Teixeira acknowledges still feeling stiffness in wrist


During a recent YES Network interview (video link), Mark Teixeira acknowledged still feeling some stiffness in his surgically repaired right wrist. “Right now, I’m six months out of surgery. Will I be 100% day one? I hope so,” said Teixeira. “Even my doctor said ‘it’s going to keep getting looser, keep getting stronger’ … I’m a little anxious about the way I’m going to feel, but I know that as long as I’m doing what I’m told, doing what I’m supposed to be doing, that I should be fine.”

Teixeira, 33, missed all but 15 games last year due to wrist trouble, eventually having season-ending surgery in early-July. During the interview he said he has been taking dry swings for two months and just recently started hitting off a tee. Hitting against 90+ mph pitches is on tap for next month with game action to follow in early-March. Hearing Teixeira still has some stiffness in the wrist is disconcerting, but there is still a long way to go before Opening Day. The Yankees improved their offense this winter but they’re still going to need their first baseman to remain healthy and productive.

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  1. Dalek Jeter says:

    *gulp* I guess sign Kendrys Morales if he’s still available a month or so from now and if Teix still isn’t feeling great in the wrist area?

  2. Havok9120 says:

    Clearly and irrevocably doomed.

  3. TWTR says:

    At this point, it’s a terrible contract. I hope it looks a little less terrible as the season wears on.

  4. MB923 says:

    Do they even have a backup 1B? Not that 1B is a very difficult position to fill, heck 38 year old Jorge and 38 year old Damon played it. But still

    • Dalek Jeter says:

      I think those, along with 37 year old Gary Sheffield are perfect examples of why its better to have somebody with experience playing first base as the back up first baseman.

      • MB923 says:

        Oh I’m well aware and I agree. I’m just pointing out it’s not difficult to learn and play. I’m also just wondering if they even have a backup 1B full time anymore? As far as I know they don’t (and I’m even referring to the 40 man roster, not the 25)

        • Dalek Jeter says:

          Kelley Johnson has experience there, no? (by experience, I apparently mean 3 games last year) and Anna has seen time in the minors…that’s about all I can think of.

          • MB923 says:

            Yeah he played 1B (3 games) and 3B (16 games) for the first time (at least in MLB) last year. Probably Joe Maddon moves.

  5. King of Fruitless Hypotheticals says:

    $22.5MM until and including ’16.

    15 games played in ’13.

    If he can’t play, what happens?

  6. Steve says:

    Okay, so they need a viable backup. The issue is that it looks like they will not have room on the active roster for the back-up, so it has to be someone that would be willing to play in the minors. They should look for guys in the style of Kila Ka’aihue.

    • MB923 says:

      “The issue is that it looks like they will not have room on the active roster for the back-up, so it has to be someone that would be willing to play in the minors”

      If Nunez has at least 1 option left, then it’s gotta be him. I don’t think there is any other single position player who has options left. Correct me if I’m wrong on that.

      • CashmanNinja says:

        I wouldn’t be surprised if they traded Nunez in that situation and then added another guy to the 40 man roster. 1st base is the absolute easiest hole to fill (other than DH). Many hated Overbay, but the guy went above and beyond what was reasonably expected. Plus we always have loads of guys in the minors who could fake an average 1B and at least possibly add some pop to the lineup. Obviously everything would have to go wrong for that to happen, but it’s possible. There are always 1B castoffs at both levels.

  7. Bobby d says:

    Reynolds would have been a wise signing!

    • trr says:

      Let’s be honest, Reynolds is no saviour….

      • Yeah Reynolds would not have been a savior, but having a backup that can play either corner positions and actually have the ability hit the ball out of the park on a regular basis would have been a major asset this team desperately needs.

        • Havok9120 says:

          You’d basically be asking him to be a pure-backup who, furthermore, would need to earn the right to even that extremely limited job. Doesn’t give him much reason to sign with the Yanks.

