Report: Yankees on verge of deal with McCann


Evan Grant reports that the Yankees are on the verge of a deal with catcher Brian McCann. More to come, obviously.

Update: Ken Rosenthal notes that while the Yankees are in “serious” discussions with McCann, a deal is not close yet. We’ll see how quickly this develops.

Update: Now Rosenthal says that the deal is close, for five years and more than $80 million. For what it’s worth, a guy who told me about this deal a half hour before Grant broke it said 4/89 with a vesting option for a fifth, so I’m guessing the 5/89 figure is pretty close.

Update: Rosenthal has the deal at 5 years, $85 million with a sixth year vesting option that would bring the deal to $100 million.

Update: Jon Heyman reports that McCann gets a full no-trade clause. I’m figuring every big-name free agent signing with a large-market team will get one of these.

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  1. Steve (different one) says:

    This is impossible. I’ve been told in every thread the Yankees don’t know how to sign players.

  2. FIPster Doofus says:

    I didn’t want him. Time to brace myself for an awful contract.

  3. Pseudoyanks says:

    Me like. Would be a good start…oh crap, gotta go throw another log on the Hot Stove.

  4. ClayDavis says:

    I would love that signing. Wouldn’t see too many guys show up the pitchers. That’s for sure

    • aj says:

      I like the signing.. his career avg is 20 hr and approx 70rbi… However, that will improve in Y stadium.. The other good thing, career…1 BB to 1.7 K.. Not a bad ratio. The Y, with Arod, Tex, Granderson, Swisher, etc in the last few yrs have been a strike out machine. That is why i DID NOT WANT Saltamacchia.. He is a K machine all by himself.

  5. King of Fruitless Hypotheticals says:



  6. LK says:

    I will choose to be optimistic and think that this is a sign that 189 may be on its last legs, and Hal’s statements that they’re going to put a good team out there first and foremost may have something to them.

    The end of the contract will likely be ugly, but that’s always true.

  7. MC says:

    Makes a ton of sense and yet, makes zero sense. Ugh. He’s the perfect player for Yankee stadium, at the exact position that they could fill a major void, but the years and total dollars, bleh…We’ll see. If under $75mm, I’ll be delighted. Above that, not so much..4 years at $76mm, sure, why not with a 5th year option should he stay off DL, etc.

    • FIPster Doofus says:

      If it’s for four years or fewer, I’ll be OK with it. Not expecting that to be the case, though.

      • MC says:

        Me too. Makes me also wonder, if this gets done, what they means for the other guys. Stewart won’t be tendered a contract. No biggie. I think they did? or will tend Cervelli for $1mm as the back-up. Then you have Romine and JR Murphy and more importantly, Gary Sanchez. First, they’ll need Murphy or Romine in AAA for depth. So one has to wonder, will Romine be on the trade block now? He’s not SUPER valuable, but this was a former top prospect and he is still very good with the glove. Frankly, the kid really hasn’t even gotten an extended look. Curious to see if Cashman trades Sanchez, but my money is that McCann even for 5 years, likely only catches for 3 solid years, maybe a 4th, and Sanchez is probably a good two seasons away still, so…??

    • Poconos Adam says:

      Well said MC. Certainly hard to argue with upgrading the C position….I don’t think any of us wanted to see any more of Chris Stewart.

      I guess if the plan becomes “move him to 1b/dh” in the later years of the deal, when Sanchez or Murphy are truly ready…then I’m okay with it.

      Certainly rather see McCann than Beltran or some other 35+ year old guy who can vie for the 18000 DH ABs the Yankees seem to think they need to fill.

      This may also going to serve as a wake-up call to Mr. Cano. With 189 looming, a bunch of available “cap” space will have disappeared.

      • MC says:

        I’m very proud of the Yankee front office putting the type of pressure they are on Cano and his camp. They are doing things in a highly professional and intellectual manor. That said, the clock is definitely ticking for Cano. As it’s been reported, there are two schools of thought concerning Cano 1) he truly wants to remain in New York (Yanks, that is) 2) wants the most money possible. If his goal is to squeeze the Yanks for a few million more, then good riddance, I say. There is about $160mm on the table apparently. If the Tigers, Nat’s or whoever are going to sign him for $230mm, then so be it. But if he takes a deal for $5mm more from another team, then I think the Yanks will come as the winners in the long run.

      • nycsportzfan says:

        It also opens alot of possibilities in regards of trade for the yanks. They got Murphy, Romine, and Sanchez they could deal if they wanted, and maybe even Cervelli(as throw in type). I see 25-30hrs for McCann. To be honest, i think his swing and linedrive stroke is one of the best in baseball for Yankee Stadium. I could see Paul O’neill type numbers for 5yrs.

