Pedroia beats out Cano for Gold Glove at second base

Tuesday Night Open Thread
Poll: Curtis Granderson, Phil Hughes, and the qualifying offer

Robinson Cano lost out on this year’s AL Gold Glove Award at second base to Dustin Pedroia. All of the winners are right here. Cano won the award twice before, including last year. He was the team’s only Gold Glove finalist at the various positions. Oh well. Maybe it’ll knock a few dollars off his upcoming contract.

Tuesday Night Open Thread
Poll: Curtis Granderson, Phil Hughes, and the qualifying offer
  • Darren

    Ugh. I can’t claim to have seen nearly as much of Pedroia as I have of Cano, but this does seem as stupid as rewarding grit over talent. Cano is smoother on the double play, unbelievably so. And his arm makes Perdoia’s look like David Eckstein’s. Maybe (?) Pedroia has more range to his left but that’s about it.

    And I’m sorry, I’d MUCH rather have Cano win a deserved gold glove than any tiny decrease in contract that might happen as a result. Fuckin’ Red Sox.

    • Pinkie Pie

      I agree with a lot of what you’re saying, but defensive metrics do generally favor Pedroia’s defense over Cano’s. They’re both great 2nd basemen. Pedroia may have the slightly better glove, but Cano’s hitting prowess is what makes him the best overall 2B in baseball.

      The Gold Glove Award is a joke anyway.

      • 1999s Rafael Palmeiro

        The Gold Glove is not a joke!!!!

      • JGYank

        Pedroia has more range and I’ve seen him make some great diving stops but no one is as smooth or as good at turning the dp as Cano. Cano also has a pretty strong arm for a 2B too.

        But Pedroia did deserve the GG. Cano was pretty good and smooth as usual but not quite GG worthy this year because of his range. And yeah generally the GG is a joke but I think they got that one right. Both are great defensively like you said.

        • JCK

          I feel like his great diving stops look even more great because he is 4’6″…

        • Darren

          “Cano has a pretty strong arm for a second baseman”

          That is seriously my nominee for understatement of the year. Cano has the best, most accurate arm I’ve ever seen on a second baseman.

          • Mikhel

            Did you get to watch Randolph? Soriano had a stronger throw, but not as accurate as Canó (or even P. Kelly).

            • Darren

              I did get to watch WIllie play a lot, but I can’t really remember his arm strrength specifically. Just that overall he was great, incredibly reliable, amazing at the DP, and a good hitter and baserunner.

              I think Cano throwing across his body is stronger than Soriano was.

  • Psycho Trish

    The elf is a big steroid user anyway. Just like the rest of the Sux players. I don’t even care about them winning the title because it’s tainted. Whoever can’t see this doesn’t even deserve to breath.

    • Mikhel

      Tell that to everybody who is already talking about Ortíz for the HOF because it has not been proved he took banned substances (not just by MLB but by the FDA which in turn it made it banned in the MLB).

      Still little can be done when even Torre promised to check the obstruction rule because it was not fair that Boston lost by correctly applying the rule and now they’ll first check if there was an intenction to obstruct.

      And I’m not even talking about allowing the sox pitchers to use foreign substances because it helps pitchers (Julián Tavárez was suspended by MLB 8 games for the use of a foreign substance with the Cards, but later MLB said nothing of K. Rogers in 2006’s WS, buchhholz’s and lester’s use also now are “irrelevant”).

      • Derbs

        Roger Clemens says hi

        • Mikhel

          Same with Clemens, he wasn’t even in that list where Ortíz, ARod and Manny were included.

          Sure, he was included in the report which made mention of lots of NY players but Mitchell, part of the Red Sox front office, decided that Ortíz, Manny and others with ties to Rosinal were not to be included in the report. Lets not forget that a positive test has more value than a declaration from somebody who was told to say BIG names to avoid prison time while being assured he would not be prosecuted for anything he said (meaning: he could tell lies). Which is why Clemens got free.

