Yankees met with Robinson Cano today, still far apart in contract talks

What Went Wrong: The Spare Parts
Tuesday Night Open Thread

According to multiple reports, the Yankees met with Robinson Cano‘s representatives today to continue contract negotiations. It’s unclear if the two sides made any progress towards a deal, but the “gap is still very substantial.” They’ll talk again tomorrow before presumably breaking for the Thanksgiving holiday. As Joe wrote yesterday, the Yankees have been playing hardball with Cano and there’s a chance it will work to the benefit of all involved. The team has to continue to move forward and address their other needs though, they can’t wait around forever.

What Went Wrong: The Spare Parts
Tuesday Night Open Thread
  • jsbrendog
  • Robinson Tilapia

    Same shit, different day.

    Law, sausage, and MLB contract negotitiations.

    • Pat D

      I’m sorry, the phrase you were looking for was “baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet.”


    • Griffey’s Grotesquely Swollen Jaw

      “Law, sausage, and MLB contract negotitiations.”

      Name three of Scott Boras’s favorite things. Hi-yo

      • Robinson Tilapia

        OMG. That screen name.

  • MC

    It’s becoming increasingly clear that there are 2 or 3 teams sitting on the sideline watching this play out. There was a poll on ESPN today, which produced about 19k votes as of now and nearly 60% of the people think he’s playing somewhere else, as I do. Sure, logically, the Yanks make sense for a lot of reasons, but I think we’re on the verge of another Hamilton signing with the Angels out of nowhere scenario. I remember when that happened last year and I was literally blindsided by it. Long story short, I think Cano will sign elsewhere.

    Theoretically, the Yanks could take Kemp and $20mm from the Dodgers and sign Infante (3 years $36mm) pass on Beltran, not forfeit another pick, get picks in return for Cano, Grandy, sign Kuroda and Tanaka and fill out the remainder of the bench. Not terrible. For a $150mm you get a pretty nice 2nd baseman to hold to the spot for a few years and a former MVP runner up or Cano and $250mm and well…I don’t know.

    • Dave

      What makes you think we can trade for Kemp? I don’t think the Dodgers are just handing Kemp away as a salary dump.

      • MC

        I should have said “acquire” not take. My bad. That said, its well known that Dodgers have 5 outfielders for 3 spots. As its been written, Kemp is the most moveable and likely to go. The Yanks could match up and yes, to an extent it is to make some room with Dodger patroll since they have more pressing needs opening up, such as their infield and lock up Kershaw. Wouldn’t it be interesting if they trade Kemp to the Yanks only to turn around and sign Cano? Not as crazy as it seems. Doesn’t it all make sense on the surface, no, not really. As for what it takes? Not too much. As it’s already been said. Maybe a Mason Williams, David Phelps package for Kemp and $20mm. Shit, maybe Pineda would interest them. No joke, on any of this.

        • MC

          Damn, really need an edit button. Hopefully you got the point.

        • MannyGeee

          I would actually argue that Kemp is their LEAST movable, with that contract. But also their best.

          Nope, I think if the Dodgers are moving an outfielder, its going to be Ethier. They’ll eat the money and get out of that debacle.

        • Dave

          Can we pull off a sign and trade deal with Cano? Oh yeah, this isn’t the NBA…

          I hear you though — definitely a Plan B to getting Cano under contract, but if they were open to talking it would be an interesting pursuit.

    • pat

      Using ESPN, yet alone their commenters as a barometer for anything is, shall we say… foolish.

      • Pat D

        And that poll he mentioned was merely people on the internet, not their analysts.

        • MannyGeee

          I also wouldn’t trust their analysts, but thats a story for another day.

  • TWTR

    Overpay in dollars, not in years.

  • Blake

    Could see the Nats jumping in at some point and really muddying the waters for Cano…..they have money, want to win now, and the need. This is why the Yanks need to resolve this as quickly as they can….the longer he’s out there the more opportunity and greater the temptation there will be for that one dumb owner to act dumbly

    • Hal Steinbrenner

      I’ve been that one dumb owner on multiple occasions. Be careful what you wish for in our organization’s ownership to resolve this as quickly as they can. You may not like what we do.