        • Robinson Tilapia says:

          I’d wager JR Murphy is now one of the better trade chips the team’s got. This actually sets things up quite nicely for Sanchez later on.

  8. Dan says:

    forget about cano, lets get infante and jhonny peralta. Both don’t cost a draft pick and we get back a pick that we gave up for Mccann. granted it won’t be the 18th overall pick but it will be in the early 30s

  9. bm says:

    Wow nice…got our DH. Joe is not mooving Stewart of C,

  10. Bavarian Yankee says:

    $189M payroll out of the window!!! (one can hope, right?)

  11. 5 years / $75MM with $7.5MM vesting/mutual/club/player option for a 6th year. That would be me personally.

    • CashmanNinja says:

      5/75 would really be the limit unless the 6th year is a club option with a very, very small buyout (like $3 mil or lower). I think 5 should be the limit. 3 at catcher/2 at 1B/DH.

      • For such a deal, I would offer a $1MM buyout. (Hell Johan’s was more I think, don’t quote me on that.)

      • Havok9120 says:

        5 remains my limit. If a vesting 6th year is based off games caught in the 5th year, I might be able to get behind that if the money is right.


        I want him, though, if we’re talking roughly this number of years at roughly this money. Get it done.

  12. algernon blackwood says:

    Yeah, getting good players sucks. Chris Stewart all the way.

    Why are there so many whiners around here?

    • nycsportzfan says:

      I was thinking the same thing. What are they bitching about? We had Chris Stewart and Cervelli catching last Our best Catching prospect is 2-3yrs away and McCanns swing is tailor made for this stadium. Do people realize how much better are lineup is about to get?

      They just added a 3-5 in the lineup type hitter.

    • FIPster Doofus says:

      Yeah, because all acquisitions are done in a vacuum and contracts mean nothing.

  13. nycsportzfan says:

    Ya, the Hot stove is burning now baby! McCann wasen’t my 1st choice of FA hopefuls, but his swings tailor made for Yankee Stadiums short porch and he can hit for AVG and with Tex’s wrist, more lefty power was a must. Hes a decent defensive catcher also. Now we have a bunch of Catchers we can use as trade bair, or in gary sanchezs case, bring along at the yanks pace.. Nice way to start FA’cy for the bombers.

  14. Mike says:

    Posada started getting injured after age 35 so I hope the deal isn’t longer than 5 years.

  15. Claydavis says:

    Rosenthal saying 5/80mil

    • CashmanNinja says:

      He said MORE than $80 mil :S

    • nycsportzfan says:

      Makes sense. There was no way he was getting 6yrs. Why people would think that is beyond me? I don’t always love 5yr deals for guys turning 30 and especially catchers, but McCann is definetly a exception. I love his stance and swing. He can flat out hit. Hes not even really a power hitter, but like Paul O’neill, he just hits the ball so hard, it leaves the yard sometimes, like linedrives that just carry. If we resign Cano, were gonna have a Cano, Soriano, McCann, Jeter, and Tex 5some in the lineup, and we probably will add Mark Reynolds(20-30jacks) and someone else. Are lineup has a chance to be really good and deep.

  16. tmoney says:

    5/80 being reported

  17. Dave says:

    Rosenthal tweeted “McCann close with #Yankees on five-year deal for more than $80M.”

    Definitely torn — like the upgrade, but that’s crazy money for a catcher and that last year may be interesting.

  18. Robinson Tilapia says:

    Holy fuck.


  19. Chris A says:

    Rosenthal is reporting… 5 yr 80 MM+

  20. CountryClub says:

    I’m fine with five years. I was worried they would have to go to six. Now Sanchez can stay in the minors for two more years and when he comes up he could be the backup and learn under McCann as they ease him to the DH spot.

  21. MC says:

    You know who the happiest person on the planet is right now????


    I honestly thought the guy would have a heart attack if Wieters signed with the Yanks. No joke.

    • tmoney says:

      Weiters is not a free agent?

      • MC says:

        No. But he will be next season and Showalter has said on several occasions that he’s had nightmares of Wieters signing with the Yanks WHEN he is a free agent.

        • Nuke Guy says:

          I’d pass on Wieters if they didn’t get McCann. He’s overrated.

          • CashmanNinja says:

            I like Wieters — especially his arm…but he’s still yet to really show what he’s all about. He’s shown glimpses of being a great catcher, but other times he’s a glorified defensive guy. I would have loved Wieters, but I’ll take McCann at this point because I actually think he’ll get less money than Wieters if Wieters was to hit free agency.

