Update: Yankees call up Jim Miller, place Vidal Nuno on 60-day DL

Red Sox clobber Yankees to take second game of four-game series
Game 142: Push Back

12:57pm: To make room on the 40-man roster, Vidal Nuno was called up from Triple-A Scranton and placed on the 60-day DL. He’s been out since early-June with a groin injury and only recently started a throwing program.

11:11am: Miller has indeed been called up. No word on the corresponding 40-man move, but everyone who is supposed to be on the lineup card is there. Unless I’m missing someone obvious, an injured minor leaguer was called up and placed on the 60-day DL.

1:15am: Via Chris Cotillo: The Yankees will call up right-hander Jim Miller to help their injury-riddled bullpen prior to Sunday’s game. Matt Daley was called up Friday since David Robertson (shoulder), Shawn Kelley (triceps), and Boone Logan (biceps) are all sidelined with arm problems.

Miller, 31, pitched to a 3.55 ERA (3.22 FIP) with a 13.07 K/9 (33.6 K%) in 63.1 relief innings with Triple-A Scranton this summer. He has 63.1 career innings in the big leagues (2.42 ERA  and 4.42 FIP), mostly with the Athletics last year and some with the Rockies in 2011. The Yankees will need to clear a 40-man roster spot to accommodate Miller. Guys like Manny Banuelos, Jose Ramirez, and Vidal Nuno are candidates to be called up and placed on the 60-day DL, or they could just release the utterly useless Joba Chamberlain.

Red Sox clobber Yankees to take second game of four-game series
Game 142: Push Back
  • Bob Buttons

    Where art thou Mickey Storey

  • forensic

    Whew, and here I thought the bullpen might be trouble. Problem solved…

  • Wheels

    He will be the 54th different Yankee this season. Can anyone list them all off the top of their head?

    • forensic

      This season will be the most difficult Sporcle quiz on that ever.

    • Jonathan

      Bootcheck and Ishikawa got me. I hammered out the list rapid fire before those last two totally stopped me in my tracks. I expected to look it up and be mad i forgot someone semi-obvious but not with them.

    • trr

      I couldn’t list them all off the top of the Grand Coulee Dam

  • Adonis Garcia

    Sam demel, rondon, bootcheck are also candidates that probably have a solid chance at getting called up.

  • Robinson Tilapia


  • Tex

    I am just amazed that there is no real outrage among fans (even this blog) as to how bad our scouts have been. Absolutely ineffective in providing a consistent and healthy major league pitcher for two seasons (except Ching Ming and Drob)

    While people are quick to judge the pitcher or position player prospect, a bulk of the responsibility is in player development, assuming scouts where right about the raw talent. Hope someone does a study of how effectively some teams have scouted and developed players with similar picks.

    Have no idea how such a cluster fuck for decades could get rewarded each month with a salary.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      I’m guessing its because you wouldn’t know about 3% of what a scout actually does on a daily basis?

      • nsalem

        Wish I had the guts to say that Mr. Tilapia.

      • Tex

        Sure your defense is a technicality. You cannot seriously defend the abject failures of home grown pitchers in this organisation. Well I guess you can if you are really stupid.

      • Tex

        Yes I am aware what scouts do on a daily basis you moron. Its the long term planning and inability to develop a single pitcher that I am questioning. Maybe your pea sized intellect cannot separate the big picture from the day to day scouting activities. If you know and stats and econometrics you would have known how routine that part is, but that is too much to expect.

        • Jonathan

          I would argue that the scouts have done a fabulous job of bringing in pitching talent. I would also argue that the development of that talent has been exceedingly poor as has our medical staff. No one is doubting the natural talent of Campos, De Paula, Banuelos, Betances, Brackman, Joba, Hughes, Hensley, Robertson, Wang etc etc. It’s not the scouts job to develop them and keep them healthy. It’s his job to evaluate the talent. The talent isn’t the problem.

          Clearly you don’t know what scouts do if you think it’s their job to develop these elite arms and determine their injuries and the best course of action. You really think they did a poor job of bringing those arms into the organization? Do you really think it was their talent that was/is the problem?

          • Robinson Tilapia

            Yes, and I think that, while we can talk about player development and injury, where the hell in the org, within all that, the faults are actually happening is beyond us. If this whole “minor league meeting with ownership” thing was actually anything, I’d say that’s a step in the right direction in trying to build a system in which the best guys don’t stall before reaching the bigs. There’s work to do.

            • jjyank

              “the faults are actually happening is beyond us.”

              Yes, exactly. In truth, there is probably small amounts of blame spread around various people and departments, with some bad luck mixed in.

              Fingering exactly the cause of such a problem from the comfort of your couch is inherently shortsighted.

              • Robinson Tilapia

                I’m not fingering anyone without seeing a picture, confirmed by Nev and Max, first.

            • Jonathan

              Oh I’m in complete agreement with you. I was just disparaging the fact that Tex was saying our scouts were responsible for our pitching issues considering I think they’re the strongest link.

          • Tex

            Take Joba and Hughes, how the hell are they elite talents. Joba you will say was a victim of joba rules but isnt his inability actually learn a third pitch a lack of talent? Same with Hughes, he cannot throw anything but fast ball, after 4 years he has not been able to master a single pitch that is usable.

            Yes sure player development has been bad but you cannot just say our scouts always brought in elite talents.

