The somewhat complicated infield rotation

Inconsistent slider behind Kuroda's slow start
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The Yankees came into 2014 with some very real infield concerns, both in terms of production and durability, and sure enough those concerns manifested themselves within the first week of the season. Just not necessarily in the way I expected — Mark Teixeira caught a spike in the turf in Toronto and landed on the 15-day DL with a hamstring injury. Just like that, the team without a backup first baseman lost their starting first baseman.

Teixeira returned after the minimum 15 days and the Yankees managed to win seven of 12 games during his absence because the replacement infielders played well. Kelly Johnson was adequate (not great, not awful) at first base and Yangervis Solarte did a mean Bernie Williams impression for a few weeks, which made life a lot easier. Derek Jeter has been getting on base a bunch early on as well, and while Brian Roberts has been better of late, he’s been not so good overall. Three out of four ain’t bad, I guess.

Now that the Teixeira has returned, the Yankees have five infielders for four spots. Jeter and Teixeira are going to play no matter what because of who they are. That’s not something worth debating. That leaves Solarte, Johnson, and Roberts for second base and third base. Solarte has hit the skids lately and has seen more time at the bench, but Johnson has seen his playing time take the biggest hit. He’s started only three of seven games since Teixeira came off the DL. Roberts has started every game since Teixeira returned, though he was supposed to sit last night before Solarte’s shoulder acted up.

Because it has been only seven games, it’s unclear how the Yankees are going to squeeze all these guys into the lineup on a regular basis. I mean, yes, Roberts should probably sit because he is the worst player of the bunch, but that seems unlikely to happen right now. The Yankees appear to be determined to give him a chance to show he can have an impact from the bottom of the order. I don’t agree with that — is there even anything left to reclaim at this point? he hasn’t been good in a while now — but that seems to be the plan. Whatever.

(Brian Blanco/Getty)
(Brian Blanco/Getty)

Because Solarte and Roberts and switch-hitters, platoon problems don’t really exist and the Yankees have more flexibility. Johnson has been sitting against lefties given since Teixeira returned and I would bank on that continuing going forward. All three of these guys are part-time players to me. Guys who likely get exposed playing everyday but can be productive in say, 400 plate appearance roles. Except Roberts. I’m still not very optimistic about him. But, like I said, he’s going to play so they might as well make the best of it.

Juggling these three will be a difficult situation for Girardi. Maybe difficult isn’t the right word. It’ll be a juggling act though, that’s for sure. Solarte has swung the bat well overall, Johnson has legitimate left-handed power, and Roberts is the proven veteran. There is a reason to keep all three in the lineup. This isn’t a bad thing, mind you. Three players for two spots is better than being short a player or two, but keeping everyone happy and productive is not easy. This isn’t a video game; sitting on the bench a few days a week and being productive right away when pressed into duty is pretty tough.

In all likelihood, this will be one of those “it’ll sort itself out” situations. Someone will play themselves out of regular at-bats or someone will get hurt. Heck, Roberts’ back and Solarte’s shoulder have already acted up. That’s usually how this stuff goes. Until that happens, Girardi will have to juggle Solarte, Johnson, and Roberts between second and third base. The two switch-hitters and the versatility of Solarte and Johnson give the manager lots of options. No one is married to position and Johnson is the only one who will see the platoon disadvantage. That we’re even having his conversation is good news. Three useful pieces for two infield spots was not something I expected to see this early in the season.

Inconsistent slider behind Kuroda's slow start
Must Read: The Story of Masahiro Tanaka's Splitter
  • Yangeddard Solarte

    Jete ain’t gonna play everyday this week so Soley will get to play SS. I don’t think they’ll bring Anna back until Pineda returns and Phelps or Nuno can go back to the pen. I think Soley should play 2B and Kelley should play 3B vs RHP. Vs LHP Soley should play 3B, Roberts 2B. And that should be that unless Solarte really falls off the map.

    • nycsportzfan

      I think Phelps goes back to the pen. Hes been better in the pen, and Nuno’s been better(personally), as a starter.