          • MC says:

            Agreed, but the kid does play a nice backstop. Based on the rumors of what he’ll be looking for $$ (like Mauer money), I’m starting to really warm up to McCann and 5 years around $90mm. At first I wasn’t, but in totality, it does make sense considering Sanchez isn’t ready yet.

            • CashmanNinja says:

              I really do like Sanchez and feel he could stick behind the plate, but I also do think he’s a bit on the young side. Let’s not forget that being behind the plate isn’t like an outfielder or 2nd baseman being called up. They are really involved in the game when it comes to pitch selection and helping with defensive positioning (although Girardi sure loves to do that bit on his own thanks to his binder). Either way, this is New York and having a young guy come up and have the pressure placed on them to become the next Posada or Munson is staggering. Sanchez may not like the decision to have to keep working in the minors, but when it’s his time to get called up I think it’ll have done him well. I think Romine and Montero were a wake-up call that catchers really don’t grow on trees and if you have a chance to get a veteran who isn’t too old (like Carlos Ruiz) then you should get him while you can.

              I wasn’t the biggest McCann fan, but my #1 argument is pretty futile and that’s that we will lose a pick. I want the farm to start pumping out talent, and every pick helps, but then you have to think back to Chris Stewart behind the plate…and that is proof right there that McCann is a must (even though I still really like C.J. Murphy, a lot).

      • CashmanNinja says:

        Apparently the O’s were shopping him because Wieters is asking for a ton of money before he hits the market. He wanted to get a contract similar to what Joe Mauer got (8/184) and obviously wasn’t worth the money. Even Mauer wasn’t worth that money considering how frequently he gets injured. At the end of the day if the Yanks can keep it under 6 years and under 90 mil then it’s not too bad of a deal for McCann.

  22. HateMclouth (formerly I'mVernon) says:

    Pretty sweet. Next step is to toss Plan 189.

    • Robinson Tilapia says:

      Burn that bitch.

      My tea leaves say they brake it when they find the extra bag of money to bring Robbie back after this “oh, we might not have any money for you” bluff is over.

  23. CashmanNinja says:

    I’m having a feeling that the Rockies must have made a VERY competitive offer and that’s what is driving the price up from $80 mil and upward.

  24. mustang says:

    “Am told McCann deal with Yankees will be worth close to $90 million, if not more”

    i bet at the end it will be 5 for 100

  25. Dave says:

    Oh sweet mother of God — the reports are now saying $90+… Hoping these are just crazy rumors — anything north of $15/yr was crazy enough and now we’re talking closer to $20/yr? UGH!

  26. Brian Cashman Sucks says:

    The deal could be worth close to $90MM, if not more, tweets Evan Grant of the Dallas Morning News

  27. nycsportzfan says:

    Brett Gardner CF
    Derek Jeter SS
    Robinson Cano 2B
    Alphonso Soriano LF
    Mark Texiera 1B
    Brian McCann C
    Mark Reynolds 3B
    Curtis Granderson RF
    Ichiro Suzuki/Vernon Wells DH


    • FIPster Doofus says:

      Grandy’s a goner.

    • steve (different one) says:

      swap Beltran for Granderson, since Beltran only costs your 2nd round pick, take the pick for Grandy, and possibly add A-Rod around August…

      that line-up could actually not suck next year.

      of course, you also need pitchers…

      • ingo b says:

        It actually costs your next highest pick.

        • steve (different one) says:

          are you saying that if Granderson signs elsewhere, the Yankees would have to give THAT pick to the Cardinals?

          Is that how it works now?

          • Havok9120 says:

            Picks aren’t directly traded. The Cards gain a pick in the same Compensation Round (right after the first) that the Yanks would for losing Granderson, but it isn’t the same pick.

          • Need Pitching & Hitting says:

            They’d have to forfeit their next highest pick.
            The Cardinals would get a supplemental round pick (not the Yankees pick specifically).
            The only picks that are protected are Top-10 picks and makeup picks for not signing a player in the previous draft.

    • Kevin says:

      I’ll change that to swapping Beltran for Grandy with a platoon forming up at the hot corner of Reynolds and Chavez. Suzuki and Wells will also be kidnapped at some point during the off-season and be unavailable to fulfill their contracts.

  28. Joeybatz says:

    Anyone who thinks that this is a bad sign please have your head checked… this guy is still 29 and in 5 years he will be 34 and in his final year … if you ask me 34 -35 is when you start looking for a new catcher anyway. He is still young, tough, has a great arm, great in the clubhouse and perfect for Yankee Stadium for the next 5 years.