            • Jonathan

              Have you been watching the Yankees for only a few years? Joba had a curveball and changeup when he was a starter that were both about MLB average and completely useful. When they relegated him to the bullpen he cut out his 3rd and 4th pitches which is EXTREMELY common. Hughes had a plus slider in the minors and then a plus curve when he first came up. After moving to the bullpen he basically went fastball/cutter and seemingly lost it. It’s a lot like how Nova has had a very good curve and very good slider at times. Guys that throw in the upper 90s with a plus plus slider are elite talents. You don’t become the #4 prospect in baseball and 2nd best pitcher (#1 if you don’t count Dice-K without having elite talent. Both Joba and Hughes were #4 overall in their last years.

        • Robinson Tilapia

          Name five scouts in the Yankee organization without consulting Google. Go.

          You can’t, but you can be a good sports talk radio caller and blame scouts, dishwashers, ushers, and the Lobel’s roast beef guy when your panties are up in a bunch.

          • Tex

            That is a hard sell, the scouts identified a boatloadof right talent and player development screwed them up. If that were true we would se the same dearth of major league ready position players fr the yankee org. There the numbers are not that pathetic.

            And dont give me that scouts day to day activity is something beyond comprehension. They do “limited dependent variable” models to predict liklihood of getting a hit, spray charts etc. All of which have predefined packages on stata, sas or any other software. That is hardly sophisticated; the sophisticated part is talent identification and to
            Some extent mental makeup and durability.

        • jjyank

          So you’ve shadowed MLB scouts before? You know what they do on a daily basis because you’ve seen it, or because you’ve pulled something out of your ass?

          • Tex

            I had a student once who is a scout, so no, not from my ass.

  • Robert

    Call up Thomas Kahnle and use Dellin Betances,time to see what there made of.

    • Tex

      Given that he is a yankees prospect, actually maybe better off releasing him and sign some random yeams dfa’ed player selected in the 20th round.

      • Tex


        • trr

          Right now the bullpen IS a fucking yeam, whatever that is

      • jjyank

        What a joy you are.

  • Joe T

    What ever happened to Mark Montgomery?

  • 28 this year

    Is Chase Whitley an option?

    • Tom K

      I don’t think Whitley is Rule 5 eligible, so they likely want to keep him away from the 40-man.

  • Frank

    Stick a fork in them. This team is done. Look forward to off season and hopefully some wise personnel decisions. This team needs a major overhaul.

  • emac2

    It is absolutely weak ownership/management and their decision to hold on to Hughes and Joba all year. I hope they look at themselves in the mirror and explore what led them to keep two useless players all year long while never being able to figure out that what they were seeing was what they had.


    I think we need a commitment from everyone that makes decisions for this team that they will never play fantasy baseball ever again.

    Hopefully they will learn from this year that you don’t keep players on the roster only to keep them from helping another team.

    This year was an embarrassment on the level of the really bad yankee teams that couldn’t get out of their own way. I was consistently left wondering if they were trying to lose on purpose. Even that was done poorly.

    The idea that Joba is on the roster for what is essentially a playoff series needs to cost someone a job. Period. Accountability is the only hope and someone made a really stupid decision that was contrary to the obvious. Keeping Hughes was almost an OK idea but it demonstrated a complete lack of leadership and or inspiration.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      I’ll bite. How was this a lack of inspiration and leadership?

      Multiple pitching coaches have tried to get Hughes to actually use his massive talent and actually getting from 0-2 to getting a guy out. This is a Phil Hughes problem.

      • emac2

        Having the courage as a group to trade them instead of wasting the roster spots all year.

        The problem isn’t the employee. It’s the manager that fails to replace him and then loses because of an inability to do what needs to be done.

        Both of them were clearly not going to help and should have been traded for something. Even if it was simply the free roster spots.

        The idea that we lose games at this point because we don’t have anyone else on the roster is sort of bizarre. They haven’t helped this year and aren’t going to be here next year. Why are they here pitching critical innings?

      • Robi

        You are contradicting ureself, if phil hughes cannot learn a new pitch in 5 + yrs then he is not a massive talentto begin with.

  • http://rab.com Michael Cutler

    Saddest thing for me is Phil Hughes is so bad now we can’t possibly offer him the qualifying offer, risk the chance of having a useless 13 million dollar mop up reliever. . .no offer , no conditional pick. .

  • ropeadope

    Saturday lineups:


    1.CF Brett Gardner
    2.SS Derek Jeter
    3.2B Robinson Cano
    4.LF Alfonso Soriano
    5.DH Curtis Granderson
    6.3B Eduardo Nunez
    7.1B Lyle Overbay
    8.RF Ichiro Suzuki
    9.C+ Austin Romine

    SP: David Huff

    Red Sox

    1.RF Shane Victorino
    2.LF Jonny Gomes
    3.2B Dustin Pedroia
    4.DH David Ortiz
    5.1B Mike Napoli
    6.3B Will Middlebrooks
    7.CF Jackie Bradley JR.
    8.C- Ryan Lavarnway
    9.SS Xander Bogaerts

    SP: John Lackey

  • Kosmo

    Huff vs. Lackey. Hmmm

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/roadgeek/ Roadgeek Adam

    2 painful losses and everyone reverses to “OMG REBUILD”.

    Knock that off.