Jeter begins baseball activites in Tampa

Monday Night Open Thread
Tanaka or no Tanaka, Yankees need Sabathia to rebound to contend in 2014

As expected, Derek Jeter started baseball activities today in preparation for the upcoming season, reports the Associated Press. He hit off a tee and fielded over 100 grounders at the team’s minor league complex in Tampa. “It’s good to have a normal offseason and get some work in,” said the Cap’n. “Everything is normal now.”

Normally a player starting his offseason routine is not newsworthy, but Jeter is different this year. He will turn 40 this summer and he missed all but 17 games due to various leg injuries last year, including the fractured ankle he suffered during the 2012 ALCS and a subsequent setback. Jeter did not begin baseball workouts until early-March last year, so he’s well ahead of that schedule. As he said, this is a normal offseason for him, something he didn’t have a year ago.

Monday Night Open Thread
Tanaka or no Tanaka, Yankees need Sabathia to rebound to contend in 2014
  • Required

    He had a good “BM” today. Note it on his chart.

    • Chase Whitley Streiber (AKA Electric Nunez ll)

      See? And you thought Jetes didn’t deserve a raise after last season…

  • vicki

    i can’t count how many times the captain has made me look dumb for underestimating him. here’s hoping he’s got one more in him.

  • MC

    I hope for Derek to have medium good season and remain realistic. It would be great to see as much as Jeter as possible and have him produce something in the range of .275 with about 120 hits. I could see him play in 110 or so games. We’ll see.

    It got me thinking about going forward. Let’s say he has a .275 type of season with overall decent to good production in the field and at the plate. That likely warrants another playing year, if he chooses. Sure, the Yanks may have had leverage in the past with Jeter, but I actually think that it falls back to Jeter at this point, that is, if he has a passable to decent/good season. There is no way that he would (hypothetically) state in the media “yeah, sure, I’m fine and want to play another year” and the Yanks DON’T make that happen. They would be castrated by the fan base. Obviously cost is relevant, but you figure maybe something in the range of $8mm with a handful of bonus. This is obviously getting a bit ahead of things, but you figure Jeter at a minimum could win himself a limited playing role, bench/DH spot for 2015. Should be interesting. My money is that this isn’t Jeter’s last season. 2015 will be.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      I’d have zero problem going year to year there.

  • qwerty

    Is it against the rules to carry a cane with you at SS?

    • And in merrie olde England

      Depends if he puts a glove on the end of it or not.

      • qwerty

        That would probably help with his range.

  • Kevin G.


  • nsalem

    Romeo was restless, he was ready to kill.
    He jumped out the window cause he couldn’t sit still.
    Juliet was waiting with a safety net.
    He said “Don’t bury me cause I’m not dead yet”.

    • vicki

      awesome reference. truly.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner


    • Kenny

      This board is getting very highbrow.

  • And in merrie olde England

    “Everything is normal now.” does that mean he couldn’t reach half of them?

    I hope Jeter can come back, I’d love to see him make a contribution for the team.

  • nsalem

    In all seriousnees I think that Jeter’s future with the Yankees beyond 2014 wll be tied to his ability to recognize the reality of his age and a willigness to play other less demanding postions. Omar did that and he was able to stick for 5 more years after his shortsop days were done (I’m talking about Vizquel not Little). Vizquel was able to do this because of his glove and Jeter may be able to hang around because of his bat. This being said based on the assumption that a 43 year old Jeter may still be able to outhit any other Yankee back-up candidates which is atleast a possibility.

    • vicki

      omigod, i love omar vizquel.

  • RetroRob

    Here’s hoping the Captain continues to channel the spirit of Old Aches and Pains. The more he plays at SS, the more likely that Luscious Luke will be just about his only comparable.

    • Nsalem

      Rumour has it that Appling took a gummie on the bench before he hit that home run in the all star game at age 82

  • Nsalem

    If Derek matched lukes age 41 year this year he would win or come close to getting the MVP. The only time that Derek beat that OBP was in 1999 at age 25. Would love it but seriously doubt he can come near those numbers. If he did the PED rumors would be swirling.

    • RetroRob

      I’d be happy with any years like Appling’s 39- to 42-age seasons. Jeter right now is heading into age 39/40. What’s amazing is if he was to duplicate Appling in remaining productive, he would have three to four more productive seasons in front of him. I’m certainly not predicting that, but it does remind how crazy good Appling remained into his 40s.

      Appling was a better on-base machine than Jeter. Jeter has more power.

  • OldYanksFan

    Even if Jeter could approach his surprisingly excellent 2012 year (2.2 bWar), between his age, further degraded defense, and playing 120 games or less, it would be hard for him to post even a 1.5 bWar.

    If that’s the case, is he worth a roster spot in 2015? I guess $8m wouldn’t be too much of an overpay, but it seems more like a charity move as opposed to one for the team.

  • Chris Z

    In a very odd way I am happy to see Jeter continue a “normal” decline due to age. It makes me happy that he will retire a broken down ball player with nothing left in the tank, free of PED suspicion. Another one of our core group guys who can claim with most rational fans agreeing that he did not use PED’s.

    The guys who matter to me, from my childhood have no suspicion and that’s great! Jeter, Mo, Bernie…

    If Jeter can come back great! But if not, I take comfort knowing his decline is natural.

  • jsbrendog

    “yeah jetes, yeah jetes…..”

  • Hean

    If Jetes hits .285-.310 with 10 HR, EVERYONE should be happy. I don’t give a flying turd what his bWAR or WAR is. There’s a time and place for sabermetrics and then there’s what you see and feel when watching a real all-time gamer that can’t be calculated into a computer.

    Maybe I’ve watched far too much MLB Network shows this off-season, but the stat heads like Brian Kenny claiming things like “wins are irrelevant stats for pitchers” are beginning to drive me insane.

    Compare someone like Nick Swisher vs. Paul O’Neill’s WAR in their primes and then ask yourself who you would rather have on your team in a big spot.