    • CashmanNinja says:

      I think some people have used his ‘toughness’ as a negative. I’m referring to the whole Jose Fernandez HR/spitting incident, and Carlos Gomez. I like that McCann stands up for his players. Not just pitchers, but also other teammates. He’s a true leader and that kind of fiery passion reminds me of Posada. I’m sure it rubs some people the wrong way, but I kind of like it when it’s kept in check. Get fired up at the right time and it lights a fire under the team’s ass…we lacked that last year.

      • steve (different one) says:

        I will admit that I found his act tiresome this year, but will now ignore it when he’s doing it for my team. Because he is good and I am a homer.

      • To most degree, Gomez had that one coming to him. (McCann should’ve waited until Gomez crossed the plate like he did with Fernandez.)Now when you have one of the worst umpires in the game, Paul Nauert, handling the situation, it happens.

    • FIPster Doofus says:

      A great arm, yet he’s below average at throwing runners out and has been in eight of his nine seasons. How do you know he’s great in the clubhouse?

  29. mustang says:

    Carlos Ruiz got 26 for 3 thats 8.6 a year double that times 5 years its 86.6 million plus some incentives to reach 90

  30. CountryClub says:

    David O’Brien @ajcbraves: McCann will hit 35-40 HRs with Yankee Stadium as home ballpark.

  31. Kevin says:

    I’ll sign up for McCann for 5/90.

  32. CashmanNinja says:

    Rosenthal: 5/85, vesting option to push it to 6/100.

    If he reaches that vesting option (assuming it’s for numbers that are for a solid year) then I’ll take it.

  33. JGYank says:

    Would be happy to land McCann but 5 years is a bit too much for me. I would try to keep to 4 or less. I’m ok with the $16M AAV but that’s a bit high when we are trying to stay under 189 and still have to sign Cano and some starters. McCann would be a great fit for our park though and I would love to have a catcher that can hit but he would cost us our 1st round pick. We have Sanchez in the minors so McCann can fill the position until Sanchez is ready and we can ease him in as the starter like we did with Posada.

    Hopefully the Yanks won’t just throw away the 1st round pick for one player and will continue to sign guys to try and contend. I still think the rotation is the biggest priority right now but we could definitely use a catcher. Don’t want Stewart to have as nearly as much playing time this year and would prefer if he didn’t even have a spot on the roster. I guess now two of Romine, Stewart, Murphy or Cervelli are going to AAA and one will the be the backup if we sign McCann. Stewart might get cut though. Murphy probably goes to the minors which means there could be a Romine/Cervelli battle for the backup spot in spring training.

    • CashmanNinja says:

      There is no way he’ll get under 5 years considering Carlos Ruiz went 3/$26 (and a club option for a 4th year I believe). Ruiz is 34 — the same age that McCann will be AFTER a 5 year deal. If we can ride out McCann’s prime and then be in the market for another catcher in a few more years then it isn’t the worst thing in the world when considering how hard it is to find catchers. Chris Stewart was our starter last year. Chris Stewart. I just can’t see that for another season. If the thing that seals the deal is a 5th year as opposed to a 4th year then you give him that year.

      • JGYank says:

        Yeah it’s not a bad deal. I usually don’t have a problem with signing guys up to their age 34 season but McCann is a catcher playing a rough position and we do have prospects in the minors at C like Sanchez. The Ruiz deal surprised me since I thought his age and suspension would limit his deal.
        But I can live with a fifth year of McCann. I think YS will help out his numbers and hide any decline at least a little. If he stays healthy it should be worth it.

    • Mike says:

      85/5 = $17 mil aav

      100/6 = $16.7 mil aav

      I’m a little scared of paying a catcher that much. Hopefully he stays at catcher for the length of the contract.

      • JGYank says:

        Yeah it makes the Martin deal look like a brilliant move, doesn’t it? 2/$17M would have really helped us get under $189 this year and Martin is better defensively and was already familiar with our pitching staff.

        But McCann is a lefty who can hit and pretty much everything on the FA market is an overpay now.

        • Cool Lester Smooth says:

          Yeah, you’re forgetting that McCann is a great player. Russell, who I like, is a decent one, but McCann is great.

          • JGYank says:

            McCann in 2013: .256/.336/.461 .347 wOBA 122 wRC+ 2.7 fWAR very good and arguably worth $17M

            Martin in 2013: .226/.327/.377 .315 wOBA 101 wRC+ 4.1fWar Not as much power as McCann but better defensively and probably worth $7.5M. Would have gave us more money to spend this offseason and would have replaced Stewart in 2013 and was familiar with our staff.

