worth hurting your health over.

    So, with all of that in mind, once this thread simmers out, I’ll be out ’till Monday. Hope the Yankees win both games, hope luck still somehow finds their side and they can pick up some games before the weekend is up, and, most importantly, good luck to everybody’s football teams! (well, except the Jets fans, because the Jets play the Bucs).

    • Mike

      Since I’m studying nursing I guess I should be happy that the Yankees are making people sick to their stomach.

      Job security.

  • Brian Strawman

    Joba, Hughes and Claiborne can not be given the ball at any time! Disaster. And Logan is hurt

  • Matt DiBari

    I don’t know how you can keep Joba on the roster. Joe has shown that he’s just gonna keep running him out there to bury winnable games as long as he’s still an option.

    And in a stunning series of events, Phil Hughes is terrible no matter where you put him.

    But that’s still more defensible than using the worst player on the roster in important games three times in a week. Its time to dump Joba.

  • Ken Harrelson

    This season is ovahhhhh.

    • villapalomares

      it’s not over. our chances are slim, but Tampa Bay hasn’t won it yet and the Birds and Indians are just barely ahead. still 21 games left. anything can happen.

      • 0407pesky

        Typical Yankee fan….try to back in to the playoffs.


        You just watched the Bronx Massacre how does it feel???

        • WhittakerWalt


        • DT

          At least we didn’t pay millions to a murderer.

        • JGYank

          You seem pretty confident for a fan of team that finished in last place just last year. Tell me what is like to not make the playoffs in the last 3 years and how was the collapse in 2011?. You haven’t won a playoff game since 08. Now after a few good months you guys think your team is the shit. Talk to me when you actually accomplish something otherwise shut up.

        • JGYank

          This is coming from the team that gave us the ultimate choke job and the chicken and beer show. Then they proceeded to run their manager and GM out of town as well as a bunch of their players while showing no class. Then gave us an even bigger circus with Bobby Valentine and an embarrassing year. I don’t know how you can still talk trash after all of that happened.

      • trr

        Not over
        But I’m just …stunned

  • Robinson Tilapia

    List of people who can go fuck themselves tonight:

    Joe Girardi can go fuck himself for having me sit through two nights in a row of dumbass bullpen management. Bringing in Phil Hughes in the 7th inning was playing prevent defense. Fuck prevent defense when playing the Boston Red Sox in the middle of this race. Double-fuck Girardi for not having anyone back him up in the bullpen until he already began to shit the bed, and triple-fuck Joe Girardi for making it obvious to everyone in the world that Hughes wasn’t coming out until Ortiz came to bat, even if the result was Phil Hughes grabbing a bat and homering off himself in between Boston at-bats.

    Fuck Phil Hughes with a 12-6 curveball missing since the previous decade. What a useless piece of garbage you’ve become, Phil Phucking Hughes, with everyone sitting in that stadium mocking you after a first-pitch strike because we all, even the sleepy five year-old two rows behind me, knew you’d eventually go 3-2 on the guy before doing something even more stupid.

    Fuck Preston Claiborne with a pile of rolled-up nudie magazines for looking like a child pitching against grown men for two days straight. Fuck everyone who whined about him being sent down with an anally-conjoined Eddard and Greg for whining about it. I’m sure Preston Claiborne can still develop to be a wonderful pitcher for the New York Yankees. 2013 Preston Claiborne can bite my ass.

    Fuck Joba Chamberlain with every member of the Bridgeport Bluefish, where he should pitch next year, for breathing the same air as me.

    Fuck the family of four sitting in front of me at the stadium with David Ortiz’s used syringe for not paying a bit of attention to the game until Napoli’s grand slam, when they then let out the weakest “Go Sox” you’ve ever heard. Honestly, the GS wasn’t completely awful to watch in person. At least I had fans to console with. It was everything that came after that was worse.

    I can’t even be mad at Boone Logan. Dude struck out Ortiz with the bases loaded. Perhaps if he would have started the inning, he wouldn’t have gotten himself in the mess he wound up inheriting…..just like last night. Quadruple-fuck Joe Girardi with a 2007 edition Joe Torre, who stopped being able to know what the hell to do with a bullpen as well.

    Overall, though, I enjoyed my night at the stadium. Go Yankees.

    • Ryan

      “Overall, though, I enjoyed my night at the stadium.”


      • Pat D

        Do not try to understand the mind of a fish. It is not a place you want to be.

        • Robinson Tilapia

          I’ll be just fine in the morning.

          Instead of the nudie mags, though, really, Claiborne deserves more to be fucked with Chase Wright, wherever he is.