    • Tisha

      Let some other team take him than. Hal blew this big time. He should have re-extended Cano in 2010 through 2018 and we would not be going this nonsense,

  • There’s the Door

    In the end, the Yankees will offer the most money and that’s the only reason Cano will stay. The question is, how far above everybody else will the Yankees bid? It’s a test of front-office business acumen, which should worry any Yankee fan.
    I would like to see them offer 7/165, tell Team Cano it’s the final offer, and put a 48 hour clock on it. Enough of this bullshit.

    • MC

      “In the end, the Yankees will offer the most money and that’s the only reason Cano will stay. ”

      I’m guessing today is the first time you picked up a newspaper in the last 5 months.

    • Havok9120

      “Enough of this BS.”

      It’s not even December yet. Have you forgotten how the offseasons usually go in the MLB? Why are you expecting the best player available to sign before the Winter Meetings?

      • There’s the Door

        Exactly my point. Take the leverage now and avoid repeating the mistakes of the past. Either he signs or (unlikely) he walks. But if he signs its on terms you can live with, and if he walks you aren’t hamstrung for the next two months while Roc tries to do its best Boras impression.

        For the record, when Bernie Williams resigned it was on Thanksgiving week.

        • Tisha

          Bernie resigned Thanksgiving weekend because he really wanted to stay a Yankee. Cano has no loyalty .

  • I’m One

    I can really see this going either way (keeping Cnao or letting him go). My guess is this week’s talks lead nowhere and the Yankees continue their persuit of Beltran and then pitching, while also keeping in touch with Infante and other 2B options. I believe they’ll make a last contact with Cano before signing someone to replace him, but also suspect they’ll try to wrap this up one way or another before the new year.

    • I’m One

      And of course, these are purely my guesses. I’m quite capable of being totally off base. :-)

  • cashjr

    Obviously so much of this is negotiation rhetoric, but since when is “we’re not willing to negotiate higher than the already highest offer you’ve yet to receive” count as playing hardball. Can’t blame Cano for trying to find out what the market is, even if his agents have to create it (that’s what they are there for of course), but also can’t blame the Yanks for not negotiating against themselves. The Yanks may already be at (or possibly above) the market if no one is willing to offer more. Also I would hate for Cano to take the Yanks “hardball” offer and then be disgruntled since they didn’t give him more (just because his agents tell him he deserves it). Imagine having a guy who thinks: “I’m mad at you since you didn’t pay me more than anyone else was willing to pay me”. I agree that Cano shouldn’t give a hometown discount, but it works both ways in that the Yanks shouldn’t have to give him a hometown premium.

  • EndlessJose

    Hopefully a team will be stupid and give Cano over $200 million.

    • rogue

      I hope that team isn’t the Yankees.

      While we’re at it, just say “no” to Beltran, too.

      • MannyGeee

        Because that’s what the Red Sox would do?

  • stuart a

    real hard ball giving him what $150 mill over 7 years..

    9 times out of 10 yanks are more then generous to there players. only players who get screwed are the guys who have played under 4 years..

    cano would be smart to take a nice Yankee offer and leave some coin on the table, there is absolutely no chance he does that. he will try to get every last penny. after all how can he live on only $150 mill…

    • MannyGeee

      Yup, because stuart a would walk away from $30-150M (depending on which side of the bargaining table you’re on) if you had the opportunity. You’re that nice of a dude, and the precedent has been set by so many athletes before him.

  • stuart a

    beltran 3 years no thanks..

    2 years is enough…

  • L.S. & MLB C.C.

    It’s just Cano’s lack of hustle to get things done that is dragging the negotiations on.

    • Nathan

      I lol’d

    • jb

      that is funny!

  • Bobby d

    I hope the yanks continue to play hardball with Cano here, they have all the leverage. There is no way Cano wants to leave New York. Using Pedroias contract as a guide the yanks are being extremely generous. He is a great player but I don’t remember seeing him ever hit like Cabrera or Ortiz in the post season. Let’s see if anyone else gives him an offer. I’m sure the yanks will match it unless it’s ridiculous. Seven years and 182 is the highest they should go.

  • Poconos Adam

    So what are Cano’s options?

    1) Negotiate with the Yanks, take far less than JZ publicly said they wanted and declare “hometown discount”
    2) Blow off the Yanks and go see who else can meet his demands….and there may be what? The Dodgers….? And they won’t take him unless they can first unload actual salary already on their roster.
    3) Realize the market isn’t coming to him and take a 1 year deal from someone (not the Yankees) and try again next off-season? Man….that would be ballsy and uber risky.