            Both are good catchers but IMO Martin would be the better value. Cheaper, better defensively, and could have been signed for a two deal. I’m not comfortable saying McCann is the better catcher because Martin’s defense (which is hard to quantify for Cs) makes up for at least some of the offensive gap. Martin actually had the higher fWAR last year. McCann is a better hitter, no doubt, but unless we’re talking about 06-11 McCann I wouldn’t call him “great” anymore. Pretty good and the top catcher available, but not elite or anything like that.

            • Cool Lester Smooth says:

              McCann missed the first month of the season recovering from a shoulder injury, so WAR doesn’t tell the whole story.

              He should also be expected to improve as he gets farther away from his injury. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s back to his .270/.350/.480 baseline this year, if the move to YSIII doesn’t help him blow that line away.

      • Kluang Yankee says:

        Hopefully he does not stay at catcher for the length of the contract for that will mean that Sanchez did not live up to expectations or was traded.
        This deal is perfect for the Yankees, and their fans, as after three years catching, he can play first with Tex’s deal expiring and Sanchez can catch, hopefully at an all-star level.
        This also means that the 189 is out the window, thankfully. It may be resurrected if A-Rod gets his suspension, but that also will be a positive.
        I am very happy that management did not wait on a Cano deal or an A-Rod resolution to act, because that may left them holding the proverbial bag of **** of low-level performers.
        Now lets fill in the other holes, especially the Bullpen which seems to be overlooked in these comments. Bullpen wins more games than people realize, e.g., the WS when the winning team, which shall remain nameless, excelled.
        Now,if we lose Cano, we can replace him with a Choo-Infante combo, for similar dollars.

  34. Brian Cashman Sucks says:

    Source: McCann deal with #Yankees is 5/85 with sixth-year vesting option that could bring it to 6/100

  35. mustang says:

    If this happens I wouldn’t surprise to see a trade soon after too many catchers and catching is a big need.

    • CountryClub says:

      They really don’t have too many catcher. Murphy back to AAA and Romine as the backup in majors. Cervelli gets released. I guess you could trade him for a guy in low minors.

      • mustang says:

        Cervelli is not getting released. How many more years are they going to keep Murphy at AAA and Gary Sánchez is right up his ass. How is Romine going to develop as back-up usually those guys are the Stew types.

        • CountryClub says:

          How many more years? Murphy played like 60 games in AAA last yr. A whole season there will do him good. And Sanchez is at least 2 years from the majors.

          Personally, I think Cervelli is the odd man out. But I guess it could be Romine. In either case, they’re not getting much at all in a trade.

  36. pat says:

    .256/.336/.461 last year. Can’t wait until that regresses to .200/.300./.400. Oh wait, that’s what he did the year before. Bad body, with a history of injuries. Not a fan of this deal at all.

    • steve (different one) says:

      I agree, lefty hitters with power usually do terribly in Yankee stadium.

      • FIPster Doofus says:

        I expect McCann to benefit from Yankee Stadium, but Pat isn’t wrong to think this signing sucks. He’s right that McCann stunk in 2012 and, body-wise, isn’t exactly a Greek god.

        I kind of hate this move.

        • steve (different one) says:

          he stunk in 2012 because he was hurt. he got surgery, was healthy in 2013 and was good again.

          in other words, he “regressed” in 2013. that’s what “regressed” means. tending back towards your career norms, good or bad.

          he’s had one bad year, ever. and now that is the guaranteed new expectation?

        • Need Pitching & Hitting says:

          He stunk in 2012 because he was injured.
          Not because he couldn’t hit.
          Obviously injuries are still a concern, but this is a major upgrade.
          If their farm could actually produce any impact players, they could avoid having to make deals like this to build a serious contender, but alas…

        • forensic says:

          body-wise, isn’t exactly a Greek god.

          Well, the only Greek god in baseball keeps having back issues and getting hurt, so maybe that’s actually a good thing…

        • Mr. Roth says:

          Yeah, Stewvelli would have been way better.

          Moves that add a bat to the middle of the order and make the team better are horseshit.

          • forensic says:

            Why is it so hard for people to understand that there is more some people consider than just what may happen on the field?

            • Havok9120 says:

              The same reason it is so difficult for some to understand that more goes on behind the scenes than we know or that not everyone prefers to put the worst possible spin on every development.

              Nuance dies quickly on teh interwebz.

          • FIPster Doofus says:

            I like how the only choices were Stewvelli or McCann, and if you’re anti-giving McCann $85 mill, you’re automatically pro-Stewvelli.