    • WhittakerWalt

      Oh, Pedroia’s on steroids now, too?
      For someone who claims to be a bigshot lawyer you sure throw around a lot of unsubstantiated defamatory bullshit.

      It’s almost like you’re a complete fraud or something.

      • Pinkie Pie

        Let’s all file a libel suit against PsychoTrish.

        • Psycho Trish

          Get a clue imbecile! The TRUTH is on my side. Just read Lou Merloni’s report on how the SUX brought in a known steroid user to show all of their players how to used all of the PED’s they are on. Henry and Bud are in on all of this together. Bud “Scum” Selig is protecting the SUX all the way to their tainted title.

          It’s like everyone just has their head stuck in the sand. WAKE UP!!!! HMMMPPH

      • Robinson Tilapia

        Wait… the person commenting here a lawyer, or is the person they’re trying to impersonate from LoHud a lawyer?

        • WhittakerWalt

          I don’t know if this is the real Psycho Trish or not. Why anyone would want to pretend to be her is anybody’s guess. She claimed to be a hotshot lawyer last week. Which doesn’t say much for the legal profession.
          And as much as I hate Pedroia, I’m fairly sure that he’s not on the ‘roids. He does enough hatable things already, there’s no need to make up shit.

          • Psycho Trish

            Yeah Trish Rhode Island’s top Lawyer, that’s me, LITTLE MAN!! Take notes. Or you can just come on over and read Lohud. That is where class is always in session. Just yesterday Chad Jennings came out and defended me to all of the people trying to bully me. HUZZAH!!!!!!!!

            • WhittakerWalt

              TOP LAWYER? Let’s see a link. Some documentation. Some reviews. Anything. Because right now your blathering, hot temper, and mangling of the English language make you look like someone who could barely hold down a janitorial position at McD’s.

              If you really are a lawyer, I have to assume you’re one of those shyster-y slip-and-fall types. You can go to work at Celino & Barnes, if that’s the case.

  • JGYank

    Wish Tex played this year. He definitely would have been a finalist. Love watching him play defense. Cano was good as usual and could of won. Gardner and Ichiro had a chance to be finalists as well.

    • forensic

      Ichiro didn’t hit nearly well enough to compete for a Gold Glove.

      • ropeadope

        I’m glad he wasn’t nominated. It’ll make his 2014 Comeback Player of the Year Award more dramatic.

  • CashmanNinja

    I think Cano was a tad more deserving because of the double-plays. Sure Pedroia may dive a bit more and have a little more range, but when Cano can get a ball behind 2nd base and throw it to 1st and still beat the runner by a good margin…I’ll take that. Add in the fact that he makes double plays look EASY. The guy has a strong arm and it’s an extremely compact delivery. I’m not saying Pedroia is bad at all, but I still feel Cano was just a tad more deserving and I believe Pedroia gets a little more favoritism because he gets his uniform dirty and flops around while Cano literally looks like he’s gliding along the infield.

    But the biggest joke has got to be Carlos Gonzalez winning a Gold Glove for the Rockies. He’s a great player, but he didn’t play for the last 2 freaking months of the year. This is Rafael Palmeiro all over again.

    • Mikhel

      Another facet of the game where Pedroia is better is handling the catcher’s throws. For Canó to tag a runner on a steal attempt, the throw has to be perfect, otherwise he won’t get it. And even perfect throws he just can’t handle all of them. Lots of throws hit his glove.

      Besides that, I think Canó is better at fielding difficult grounders because he doesn’t need to dive to get to the ball, he doesn’t need to hurry up to throw because he has one of the strongest throws I’ve seen in the infield, the way he turns double plays is also very very good.

  • Captain Turbo

    Were the scores inversely weighted according to height?

  • Tom

    Adam Jones winning his third GG is pretty damn ridiculous.

    I guess since he’s athletic people just assume he is a good defensive player but he’s not even an average CF’r yet alone a GG caliber one. Both advanced stats have him as a below average fielder the last 4 years (and for his overall career), and you can just watch him and see he gets bad jumps and takes terrible routes to balls.

