Monday Night Open Thread

Pirates designate former Yankees' target Garrett Jones for assignment
Sherman: Yankees sign Yamaico Navarro to minor league deal

According to Jerry Crasnick, catcher Brian McCann will take his physical tomorrow morning. Assuming he passes — he did have shoulder surgery last winter, so it’s something more than a formality — his five-year, $85M contract with the Yankees will become official. It’ll be really nice to have a catcher who can hit again. I’m a huge believer in above-average production from the up-the-middle spots being a key to success and that’s what McCann brings to the table. Hooray.

Here’s your open thread for the night. The 49ers and Redskins are the Monday Night Football Game plus the Rangers, Devils, and Knicks are playing. Talk about those games, McCann’s awesomeness, or anything else here. Have at it.

Pirates designate former Yankees' target Garrett Jones for assignment
Sherman: Yankees sign Yamaico Navarro to minor league deal
  • lightSABR

    I’m a big believer that getting above-average performance from anybody, anywhere, is a key to success, and one the Yanks seem to have forgotten last year. Here’s to the Yankees having more than one actual hitter in the lineup!

    • jjyank

      True, but it’s more rare at the up the middle positions. Guys who are above average offensively in CF/SS/2B/C are few and far between. Having a guy who can really hit in those positions puts you at an advantage.

      But yeah, above average everywhere would be nice :)

      • lightSABR

        Oh, yes – no disagreement with the up-the-middle thing here. I just would have been awfully happy with an above-average first baseman last year. Or an above-average third baseman. Or an above-average DH. Or…

        • BamBamMusings

          We did have above avg 1B and 3B and DH and … Trouble was they were all on the DL!

    • lou

      Very well said and I hope the Yankees don’t stop at McCann. Yankees last year just threw out total crap on the field last year. Here is hoping to more players like Mccann or should I say legit full time players. Yankees got a little better pushing the crap down in the lineup batting McCann before Tex and moving Tex down. Let’s get Choo in here and trade or put Gardner last.

      • Havok9120

        You realize that between Cano and Gardner, you’re getting rid of everyone on the 2013 team that proved offensively competent, right?

        • Robinson Tilapia

          I think it’s safe to ignore him.

          I hold out hope that he’s actually Dominican Lou. I loved Dominican Lou.

  • Wheels

    On a small note, I wonder what uniform number McCann will choose. His number 16 is already retired for Whitey Ford. Guess we’ll find out soon enough.

    • jjyank

      No idea. I know some guys like to double their number in situations like this. Maybe he’ll take 32? Other guys will take a number of an idol of theirs (Cano with #24, the reverse of Jackie Robinson, Tulo with #2 on the Rockies). No idea who McCann’s idol is though.

      More importantly though…what will Sterling’s home run call be?

      • Mantle

        Yes he McCann!

        McCann you believe it?

      • Wheels

        Oh man, endless possibilities.

        • hogsmog

          *oh McCann

      • TWTR

        I cringe when I think about it.

      • Get Phelps Up (looking for a new name)

        McCannon ball seems too obvious.

        • BrianMcCannon (formerly HateMclouth)

          I cringe at the thought of Sterling using part of my new handle for his call.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        I’ve got it.


        You know this is going to be it…


        Thank you, everyone. Bit coin accepted.

      • jim p

        If we lose Granderson, he’ll recycle with ‘The McCanndy Man Can.’

      • Pat D

        For shame, jj.

        32 is retired.

    • BamBamMusings

      61 would be interesting.

  • yooboo

    Pirates dumped Kyle McPherson and Garrett Jones.

    If Beltran signs with other team then Soriano could move to RF. Jones will spell Soriano out for few games. Almonte will try to become a full time LFer.

    McPherson had TJS last July so he won’t be available until at least this July. Get him and then put him on 60 day DL. He can be useful for 2014 postseason as a reliever or 2015 as a 5th starter.

  • yooboo

    Brian McCann’s jersey number is 18. According to foxsports. No idea if it is accurate.

  • Darren

    Why would above average production at any one position mean anything one way or the other?Assuming you can’t spend whatever you want at every single position. Isn’t overall production from all 25 (or 40) roster spots the only thing that matters?

