Update: A-Rod’s appeal to resume in November 18th

Monday Night Open Thread
MLBTR's Projected Arbitration Salaries

Monday: According to Ronald Blum, the hearing will not resume until November 18th. That means a ruling might not come down until mid-to-late December, and who knows how the holidays will affect things. This might not be resolved until after the Winter Meetings, which would be very bad for the Yankees given their payroll and third base situations.

Sunday: Via Mike Mazzeo: The appeal hearing for Alex Rodriguez‘s record 211-game suspension is expected to resume sometime in November. MLB is finished making their side of the case, now A-Rod‘s camp has to do the same. There’s no word on how long that could take, but Mazzeo says it is likely to be about a week, which is what MLB needed.

Meanwhile, Ken Davidoff says both sides admitted to paying for Biogenesis documents. That’s bad news for both parties. First, MLB denied paying for evidence in a statement following A-Rod’s lawsuit. Second, the suspension is based on A-Rod trying to interfere with the investigation, which they’ve effectively admitted to doing. Who knows what that means, legally. Arbitrator Frederic Horowitz is expected to hand down a ruling within 25 days of the end of the hearing, meaning it may not come until late November or December.

Monday Night Open Thread
MLBTR's Projected Arbitration Salaries
  • David Brown

    My gut feeling is Rodriguez gets zero games. I think the reason why is Horowitz will want to send a strong message to MLB that such conduct is unacceptable sort of what happened in the Saints Case with Vilma and Goddell (basically “Bitch Slapping” Selig down like what happened with Goddell). The bigger question is will he ever play for the Yankees again, or their be some kind of “Settlement” between the Yankees and Rodriguez? Gut feeling, is because he is such a Cancer, and they don’t need him gloating and acting like he is “Norma Rae” or something, they will have to release and pay him, whatever he is owed. But in exchange, he cannot sue the team.

    • Preston

      I think the first part is unlikely, and the second part is even more unlikely. Despite all the baggage, the Yankees still need and want A-Rod at 3b, they don’t have a better option. So if they’re going to pay him the money (they have to) they might as well let him play.

    • Caballo Sin Nombre

      I don’t think it is Horowitz place to “bitch slap” Selig or MLB. He is an arbitrator, not a judge, and he can only decide the validity and length of the suspension. He may disregard some of the presented evidence as not credible, but that’s it. The separate lawsuit is the place to go after MLB. Ironically, the longer the suspension, the more ARod is injured by MLB’s actions, and the more ARod could get in damages if he wins. My fantasy is that ARod gets the full 211 games, but then wins his suit and gets fully reimbursement plus damages– paid for by MLB, so it’s spread across all of the teams.

    • Miss Cleo

      Actually, he’s a Leo by 4 days.

      • Betty Lizard


    • Robinson Tilapia

      No and no.

  • Pat D

    That seems…not early enough? In terms of planning next year’s roster, that is.

    • OhioYanks

      Should be ok. A lot of guys aren’t signing until later in December and into January.

      I arbitrarily decided to look at the Red Sox since they signed a bunch of FAs last off-season. Gomes was added Dec 1, but then the 13th for Victorino, the 18th for Uehara, the 19th for Dempster, the 26th for Drew, and Napoli was obviously extenuating circumstances but he was Jan 22.

      Kuroda has signed with the Yankees Jan 26 and Nov 20, so who knows when he’d be ready to make a decision?

      It wasn’t until Jan 23rd the Montero-Pineda deal went through, so they might also be able to add some payroll and talent through a trade even if FA has dried up. I don’t know what they’ll ask for him, but Pablo Sandoval would be an interesting option at one year, $10 million. Both because his 2014 salary is only about 2/5 of A-Rod’s AAV in the case of a partial season suspension and he’s a FA when A-Rod would theoretically be back in 2015.

      • Pat D

        Seems like my first instinct was correct with this update.

