Thursday Night Open Thread

NYDN: A-Rod could seek injunction; would likely accept 65-game ban
Mailbag: Ellsbury, Damon, Blanton, Soriano

Seven years ago today, the Yankees traded Randy Johnson back to the Diamondbacks for four players, the most useful of whom proved to be right-hander Luis Vizcaino. I looked for some highlight videos of Johnson during his time in New York, and, long story short, I got stuck in a YouTube wormhole and wound up at the Tino Martinez-Armando Benitez brawl. That was pure chaos. The whole video is worth watching but the best part is at the 6:00 mark. And no, I never did find a decent Randy Johnson highlight video to post.

Here is tonight’s open thread. The Devils and Knicks are both playing, so talk about those games, the Tino-Benitez brawl, the upcoming A-Rod ruling, or anything else. Have at it.

NYDN: A-Rod could seek injunction; would likely accept 65-game ban
Mailbag: Ellsbury, Damon, Blanton, Soriano
  • forensic

    That must be what earned Benitez a HOF vote…

  • hogsmog

    Benitez got a HOF vote this year, so the wormhole actually brought you back around to somewhat relevancy.

  • Macho Man “Randy Levine”

    I will still never understand what Scott Brosius was doing during that brawl. It appeared as if he was afraid to mix it up.

    • Dalek Jeter

      I think he just wanted nothing to do with the admittedly larger Benitez, because right after that he tackles the dude holding him back to the ground.

      • Dale Mohorcic

        Seems like he was trying to stop the fight and that dickwad Benitez wanted to fight him for it. Not sure what happened with Baines right after that.

  • Dalek Jeter

    Jayson Nix is no longer a Yankee!

    • forensic

      Our (first) long national nightmare is over!

      Still waiting on Wells’ release, A-Rod’s completely overturned suspension, Tanaka’s signing…

      • Dalek Jeter

        I may sound spoiled, but I want more than A-Rod and Tanaka. Drew would be nice, and so would one of Ubaldo or Garza to go with Tanaka.

        • forensic

          I want none of them, personally.

          • forensic

            None of them meaning the guys other than A-Rod and Tanaka, in case that wasn’t clear.

            • Dalek Jeter

              I actually wasn’t sure at first thanks for clarifying(seriously, no sarcam, whenever I say thanks online I feel like it sounds sarcastic), even with a healthy A-Rod an infield of A-Rod, Jeter, Johnson/Roberts, and Tex is a recipe for disaster IMO. As for the pitching staff, if CC can be 2007-2012 CC again then yeah, I’m good with just Tanaka. Since that is a huge ‘IF’ in my book, I’d like as much help behind him as possible. Plus thinking past 2014 when Kuroda is almost definitely retiring having CC,Tanaka, Jimminez/Garza, and Nova all already in the rotation would mean that adding a Scherzer or (HOPEFULLY) a Kershaw would give us one of the best rotations in baseball come 2015.

        • Chip Rodriguez

          Yeah, A-Rod and Tanaka alone don’t fix the question marks/holes in the rotation. Even if A-Rod comes back and Tanaka signs, another arm and some starting depth is needed.

          • Wicomico Pinstripes

            If the FO gets Tanaka I’m actually okay with going into ST with the rotation as is. I’d rather have Phelps, Pineda, etc. fight it out for the fifth spot than signing someone like Maholm or Johnson.

            As for Jiminez, Garza, and Santana I’m not very interested unless their prices come down to 3/45 4/48-52 or so. This is assuming the FO don’t land Tanaka. If they don’t, one of these guys almost becomes a necessity.

            I still think some kind of starter is acquired mid-season either way considering the age and/or unpredictability of every starter in the rotation.

  • Dalek Jeter

    Also, Straw with the fucking HAYMAKER at six minutes, and Benitez absolutley deserved it. For some reason, apart from this video I remember him being a classless tool.

    • Rick in Florida

      That was great, he came flying out of nowhere to deck him. Made me think of the old Dave Chapelle skits… “Gotcha Bitch!”

      Ah Straw… Cocaines a hell of a drug.

  • ThatstheMelkyMesaWaysa

    I can see the ad now.
    “Hirok. Tanak. Ciroc. Enjoy responsibly.”

  • Frank

    Ah, the good old days when real fans were able to go to games and rock the stadium.

    • stuckey

      Real fairweather fans, you mean.

      Watch any highlight of Don Mattingly hitting a homerun at the Stadium.

      See the mass swaths of empty seats.

