Monday Night Open Thread

Where do the Yankees plan to spend internationally?
Yankees announce 2014 Spring Training schedule

I was planning to post this video tonight anyway because hey, why not? But in the wake of the Brendan Ryan re-signing, it seems appropriate to go with a compilation of defensive wizardry at shortstop. That’s not Ryan though, that’s Braves youngster Andrelton Simmons, who recorded the highest single season dWAR — defense component of WAR at Baseball Reference — in baseball history this past season (5.4). That’s among all players and all positions. Greatest defensive season ever according to the metric, if you can believe that. Needless to say, the video features some insane plays (the plays at 2:28, 3:53, 9:05, 12:12, and 19:15 stand out in particular).

Anyway, once you’ve watched all 25 minutes (!) of Simmons, use this as your open thread. The Patriots and Panthers are the Monday Night Football Game, plus the Nets are playing. There’s got to be college something or other on as well. Talk about whatever. Enjoy.

Where do the Yankees plan to spend internationally?
Yankees announce 2014 Spring Training schedule
  • Steinbrenner’s Ghost

    Aside from “50 Shades of Grey”, how many books has Jeter read as an adult?

  • Alkaline

    This is crude, but I just got a hard on watching some of those plays..

  • Farewell Mo

    $2 million for Brendan Ryan seems like a bit much considering they’re on a budget and he can’t hit a lick.

    • forensic

      It feels a touch high to me too, but it’s not like they can go much lower than that anyway. Though it’s not like he’s some highly sought out FA that was going to sign elsewhere very soon (at least not to our knowledge).

      I just hope his games started number is really low while his games played number is pretty high (meaning he’s not starting but he is replacing Jeter defensively late in a lot of games).

    • mustang

      I was thinking the same thing.

    • Tom

      2.8, 1.4, -0.6

      Brendan Ryan’s fWAR the last 3 years. But I’m sure he’ll be re-invigorated putting on the pinstripes (like Ichiro last year).

      The problem is his glove has to elite for him to be anything but a replacement level player. Last year both major advanced stat defensive systems had him declining significanlty (DRS and UZR), so I think you have to question if he is still an elite glove or a is now just a SS capable of making an amazing play (I think it was the latter last year).

      On the plus side, even 0WAR is an upgrade over Nunez. Though I was surprised the love this move got in the other thread.

  • Now Batting

    Tim Hudson 2/$23m, Carlos Ruiz 3/$26m. If the Yankees stay under $189 I don’t possibly see how they can be competitive in 2014 barring a miracle.

    • Steinbrenner’s Ghost

      Tim Hudson??

      11.5 per year for a 39 year old coming off a horrific ankle break??

      The Giants are ruining baseball.

      • forensic

        I’m kind of in between on the Hudson deal. On one hand, I certainly see your outlook, and the two years would concern me because of that. His ERA has also been heading in the wrong direction for a few years.

        On the other hand, though the ERA has been trending badly, the peripherals have generally stayed in the same range. $11.5 million AAV also doesn’t seem too outlandish considering what you could get out of him.

        • forensic

          It certainly doesn’t seem as crazy as the Lincecum deal seems, to me at least.

  • mustang

    “ESPN’s Keith Law feels that (Insider subscription required and recommended) “giving a 35-year-old catcher with platoon problems who’s coming off a PED suspension a three-year deal is absolute lunacy.” The Phillies continue to create a bigger mess for themselves going forward, writes Law.”

    I never thought I see the day that Keith Law and me agree on something. I’m going out for a drink now.

    • mustang

      And Yes it makes me even more pissed off about the Yankees letting Martin walk for 2 for 17.

      Organizational Failure !!!

      • Now Batting

        If the Yankees have Martin on the books for 8.5 in 2014 we may not be talking about Tanaka.

        • forensic

          And they definitely wouldn’t be talking about McCann, for those who want him.

        • Need Pitching & Hitting

          Sure we would.
          Almost definitely.

          We wouldn’t be talking about McCann.
          And Ichiro might still be the starting RF for 2014.
          But they’d still pursue Tanaka.

          • mustang


        • Robinson Tilapia

          Well, you won’t be taking about him if he’s not posted.

          What do Martin and Tanaka have to do with one another, though? I don’t follow.

          • Now Batting

            Signing Martin to two years would prevent roster flexibility this offseason. Off of Mike’s post about payroll they’d have 8-$10 million left for 7 roster spots if they sign Tanaka. 6-$8 now with Ryan. Would make having both unfeasible.

            • Robinson Tilapia

              Goal, not mandate. None of us truly know how this is going to play out this offseason.

              I could care less what flexibility one player they signed, or didn’t, two seasons ago would have brought/not brought.

      • forensic

        I don’t care at all that they let Martin go, but it is amazing how bad the moves that Amaro makes look. This one on top of the Byrd signing amaze me.

        Next thing you know he’ll sign Ryan Howard to a huge extension into his late 30’s.

        Oh wait…

        I don’t know how he stays employed at this point. It was one thing while they were winning, but they’ve now had two straight bad seasons, and it’s not looking any better soon.

  • MC

    Can “someone else” please already sign Cano. Get this crap out the way so the Yanks can be productive this offseason and “build a team”. While I understand “not budging” from 10 years and $310mm is just posturing by his agent, someone needs to send them a memo that he trades for no more than the Tex deal. 8 and $180mm is the max anyone goes, but more likely 6 and $160mm from the Yanks. That’s $26.5mm per. Fine. Book it. Otherwise, enough of this shit already.

    • forensic

      If you’re this tired of it already, I wonder what you’ll be like in about a month.

      • Havok9120

        No kidding. He and his camp stayed almost completely quiet throughout the season and we’re only just done with the GM meetings.

        “Testing free agency” doesn’t mean letting the contract expire and signing immediately thereafter.

  • nycsportzfan

    I’m just happy it isn’t all rumours and guys are moving around now. Timmy Hudson to SF , and Latroy Hawkins to Colorado, is a nice fix for At least untill our boys start getting busy this offseason.

    As far as Brenden Ryans contract being to much, i don’t see it. I think he looked really solid with the Yanks and may play better here then he has in his career. We’ve seen that before with players, and maybe Ryan’s like that also, just coming into his own alittle later. I thought he swung the bat well and played awesome defense. I’m really glad he got inked by us.

  • qwerty

    Yeah, this guy is good, but can he do an over the shoulder catch like Jeter? Hmm…..