      Kinda stinks you can’t sneak Roberts in there against RHP’ing. Maybe have Ichiro, Gardner, and Ells in the OF against RHP with Roberts getting a chance at DH? Would be heavy left handed hitters in the lineup. Sori would be sitting, so you coulden’t do it all the time.

      • nycsportzfan

        I mean Gardy, Ells, and Belty in the OF..

      • nycsportzfan

        1). Jacoby Ellsbury CF
        2). Derek Jeter SS
        3). Carlos Beltran RF
        4). Mark Texiera 1B
        5). Brian McCann C
        6). Yangervis Solarte 3B
        7). Kelly Johnson 2B
        8). Brian Roberts DH
        9). Brett Gardner LF

        8 lefties in the lineup. I woulden’t mind seeing how that fairs tomorrow night against Seattle and Chris Young.

  • Rob S.

    I’m not ready to give up on Roberts. He’s always been a productive player when healthy. He has had a few big hits too including last night.
    The truth is there are plenty of AB’s for all of these guys. I think they should platoon Johnson and Solarte at third as well as having them back up Tex at first and Roberts at second respectively.
    It’s like Jack Curry said, between first, second and third base there are 21 starts a week. If Teixeira gets six of those starts, that leaves five starts a week for Roberts, Johnson and Solarte. That’s not complicated at all and it would keep everyone fresh and sharp at the same time.

    • OldYanksFan

      Roberts isn’t ‘just’ a veteran. When healthy, he was a well above average 2nd baseman. While his numbers look terrible, his .313 OBP, while being below average, isn’t horrible.

      However, he has been hitting the ball hard. He has driven quite a few into the deep outfield. He is still shaking off the rust, and if he stays healthy, I believe he will very productive.

    • nycsportzfan

      I agree. Roberts is just now coming around. Its tough to tell because of how rough his start to the season was, but its true.

      Since April 17th(10games), Roberts is hitting 289BA 2doubles 1triple 3rbi 8runs 5k 2bb…

    • dalelama

      I am going to go on the record to state that if Roberts stays healthy he is going to do surpringly well. I know it is a big if but if he stays healthy I predict Yankee will want Roberts batting in clutch situations more than Tex by the end of the season. Tex’s stubborn refusal to hit the ball to the opposite coupled with his declining skills are going to drive him down to the Mendoza line before the season is out.

  • Jorge Steinbrenner

    To me, ideally, you’ve got either Solarte or Roberts at second, and you’d just platoon Johnson and Sizemore at third.

    At some point, either Solarte comes crashing down to earth or Roberts gets DFA’d. I can’t imagine both these guys stay on the roster for long, but Roberts has this “he’s this year’s Travis Hafner, but even better because he’s an AL East guy!” allure to him that may keep him around longer past his sell-by date than you’d imagine.

    You then have Dean Anna as the capable backup stashed at AAA once Ryan comes back.

    • The Great Gonzo

      Extremely valid point, Jorge.

      At no point do we really mention here that in a week/month/fortnight, Ryan will be in the mix. And he is another guy that will need to play. Or not.

      Again, this is a good problem.

      • jsbrendog

        meh, ryan is the backup ss, nothing more. he plays when jeter gets a rest. his glove wont get rusty on the bench and his bat is a wet noodle already anyway

  • Dicka24

    It’s only April 28th. I’d give players, especially older guys, a little more time to get things going. Furthermore, since the three players in question would be “exposed” if they played regularly, isn’t dividing roughly 1200 2b/3B AB’s between the 3 players actually ideal? Especially when 2 of those guys are switch hitters, 2 can play multiple positions, with one being a LH hitter with some power in Yankee Stadium. I don’t think the current situation is complicated at all. As opposed to complicated, maybe “concerned” is the better term. As in, if a month from now none of the 3 are hitting well, I’d be more concerned.

  • adeel

    Imagine Ryan comes back today. As bad as these three have been, who out of them would you sit for Ryan? while most people would want Roberts to sit, I think it might not be easy to sit him if he starts producing like he has the past series.

    • Yangeddard Solarte

      How has Solarte been bad? The guy leads the club in OBP at .400. He’s hitting .301. People say well he hasn’t done much lately. How big a SSS is that, 20 ABs? They’re just taking a SSS and making it smaller. It makes no sense coming from sabermetricians.