          • I think the 3B job would have been his to lose out of ST and a pretty wide open competition. I think that the Brewers 1B job was even wider open. (giggity)

            • Havok9120 says:

              Yeah, but the Yankees pretty clearly don’t agree with that. No teams do, hence the lack of any guaranteed contracts. That the Yanks have acquired two or three bodies that they might want to try out over there wouldn’t speak well for his odds. Especially since 3B is considered more defensively important than 1B and he isn’t good at either.

              I’d have liked to have him kicking around the place. But I understand the desire to go elsewhere even if the contracts were comparable. And I’m not sure he’s the type of guy you need to blow the competing offers out of the water for.

  8. Delbert Grady says:

    And the Tex excuses begin! Since Tex has declined as a Yankee each season has a built in excuse that he and his buddies in the media cling to instead of truthfully calling this a disaster contract. One great season for 180 million is on par with Arod’s 2nd deal.

    You want my prediction for Tex’s 2014 season? The wrist will be stiff, his numbers will be horrible, we’ll keep hearing about the wrist being stiff, Girardi will insist he’s our cleanup hitter, he’ll hit .220 or less against RHP, Girardi will start batting him 3rd, the wrist stiffness will be mentioned constantly on YES and Michael Kay and maybe at the end of July they’ll get someone who can hit a baseball against RHP to play some 1b.

    Want to know what a team committed to winning does? That’s truly trying to win for their fans? They go sign Kendry Morales while he’s sitting there available for cash and some draft pick in the 3rd/4th round.

    • lightSABR says:

      And then do what with Teix? Release him? We do have a limited number of roster spots, you know.

      • Delbert Grady says:

        You deal with numbers when you see who is healthy at the end of camp. Someone always gets hurt. Tex may not even be ready to play if the wrist is “stiff”.

        When Tex pulls up lame or doesn’t produce and they blame the injury, you’ll wish they had been aggressive with Morales.

        I’d rather waive Ichiro and sign Morales. It would make the team better.

        C McCann, Backup
        1b/DH Tex, Morales
        2b Roberts
        SS Jeter, Ryan
        3b Johnson
        LF Gardner/Soriano
        CF Ellsbury
        RF Beltran

        You still have room for Jeff Baker or Nunez or Zoilo and a 12 man pitching staff if they dump Ichiro. It can be done.

    • lou says:

      Kendry Morales use to kill the Yankees. Sign him make Tex DH at the botom and trade Gardner already. Tex is gonna bad 240 with 20 dingers if **IF he can stay healthy. But by the looks of it this guy isn’t gonna be ready for a long time.

      So do the Yankees go with a platton at 1b, 2b, and 3b? What if Jeter can’t go at SS. Four positions of a cycle of platoons? HELP!

      • Havok9120 says:

        “But by the looks of it this guy isn’t gonna be ready for a long time.”

        You have no idea when he’ll be ready. None. No way of knowing from what he said how much the stiffness is effecting him, let alone if it has been an improving situation.

      • Jorge Steinbrenner says:

        Lose a pick on a guy pretty much glued to either 1B or DH, who we may not even need, and would push someone with more versatility off the roster.

        Sounds like a winning plan to me.

    • Havok9120 says:

      And why would he sign here, oh baseball sage? Sign with a team where he’d be spiting time with a guy who could at least theoretically outplay him and earn even more playing time.

      Players don’t like signing with teams just to be relegated to backup or platoon duty. Not when there are other options.

  9. trr says:

    (Bird is the word!)

    At this point, I think there is some reason for mild concern about Tex…we should be able to gauge his progress by early March, but we may have to mine the scrap heap by then….not for the first or last time, I’m sure…

    • Jorge Steinbrenner says:

      Pretty much.

      The Option B’s present are already better than last year’s. It possible the team would be able to cover any setbacks with players in camp.

  10. While I am sure this is normal for a player to still be feeling some effects of surgery some 6 months out, it is still concerning mostly due to the fact that a major part of the Yankees success in 2014 will be depending upon Teixeira rebounding and putting up 2011-2012 numbers. The Yankees have left themselves pretty weak as far as the infield goes. Yeah McCann, Beltran, Ellsbury, and a full season of Soriano will help but I hope nobody is mistaking the fact that Teixeira’s offense and defense is a major component to the success of the team.

