Rosenthal: MLBPA expects Gardner’s salary to be higher than projected in 2014

Yanks waiting on A-Rod decision for further improvement
Video: Carlos Beltran's introductory press conference

Via Ken Rosenthal: The players’ union expects Brett Gardner‘s salary for next season to be “considerably higher” than the $4M projected by Matt Swartz. Rosenthal notes Michael Bourn, a more prolific base-stealer who had a lower career OBP and SLG than Gardner, earned $6.845M in his final trip through arbitration two years ago.

Gardner, 30, hit .273/.344/.416 (108 wRC+) with eight homers and 24 steals this past season. His skillset — okay AVG, good OBP, little power, good amount of steals, great defense — is not one that pays well through the archaic arbitration system, which loves things like homers and RBI and awards. The injuries, particularly the lost 2012 season, will hurt his earning power as well. Gardner made $2.85M in 2013 and the projected $1.15M raise does seem a little light to me. We’ll find out how each side values him when they file their arbitration numbers next month.

Yanks waiting on A-Rod decision for further improvement
Video: Carlos Beltran's introductory press conference
  • vicki

    “if they love outfielder brett gardner so much, then they should sign him long-term.”

    i realized earlier in the off-season how sad i’ll be if the yankees trade ggbg, or let him walk.

    • I’m One

      Besides Jeter, the only other home-grown every day player.

      • Mike

        Even the World Series champions have mostly mercenaries in their lineup.

        I still want to keep Gardner though.

      • forensic

        Besides Jeter, the only other home-grown every day player.

        In other words, the only home-gown everyday player.


      • Uh Dinnings

        Nope. Alfonso Soriano. Japanese League doesn’t count.

  • Santa’s Elf Cashman

    189 DEAD

  • The Great Gonzo

    PLOT TWIST: The Yankees trade Brett Gardner for salary relief. BOOM

  • TWTR

    Since Gardner has had some injury issues over the last few years, maybe he would be interested in being extended at less than he might get if he hit free agency.

  • RetroRob

    Wait, so the players’ union is responding to a projection system from

    Beyond that, what is Brett Gardner going to get as a free agent based on what first Bourne got and now Ellsbury. He might be lesser than Ellsbury, but by how much?

    • TWTR

      Maybe I’m wrong, but I suspect that Ellsbury’s 2011 season is a major reason why he got significantly more than Gardner could hope to achieve, because there may be the belief (reasonable-based or not) that the “freak injuries” have prevented him from reaching his full potential, and a consistent 120ish OPS+ type of player is still possible.

    • forensic

      I think Gardner will probably come in right above Bourn. Typically, I would put him a little below just based on numbers and possibly skill, but given the recent inflation in the league, I think it’ll bump Gardner back up towards/above Bourn. That puts him in the $12-$13 million area, maybe.

      There’s no way he approaches the $21 million that the Yankees absurdly gave Ellsbury, of course there’s no way he should’ve been up there, IMO, either. If not for his among the most fluky years ever, I’d be very interested to have seen what Ellsbury would’ve gotten. Maybe in the area of $15-$16 million instead?

      I think Gardner would end up between Bourn and what I think would be more realistic for Ellsbury.

  • I’m a looser and a trader baby so why don’t you kill me?

    What would the Yanks record be if we started 8 GGBGs -+ the SP every day?

  • Uh Dinnings

    Gardner’s a goner.

    He will figure he’s worth at least half of what the Yankees gave Ellbury and why not when his career OBP is higher than Ellsbury’s?

    Good job Cashman. Way to overpay for Ellsbury, idiot.

    I like Ellsbury alot but he is not worth anywhere close to $153M.