    Hard to see #1 not playing out.

    • There’s the Door


  • Jimmy Page

    I thought McCann was taking his physical this morning? (according to a NY Post reporter). Why is there no official announcement? Did he pass?

    • Dave

      In case you didn’t read the post, this thread is about Cano, not McCann. Since you asked though, it was delayed due to travel issues (weather).

    • Jimmy

      Jimmy Page the guitar player?????

  • David in Cal

    I expect Cano to get a premium from the Yanks simply by holding out. Yes, the Yanks could sign someone else, and Cano might wind up with a worse deal than the Yanks had offered. That’s a kind of lose-lose resolution. But, Cano knows the Yanks will cave.

    At some point, the Yanks have to walk way from a super-star. Nobody will believe they’ll do that until it actually happens for the first time. In retrospect, they shouldn’t have given ARod the ridiculous 10 years and they shouldn’t have given CC another year, and they shouldn’t have signed Jeter up through 2014 for big bucks. These bad experiences might motivate them to walk away from Cano, but I doubt it.

  • Ziggy Barone

    Kemp would have to come real cheap…with Dodgers sending money and only taking 1 middle prospect and a low-end prospect. As far as Cano: I have been preaching this for a long time now:

    The Yankee Front Office has to manage Cano instead of being managed. Why do all of these powerful people become wimps when it comes
    to FA signings? Offer Cano 3-4 yrs at 22m and give him 48hrs to answer.
    A little history: Mr. Cano has a lifetime .222 post-season average (He hit .136 in the 2009 WS). If he says no sign Infante..The Yanks have to move on. Right now they can’t win a WS with or without Cano. The need more pitching. So…3-4 yrs at 22m max…48 hrs to answers…problem solved one way or the other.

    Sign Mark Reynolds to replace A-Rod…at least PT and Tex (who knows what he will bring? And he is a very slow starter). If A-Rod comes back…he will hopefully he will
    bring something.

    We need pitching more than we need Beltran or Kemp (he is getting old fast). We already have Senior OFs: Ichiro; Wells and Soriano…we don’t need another aged OF who is injury prone. Try to Sign Garza.
    If we get Tanaka all the better. We need more than 1 starter anyway.

    We have McCann (this will take some of the offensive heat off a replacement 2bman)…

    What we don’t need is a DH…we already have several: Jeter; Wells;
    Ichiro; Tex; McCann A-Rod(?)

  • mustang

    8 years 200 million TOPS!!!!!

    The longer Cano waits and more people sign the more this number drops.

  • Joseph

    I think a really wild scenario is Cano and his reps saving some face and signing a 1 year 30 million dollar deal with the Dodgers to try and win a ring. Then the Dodgers will decide next year to re-up either Ramirez or Cano depending on health of the players and etc.

    • mustang

      I have a real nice bridge in Brooklyn that i’m selling for cheap.

  • stuart a

    kemp and steroids. think about it monster year about 3 years ago. signs new deal, breaking down all over the place. he is not that old.

    cano taking less would be insane!!!no it wouldn’t he is just greedy like almost all of them. sure easy for me to say I have never had the oppty. to leave $39 mill on the table, sure I would be pissed if I only received $140 mill.

    think about that insanity. 1 day one of these guys will take less and will be applauded for it and will not be a fool either. and if they have half a brain they will be able to support there family and at least 3 addtl generations easily….

  • Grover

    I’ll rest easier on Cano once the Dodgers resign Uribe. Pretty difficult for Jay Z to make Cano a media star in Arlington, Detroit or anywhere else not LA or New York. There exists a excellent opportunity for the Dodgers and Yankees to collude on Cano in preparation for extensions with Kershaw and Ramirez, Tanaka’s posting fee sweepstakes and to assist each other in filling out their respective rosters via a financially motivated trade. I’m guessing it might begin with the inclusion of Vernon Wells and Andre Ethier but the possibilities are many.

  • michael

    Cano and JZ,what an immature combination.Cano has shown that he is easily swayed by JZ,asking 300 mil and 10 years is crazy,who do they think they are,no wonder no other team has made an offer,After Cano gets his big contract,him and JZ will have a lot of funn and the Yankees will be sitting on another worthless contract for years to come.