Yankees take series with 14-5 blowout win over Red Sox


It’s amazing how the mood changes from one night to another in this game. Wednesday night’s loss might have been the worst game of the season because of the Michael Pineda ejection and everything else, but the Yankees rebounded with blowout 14-5 win over the Red Sox in the series finale on Thursday.



Theme of the Series
These three games had a common theme: one team was just terrible defensively. The Red Sox kicked the ball around on Tuesday, the Yankees returned the favor on Wednesday, and then the Red Sox did it again in this game. The Bombers scored their first inning run after Xander Bogaerts flubbed a a hard-hit grounder hit right at him — tough play but one I think a big league shortstop should make — allowing Carlos Beltran to reach first base. Alfonso Soriano doubled him in with two outs as the next better.

In the second inning, the Yankees took advantage of the new transfer rule — Dustin Pedroia bobbled the ball and couldn’t complete the double play — as well as two wild pitches and hard-hit ball third baseman Brock Holt couldn’t reel in. The wind also helped them out by pushing a Beltran foul pop-up just out of the reach of Mike Napoli, extending the at-bat. Two pitches later, Felix Doubront uncorked a run-scoring wild pitch. The big hit was Yangervis Solarte‘s two-run double down the left field line. It was a great at-bat, nine pitches with three foul balls in a full count. After the first two innings, the Yankees were up four-zip and Doubront had thrown 52 pitches.

The third inning was more of the same, though Mark Teixeira led it off with a solo homer on a really, really high fly ball. It seemed to hang up in the air for about ten seconds before hitting off the flat top of the Green Monster. A weak Brett Gardner grounder went right through Doubront’s legs — it was initially called a hit, but the official scorer came to his senses and later changed it to an error — and two stolen bases later, Gardner scored on Brian Roberts‘ single. Roberts stole second uncontested and scored on Jacoby Ellsbury‘s two-out double. That made it seven-zip. The Red Sox opened the door for New York all night with bad defense. Kinda like they did on Tuesday and the Yankees did on Wednesday.



No Fastball? No Problem
Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like CC Sabathia has gained a few pounds since Spring Training. Am I wrong? He was downright svelte in camp, but now he’s got a pitch of a belly. Anyway, the big lefty continued his transformation from power pitcher to finesse guy on Thursday night, holding the Red Sox to two runs on three hits and three walks in six innings. Seventy-one of 106 pitches were strikes, including a dozen swings and misses.

One terrible 0-2 pitch to Jonny Gomes in the third inning stands out as Sabathia’s biggest mistake. He had a chance to get out of the inning right there, but instead Gomes doubled and made it a two-run inning rather than a one-run inning. Sabathia settled down after that and retired ten of the final 12 men he faced. The two exceptions were a hit batsman and an infield single. Six of those ten outs were strikeouts. Here is the PitchFX Breakdown from Brooks Baseball, but the data will change overnight. Some of Sabathia’s fastballs were classified as changeups because of his, uh, lack of velocity.

As I wrote earlier this week, this season Sabathia is throwing more sinkers and busting righties inside more often than he had in recent years. I saw that again in this game, but we’ll have to wait for the final PitchFX data in the morning to confirm. That’s kinda the classic veteran adjustment, making the ball move more and making the hitters move their feet more. We’ve seen it in previous starts and we saw it again in this game. This is a guy going through a transformation right before out eyes. CC is a different pitcher this year.

Blown Open
Things got out of hand in the seventh inning when the Yankees made this one a real laugher. Solarte snapped out of his 0-for-14 slump with his double in the second, and in the seventh he poked a two-run single to right field. Ellsbury hit a ground-rule double to right to score another run, and Derek Jeter put a bow on it with a two-run single. All of that happened with no outs and a(nother) Red Sox error contributed to that rally. They made five on the night and could have been charged with one or two more. A wild pitch and some more general defensive hilarity led to the Yankees’ 13th run in the eighth, and position player Mike Carp walked in the 14th run in the ninth. Baseball!



Congrats to Shane Greene for making his big league debut in the seventh inning. He had no idea where the ball was going — only eight of 23 pitches were strikes — and put four of the five hitters he faced on base. He was lifted from the game in the middle of an at-bat with the bases loaded. Probably not how he dreamed it would play out all these years. That’s alright. Greene will get another chance to show what he can do. Eventually.

Adam Warren and David Robertson finished off the game after Greene. Robertson had not pitched since coming off the DL on Tuesday and he’d thrown one total inning in the last three weeks or so. That inning came in an Extended Spring Training game last Saturday. He needed the work. Glad was able to make his first appearance in a few weeks with a big league. You never quite know how a guy will pitch after such a long layoff.

One night after Pineda was ejected for failing to hide his pine tar, pitchers for both teams really struggled to locate the ball. Overall, the clubs combined for 18 walks, four wild pitches, two hit batsmen, and only 59% strikes. With extra attention naturally being paid to any sort of foreign substance, it was almost like the pitchers were looking for something to help them get a better grip in the cold.

There was a ton of offense tonight so I’m not even going to attempt to recap it here. Click the box score link below. I do want to point out that Beltran went 1-for-6 with a double, only because it was his 37th birthday. Oh, and the Yankees drew 12 walks while striking out only twice. Yeah, a bunch of those were Carp and his knuckleball in the ninth, but still. That’s pretty ridiculous. Oh, and Brian McCann played first base in the ninth inning. First time he’s ever played the position.