      • The Great Gonzo

        The set of balls you carry on you to all of the sudden mention sample size for your own personal gain.

        Big brass balls.

        • Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead

          Ugh. His post made sense too, up until the last sentence.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      None of them play short, although Girardi knows a guy who knows a guy who thinks Solarte can play short. Here is the issue. Someone kind of HAS to sit for him.

      Even if we had some actual photographic evidence that Solarte could play short, I can’t imagine he’d immediately unseat the guy just starting the two-year deal, even if it’s a pretty small deal.

      That’s the point you either say goodbye to Roberts or the world’s least popular Scranton Shuttle ride happens.

      • The Great Gonzo

        We’re discounting what kind of shortstop Ryan is too. Like, a goddam good one. If the Great Solarte Pumpkin Watch is starting now, this is a conversation not worth having.

  • I’m One

    Using the 400 AB benchmark for overexposure, I think Girardi can provide enough regular playing time for each of those 3 (Roberts/Johnson/Solarte) if he wants to. That remains to be seen. He seems more inclined to play the hot hand till it’s no longer hot, then go back and give the next guy a shot. As Mike pointed out, that may not be the best approach.

    My personal feeling is that this is the IF we’ve got, baring a trade for a solid regular 3B or 2B. I like Solarte as a BU at those 2 positions and with Ryan/Anna available as BU SS, you’re backups are covered. Unless the Yankees are willing to cut ties with Roberts or Johnson, this is what we’ve got. Should a trade for someone of Headly’s caliber come along I’d be all for cutting one of them loose. If that doesn’t happen and they stay with what they’ve got, well, they could do worse. At least they have options and flexibility this way.

    • D$1184

      Headley is hitting .186/.250/.314 through his first 70 ABs this season. This is after hitting .250/.347/.400 with 13 homers, 50 RBIs and 8 SBs last season. By Headley’s “potential”, I’m guessing you mean what he hit in 2012. That’s starting to be a long time ago. It’s starting to beg the question, was that his potential or was that an aberration? He comes with a significant “buyer beware label.

      • nyyankfan_7

        Thank you!

        Next to Stephen Drew, Chase Headley is the most over-rated player mentioned on this message board. Outside of his insane second half in 2012 and he is a mediocre player worthy of a Kelly Johnson type contract; definitely not worth the crazy contract numbers people expect him to get.

        • Prussian General Jordan Brink

          Drew Head-Lee!

          (Stephen, Chase, Cliff: The three-headed RAB post monster)

  • RetroRob

    I’m not convinced over the long haul that Solarte will be better than Roberts. My guess is the Yankees feel that way, too. That is not based on a belief that Roberts will rediscover his younger and healthier self. More a belief that Solarte’s weakness as a hitter will be (probably has been already) discovered by MLB pitchers.

    He’s still valuable as a multi-position infielder, but less playing time should be coming.

    • Poconos Adam

      I just don’t see any issues (negative) yet. It is working itself out fine. Sure, it would be nice if they were all raking and Girardi had to work to find them ABs…..but each one is doing something generally positive (even Roberts with decent OBP).

      The real issue is that the depth BEYOND these guys is a disaster.

      A Sizemore/Johnson 3b platoon does make sense if they can ever make it fit the roster.

      • Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead

        Yeah, the roster management has been subpar so far.

        • Jorge Steinbrenner

          Other than Michael Pineda’s problem-solving skills, it’s been the most crazy-making part of 2014 for me.

          I don’t miss Nunez, though, even as I slightly actually advocated for him once upon a time. Must have been gas.

      • RetroRob

        Having Sizemore and Johnson on the roster would make sense, but I can’t see how they could make it fit right now, especially with Ryan returning in the next ten days or so.

        So, yeah, basically, keep doing what they’re doing.

      • Jorge Steinbrenner

        The issue, obviously, if fit, but it’d be nice to carry Sizemore AND Johnson as platoon partners who could both back up Tex, if needed, plus Ryan as the 2B/SS backup to either a Solarte or Roberts. That just feels optimal to me.