          • dkidd

            too late
            claiborne has a bunch of chase wright in him already

            • Robinson Tilapia

              I heard that doesn’t stay in the system for long.

    • JobaWockeeZ

      Not sure if serious but the anger is understandable.

    • lightSABR

      What a night you and I picked to go to the ballpark. Come on, Yankees. I flew thousands of miles (partially) to see you play. You could have at least have the dignity to lose in some respectable manner. Not like this.

      Forgive a moment of melodrama, but as far as I’m concerned, last night the Yankees’ playoff hopes died, and tonight they held the funeral.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        Yeah, I just took the D train.

        I had a good time. Me and a buddy who hasn’t been to a game for a while because of becoming a dad as well. Row 5, Section 230. Pretty nice view. I’ve say through bad games before. We retreated into the concourses for one last beer once we saw Joba was coming in, but we stuck it out for most of it before beating the rush to the trains.

        Like I said, it wasn’t the GS that was awful to watch. That was theater. The rest afterwards was just unwatchable.

        Back to my regular game schedule, hopefully, next year.

        • lightSABR

          Yeah. The first six innings were quite an enjoyable game, with the offense clicking and Andy pitching reasonably well. It was my first (and last) time seeing him in person. So I guess that was better than just getting blown out from the start.

          I sat out with the bleacher creatures for the first time, and it was a blast. Some serious fans out there, looking up official MLB rules on their phones, making fun of John and Suzyn, citing advanced statistics–it was a great way to watch the game. Until, that is, I saw Boone Logan pitching to Napoli and having this sinking feeling that they really should have a right-hander doing this job…

          • Robinson Tilapia

            Section 203 is still my favorite place to sit. Nothing like it.

            I had a bad feeling about the seventh. Watching Hughes warm up, I thought to myself how quickly a five-run lead can actually disappear in a game. Once I saw him being left in there to pitch to Victorino and Pedroia, I knew Joe was going to fall on his sword until it was time to bring in Boone for Ortiz. I’ll be honest and say that I really did think Boone was going to get out of it.

            Did you see the fat Boston couple in the opposite bleachers who refused to throw the first home run back and started taunting everyone? That was hilarious. I wish someone would have dumped a drink on them from the upper level.

    • forensic

      This was enjoyable. I would especially like to see Hughes homer off himself.

      I like how so many people last night freaked out because Girardi would dare not use Hughes, who would clearly be awesome out of the pen since he had done it just 4 years ago…

    • vicki

      joe torre didn’t know what to do with a bullpen long before 2007.

    • WhittakerWalt

      Who are you, and what have you done with the real RT?

    • Wil Nieves #1 Fan

      I liked the part about Greg.

  • Jorge Brosada

    The only good thing that will come out of this series will be Hughes and Joba are definitely gone after this season. What a pair of fucking scrubs, and a constant reminder that the Yankees are a joke a developing prospects. Good riddance

    Going to avoid these next two games like the plague because they are simply too stressful to watch

  • Pat D

    I’ll express my anger in simpler terms than did Tilapia.

    I could seriously murder several dozen people right about now. Who here would like to volunteer to be a victim?

    Greg, kinda looking your way for, ya know, obvious reasons.

    • Jorge Brosada

      I’d like to Red Wedding the whole fucking Red Sox team

      • Pat D

        Well, yea, that goes without saying.

      • ropeadope

        Off in the distance, strains of The Rains of Castamere begin playing.

    • Kramerica Industries

      I bolted for that very same reason.

      If I had stuck around my residence, there’s a good chance the cops would’ve had me by now. Truly fucking unreal.

    • Improbable Island’s Dirty Midget Whores (formerly RRR)

      I just want you to know that if you pick Greg I feel it would be uncharitable of me to offer my full support. So I offer you most of my support.

      Your feelings are pretty much mine.

    • Wil Nieves #1 Fan

      I like this one too.

  • Matt DiBari

    The good news is Joe thought the team bounced back well tonight.

    I can’t even imagine what a poor rebound would have looked like. Maybe someone would have caught fire or something.

    • Robinson Tilapia


      Yeah, they rebounded well…..then everything from the seventh inning on happened.

  • Mike

    The Red Sox did what we should’ve done yesterday.

    Close the deal on a massive comeback.

  • Kramerica Industries

    Don’t look at the current score in Seattle if you don’t want to be plunged further into depression.

    • Winter

      Aw man. I just picked up Danny Farquhar on my fantasy team.

      • Winter

        You made me think it was a Rays blowout. Mariners are winning 4-3.

