Update: Wednesday’s game rained out, makeup scheduled for June 2nd

Top half of the lineup behind recent offense problems (which won't last forever)
2014 Draft: Foster Griffin

5:04pm: It’s official, the game will be made up at 7pm ET on June 2nd, the Yankees announced.

3:04pm: Joel Sherman says they are likely to make the game up on June 2nd. That is right smack in the middle of a homestand for the Yankees, though it will force them to play 17 games in 17 days. No biggie. Sherman says the Mariners didn’t want a doubleheader tomorrow because they already have one scheduled for next week.

2:47pm: Bryan Hoch says there will be no doubleheader tomorrow. The two teams will lose an off-day and the Mariners will have to make a trip back to New York.

2:25pm: Tonight’s game against the Mariners has been postponed due to rain, the Yankees announced. A makeup date has not yet been determined. I guess that means no doubleheader tomorrow? We’ll find out soon enough. The Mariners are not scheduled to return to Yankee Stadium this season.

If they don’t play a doubleheader tomorrow, the Yankees could either skip David Phelps (tonight’s scheduled starter) or simply push their rotation back a day. I’d bet on the the latter. If they play a doubleheader, the Yankees will need to dig up a spot starter at some point. The real question is whether Mariners push their rotation back a day in the event of no doubleheader, which would mean no Felix Hernandez tomorrow night. Fingers crossed.

The Yankees and Mariners only have four mutual off-days remaining this year: May 19th, June 2nd, June 26th, and August 14th. June 2nd and 14th are the most likely makeup dates because the Mariners will be on the East Coast at the time. Losing an off-day stinks, but the silver lining is that the Mariners have to come to the Bronx to make this game up. The Yankees don’t have to travel all the way out to Seattle.

Top half of the lineup behind recent offense problems (which won't last forever)
2014 Draft: Foster Griffin
  • TheRealGreg

    This is huge because unless the Mariners want to disrupt their rotation, the Yankees aren’t going to see King Felix this time around. First time in a long time

    • MB923

      Pretty much the exact opposite against Tim Wakefield. Seemed like Yankees rarely ever faced him in his starts. Maybe 1 start a year at most. It was always Beckett and/or Lester.

      • ALZ

        Wakefield had 36 starts vs the Yankees. The only team he faced more was the Jays, O’s and Rays are tied at 36 also.

        • MB923

          Right but he seemed to only make 1 or 2 starts a year at most which isn’t a lot against a division rival.

          • ALZ

            You play like 19 games vs division rivals. If you figure on 5 starters that only works out to 3-4 starts for everyone if normal schedule, which means 5 same starters all year, no doubleheaders, etc. Wake spend 17 years with the sox, and only hit 30 games started 7 times. Thus averaging 2 starts a year doesn’t surprise me.

  • mick taylor

    maybe king felix will not pitch thursday if no doubleheader

  • mick taylor

    plus doubleheaders are hard to sweep

    • vicki


  • MB923

    Bryan Hoch ?@BryanHoch 1m

    The Yankees & Mariners will not play a DH tomorrow. Just one game, the scheduled 7:05 p.m. ET start. Will make up rainout later in season.

  • RetroRob

    When was the last time the Yankees have missed King Felix? They face him so regularly, they must alter their rotation to ensure he does.

    • Dr. Martin Van Nostrand

      this calls for some fun with series matchups.

      FWIW, I know the Yankees missed Felix during a four game series in Seattle in August 2009. Since then?

      9/09 – no

      6/10 – no
      7/10 – no
      8/10 – no

      5/11 – no
      7/11 [heh] – no
      9/11 – no

      4/12 – no
      7/12 – no
      7/12 – no

      5/13 – no
      6/13 – no

      jeez whiz, it’s worse than when Doc was in Toronto.

  • Jorge Steinbrenner

    But it’s such a nice day out….

    Any time we don’t face Felix is a good day.

  • bas

    Since I have a ticket for the game and really didn’t feel like braving the elements, I’m pretty pleased they made the announcement before I made the trip uo to the Bronx.

  • Chris

    I’m more impressed that Axisa spit out all that information in such a short period of time. Kudos.

    • mustang


  • MB923

    Pitching matchup for Thursday – Roenis Elias vs. Kuroda


  • TWTR

    It probably won’t be nice again until Big Bad Mike is ready to take the mound.

  • RetroRob

    So no doubleheader. Probably means the Yankees will have to face King Felix twice…just because.

  • mustang

    In other news little Mustang T-Ball game was also canceled. That means Mustang doesn’t have to cover for the manager wish he loves to do. :(

    • Jorge Steinbrenner


      I hope you wield your managerial power well.

      • mustang

        I do, but you would be surprised of how competitive and annoying some parents come be. Even at this young age they have Babe Ruth dreams dancing in their heads. That’s why I don’t it full time, but I love helping out here and there.

        • mustang

          Best part is taking your time to place each player around the field only to watch all 9 of them run after the ball no matter where it’s hit.



          • Jorge Steinbrenner

            That’s hilarious.

            I’m still getting mine to hit the ball with the barrel of the bat, and not the handle.

            • mustang


        • mustang

          can not come

  • beth kery

    i already miss our #2 pitcher Big Mike

  • http://www.penuel-law.com/ Cuso

    There’s no way Felix does not pitch tomorrow.

    He’ll fight McClendon to pitch tomorrow.

  • Sgt. Slaughter

    We don’t have to face King Felix! I like this a lot!


  • Foster Brooks

    “…. though it will force them to play 17 games in 17 games”.

    Couldn’t have said it better myself.

    • Sgt. Slaughter

      At ease Gentlemen.

      I could have. It doesn’t make any sense.


  • MB923

    Dumb question but who decides whether or not a game is postponed and when makeup games are to be played?

    I would assume MLB does but I’ve once read somewhere the home team makes the final decision

  • qwerty

    It’s pointless to skip Phelps, he’s going to be here for a lot longer than 3-4 weeks.

  • ALZ

    June 2 makes sense for both teams. Is middle of Yankees homestand, and is right after Seattle homestand, then they head to atlanta then tampa.