        It’s one too many guys on the bench, though, at the moment under that scenario……or is it?

        As for the depth beyond these guys, we’re already talking some pretty reasonable depth, so I’d gather that anything a couple of rock layers deeper is going to be scary in most orgs that don’t happen to have a stud waiting in the wings.

        • Poconos Adam

          Fair enough — I guess I was thinking about something that might also help down the road (youth).

          • Jorge Steinbrenner

            A guy like Refsnyder could find himself on the far edge of the map by this summer, though. It’s possible Culver’s adjustment away from switch-hitting puts him on a bit of a faster track, and I can’t imagine the org won’t give him every chance to possible to play at a higher level before he becomes Rule 5 fodder.

            What you want is there. You just have to squint a bit….or a lot.

            • Poconos Adam

              …and we all know that “being a hot prospect” means zippy in terms of projecting MLB impact…..

              Cano really didn’t rake in the minors…..and then BAM. Hopefully you’re right that those guys making me feel myopic will suddenly bloom.

        • I’m One

          either a Solarte or Roberts.

          Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Unless Roberts is let go or Solarte is sent down, there’s really no room for Sizemore (baring injury). At this point, I don’t think it would be a smart move to cut ties with Roberts, as he may come around. And Solarte is doing enough to keep his spot, so we need to wait.

          Regarding Solarte’s ability to play short, just remember where the bar is set defensively with our current starting SS. While Solarte is no Dean Anna or Brendan Ryan, neither is Derek Jeter. For a day or so each week, he might not be any worse that what we’ve got the other 5-6 days and may make up for what he lacks compared with the other 2 by providng far greater offense.

          • Jorge Steinbrenner

            Which is a shame, since God is looking down on us and will not be happy.

          • RetroRob

            I think we, as fans, may underestimate what it takes to play the SS position. It’s why many infielders, be the 2B’man or 3B’man rarely play there, with teams carrying a back-up player for SS.

            While Jeter does not have the range, putting an inexperienced player at SS like Solarte may suddenly make Jeter look like Ozzie Smith.

            There is a reason the Yankees have been reluctant to play Solarte at SS. Frankly, if they think he has the ability to play there but needs some smoothing out, I’d be in favor of sending him down to AAA for a few weeks while he works on it.

  • lou

    Well we all know that Jeter is going to retire after this season. After this year Tex is another year closer to his contract being over. Roberts isn’t doing terrible but will he really be around in another year or two? Jeter cannot play every day and like most Sol will come down to earth.

    So with that said what I’m getting to is I’d like to see the Yankees make a mid season move for a full time player. 2B, SS, or 3B. It will leave less holes to fix in the off season. I don’t feel strongly that the Yankees will continue to win with a cycled infield. Would love to see another starting infielder with a right handed bat. Putting him before Tex and moving Tex down giving the Yankees more option and a much stronger longer lineup.

    • RetroRob

      Just come out and say it. The two words: Stephen Drew.

      • Poconos Adam

        Is there an echo in here?

      • pinedamaybegreata (formerly Monterowasdinero)

        The 2 words could also be….Jesus Montero.

        Jesus rises!!!!

        6 HR/18 rbi and hitting over .300 for triple A Tacoma. Backup 1B, catcher, righty DH, Yankee Stadium power swing. No place for him in Seattle. I mean, can anybody swing and miss more pathetically than 39 year old Soriano?

        Plus that would mean we have the whole package of stupidity and immaturity from the trade. Pine tar/DUI Pineda and overweight/questionable work habits Montero.

        • Jorge Steinbrenner

          I’d keep him stashed in AAA. Sure. I’m just not 100% sure I’d give him a 40-man slot right now.

          Can’t believe I just said that.

        • LK

          I’m assuming this is largely in jest, but there’s no way that Montero ever plays C in MLB again outside of an emergency situation. And even then, the emergency would have to be something like “every other position player on the roster needs multiple amputations.”

        • Jersey Joe

          Yeah, I’d like to keep him on the 40 man roster as a roster caddy for Teixeira if/when he goes down with injury again. A low risk/high reward thing, especially if we’re keeping him in the minors. All of the other pitchers we keep on the 40-man we get ride of anyway.

