Update: MLB announces Yankees-Marlins exhibition games in Panama

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Thursday Night Open Thread

Feb. 13th: MLB has finally announced the two-game series. Here’s the press release. The Yankees and Marlins will indeed play in Panama on March 15th and 16th in what is being called the Legends Series. The games will be played at Rod Carew Stadium in Panama City and Rivera will be a promoter. This will be the first time MLB teams will play in Panama since 1947.

Nov. 12th: The Yankees and Marlins will play a pair of exhibition games in Panama City on March 15-16th next spring, according to Mark Feinsand. An official announcement is still a few weeks away. Neato.

Sept. 27th: Via Carl Campanile: The Yankees are considering playing an exhibition game in Panama to honor Mariano Rivera at some point in the future. “It’s not a done deal, but everyone wants it to happen,” said a source to Campanile.  “It would be a powerful tribute to Mariano in his home country. Can you imagine the reaction in Panama?”

Talks between Yankees officials, MLB officials, the players’ union, and the Panamanian government are underway. Rivera is “said to be thrilled” over the possibility, though it’s unclear if he would actually pitch in the game. I assume it would be played in Spring Training at some point, probably towards the end before the team heads to Houston for the series of the regular season. Needless to say, this would be extremely cool. Hopefully it happens.

Video: ESPN's 30 for 30: The A-Rod Trade
Thursday Night Open Thread
  • Preston

    This is an obvious ploy to get him to pitch next year. It’ll be easy to get him to pitch an inning in that game, which means he has to stay in shape. Get him on the field pitching in front of an excited crowd in his home country and he realizes he still wants to pitch and comes back north with the team.

    • The Troll Monger


  • forensic

    It’d be cool, but that’s a whole lot of traveling for spring training.

    Let’s say they tried it in the last few days before the regular season starts (seems too long a trip to put in the middle of ST), it’s over 1,200 miles from Tampa to Panama (similar distance as a trip from NY to Arlington, TX). Play a game or two, then travel over 1,700 miles from Panama to Houston to open the season (farther than NY to Denver). Then travel from Houston to Toronto for a series with no off-days in between and then travel from Toronto to NY for two series with no off-days over the first 13 days of the season.

  • Eddard

    Mariano is not coming back next year, period. He gave everything he had this season and said his goodbyes. Now you might say, well that doesn’t mean a thing with a lot of other ballplayers. Mariano isn’t a lot of other ballplayers, he’s one of a kind.

    They should play in Panama. They should play around the globe. Even the NFL plays in London. MLB should play in more places than just Japan, especially in Latin America.

    • Wheels

      Sorry, MLB doesn’t need to play around the globe, and the NFL shouldn’t be playing in London either.

    • Jimmy

      You, sir, are not a man of your word.

      • The Troll Monger


  • Gonzo

    Would be cool to see Mo pitch against the Yankees (in an exhibition game only).

    • King of Fruitless Hypotheticals

      shut your pie hole.

  • Dalek Jeter

    Totally cool with this…I hope they figure out a way for Mo to pitch in the game outside of a ceremonial first pitch. I understand he’s retired but watching him throw an in game pitch against another live team in his own country, even in an exhibition game, would be incredibly cool for fans and his countrymen alike.

    • Mr. Roth

      If 60 year old Billy Crystal can sign a one day contract and get an AB in a spring game, Mariano better be signing a 1-2 day contract and pitching in these games.

    • Jimmy

      Mo doesn’t travel for Spring Training games.

      • Mr. Roth



      • Thurdonpaul

        Awesome ! , Comment of the year !!

  • Thurdonpaul

    Comment of the year !!

  • Crono

    Huh? I’m confused. So it’s the Mariners now and not the Marlins?

  • http://panamahitek.com Antony García

    Tickets are worth $ 150 on field level

  • Bruce

    This sucks. I have tickets to see the Yanks on the 14th and 16th in Tampa and on the 15th at Sarasota. Planned my first Spring training trip, figuring it would be DJ’s last. Sure enough it is, but sure as heck, he won’t be there. Well, neither will I. I’m not heading down there just to see the scrubs trying to get a space on the roster. So freaking PO’d. Probably no way to get a refund on the tickets, either. Burned.

  • http://www.penuel-law.com/ Cuso

    Been following baseball for 32 years and did not know until just now that Rod Carew was Panamanian.