    By UZR/150 only Shin-Soo Choo was a worse CF’r this year

    • forensic

      A lot about how Jones is considered both offensively and defensively is pretty damn ridiculous.

      But whatever, let him win. It won’t take away the greatness of that game in April where he dropped a flyball allowing 3 runs to score and the later triple play the Yankees turned.

      • Mikhel

        And the beauty of it, it was the second time it happened to Jones vs the Yankees, the other one in 2012 during the playoffs (game 3, the one with the two HRs by Ibáñez).

  • 461deep

    Cano just a shade behind Pedroia due to range. Both will win more GG. The PED’s tainted results rants can be against all teams. HOF is big loser since only non PED users rightfully can get in and their numbers are generally not as good. Fan interest in HOF may suffer as a result. Papi on a hot streak now but his numbers this year although very good, AVG .309, 30, HR, around 100 RBI’S not PED era high. Even if a player in this WS tested positive for PED’s today they still would finish the year on field by appealing a few days. CBA, PED rules say so like it for my team but not other 29. Similar to throw all Congress out except my Rep.

    • Mikhel

      And even with all the testing going on, those who were suspended during 2013 didn’t test positive (except for Braun).

      It is a joke to think that everything is OK because testing is in place and no major players are testing positive, yet the Biogenesis scandal is showing us how players are still doping and at the same time have negative doping tests.

      • AllyinCt

        Exactly! I think it’s another reason not to give out big money, long term contracts. We never know when a player will be linked to PEDs and then we have another A-Rod situation.

  • LarryM Fl

    The two players are both excellent second basemen. Their styles are worlds apart. Pedroia is a maximum effort guy which makes getting to some balls appear special. Cano has more style points which make his play look just below special at times. I will give Pedroia the foot speed and throws to second on the steal the nod.

    I have played second on the college level. It amazes me the plays both of these guys make and their ability to move from play to play.

    I would take either one to play for me but I believe Robbie will last longer in the game and at a higher level of play because Pedroia max effort has to have some downfall at any given moment.


    I’ve watched baseball for 50 years and I can’t remember a 2B who catches pop ups like Cano can. What range! He is amazing!

  • qwerty

    Boston wins WS, they win best rankings in BA, and their second baseman wins the gold glove over our second baseman. lol.

  • Sam

    Cano is so graceful out there at second. He is graceful in the same sense that an ice skater is graceful. He makes it looks so easy, and he is so casual about it. Yet when he needs to hustle to get an out, he gets it. Cano has the best arm at second, and throws it so nonchalantly too. Yet, he gets a lot of power on the ball. He has incredible range, to that of a shortstop. Up until the Yankee’s getting Brendan Ryan(aka fielding god) Cano often took balls on the shortstop’s side of the bag. He on countless occasions demonstrated his range from diving catches, to catching fly balls in the outfield. Whenever he lays out for a ball he is always so smooth and majestic. He recovers in time to get the runner out at second. He is also by far (as in no competition) the smoothest at turning double plays.

    Because I am a Yankee’s fan I got to watch Cano a lot. I can tell you from first-hand experience, that watching Cano play second, is like watching a sculptor create a masterpiece. I did not get to watch Pedroia as much (until recently)and I am not nearly as impressed. He is no where near as graceful. I do not know the boundaries of their ranges, but I do know that Cano’s range is phenomenal. Even though Second Base generally does not require a strong throwing arm due to the distance, Cano has a canon. His arm far outweighs Pedroia’s. Even though Pedroia might have had a slightly higher fielding percentage (0.002% higher)don’t get me wrong thats important, Cano far compensates for it. Even though I have to give it to Pedroia that he is a good player (this makes me cringe as a Yankee’s fan, put credit where it’s due) Cano deserved and should have won this award. Cano is the best second basemen in baseball.

    • Mike

      I agree with Cano being graceful. You’d think he was a ballerina out there in 2nd.

      Cano should’ve won the GG because he’s a way better hitter than Pedroia, even if Pedroia might be a little better on the field.