      • Steve (different one)

        This is why we can’t have nice things.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      We’ll also just throw this out there for shits and giggles:

      • I’m One

        Yes, that too.

        • Jorge Steinbrenner

          Now that we’ve taking the dive into the deep end of the pool on international FA’s, I’d be so in on someone meeting that description.

  • Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead


    What are your feelings on Brian Roberts?

  • TWTR

    Roberts has looked better at the plate lately. I have no problem giving him more AB for now.

    Johnson should probably get the majority of AB at 3B.

    As hot has Solarte has been for most of April, I don’t fault them for thinking it was, and would reamain, out of context

  • leftylarry

    Brian Roberts has ALWAYS been a solid fielder and clutch hitter and lately has had some clutch hits and has played solid defense.

    Some people want to believe we greatly miss Robbie ( I’m too cool) Cano but I’d sooner have Roberts at bat with 2 on and 2 out needing a hit to win.
    He’s the least of the problems and a good locker room guy, just needs to stay healthy.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      “Some people want to believe we greatly miss Robbie ( I’m too cool) Cano but I’d sooner have Roberts at bat with 2 on and 2 out needing a hit to win.”

      You’re fucking insane.

      • Steve (different one)

        I mean, if there is one thing Cano sucked at, it was getting hits.

        • LarryM FL

          I can not go along with Roberts over Cano. Cano is a monster at the plate. He makes a great pivot. I did not like his jog down to first but have eased up on my criticism of his jog. He played 159 games a year. My real issue with Cano is 7/175 was an insult.

          • CS Yankee


        • jOE

          WHATEVER…I’m just glad Robbie is gone….let him suck in Seattle

          • Jorge Steinbrenner

            This type of discourse is what keeps me coming back to RAB.

            • Looser trader droids Kenobi FotD™

              With a handle like jOE it’s gotta be good.

      • TWTR

        He’s obviously messing with someone, either us or himself. I am not sure which.

        • Jorge Steinbrenner

          It’s just typical “would rather have ten Joe Coffee Mug guys who play the game right” kind of stuff.

    • LK

      “just needs to stay healthy”

      I think the whole problem is he hasn’t done that since 2009.

  • LarryM FL

    I recall Brian Roberts when he was younger and a very good productive player. I see now a player who is showing signs of hitting better and fielding adequately. His pivots at second leave something up to the imagination on the bad side. Johnson and Solarte are part time players. They still need to play to stay sharp and be productive. Our infield is the weakest link on the entire team. If no future players who are better players will be secured then Girardi has to platoon the above guys to get something from them. Picking splinters from their ass is not productivity. Even when Ryan comes back I do not like him getting anytime in a starting role. His bat is horrible. Solarte does not appear to me to have the shortstop ability if Jeter goes DL then we shall see the true weakness of our weakest link. Solarte should platoon with Johnson at third and give Roberts a break at second. There must be 40/45 starts at second alone, resting Roberts. Johnson can give Teix. a break at first. The one guy I just do not mention is Ryan, Mr. glove. He is such a negative at the plate even with part time starts at shortstop and resting Jeter during late innings. IMHO If Jeter continues to play at this rate.I will be concerned with fatigue and injury, one follows the other.

    With approximately 12 starts a week at third, and second Johnson, Solarte and Roberts can stay sharp and healthy. This does not take in rests for Teix. and Jeter. If one of them gets hot at anytime Girardi will be all over the bonus in playing time.

    This plan works well if the five infielders can stay healthy. If one of them gets hurt then someone will be exposed. It may get ugly.

    • Holy Ghost

      “I recall Brian Roberts when he was younger and a very good productive player”

      Roberts was pretty exciting to watch up until 2009 or so.

      When he was healthy, he was a great leadoff hitter and I think he led the AL in stolen bases a few years.

      • LarryM Fl

        Yes he was in those days. He played the game all facets of it well. Today IMHO we can get above average play from him if Girardi can rest him so he does not start to drag.