      • Caballo Sin Nombre

        As usual, you have the best post on the thread.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      I don’t see a third baseman coming out of the FA market anyway. Plan around him for now.

  • cheddar

    I think the over/under on how long the suspension is should now be 81 games… and I’m taking the under.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      I’m taking the over. My guess is still 162 games.

  • Kevin G.

    So in the end the Yankees (and fans rooting for a winning team) get screwed because they might lost out on free agents waiting for the A-Rod decision

  • Il Cugino

    A-Rod never juiced. They are just scapegoating him. It’s so sad what the media and people in power will do to for money.

    Who wants to stand in support of A-Rod with me?

    Let’s get 100 people from RAB at the next hearing!

    • Joey Jo-Jo Junior Shabadoo
    • Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead

      Or, he did juice, but he should get the same suspension as any other first-time offender, instead of being made an example of.

      • RetroRob

        Right. Circling back to David Brown’s post on the top, I disagree with both points. He will get some suspension since MLB is a universe unto itself and the Commissioner does have the power to suspend players for PEDs, and a 50-game suspension is within the accepted framework agreed to by both sides. It’s the 211-game suspension that I beleive will be reduced. 100 games? 50 games? Anyone’s guess. I suppose there is a non-zero chance it gets reduced in entirety since he hasn’t actually failed a drug test, yet it is still within the Commissioner’s powers to suspend a player for a variety of reasons.

        I actually want it reduced to zero simply because the Yankees will be better with A-Rod than without and hopefully it will just force the Yankees to decide to ignore the 189M goal. And, btw, that may be what the Yankees are planning. Perhaps they are making assumptions that A-Rod will miss some time and they will have some salary relief, and will build toward that number. If his suspension is reduced to zero games and they have to forget 189M in 2014, then they will. It’s worth more money to them to win and have a team with ome buzz around it.

        All just guesses.

  • Terry

    Good job Hal. You have compounded the problem. First, you give ARod the crazy contract and then you put a self-imposed salary cap on yourself. The Yanks greatest asset for the past twenty or so years has been the ability to erase and write-off mistakes. Now that is gone.

  • Captain Turbo

    He will get zero games in terms of suspension and will be playing for the team next year. Whether that’s right or wrong is debatable but that is what will happen.

  • AAArod

    I think the Yankees probably have a pretty good idea of what will happen to Arod. Maybe not an exact number.. but they know if he is screwed, half-screwed or going to walk.

  • Chris Z.

    Much of MLB’s position centers around A-Rod using PED’s and passing drug tests. He is making MLB and the new drug testing policy look like a joke and that’s what baseball is truly mad about. Other guys who were involved with Biogenesis took plea deals right off the top to avoid this mess but the truth remains. Players can pass tests and still use. MLB wants to send a message that this is not ok.

    When we look at PED users and complain how they will always be one step ahead…you need proof. Without it we are all assuming. MLB finally has some kind of tangible evidence that someone is using and getting away with it. I don’t think it has to do with A-Rod per say as much as it has to do with the fact MLB nailed down a repeat offender who is looking for ways around the system. He is THAT guy who we all say “will be one step ahead”.

    What the true issue here is isn’t if A-Rod should get 50-100-200 or 211 its what is the spirit of the rule. Is it suspensions if you test positive or is it suspensions for using?

    IMO this is THE case that MLB needs to get its way. The players union would never agree to suspensions for evidence of use so MLB had to go down this road. Its a rather clever way to get what you want and A-Rod was the perfect guy to use in this case.

    MLB got fooled by the Union’s one silver bullet with the sample collector in the Bran case and now MLB is using it’s one silver bullet to bring down players who MLB knows are using but are beating the actual test.

  • Coolerking101

    The idea that a ruling will come down by late Nov early Dec is based on the thinking that the arbitrator will rule within 25 days (as provided for in the CBA). Hate to say it, but I think it is extremely unlikely that happens. So far, none of the timelines set forth in the CBA have been met. There is a very real chance no ruling comes down till late December.