        • Kramerica Industries

          The depressing thought is that the Yankees could’ve moved within .5 if they didn’t fuck up so badly the last two nights.

          .5, as in, one win and Rays loss away from holding a playoff spot. Talk about killer losses.

    • Kramerica Industries

      Well, now it’s 4-3 and the Rays are threatening for more, so that depression might just swing around to the other side momentarily.

      No, I’m not watching, just following on the application that I have still yet to close.

    • Pat D

      I could never be more depressed than I was on November 4, 2001.

      • Kramerica Industries

        Whatever day it was Game 7 of the 2004 ALCS ended for me takes that cake, with that one not too far behind.

        It’s the great debate that can sadden any Yankee fan, but in the end, I think the “2001 or 2004, which was worse” is a debate that really doesn’t have a wrong answer. Both sucked very, very badly.

        • Robinson Tilapia

          This is still sex with Megan Fox compared to 2004.

          • Lukaszek

            Make it sex with Kitano Kie. Wasn’t around for 2004, but I can imagine that these two nights are like sex with Kitano Kie compared to the suicide fuel that happened in 2004

            • Robinson Tilapia

              I have no clue who that is but, sure, I’ll bang her.

              • Lukaszek

                Kim-Tae Hee would work too

        • Pat D

          There was more going on in my life that was depressing in 2001 than in 2004.

  • TMan

    Back. Breaker

  • Winter

    Just an update: playoff odds at 9.8%, Chris Stewart at 0-23.

    Oh, and for all you lambasting Joe Girardi for putting in Hughes, go fuck yourselves with your hindsight. In the game thread, everyone agreed it was the right call at the time. Who else was there? Logan was probably being saved for the 9th or an emergency, and the only other options are Joba and September call-ups.

    • WhittakerWalt

      Yup, everyone thought the bullpen would cure Hughes’ year-long awfulness. Hughes just is what he is. We learned that tonight.

  • jim p

    At this point, rather than Joba/Phil, hey! Throw the youngsters out there. Often, batters don’t have experience and a book on a new arm. Seems Joba is a guaranteed-to-fail option, and Phil highly likely to fail.

    I do wish Girardi had some of that gambler/hunch/out-of-the-box thing a Stengel or a Martin had.

  • forensic

    And to think, I was actually upset yesterday when I noticed that FOX was blacking me out from watching the game. Now? Not so upset anymore. Who says you can’t predict baseball? This bullpen implosion was pretty predictable (maybe not quite to this level) when you thought about who was actually available to pitch tonight, especially when combined with the starter.

    Two more bullpen guys go down. Guess that makes Daley the 8th inning guy now.

    Gotta take any small consolation out of this, so at least I have Napoli and Drew on my fantasy team, and my opponent had Mo yesterday…

    How long till the Cano hat eating countdown is replaced by a So Long Hughes/Joba countdown to the last game of the season?

    • Kramerica Industries

      Since #KabakHat is long dead anyway, I would recommmend this happen in swift order.

      Fuck those two, and fuck IPK as well. Fuck Generation Trey, and fuck everything they represent. One’s a fat fucking slob. One’s a gutless piece of shit. And the other is a head-hunting asshole. Can’t believe we all fell for that shit back in the day.

      • Improbable Island’s Dirty Midget Whores (formerly RRR)

        Tell us how you really feel.

        • Kramerica Industries

          Surely you can’t blame me.

          • Bob Buttons

            If you bought a million-dollar lottery and invested a business when you were a kid and then bought the Yankees and hire better personnel after you become 30 something this wouldn’t be happening.

            Kramerica Industries Failed.

            • Bob Buttons

              Ugh that should read bought a million-dollar winning lottery ticket

              So upset can’t even organize my thoughts anymore.

            • Kramerica Industries

              Of course, by that token, this could’ve all been feasibly avoided if:

              1) Poppie wasn’t a jack-ass and ruined our joint venture by banning cucumbers on pizza

              2) my roll-out tie dispenser idea wasn’t shuttered

              3) if I could’ve found that damn chicken!

              4) if my appearance on Regis & Kathie Lee wasn’t such an unmitigated disaster


              • Bob Buttons

                Poppie Failed!

                Tie-related merchandise world Failed!!

                Professional Chicken Catching Services Listings Failed!!!

                Audience of Regis n Kathie Lee failed!!!!

                Mind-reading copyright/trademark enforcers Failed!!!!!

  • Improbable Island’s Dirty Midget Whores (formerly RRR)

    Seattle is up 4-3. Let’s go.