  • pinedamaybegreata (formerly Monterowasdinero)

    Roberts cannot carry Cano’s you know what. Robbie Cano was our best hitter the last few years… the whole package from the plate and, despite his non-chalance, a much better fielder with greater range and a SS-strength arm. Roberts is a #8/9 hitter who can’t stay healthy for more than a month straight. The only thing he has an edge over Robbie is baserunning/stealing.

    • I’m One

      can’t stay healthy for more than a month straight.

      Quiet!! April isn’t over yet.

    • leftylarry

      I’ll say it again, 2 men on, 2 men out,I need a base hit, I’d rather have Roberts up there than Cano.
      Obviously Cano will put up numbers, Roberts is a clutch , gamer and always has been.
      Robbie runs hot & cold and rarely came through when needed in playoffs etc.
      Sure he had more power, not a guy you could count on when you just had to move a runner or get one in in important games.

      I’ll take a healthy Roberts with the game on the line.He’s the kind of player the Red Sox have been beating us with last few years.

  • Nolan

    Why do we need Brendan Ryan? He’s a no hit all glove backup SS? Just let Solarte play SS. He’s better than Jeter is defensively and better offensively than Ryan is.

    Ryan had a -.6 WAR last year in 350 plate appearances. Solarte has already been worth +.5 WAR and is destroying RHP (191 wRC+)

    LHP: Solarte 3b, Roberts 2b, Jeter SS
    RHP: Solarte SS, Roberts 2b, Johnson 3b

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      When have you seen Solarte play short?

      I’m not saying he can’t, but this “better than Jeter” stuff sounds as if you’re more frustrated with Jeter than impressed with Solarte.

      • LK

        I’m willing to at least consider the possibility that Solarte is as good as Jeter at SS, though that’s not saying a whole lot. But I’m not sure I’d even go that far. Solarte has 30 games of experience at SS in his entire minor league career. Granted, most of that was last year, so maybe he’s improved to the point that he’s passable there. Maybe. But I don’t think you can put him there for 10 games in a row without expecting hilarity to ensure.

        • I’m One

          If he’s need for 10 games in a row, the team does have Ryan and Anna. I wouldn’t have him there for an extended period, but there is a possibility Jeter will need a day off before Pineda’s suspension is over. Solarte may have to be used for a game.

        • LarryM Fl

          LK: Jeter is still a very capable shortstop. His range is down obviously but for the most part any play that should be made is made. Jeter is not going to mishandle a big play in a big spot in the game. Solarte shows good hands at third but third and second base two different animals when you compare shortstop. Solarte maybe OK to give Jeter a dayoff here and there but I seriously doubt he is as capable as Jeter on an everyday basis. The Yankees will not hesitate to replace Jeter more frequently if his skills erode further and hinders the team from winning.

  • Vern Sneaker

    The Johnson/Solarte 3B platoon has the big problem of leaving Solarte hitting only from his much weaker side. And if you trot Solarte out there most days, then Johnson is going to be back-up for Tex once in a while and play 3B once in a while. Also a good guy to have coming off the bench late in a game. There are a lot more right-handed pitchers that southpaws; on balance I’d say go with Solarte most days until he fades. Hopefully he won’t. Btw, I like Anna way more than Ryan as Jeter’s back-up.

  • Martin L

    I’m not ready to give up on Roberts. And I would say over all that the infield has more than held its own. At least we don’t heard the daily chant for —Stephen Drew.

  • Jersey Joe

    Before I say anything, I will make it known that I am a member of Team Sizemore.

    Still, I think my proposal is worthy.

    Scott Sizemore is better than Brian Roberts. There is no getting around that. He makes more sense for roster construction and he hit well in his SSS earlier this season.

    Roberts will have to be cut at some point. He is not producing; even if he’s nearing KJ’s production, he has nowhere near the same amount of power. If he gets injured, he will have to be released and let “Sizemore 24” take New York by storm in a platoon with Kelly Johnson and Yangervis Solarte. Splitting time at first, second, and third, Sizemore will give the Yankees flexibility and a much-needed, effective, righty bench bat.