    • CashmanNinja

      Sure you’d like to have your best production from all guys on the roster, but that simply never happens. If you can choose which positions you want your best players to be at then catcher is hands down one to get. Why? Because they have the biggest impact on the game. Not only do you want one who can hit well, but you want a guy who can call a good game, frame pitches well, and keep runners from advancing. It has a HUGE impact on the game. Just like I’d rather have a stud shortstop than a stud 2nd baseman. The defense they provide comes into play a bit more. It also applies to CF. They usually have the best view on balls and can call others off or they help align the defense.

    • RetroRob

      It is more difficult to get higher-level production out of positions such as catcher and SS. Look at this year’s market. If a team wants an OFer, they can look at Beltran or Choo or Ellsbury or Granderson. Want a catcher with above average production? That would be McCann, and catchers like him rarely come on the market. That’s why grabbing him helps strengthen the team for the next several years. Lose him and there is no easy replacement. Lost an OFer, and there are many replacements.

      The core of the great recent Yankee dynasty was above-average production at catcher from Posada, and SS from Jeter and CF from Bernie. Easier to fill in the other slots, but not those positions.

  • Bill

    Sterlings call:

    Who Can? McCann Can!

    • Roadgeek Adam

      I was thinking McCann hits a Big Mac to the right center field seats.

    • MC

      I McCan’t believe it!

      In fairness, I saw that on here or MLBTR the other day, but that’s the best one yet imo.

  • MC

    It’s worth pointing out that Chuck Armstrong from the Mariners just put in his papers. That’s important because he has been perhaps, the largest issue for that team over the last two decades and more so in the age of the big free agent signings. I read various things on him years ago and there a lot to be said, that he is/was a major reason why that team stayed down. Let’s not be mistaken, Bavasi was a nightmare and Jack Z isn’t the genie everyone expected.

    Point is, I wonder if there is a tide of change going on up there. Olney wrote a big piece about them last week and having the financial might to go out and get big free agents, which they do. That fan base is massively depressed.

    I have to wonder if we are looking at Cano’s suitor right in the eyes at this point? They also won’t likely go to $300mm, not team will, but I could see them dropping $240mm or $250mm and as it’s been stated on Fangraphs? thats actually what Cano is “technically” or better yet “statistically” worth. I’ll use my many years of business acumen to agree with the Yanks that he’s more in the range of $150mm-$180mm (tops).

    Food for thought…

    • JohnnyC

      I’ve read that Ellsbury is their #1 FA target. He’s from Oregon and will probably require over $100 million to sign.

  • Anthony

    Take this for what it’s worth, but earlier today Mike Francesa flat out said earlier today that Hiroki Kuroda has told the Yankees he wants to return.

    Francesa was pretty definite. Didn’t mention how much he would earn but he was adamant Kuroda is returning. I would imagine he has some good Yankees sources but take it with a grain of salt.

    • RetroRob

      I read an article over the weekend that said the Yankees, after believing Kuroda was going to return to Japan, were now growing confident he will return. Since that’s another, non-Francesca source, I’m willing to believe he is on the way back.

      • RetroRob

        …and to be clear. By return, I mean return to play MLB and most likely with the Yankees in 2014.

        • Preston

          If true, the best news I’ve heard all day.

          • BamBamMusings

            Any truth to the Francesa joining Team A-Rods legal team?

          • Robinson Tilapia

            #HIROK to the Yanks. Francesca to Japan. We truly all win.

  • Mike B.

    And please throw Sterling in on that deal, too. Believe it or not, it’s been years since I’ve listened to the Yanks on radio. I just can’t stand Sterling and that woman who sounds like she’s spitting all over the microphone. One day we’ll be rid of them.

  • McCantastic

    Kiroda will fill a gaping whole. Now how do we keep him fresh down the stretch? Two consecutive September meltdowns is disturbing.

  • nycsportzfan

    Very Jethro-esque swing in my opinion. Made for Yankee Stadium.

  • forensic

    Watching some of MLBN’s Top 100 Plays of the Year countdown, and somehow the Triple Play was only ranked #96. That’s complete BS.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      #1 was Harold Reynolds running his hands through Mike Carp’s beard.

      • forensic

        And now they just did a Mo video montage to lead in to his POTY. So, what do they show after showing and talking about his amazingness?

        Of course, the Miguel Cabrera homer.

        I get it, that was an amazing AB with Mo seemingly hurting Miggy with every pitch and then an incredible hitter did what he does. But, is that really how you’re going to send Mo out on this stuff? If you’re not going to show something good from him, then don’t do the video montage that seems like you’re just teasing everyone.