  • Tom

    Meanwhile some guy Yusmeiro Petit has a perfect game through 8 for the Giants (against the Dbacks)

    • Tom

      some guy *named*

    • Tom

      Eric CHavez off the bench with 2 out in the 9th with el pefecto on the line.

      • Tom

        And Chavez takes a 3-2 pitch that shorts hops a diving Hunter Pence for a single


    • Bob Buttons

      Funny how the last know instance of Yusmeiro Petit for me was on the DBacks.

  • Steinbrenner’s Ghost

    Just looked up all the 1st round draft picks since Jeter in 1992.

    In the past 20 years only 3 picks made it to the rosters for a full year: Ian Kennedy, Joba, and Hughes. That’s it. It’s been one bust after another. Drafting and developing players has been one big fucking joke.

    • Lukaszek

      Wow, that’s disappointing. Something’s just not right down in the system, first round picks should have a better success rate

  • murakami

    Can someone in the Yankees front office introduce Joe Girardi to Dellin Betances?

  • Bob Buttons

    Hey Mike you should put up a sign that says ____ days since bullpen implosion.

    • Lukaszek

      Second this

  • NeilT

    I want to break something. I need to break something. Maybe I pop into Home Depot tomorrow and pick up a sledgehammer. That ought to do the trick.

  • Fat Lady

    La la la, lalala, La La!

    • Bob Buttons

      Do you also do formal occasions such as Weddings, Engagements and failed paternal suits?

  • vicki

    graph looks like the face of satan.

  • elton cod

    And here’s to you, mr. Robertson. A sad end to the season.

    Good to see r-tils irrationally pissed at joeG. Now he knows how I feel all the fucking time.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Awww, thanks, dad.

  • Improbable Island’s Dirty Midget Whores (formerly RRR)

    And Tampa ties it. This night just keeps getting better.

    • Improbable Island’s Dirty Midget Whores (formerly RRR)

      …And Smoak delivers with two outs for Seattle and a two run lead. Okay guys, just three more outs and the Yankees live another day.

      • dkidd

        thank god for smoak-type bats

  • Kramerica Industries

    Yankees would only be .5 back if they didn’t fuck themselves over the past two days.

    Absolutely unbelievable.

    • Improbable Island’s Dirty Midget Whores (formerly RRR)

      This is an attitude I never understood. If we lose, the BEST case scenario is for TB to lose too. I see no reason to be disappointed that we’re not, in fact, completely out of the playoff picture.

      At least we’re losing to a good team.

      • Kramerica Industries

        The reason for the attitude is because when you’re the team that has to make up the games, you can’t be blowing these opportunities. The Yankees are 6-5 in the past two weeks, while the Rays are 3-9 in the same time span. Two of those losses have been these excruciating ones the past two days.

        I might also point out that Cleveland and Baltimore have also now jumped back past the Yankees in the wild card race.

        The reason for the attitude is because missed opportunities fucking suck.

        • Improbable Island’s Dirty Midget Whores (formerly RRR)

          So basically, your reaction would be the same when the Yankees lose whatever TB’s response.

          Because TB losing (leaving Baltimore and Cleveland aside) was the only thing that could have occurred not to drop us in the wildcard race. Of the night, it is the ONLY good thing that happened.

          What you’re saying really makes no sense if you think about it. So, it sucks when they win but it sucks when they lose too.

          Basically, this is just another way of saying that it sucks when WE lose. But I’m not going to get all depressed that the team we’re chasing also lost and didn’t leave us in the dust.

          • Kramerica Industries

            Of course it’s better that the Rays have lost the past two games. That kind of goes without saying.

            The irritation comes from the Yankee POV. The fact that you realize that 2.5 becomes .5 if

            1) they get one more strike last night
            2) they hold on to a freaking five-run lead in the 7th inning tonight.

            This is not “coulda/shoulda/woulda” BS, either. I’m not talking about if some game in May went differently; I’m talking the past two nights in games the Yankees flat out needed to win, and were in position to win.

            2.5 is better than 4.5. It SHOULD be .5.

    • Rolling Doughnut

      Um, no. They got their shit slid by a better team.

      • Improbable Island’s Dirty Midget Whores (formerly RRR)

        There was no excuse for them to lose the first game. They fucked themselves over on that one.

        Fuck the Red Sox. I’m tired of complimenting them, they gave up 16 runs in two days. They’re not playing particularly well, we’re just playing worse, and we had one of these games won before Mo shit the bed.

        • Kramerica Industries

          It’s like when the Red Sox gave up 30 runs to the Mariners and still won 3/4.

