Open Thread: 3/17 Camp Notes

No baseball today. (Presswire)

No baseball today. (Presswire)

For the first and hopefully only time this spring, the Yankees were rained out this afternoon. Their game against the Pirates in Bradenton was canceled due to the weather and will not be made up. Scheduled starter Hiroki Kuroda instead threw a five-inning, 75-pitch bullpen session in Tampa, the Yankees announced, so the rotation will remain on schedule. Here is the rest of the day’s news from camp.

  • Jacoby Ellsbury (tight calf) hit in the batting cage but Joe Girardi does not expect him to play tomorrow. Brendan Ryan (oblique) and Tyler Austin (wrist) both took batting practice on the field, usually the last step before returning to game action. Scott Sizemore hit on the field as well. He’s been nursing a minor quad issue. [David Lennon, Chad Jennings]
  • Some more from Jennings: CC Sabathia is scheduled to start Friday on normal rest and it appears Masahiro Tanaka will pitch Saturday with an extra day of rest, though it’s unclear if he will travel or stay in Tampa to throw a simulated game. Vidal Nuno and Adam Warren are not listed as starters this week and there’s a chance both have made their final spring starts.
  • The Yankees who went to Panama arrived back in Tampa a little after midnight last night, so most of the veterans who made the trip were given the day off. [Andrew Marchand]
  • And finally, the Yankees open their season in Houston two weeks from today tomorrow, and this morning Astros manager Bo Porter announced right-hander Scott Feldman will be their Opening Day starter. Just in case you were wondering.

Here is your open thread for the night. MLB Network was supposed to replay this afternoon’s game at 11pm ET, so I assume they’ll slot in another game instead. The Nets are the only local basketball or hockey team playing, so talk about that game or anything else right here.


  1. Go says:

    So its been written a handful of times by various people, but when does serious consideration be made about Chris Owings? I’m really upset to see another young pitcher (Patrick Corbin) go down before the season even starts. It definitely takes away from the competitiveness of the game. It’s also hard to replace your #1 pitcher at this stage of the offseason. I listened to Buster Olney’s column today and the D’Backs are in a real pickle right now.

    The question is do they start Archie Bradley out of the gate or “gulp” trade him to the Rays or Cubs for Price or Smarzdia?

    Or…do the D’Backs kill two birds with one stone? J.R. Murphy and David Phelps for Chris Owings? Do we overpay? underpay? Phelps is a backend guy. We know this much. He does not replace Corbin. But what he does do is buy the D’Backs a few weeks to extend Bradley’s service clock and let him get a few extra starts in extended ST.

    It’s a really good question worthy of debate. Price cements them in their win now stance, but the cost is significant. Or do the D-Backs maybe buy some time with Phelps and J.R. Murphy at the cost of Ownings only and maybe pick up Cole Hammels in late May or June from the Phillies?

    If I were the D-Backs, at this point, I would hold on to Bradley, keep him the minors until end of April and look toward late May for a guy like Cliff Lee or Hammels instead. They would therefore just need someone to suck up quality innings (that can actually pitch) and that could be a guy like Phelps.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner says:

      Murphy and Phelps probably wouldn’t be an overpay.

      I also think they’re starting Owens, which would put him off the market. Your mileage may vary on Gregorius, the guy most likely available there.

    • Steve (different one) says:

      Feels like wishful thinking to expect the DBacks to trade a starting caliber SS for some guys we could afford to part with.

      But then again, almost nothing AZ has done over the last 3-4 years has made a lick of sense.

      • I'm One says:

        Not sure it’s wishful thinking. Murphy appears to be growing into a starting-caliber MLB C with 6 years of team control. Phelps is a starting-caliber MLB P that would probably do better in the NL West than in the AL East. Is it enough for the D-Backs to give up their chosen starting SS? I’m sure they’d shop around for a better deal (or an equivalent one for Gregorius), but I think that offer puts the Yankees at least into consideration.

        • Go says:

          Sorry for late replies. I agree 100%.