      Aren’t “real fans” still expected to show up even when the team isn’t winning 95 games?

      • vicki

        surely he means real fans versus the corporate twits who can pony up the cash to go to the new stadium.

        • stuckey

          I know what he means. I stand by my statement.

          Yankees averaged 23,521k in 1995. Year they won the playoffs.

          27,789 in 1996, year they won a world series.

          From there the attendance went like this through ’08.


          Point is it become fashionable to go to the Stadium, it became a hot ticket slowly over time as the team racked up winning season after winning season.

          Let’s not build mythology over Yankee attendance, like a hardcore lunch-bucket crowd sold out Yankees stadium every year for decades.

          Many REAL Yankees were content NOT to go to games for years.

          • Steinbrenner’s Ghost

            not just wins, but “stars”

            Average attendance in 2003 is 42K and that’s after winning 5 pennants in 7 years. Then it zooms to 47K the next year after they acquire ARod and even though they go through a title drought they quickly rise 53K per game.

            ARod really put butts in the seats.

            • Steinbrenner’s Ghost

              oops, 6 pennants in 8 years (96, 98, 99, 00, 01, 03).

        • The spice mines of Kessel

          Exactly. The 23,000 fans in those Mattingly shots are the real fans, and they still go to games. It’s the other half of the stadium that became filled with bandwagon jumpers and corporate tools.

          • nyyankfan_7

            Why do you assume they are bandwagon jumpers? Perhaps they are just smart fans. I can root for a team and not show up to a single game – as I do many years being a Yankee fan in the middle of Central Illinois which is 4 hours from the nearest AL stadium.

            Maybe the stadium was empty because the teams weren’t any good and the smart fans (or bandwagon jumpers as you say) didn’t want to waste their hard earned cash on going to watch a bad product.

            Don’t get me wrong – there were a lot of bandwagon fans in the late 90’s – but just because someone doesn’t show up to the stadium everyday doesn’t make them one.

            • stuckey

              I offer no criticism of fans not choosing to attend games.

              As I say, I’m just seeing through the sympathetic mythology that’s built over the new Stadium.

              There was a corporate crowd there goosing attendance ALL through the late 90’s up to the peak of 2008, ESPECIALLY in the postseason.

              Let’s not pretend that doubling of attendance came solely from the “real fan” crowd.

              If we’re going to give a pass to the fans who don’t go to games when the team isn’t go good (which I’m fine with), then I’m not going to blame the Yankees for trying to exploit the market when they’ve put a winning product on the field for 20 consecutive years now.

  • qwerty

    I will always remember Armando Benitez in yankee pinstripes.

    • Bob Buttons

      I’ll remember him as the guy who blew Moose’s near-20 win season in Baltimore.

  • Jersey Joe

    It’s a shame that during the 2013 season, with the team doing so poorly, that we couldn’t have a bench-clearing brawl just to bring some excitement to the summer.

    • forensic

      So more people on the team get injured and suspended and we have to watch even more crappy players out there?

    • nyyankfan_7

      During the summer they were in the thick of the wildcard race – sorry you only enjoy 114 win teams that blow out the division.

  • Dale Mohorcic

    Yankees had a hell of a pitching staff that year.

  • Pseudoyanks

    Best thing was the homer in the next at bat.

  • Brew Crew

    “Darryl Strawberry is on the mound!” Classic Singleton

  • Alkaline

    Man. I remember watching this at 10 years old. I’m sure we all have our moments to why we’re Yankee fans, but Tino was the reason for me bleeding pinstripes as a child.

    I can’t imagine what it’s going to feel like watching these videos in 40 years.

    • Bob Buttons

      Maybe you’ll be watching it from some kind of fancy gadget that’s not even been invented yet in a file format that’s not even thought of yet from a location that’s not even visitable by the general public yet.

      • Alkaline

        I’ll be surprised if the majority of your post isn’t true at this point, heh.

        • Bob Buttons

          For all we know the very same person who’s not even born yet would invent all those.

          I wonder if youtube would still exist in 40 years.

  • vicki

    tino. what a dreamboat.

  • Holy Ghost

    Benitez had roid-rage

  • Now Batting

    @ 2:02 is that Strawberry on the bottom of the screen who looks like he clocked Benitez off screen?

    • Now Batting

      Never mind

    • forensic

      Yeah, that’s the reverse angle of what they show a little slowed down at the 6:00 mark.