  11. ruralbob says:

    And Teixeira says, “This is what I get for being honest.”

  12. al says:

    I am not a hitting coach but in my opinion, Tex should think about hitting the other way and stop pulling everything over the short porch, I think he’ll be fine.

  13. qwerty says:

    Is Kevin Youkilis still available for 12 million a season?

  14. Darren says:

    Where have you gone, Lyle Overbay, the Yankees turn their injured wrists to you, coo coo ca choo.

    Oh, Milwaukee? Bummer.

  15. Mandy Stankiewicz says:

    If he has a wrist set back and misses games, is his salary still covered by the WBC?

  16. lou says:

    Anyone not still not believe this team has no infield?
    Up your offer to Tanaka and trade Gardner for an IF.

  17. Dirty Water says:

    Salty had decent power but struck out too much along with playing sub-par defense. Pierzynski should be able to put up similar numbers.

    Jackie Bradley Jr. had an insanely low babip last year in his limited at-bats. I think he could put up 80% of Ellsbury this year offensively (not the steals) at 2.50% of the cost. Generally acknowledged to be a better defensive center fielder already.

    Could lose their starting shortstop? They could still end up signing Drew but there’s some guy named Bogaerts that would play short if Drew signs elsewhere. If Drew signs, Bogaerts will play third like he did in the WS.

  18. Eric says:

    Does anyone throw out more excuses than this guy? Shut up already.

    • Havok9120 says:


      • jjyank says:

        C’mon, Havok. Real men don’t get injured, and if they do, they lie about instead of revealing that it’s still a bit stiff in JANUARY. You know, weeks and weeks and weeks before the season starts. How dare he. What an outrage.

    • Derek Jeter says:

      It is an excuse, of which benefits the Yankees if he is injured or re-injures it. I would assume his salary still gets covered by the World Baseball Classic if he can’t play. With that said, saying your 100% might make it a bit harder to collect that insurance money if it starts acting up this season.

      • jjyank says:

        No, they won’t get any more insurance money.

        And it’s not a damn excuse either. They guy was asked about his wrist, and said it was still a little stiff. How is that making an excuse? Would it be better if he just lied to everyone?

  19. I'm a looser and a trader baby so why don't you kill me? says:


    At least we still have FHOFRM, right?

    I’m going to go with a sample size of one: Joey Bats. Based on his path, I think 2014 is a down year for Teix (by which I mean even worse than the declining trend it would’ve been otherwise). It won’t be until 2015 until he returns to trend, which by that time will be simply dreadful.

  20. Derek Jeter says:

    If he ca not play with the wrist, don’t the yankees still save his salary while he is out? After all this injury happened during the WBC…

  21. Jorge Steinbrenner says:

    Well, if this becomes anything negative when it matters, we have to hope that some of the versatile infield depth we’ve acquired can help fill in. How many games has Johnson played at first? Sizemore? Can Anna fake it? Hell, Beltran?

    Teams don’t exactly have fantastic backup 1B lying around.

  22. JMK says:

    I really think Teix is the most disappointing big signing we’ve had in a while. I thought he’d be an offensive monster – a durable, high average player hitter who displays solid-but-not-amazing power. While he hasn’t been bad, he sacrificed his hitting style in favor of power. And he’s a much worse player for it. Such a shame. At least his defense is excellent.

    • Delbert Grady says:

      He’s played himself out of serious hall of fame consideration. He was on the way after 2009, but the past 4 seasons have been average to dreadful.

  23. EMags says:

    In December 2008, I remember being ecstatic when we signed him. He had 1 legit strong year and 2 decent ones, but overall, I have been disappointed with Tex and frankly, I’m not too optimistic going forward.

  24. vicki says:

    worst case scenario, we coax derrek lee out of retirement.

  25. qwerty says:

    I think the yankees will take Tex at 70% than just about any other option out there.

  26. W.B. Mason Williams says:

    Yeah his avg. has been bad but the last time he was healthy and played a full season he still put up 100 RBI’s.

    Expecting that is predicated on giant “ifs” but let’s not act like, when healthy, he hasn’t produced.

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