          Seriously, all I’m hoping in regards to Boston at this point is that they have a 2006 Yankees-esque crashing and burning in the ALDS this year. Fuck them and their insane luck that they’ve been blessed with all season. That team is playing better than those fucking machine teams that Theo built. Shane Victorino is suddenly the greatest RHB vs. RHP hitter ever despite being a switch hitter his entire career. It makes absolutely no sense.

        • Rolling Doughnut

          Right but their guy didn’t shit the bed. Like if Nuñez makes the play, if Ichi catches the cheapie etc. If, if. Look at the Sox record and stats, then look at ours- the good news is, they won’t last long in the postseason because when they run into some decent pitching, things will be different. They won’t be scoring 10 runs a ga,me and as you point out, their pitching is shaky. But we are getting outplayed big time. No sense denying it.

          • Improbable Island’s Dirty Midget Whores (formerly RRR)

            Yeah, we played worse. They’re just not playing particularly well.

  • Improbable Island’s Dirty Midget Whores (formerly RRR)

    Seattle holds on, and we’re still in the hunt.

    At least we’re losing to a good team.

  • mustang(The Has Beens & Wannabes Bunch 2013)

    mustang(The Has Beens & Wannabes Bunch 2013) says:
    September 6, 2013 at 12:51 am
    Yep, but this is the beginning of a long run so who knows. Still lots of games to play I bet they will 1 or 2 more of these hopefully not many more than that.

    Kramerica Industries says:
    September 6, 2013 at 12:59 am
    Well, maybe not quite like this. I really don’t ever want to see Mo blow another game. It’s been hard enough watching three games now in the past month where Mo was at two outs, two strikes, and couldn’t finish the save.

    • mustang(The Has Beens & Wannabes Bunch 2013)

      Nope not quite like that they found new and even less enjoyable ways to lose to the Sox.

      I just can’t get into it so I will read and live of your anger.

      • mustang(The Has Beens & Wannabes Bunch 2013)

        “I hate those days,that remind me of everything I want to

      • mustang(The Has Beens & Wannabes Bunch 2013)

        The Boston Red Sox have scored 41 runs in 3 days.

        Enough said!!!!!!

  • Kramerica Industries

    Are we going to touch base on the fact that, in spite of his overwhelming mediocrity of this season, Mike Napoli STILL continues to fucking slaughter this team?

    That was the second time this season he hit an opposite field grand slam at Yankee Stadium. That’s AT LEAST the fourth time he’s hit a HR, and three of them were 3+ run shots, and the other was a walk-off. He continued the game last night against Rivera. He was on base all three times tonight before the grand slam.

    I mean, seriously. Enough of that fucking jackass.

    • dkidd

      rumspringa can’t get here fast enough

  • Get Phelps Up

    If only Napoli’s ball was hit 1 foot less and Eric Chavez’s ball was hit 1 foot farther :(

  • Jay
  • dan

    implosion….dont worry next year we have this to look forward to 189,189,189,189,189,189,189,89,189,189,189,189,………

  • ialien

    people should stop saying we’d only be 1 back if they’d won the last 2 games. Tampa is going through fatigue. The yankee pitching staff is suffering the same problem. its not like they decided to have pitchers get hurt.

    considering the yanks are 9 games over 500 with a run differential that puts them at 500, yankee fans are acting mighty spoiled & not appreciating they are even in the race. You been looking at this team thru rose colored glasses since soriano got here. Most those teams they beat up were under 500.

    • Lukaszek

      The only reason we have rose-colored glasses is because we finally have offense. No longer is a two run deficit an automatic loss; these days we’re just one inning away from a clutch Soriano homerun.

  • Kenny

    Mike’s point about the Y’s not comparing to the Sox is all too true, and not only about the lineups and pitching. Their FO and org. generally make the Ys’ look third rate. It’s time for a big cleanout in NY. No accident that the Os (of all teams) and Rays (lousy stadium and broke ownership) have also passed NY.

  • Dick M

    Mike always gives Boone a pass in his write-ups.

  • Dick M

    I’m no fan of Girardi’s in-game decision making.

    But our bullpen is toast right now. He had zero options. Other than maybe leaving Andy in.

    What pisses me off the most is that it looks like a great Sox comeback when in fact the Astros could have lit up our bullpen last nite.

  • Betty Lizard

    One of the things I learned when I quit being a lawyer, threw away everything I was supposed to want, and ran off to art school in my forties was that the universe does have a sense of humor but it’s not a human one,

    It can be summarized thusly:

    When you’re small enough to get through the door, the key is on the table.

    When you’re large enough to reach the key, you’re too big to fit through the door.

    This also summarizes this season for the Yankees. We can argue whether pitching or offense is the key . . .