  • nsalem

    Always loved watching Harold Baines hit and hoped he would be a Yankee one day. He hit very well against the Yanks. Had a career OPS of .820 but .860 vs Yankees. There were a couple of years he absolutely destroyed us 1.247 OPB in 1984 and .984 OPB.

    • nsalen

      .984 OBP in 1985

    • Wicomico Pinstripes

      Yeah, he had one sweet stroke.

      Also, I played high school ball against his son in Maryland and actually got to meet him( Harold Sr. that is). I’m pretty sure the white sox drafted him a few years later. Not sure if he ever played professionally though.

      • nsalem

        What a treat. From watching him over his long career he seemed like a great person who really enjoyed playing the game. He wound up with 2866 career hits despite some serious knee issue that plagued him throughout his career. He was a DH a good part of his career and probably would have had a another 300 or 400 hits if he had remained healthy. Great clutch hitter, his career numbers with RISP and Men On Base exceeded his overall career numbers,

        • Wicomico Pinstripes

          I always felt like he was a pretty clutch player but I decided to look it up.

          He had an impressive .839(.379/.460) OPS with RISP compared to an OPS of .813(.347/.466) with no RISP. As you can see, he garnered a lot of respect with 185 IBB and 612 walks overall in just over 3200 PA’s with RISP.

  • hey now

    Back when the Yankees kicked ass. Those were great times.

    • vicki

      men were men.

      • nsalem

        Watched some Furman Paladin Basketball tonight in Greenville SC. Paul O’Neill’s son Aaron is on the team as a last man on the bench type player. Looks like pop

  • Fernando

    Benitez was such a punk. Hated that he later wore Pinstripes. They should have waited for him in the locker when he was acquired to beat the crap out of him.

  • Deep Thoughts

    Nelly, Wells, Straw, Rock, Graeme Lloyd (!?), even Girardi–what I wouldn’t give to see a little fire like that on this roster. Maybe Carsten Charles passes muster.

    That punk Dempster hitting A-Rod still pisses me off. That shit wouldn’t go unanswered.

    • vicki

      jeff nelson, regulator.

  • Nathan

    You know it’s serious when the bullpen comes running out. It’s like the calvary coming in.

    Randy Johnson. The whole thing was “meh”. A couple years too late as he wasn’t the dominant ace he was but he was an OK #4, I guess. My only real standout memories of him were the camera pushing incident and him getting KO’d by the Angels in the playoffs.

    Benitez, guy was a bum. Seeing him in pinstripes never sat well with me.

    • forensic

      One of my memories of Johnson is him going 5-0 against the Red Sox in 2005.

      Unfortunately, I also remember him getting smacked around by them (and most teams) in 2006.

      • Steinbrenner’s Ghost

        can’t really count on a 42 year old in the AL East.

  • Scully

    What everyone forgets is after the commotion died down, Tim Raines came up and hit another bomb!

    Also, Tim Raines is a HOFer.

    • Deep Thoughts


      Also, The Boss’s comments afterward: “[AL president Gene Budig] may say he wants Peter Angelos and I to go three rounds and settle it. I’m ready.” — Yankees owner George Steinbrenner

  • ryan

    This is when the Yankee teams had heart and each others back. Now they are to worried about the consequence. They nees that fire back and hopefully McCann brings it.

    • Nathan

      Been that way for a while. Especially against the Red Sox. A Yankee gets hit and NOBODY on the RS gets hit. BS man…

  • dkidd

    how many games before mccann instigates a brawl? i’ll go with 30

    • vicki

      sox are our fourth series. i’ll take the under.

  • RetroRob

    Graeme Lloyd’s finest moment as a Yankee. I’m quite sure he would have kicked Benetiz’s butt, who was on the run at that point.

    • The spice mines of Kessel


      • Kosmo

        Lloyd´s finest moment(s) as a Yankee occurred in the postseason 1-0 , 8 IP, 2 hits 0 runs

        • LarryM Fl

          I agree. My recollection of Lloyd was positive from his play.

  • John C

    Knicks whipped the Heat, and Woodson finally took a stand with JR Smith. Knicks finest hour so far this lousy season

  • LarryM Fl

    As a fan of the sport of boxing, not one of the them would make the under card of any fight. But it was good to see a TEAM out there defending the guys who they spend 8 months of their life every year crossing the nation playing baseball.

    I believe CC got Big poppy in return for Arod. You have to forget the player Martinez or Arod. You ware the same uniform. It is a eye for an eye.

  • Frank M.

    If you look at Tino’s stats, they started going down after that he gets plunked. He was never the same at the plate after Benitez whacks him in the back.