            • Mr. Roth says:

              Yeah you’re right. There’s an enormous amount of catching options available this offseason.

              I understand that there is more to consider than just the on the field aspect.

    • JGYank says:

      With the help of our ballpark, McCann should do fine offensively for a catcher. Especially comparing him to what we had last year. It’s his defense and durability I’m worried about.

    • Mr. Roth says:

      He was a 122 wRC+ player last year. 2012 is clearly an outlier when you look at his career stats, but even .200/.300./.400 with 20 HRs and solid defense is an upgrade from what we got from our catchers this year.

  37. Claydavis says:

    What recent first round pick has made any significant contribution? Until they learn how to effectively groom prospects, have no qualms giving up the pick.

  38. Pacman says:

    Yes! Get the deal done! Grit. Fiery. A leader. He will catch! Some dh eventually some 1b. Needed. The young guns are that young and up and coming. McCann is proven! Thank you cash!

  39. Kevin says:

    Can confirm McCann’s deal is 5 yr/$85M. There’s a vesting option for a 6th year that would make it 6/$100M. 1st reported by

    There it is.

  40. mustang says:

    The deal is for five years and $85MM and has a sixth-year vesting option that could boost the contract’s value to $100MM, Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports tweets. The deal is simply pending a physical, Rosenthal adds in a second tweet.

  41. mitch says:

    Very happy about the deal. Can’t make a much bigger upgrade than Stew to McCann

  42. Kevin says:

    I wonder who wins the right to be McCanns backup during ST.

    • Havok9120 says:

      Yeah. Be interesting whether they break in Romine under him and keep Cervelli playing everyday in AAA or just use Cervelli as his caddy.

    • forensic says:

      Hopefully this makes it a very safe bet that Stewart gets non-tendered. The real question will be if they also non-tender Cervelli (which they’ve said they likely won’t do) now and let the winner of Romine/Murphy back-up.

      Keeping Cervelli too, while likely giving the best production in the bigs, also puts five catchers on the 40-man, and that seems much less than ideal to me.

  43. ingo b says:

    This is good of it’s a full measure. It’s monumentally stupid if it’s a half measure.

  44. Kevin G. says:

    Glad to see we got a suitable backup for Chris Stewart

  45. Baked mcbride says:

    We are gonna plunk and back off a lot more hitters next year

    McCann doesn’t take any shit

  46. forensic says:

    Not a huge fan of the deal. Yeah, he’s (theoretically) a big upgrade for them right now, but I don’t like the years and even the money. I think there’s a ton of risk both in terms of injuries and becoming a platoon player (though, yes, that’s a little less of an issue for a catcher vs. an everyday player, but the problem is still present, especially late in games).

  47. mustang says:

    Carlos Ruiz got 26 for 3 thats 8.6 a year double that times 5 years its 86.6 million plus some incentives to reach 90.

    I wasn’t to far off its the going rate boys thank the Philly for that.

  48. Pacman says:

    McCann, Stewart is a ?, cervelli, romine , Murphy, Sanchez…solid core group…trade possibly too…

  49. Need Pitching & Hitting says:

    Really wish they would/could avoid the full NTC’s.

    • RetroRob says:

      I agree, although no trade clauses are mostly meaningless as we just saw with Fielder. Just leverage for the player if the team comes and asks for it to be waived.

  50. Chris Stewart says:


  51. Reggie C. says:

    This is a good night for the organization. Memories don’t run short on this blog, but lets reiterate the obvious: the Yankees simply did not produce anything out of the catching spot last season aggravating the effect injuries took to Teix, Grandy, and DJ. McCann should be able to replicate his offensive prowress and probably improve on the power numbers if anything.

    JR Murphy might be a tad disappointed bc he really upped his prospect-dom with marked improvement in his offensive game. Eventually, I’m sure teams will call the Yankees to see if Murphy is available, especially if Murphy can maintain his ’13 numbers next season as he stays in AAA. The Yankees have some flexibility now to trade from the catching position.

  52. CountryClub says:

    @JonHeymanCBS: McCann will be 1) great in yankee clubhouse, 2) greater still in that park. He’s become deal pull hitter..

    @McCulloughSL: One evaluator on McCann: “He’s made for New York.” Scouts gushing about how his swing will play in Yankee Stadium.

  53. Eselquetodolosabe says:

    Prelude to a trade of quality surplus ? Romine, Murphy…, maybe even Sanchez ?

    • CashmanNinja says:

      I think Murphy suddenly becomes the hot trade chip. He isn’t quite Gary Sanchez’s level, but he’s definitely above Romine and Cervelli. I wish we could keep him, but I also wouldn’t want him to rot away in the minors either.

