Castillo: Solarte can opt-out if he doesn’t make Opening Day roster

Spring Training Game Thread: Finale
Yangervis Solarte beats out Eduardo Nunez as Yankees finalize bench

Via Jorge Castillo: If he does not make the Opening Day roster, Spring Training standout Yangervis Solarte can opt-out of his minor league contract for a spot on another team’s 25-man roster. Chad Jennings says he has shown a willingness to go to Triple-A, for what it’s worth.

Solarte, 26, is a candidate for the final bench spot along with Eduardo Nunez. He hit .429/.489/.571 with two homers in 47 plate appearances this spring, and while it’s always possible something has clicked, there is nothing in his track record suggesting he’ll hit much during the regular season. Solarte is versatile though, regularly playing the three non-first base infield positions as well as left field. The deadline to set the Opening Day roster is 3pm ET tomorrow.

Spring Training Game Thread: Finale
Yangervis Solarte beats out Eduardo Nunez as Yankees finalize bench
  • Chip Rodriguez

    Fingers crossed for Solarte. If it’s between him and Nuney, I’ll take the guy who isn’t a total butcher in the field.

    Though I sense a Cashninja move coming.

    • Mc

      That was speculated in the post this morning. The report had it that Cashman was in Girardi’s office and “he told Nunez” a decision has been made yet. Despite people saying not to read in to it, I am. I don’t know where or for who or for what along with whoever else.

      I do have one question though; Solarte is the only guy that I know little about in camp. Where did he come from (another team, international league, etc)?

      • chris

        He came from Texas organization, ironically they have need for a back up infielder. Trade Nunez for a draft pick or PTBN later. We still have Ryan and Sizemore. Keep Solarte.

        • vicki

          before that, the twins organization; before than, venezuela. he’s had some injuries slow his progress.

  • chris

    Solarte-pros: he is hungry and shown quite a bit of pop in his bat, in the field his one E of the spring was questionable.cons-can he handle ny?

    Nunez-pros: good bat. cons- ugh… the glove.

    I’m with you chip, give solarte the chance.

    • I’m One

      Nunez Pros – Great speed when he gets on base, fearless base runner (Gardner could learn from him), fair bat (not good but potential for some improvement)
      Cons – Defense

      Solarte Pros – Excellent Spring training, versatile, an 80 Name tool, and he’s not Eduardo Nunez
      Cons – Can he sustain it?

      As I mentioned earlier, neither of these guys should make a major difference in how the team does. If they do, there’s a problem. That said, my preference is that they find a way to give Soalrte a shot, but I won’t be too upset either way

      • vicki

        *solarte is a switch-hitter.

        • I’m One

          Well, I could always say that I remembered that and it was included as part of his versatility. :-)

          Thanks for updating vicki.

  • Dan in Athens

    Per ys made it. Nunez to aaa

  • I’m One

    Bryan Hoch reporting that Solarte has made the roster and Nunez will go to AAA. Obviously a 40-man move is coming.

  • Cuso

    Sweet. Solarte made it.

    Probably better for Nunez to play every day in AAA at this point anyways. Not that I’m expecting him to put it to good use and turn it around – but stranger things have happened.

  • Dars

    Solarte it is. Núñez going to triple A. The fair decision- position goes to the best man in camp and also the one to keep both on the team. Nunez had an option and Solarte could opt-out if not picked…

  • uyf1950

    No need to worry about Solarte opting-out. The Yankees have announced that Solarte has made the 25 man roster. Nunez has been optioned to Triple A. Waiting on a move for the 40 man roster.