          I think the D-Backs really need to think clearly about how they want to go about this. They need a back-up catcher and another arm, someone who can give quality innings. You’re not going to find a replacement on March 18th for Corbin. Just not going to happen. There are three and by my math, only three logical fits for Arizona. David Price. He is possibly the only arm that could be had right now, but I think it’s late in the offseason for that. Then Lee and Hammels. It’s pretty much unanimous, that the Phils will need to rebuild and should part with one of them. I actually think they ship both out. Hammels to the Rangers and Lee to the D-Backs. Anyway, the question remains, that the Yanks and D-Backs match up well and it all it take is Owings to patch up a whole lotta mess, then you go it. Murphy is indeed morphing into one of the better young catchers in the game. He will be a legit starter in 12 months for someone.

  2. Yankee$ (Formerly Pseudoyanks) says:

    I posted this on last night’s open thread this morning and I’m sure nobody got to see it. Hopefully Mike is ok with me posting it again today earlier so everyone can get a kick out of it. They’re teaching kids to be gritty. Not kidding check this out…

  3. Chip Rodriguez says:

    I am coming to the realization that I might like fantasy baseball more than regular baseball. Damn.

  4. Yanksinfirst says:


  5. Farewell Mo says:

    In my fantasy league (8 team AL only 5×5) we have a $100 budget for all transactions for the whole season.
    Anyone with experience doing this?
    Should I budget a certain amount for each month or try to save as much as I can for down the stretch to stream starting pitchers if necessary?

    • Chip Rodriguez says:

      Is this the FAAB system? If so, yes:

      The budget is only for players on waivers. So if someone’s just dropped say Ivan Nova and you want to grab him immediately, you need to bid. If your waiver bid is higher than anyone else’s (or if nobody else bids), then you’ll get him once he clears waivers.

      Otherwise, either someone with a higher bid gets him, or he clears waivers if nobody bids and becomes a free agent. At that point you *don’t* need to bid – you can just pick him for no cost as a free agent.

      A lot of the lower ranked SPs will be free or won’t cost much – so I wouldn’t worry about saving too much $ for streaming.

      • Farewell Mo says:


        I think any player you pick off of waivers though costs a minimum of $1.

        I was thinking of just budgeting about $15 per month and if I can stick to it, I’ll have an extra $10 for the last month to stream if necessary.

        • Chip Rodriguez says:

          yeah. you can’t claim guys off waivers without a bid. If you don’t pay for them, you just wait the period for them to become a FA.

          With budgets, I’ve normally gone the route of spending more in a few bursts on really quality players that get dropped. There’s always someone in a league who’ll get tired of a quality player and drop them early with a lack of bench spots. (Recall someone dropping Teixeira in 2010 after his god-awful April.)

          Those sorts of situation will cost $. My approach is to keep $60 for the “someone REALLY good just hit waivers” moments, and use the rest in smaller bids on players that may help the team but are more easily replaceable (guys equivalent to say a 15th or so round pick.)

          • Farewell Mo says:

            Good point. I picked up Carlos Gomez last year in late April/ early May after he started off slow and he ended up being a fantasy monster.

  6. Farewell Mo says:

    Crazy shit with all these pitchers recently needing a 2nd TJS.

    It appears it’s not such a slam dunk after all coming back from that procedure.

  7. Vinny Bag-a-donuts says:

    Don’t the Yanks open two weeks from tomorrow?

  8. Dale Mohorcic says:

    Anyone have recommendations on where to buy some Yankees t-shirts online? Not the generic stuff like you find on amazon, something a little more creative?

  9. Preston says:

    Well this is one of the guys I wanted the Yankees to draft, glad we have Jags, Judge and Clarkin instead.

  10. mustang says:

    I missed the news that the Steinbrenner’s bought the New York Giants…LOL

    Seriously I usually don’t even care for the NFL free agency period because the Giants never do anything so what the hell is up?
    I’m worry teams usually can’t buy their way to a championship in the NFL.

    • John C says:

      Well, Giants really seem to be getting after in FA which is rare. Not only signed Dominick Rodgers Cromarete, the top CB on the markey, but also grabbed one of the top return guys in Trindon HOliday.

  11. Mandy Stankiewicz says:

    Man, there is nothing trashier than these red sox uniform remixes.

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