Tuesday Night Open Thread

Yankees rank middle of the pack in Baseball America's near-term farm system rankings
Pedroia beats out Cano for Gold Glove at second base

There is no baseball tonight — the World Series continues tomorrow in Boston, today is a travel day — so I figured I’d go with a non-baseball video just to lighten the mood a little. Sports can be serious business, man. It’s always good to take a second to sit back, catch your breath, and relax a little when you have a chance.

Here’s your open thread for the evening. It’s the NBA version of Opening Day, though neither the Knicks nor Nets are playing. All three hockey locals are in action. Talk about any of those games or anything else here. Enjoy.

Yankees rank middle of the pack in Baseball America's near-term farm system rankings
Pedroia beats out Cano for Gold Glove at second base
  • Steinbrenner’s Ghost

    You know what’s the worst part about the saux winning, it will be years before the media stops talking about it. For the next several years, all we’ll hear is, “nobody has won more than the saux, since 2004”. As if baseball history only dates back to 2004.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Don’t watch or listen to those who say that.

      I don’t watch “Baseball Tonight.” I don’t watch the MLB Network. I read box score and sites like this one. I watch highlights on YES. Blocks out a ton of that nonsense.

  • http://riveraveblues.com/2013/10/tuesday-night-open-thread-21-95719/ BostonStrong

    1 More.

  • pat

    Jose Abreu tearing up when he first walks onto the field at US Cellular.


    • Pinkie Pie

      I’d cry too. US Cellular is one the ugliest and most nondescript ballparks in MLB.

    • JohnnyC

      Almost 70 somolians for playing a child’s game would make anyone growing up in a socialist country cry.

    • forensic

      He must’ve just realized how terrible the White Sox are.

  • Dan

    New York Bar results come out tonight at midnight, or possibly tomorrow. This shit is driving me crazy.

    • Pinkie Pie

      Good luck!

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Oh wow. Best of luck, dude. Fingers crossed for you.

    • Betty Lizard

      Worry not, Grasshopper.

      And all shall be well and
      All manner of things shall be well

      (T S Eliot)

      I passed two bars . . .
      (There’s a joke in there somewhere)

      • ropeadope

        I passed two bars…

        Yes, I seem to recall they were the Czech-ered Flag and the Sit ‘n Bull.

        (I’m so sorry. When does the new season begin?)

        • Betty Lizard


  • Mark in VT
  • Gomer

    ESPN2, must watch TV. DOn’t miss it!

  • Mike B.

    I was going to use the open thread here to ask any of you guys if you knew what happened to Dino Costa, the Sirius Radio sports show host. I found a link in the Daily News that explained it, though–they fired him this past Friday. Too bad, as I enjoyed his atypical commentaries on sports, politics, and life in general. He was honest and did not reosrt to the pablum that we hear on so many sports talk radio shows. I hope he returns soon! In the meantime, I will cancel my Sirius subscription (now if they let me and give me a refund or when it expires in a few months).

  • Reuther

    How the hell does that dog stay on its hind legs for that whole time? Damn

    • ropeadope

      I think it’s a midget inside a dog costume. I can’t stay on my legs for that length of time.

      • MannyGeee

        Plot Twist:

        This is Dustin Pedroia’s off season workout regimen

        • ropeadope


          But his off season won’t begin until after Thursday night’s loss.

  • Lukaszek

    Lou Reed is dead :( Quiet unfortunate, man was only 71 years old.

    • ropeadope

      Yes, couple of days now. Are you familiar with The Velvet Underground & Nico (the banana album). Velvets first album released way back in ’67, which I believe pre-dates you. Very much worth checking out.

      RIP Lou.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        Didn’t think many would care on here, but a very sad loss for me. Lou was pretty much the quintessential NYC rock n roll guy. Never compromised. Never stopped evolving.

        David Bowie posted a beautiful picture on his FB page of the two of them recently together. Neither fucking cared how old they were. They kept on trying new things as if they were still 25.

      • Lukaszek

        To be fair Van Halen and Def Leppard also predate me. I’m about the age of Boyz II Men and Coolio

        • ropeadope

          I recall your comment of leaving for college which is why I thought that, but age has no bearing on enjoying the music. I just thought you might not be familiar with the early years of Lou Reed’s career (with the Velvet Underground – quite extraordinary), and if not, might wish to explore it.

          • Lukaszek

            You’re right man, age is nothing when it comes to enjoying music. Almost everything on my iPod is 70’s and 80’s. There are very few 21st century songs that get me as high as “Walk On the Wild Side” or “I’m Waiting for the Man”