    • mustang says:


      Lets see where this end before calling this one.

  54. mustang says:

    Isn’t funny how the Yankees make a big signing when season ticket payments are due in by 12/6.


  55. Midland TX says:

    How much is $17mm in 2014 A-Rod games suspended? Did they just spend a celery cap amount equivalent, say, to 100-game suspension?

  56. Mike says:

    Ok…help me out here. I’m not up-to-date on how the new compensation thing works. What does NY lose for this…their 1st rounder?

  57. MartinRanger says:

    You cannot get big free agents in this market without overpaying on years or dollars. The Yankees were hardly the one ones in on McCann.

    He’s a 29 year old catcher who becomes the second best hitter on the team assuming Cano resigns.

    We’re basically getting Posada back. At a bit of a higher cost, but he’s a better defender. He’s a bit of an injury risk, but the Yankees were not going to do better and would have lost out had they waited for the price to come down. Maybe even to the Red Sox.

  58. Dan says:

    I really like this deal. Obviously it’s a lot of money, but late in the contract he’ll be past the DH log jam and can get time there. Plus he can school everyone on baseball’s unwritten rules.

  59. CountryClub says:

    I guess I’m in the minority but I don’t see any reason to trade Sanchez or Murphy. Both obviously have options and relatively high ceilings. Let them develop.

  60. Billy says:

    From what I’ve heard, McCann is a fiery clubhouse leader type. Hopefully he’ll come close to what Posada gave the team during his tenure…

  61. hogsmog says:

    Ahh come on, don’t give me the free agent blueballs. STOP TOYING WITH ME, ROSENTHAL.

  62. Wheels says:

    Yes we McCann.

  63. pHIL says:

    Mccann 2 years full time catcher …..Sanchez AA in 2014 and AAA in 2015 Mccann and Sanchez share C / DH in 2016 ….Tex gone after 2016 ..Mccann to first base…2017 Sanchez full time catcher….

    • CountryClub says:

      Certainly plausible

    • hogsmog says:

      Something I feel like people should consider is that, in the awesome circumstance that Sanchez develops on schedule and actually becomes a better option than McCann, McCann can also be traded. Just because this contract is 5 years doesn’t mean he’ll be a Yankee the whole time. Sure they might have to eat some salary, but it’s not like they have to play roster shenanigans.

      • forensic says:

        McCann can also be traded.


        Jon Heyman reports that McCann gets a full no-trade clause.

        • CountryClub says:

          Yeah, but players wave them all the time.

        • Havok9120 says:

          Which gives him a veto without completely negating the possibility.

          Sure, such a trade would be as longshot and not something to be counted on, but it still deserves mention. NTCs, even 10 and 5 rights, don’t make trades impossible.

          • forensic says:

            Yes, players can waive them and it’s not impossible. But, either way, good luck trading him while making $17 million a year if he’s dropped enough that he’s clearly worse than Sanchez within the next group of years.

            • Havok9120 says:

              Like I said, I agree it’s a longshot and not something to be counted on.

              Which still doesn’t mean the “stupid Yankees always give NTCs, oh god why” crowd shouldn’t be informed that the NTC doesn’t mean what so many of them seem to be assuming it does.

            • CountryClub says:

              I hear ya, but yanks will happily eat 5 mil a year for a yr or two if Sanchez developed enough to be a starting catcher.

  64. Leg-End says:

    We have just upgraded a black hole in the lineup, another season of watching Stewart wasn’t going to be good for any of our health or the game chats.

    Now go get Choo.

    • forensic says:

      I want Choo even less now. There are only so many platoon players you can afford to have on your roster.

    • Havok9120 says:

      I’d probably prefer Beltran, even at three years (which I’d dislike pretty stongly) over what Choo is gonna get in this market.

      • MartinRanger says:

        I think Beltran for three years is worth the risk. He’s as good a hitter now as he’s been his entire career. I think you get two really good years out of him, and maybe one bad one. In any case, he’s not around long enough to become a huge drag. Choo, on the other hand…

        • MartinRanger says:

          Okay I underestimated Beltran’s peak with the Mets. But that doesn’t change my mind.

        • Havok9120 says:

          I hope your right. I don’t think two years gets Beltran and I want him anyway.

          And yeah, I’ve never like Choo at all. I’m probably just a racist.

    • Deep Thoughts says:

      No more multiyear deals for limited platoon corner OFs please.

  65. JGYank says:

    I’m just glad we have one less black hole in the lineup and can focus on pitching, an outfielder, Cano/2B, and the left side of the infield. The pen is the smallest priority IMO since we might be able to scrape together a pen last minute and I trust Robertson.

