Thursday Night Open Thread


Yankee Stadium has undergone it’s annual transformation from baseball field to football field in advance of … something. The Pinstripe Bowl isn’t until late-December, but I guess they’re playing another game(s) this month. A quick Googling gave me nothing. In January, the football field will be replaced by a hockey rink for two games. I bought my tickets for Rangers-Devils today ($505 for a pair!). Better be worth it. (It will.)

Use this as your open thread for the night. Redskins-Vikings is the Thursday NFL game plus all three hockey locals are in action. Talk about any and all of that right here. Go nuts.

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  • forensic

    Wow, is this post from Chad Jennings depressing. I mean, we all know the Yankees couldn’t hit this year, but actually looking at their individual ranks really shows how terrible they were.

    Don’t qualify at one position, four spots were dead last, another one second worst, and another one fourth worst. That leaves only Cano and Gardner.


  • Bob Buttons

    A little friendly game between the 40-men rosters with bounty to hit ARod hard?

  • Samuel

    Yankee prospects in AFL are playing on MLB Network right now