It’s official: Expanded replay coming to MLB in 2014

Sorting out the projected Triple-A Scranton roster
Yankees sign Frankie Cervelli to one-year deal, avoid arbitration

Expanded instant replay has been officially approved for the 2014 season, MLB announced. The owners, players’ union, and umpires’ union all had to sign off on the new system before it could be implemented. Replays will be conducted at the league’s central office in New York, not on-site by the umpires.

The system is explained here. Here’s the short version: Managers get two challenges per game, but they lose the second challenge if the first is unsuccessful. Kinda silly, but whatever. The crew chief can elect to review any play from the seventh inning on without a manager’s challenge. The full list of reviewable plays are right here and notice that the neighborhood play at second base is not reviewable. That could have created some headaches. Clubs are now allowed to show any and all replays on the ballpark scoreboard, even those that were not reviewed. That’s neat. It’s not a perfect system but it is progress.

Sorting out the projected Triple-A Scranton roster
Yankees sign Frankie Cervelli to one-year deal, avoid arbitration
  • Ben

    While not a perfect system, it’s a great step in teh right direction. I thought we were still 4-5 years away from having expanded replay.

  • JJK5

    Obviously you don’t want to get 2nd basemen and shortstops killed, but still allowing the neighborhood play is kinda comical, given you’re going to the replay system to get more calls right. Leagues usually don’t go on record as saying they’ll allow illegal plays to occur on the field, which is basically what MLB is doing here. What happens if an obvious missed swipe isn’t called that costs a team a game? Nothing, that’s what, cause for some reason that play is special.

    • Laz

      I get the idea of the neighborhood play, and can understand the usage. My problem is in the application of it. Sometimes umpires will call it when the fielder is nowhere close to the base, and it doesn’t look like they could even reach it if they tried, and that is the problem. If you are 6 inches away that is fine, but when you are 2 feet from base and that is an out?

      • JJK5

        I’ve got a funny feeling that’s going to happen a few too many times, and they’re gonna have to look into doing something about it in the next offseason or two. Having been a middle infielder until I smartened up and moved to third base, I totally get the neighborhood play, I just think it’s kinda funny that the idea is to get everything right…except for that, no we’ll all whistle past the graveyard on that play, nothing to see here, keep moving.

  • Dalek Jeter

    One interesting aspect that I haven’t heard anybody talk about is managers arguing. Will they still be allowed to? I mean if I was an umpire and a manager came out to argue a call I’d just be like “challenge it, leave, or get tossed.” Every time.

    • JGYank

      They will still argue balls and strikes. They will probably argue after they used up their challenges, but the umps can review plays during or after the seventh inning anyway without a challenge. So there will be much less arguing which will save some time.

  • RetroRobot

    Robot umpires. No need for replay!

    Hal approves. I approve.

  • Roadgeek Adam

    So now how do we get to try to ear hell Angel Hernandez?

  • Farewell Mo

    Clubs can’t show replays on the stadium scoreboard?

    That kind of sucks, no?

    • Farewell Mo

      Either my eyes are going or Mike changed a “not” to a “now”

  • Wheels

    I wonder how a manager signals to umps that he wants to make a challenge. A red flag thrown onto the field? Maybe just verbally?

  • Wheels

    Read the details, verbally to the Crew Chief.

  • Deep Thoughts

    Will there be cameras pointed at the dugouts to look for players chewing gummies or sucking on troches?

  • Jarrod

    The guidelines around what will be considered a “timely manner” will be interesting to see.

    Surely all 30 clubs will now have someone reviewing every play within seconds of it happening – that person can then advise a Manager about when to challenge and when not to.

  • mko

    In my opinion it’s silly to limit the number of challenges to two (or at worst one).

    Also, the crew chief should always be allowed to get a video review, not just from the 7th inning on.