    The deal is a slight overpay to me, and it makes me wish we kept Martin to help lower payroll, but it’s still a nice improvement whether McCann is worth it or not. FA prices have increased so I guess this was to be expected.

    Found this on McCann. To sum it up, good at blocking balls in the dirt, not great but not terrible either at throwing out runners. Probably an above average pitch caller.

  66. hogsmog says:

    Something to be happy (and a little sad) about- if McCann repeats last year’s performance, he’s hands down better offensively than anyone on the 2013 roster not named Cano.

  67. Daniel says:

    I really don’t like this signing on the Yankees part. I think McCann will be very good with the short porch but he’s been hurt and that is the last thing the Yankees need: another aging injury-prone player clogging up salary space. The yankees need to rebuild and rejuvenate the roster with some youth and giving McCann 5 yrs doesn’t allow us to see what Murphy, Sanchez and O’Brien could be. I’d even have been in favor of giving Murphy a shot in Spring Training. The kid can really hit and has potential to an above average/average future big league catcher and he’s young.

    • hogsmog says:

      If McCann is still doing a good enough job to block Sanchez in three years, then the contract was already a success.

    • Havok9120 says:

      Even if he’s an exceptionally durable full time catcher over the next several years, that still leaves someone else playing the position twenty percent of the time or so. Sanchez is years away, at best. O’Brien looks unlikely to stick at the position, and Murphy needs at least a year in AAA and then some time getting seasoned in the MLB, which Romine may be getting this season.

      Sure, there’s probably one odd man out in the catching situation right now, but lets not act like Murphy, Romine, or anyone else has forced their hand with out-of-this-world play.

  68. MartinRanger says:

    This does have some effect on the Cano negotiations: is McCann as good as Cano? Of course not. But if they were to sign Beltran, the offense is not going to exactly be punchless. The Yankees are a whole lot better with Cano. But maybe he’s not the franchise-breaking piece that he was when he hit free agency. You’d better bet the Yankees will emphasize that. Cano will go for the market rate, but this lessens the chance he goes for significantly above that, at least from the Yankees.

    • Havok9120 says:

      Also shows they aren’t waiting on him. He wants to drag this out to January, he better be ready for the Yanks to have moved on and tried other things.

      At least that’s what will happen when they’re giving him the stick. When they’re waving the carrot around it’ll be all “See? We’re making an effort to build a team around you that can win.”

      • MartinRanger says:

        “Also shows they aren’t waiting on him. He wants to drag this out to January, he better be ready for the Yanks to have moved on and tried other things.”

        I was basically expecting this to happen. That all the good FAs would sign while the Yankees were waiting for Cano to be reasonable. I’m stunned they actually did this. I bet Cano’s camp probably feels the same way.

        • Havok9120 says:

          A lot of fans, especially on here, seemed to agree with you. I was terrified that they were right, but I honestly thought they’d learned their lesson last offseason when the checklist-style offseason blueprint backfired so badly.

  69. CountryClub says:

    @Joelsherman1: #Yankees offered McCann $82.5M, his side said if get to $85M it is deal. And that makes agreement. #braves

  70. CountryClub says:

    @PeteAbe: It’s almost hard to explain how much of an upgrade this is for the Yankees offensively compared to last year. About as good as it gets.

  71. Joe says:

    Well I don’t like move to acquire him. I would have just bitten the bullet and just lived with what I got from the young players (good or bad). Fans wouldn’t like it, but that’s tough. Fans shouldn’t be entitled to dictate to a gm and owner that a winning team must be put on the field every year. If fans can’t accept a couple of years of rebuilding and encountering any growing pains, then they are not true fans. Sometimes you just have to accept losing the battle in the short term in order to win the war in the long run. The problem is Hal overreacts when they miss the playoffs or the Red Sox win the title that he has to make a splash and give out big contracts. Who cares about what money is being spent on players, it’s all about the years and age. The idea of free agency got old 4 years ago, just like Hal has. Five years for an overweight catcher LOL.

    • Havok9120 says:

      I like how, in your mind, Hal has become The Boss Part Zwei with this one signing.

      Does this mean George is no longer rolling in his grave?

    • Robinson Tilapia says:

      Fans shouldn’t dictate what’s right. Neither should ownership. Only Joe/John/Peter/Adam/Calvin should.

  72. EndlessJose says:

    McCann is insurance for Cano. Cano is a great hitter but isn’t a Pujols and Miggy type player and McCann is a player in Cano’s class.

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