    This situation is remarkably similar to the Randy Winn and Marcus Thames situation back in 2010. Winn (Roberts), switch-hitting veteran who has not proved to be worthy of playing time, loses playing time to youth in Brett Gardner (Solarte). After not producing, Winn is cut and replaced by Thames (Sizemore), a righty bench bat.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      I’d rather have Sizemore on the team than Roberts as well. The trick would be keeping Sizemore, Solarte, Johnson, AND Ryan on the roster.

      • Jersey Joe

        Right: I think, except for possibility of injury, that we can keep those four on the roster, as much as I would prefer Ryan to Anna.

        • nyyankfan_7

          I’m not gonna say that Sizemore isn’t better than Roberts (mainly b/c I know Jorge would drink his bath water and I don’t want him to hunt me down and kill me) but doesn’t his numbers in AAA bother any of you? He has a 43% strikeout rate and a .571 BABIP.

          • Jorge Steinbrenner

            Scott Sizemore’s bath water is actually bourbon. Fact.

          • Farewell Mo

            Hell yeah his AAA stats are worrisome though it is a SSS. The running joke around here has inflated Sizemore’s ability at least some IMO

            In his favor though is the “is he better than Brian Roberts” bar is set pretty low

  • Darren

    Jeter’s gonna have to get some more DH days when Ryan gets back.

  • Farewell Mo

    Guys like Anna, Solarte, Ryan, Johnson, Sizemore and Roberts are pretty much fungible. It seems pointless to complain about how Girardi manages them since they’ll all role players at best and you can make valid points about playing or not playing any or all of them at a given time.

    I think Girardi has done a pretty good job so far making the best of a bad situation. I still don’t get the Sizemore love. Though its SSS, his K rate is about 50% in AAA. Not exactly confidence inspiring IMO.

    • Prussian General Jordan Brink

      ” It seems pointless to complain….”

      But we’re Yankee fans. Complaining about the fringes of our roster is more important to us than actually watching the games.

  • Looser trader droids Kenobi FotD™

    Man oh man 2015 is going to be interesting. Teix a year older, Jeter gone, ARod back, and …?

  • mustang

    Am I seeing things or did Mike manage to write a whole thread about the Yankees infield without using the words “Stephen Drew”?

  • vicki

    from last week’s derek jeter’s diary, mandatory reading:

    ‘…it’s a little troubling we had to call up Scott Sizemore from the minors and start him at first with Tex still out. That’s our fifth first baseman of the season. He’s never played first before. Neither have I. They haven’t asked me. If they did, I’d play there without complaint. Maybe you drop an offhand comment to Girardi or Cashman like, “Maybe we could’ve planned for a backup first baseman in the offseason? Your shortstop of 19 seasons is playing first now, seems like a strange thing to happen,” but you take the field wherever they tell you. It’s not your job to dictate where you play, it’s your job to play out of position because somebody in management couldn’t imagine a world in which Mark Teixeira might pull a hammy.’

    • I’m One


    • RetroRob

      I’m still dealing with Jeter’s real FaceBook posting from last year where, in an attempt to help Nunez, told him to relax because what’s the worst that will happen? You’ll get traded to Minnesota for a lefty reliever.

      A year later that happened.

      • vicki

        surely you know that was lisanti too. always a riot, sometimes clairvoyant.

        ‘Anyway, this time it was Nunez getting hurt. He had to leave the game with some kind of rib cage issue. It’s especially tough because I’ve had a lot of time to mentor him on this homestand. To teach him some of the tricks you only learn after playing in the bigs for more than a decade. To pick him up in the dugout after a bad throw to first. “It’s just one play,” I tell him. “You can’t be afraid to fail. The worst thing that happens is they trade you to Minnesota for a lefty bullpen arm. They have a nice new stadium there, even if that happens. And it probably won’t. They need you till I come back, and maybe even after that.” You just want a kid like him to go out there and stay loose, not tighten up and get hurt.’


  • Hi

    Brian Roberts is — what? You’re judging this guy so harshly after less than a month? He is worse than Kelly Johnson and Yangervis Solarte? This is not smart. This guy is shaking off the rust. He looks healthy. He may end up being an excellent player for the Yankees. He certainly was excellent for the Orioles for many years.