Joe Girardi actually challenged a wild pitch in that second inning. The umpires ruled the pitch hit Beltran in the foot, which would have loaded the bases with one out. But getting it overturned meant a wild pitch and the runner scoring from third. Bases loaded for the cleanup hitter would be cool, but you always take the guaranteed run. No brainer at the time since it was so early in the game.

Five of the Yankees’ last seven games have been decided by at least six runs. That seems weird. The Bombers took two of three in Fenway Park and went 4-3 on the seven-game trip through Tampa and Boston.

Box Score, WPA Graph & Standings
For the box score and video highlights, head to MLB.com. FanGraphs has some other stats and ESPN has the updated standings.

Source: FanGraphs

Up Next
The Yankees are heading home for a nine-game, ten-day homestand. Mike Trout and the Angels are in town this weekend and will send C.J. Wilson to the mound in Friday night’s opener. Hiroki Kuroda will be on the bump for the Bombers. If you want to catch that game or any game on homestand, RAB Tickets can get you in the door.

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  1. your mom says:

    Boston sure did play like shit tonight. Not that I’m complaining. Good job by CC even though he barely touched 90.

    • mustang says:

      “Good job by CC even though he barely touched 90.”

      People just don’t learn.

      • Yankee$ says:

        Seeing him pitch effectively without the heater is not just a great thing to see for this season. I would suspect Cashman is thinking the investment for the balance of the contract looks like it will provide significant returns. I think he establishes himself as a Solid #2 starter. With the money and seasons left, that is something I’ll take and I’m sure Cashman will too.

        • dalelama says:

          Very doubtful the return from here on out will provide a positive ROI in comparison to an alternative investment.

          • hogsmog says:

            But you can’t take the current contract in a vacuum, because it wasn’t in a vacuum. It covered 4 Cy Young vote-getting years and a ring.

            • Yankee$ says:

              Exactly, You can’t look at the “return from here” and compare it to alternative investments. You have to look at the life of the entire contract(s).

              • Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead says:

                You’ll notice dalelama lives in his own world of facts and figures that doesn’t correspond to ours.

          • Adam says:

            Positive ROI is not the issue. Any amount of ROI is better than none and a “significant” amount would be great, and not necessarily have to be a gain vs other investment, which is what the ROI would be if he was a solid #2 from here on out. “An alternative investment” both wasn’t and isn’t a viable option because the only thing the Yankees were going to do when CC opted out was give him more money. Contracts are about leverage.

          • Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead says:

            Annnnnd irrelevant.

  2. MB923 says:

    “Congrats to Shane Greene for making his big league debut in the seventh inning. He had no idea where the ball was going — only eight of 12 pitches were strikes”

    He threw 23 pitches, not 12. But yes only 8 of them were strikes.

  3. MB923 says:

    11 errors in the series (though I’m sure there were hits that could have been errors too)

  4. cr1 says:

    Weird, often ugly, and very long, with bright spots to keep it from wearing me out. The W of course. The fact that CC keeps steadily plugging along towards Andy-Hood. Solarte’s revival.

    I do trust that Shane Greene is well on his shuttle-way back for a needed spell of toiling in merciful obscurity, and that some useful person is already packing up for a trip to NYC in his place. I need a respite before I risk seeing another inning like that one.

    • lightSABR says:

      Don’t blame it all on him. I mean, yeah, he couldn’t find the strike zone to save his life, but that inning looks rather different if Jeter doesn’t boot that groundball.

  5. Bobby says:

    McCann is the 4th player to play his first big league game at 1st base for the Yanks this year that’s sort of odd

  6. JLC 776 says:

    Boy did that go a long way of erasing the embarrassment of last night!

    I’m really glad CC wasn’t left out there to hit his customary 100+ pitches. Fun to watch some call-ups get a little action. Altogether, a nice, low-stress, really boring, really long, but really therapeutic game!

    • Dalek Jeter says:

      “I’m really glad CC wasn’t left out there to hit his customary 100+ pitches.” I think I get your point, that sometimes he’s left twisting out there and Joe doesn’t take him out for whatever reason, but CC did throw 106 tonight.

      • JLC 776 says:

        Ha – I saw a post above saying he barely hit 90 (presumably, mph), and assumed it meant pitches!

        106 still isn’t bad. For a game that was well in hand, I’m glad he wasn’t kept out there to eat a ton of innings and rack up a ton of pitches as is usually the custom.

      • Cheval Anonyme says:

        I disagree with the premise. Unless he’s hurt, in a game that’s already a lost cause, the best thing to do if CC is getting wracked is to leave him in to work things out. Some pitchers have fragile psyches that need to be protected, but CC is a pro’s-pro, and Joe rightfully has mega-confidence in him. Let him work it out, and save the bullpen.

    • Pineda's old fashioned BBQ Sauce says:

      He threw 106 I believe

  7. mustang says:

    Great to see Solar have a bound back game at plate after that horror show the other day.

    “CC is a different pitcher this year.”

    That stating the obvious since that seem to be the plan right from spring. Still people were looking at radar guns when it was so clear what they had in mind.

    4-3 road trip through Tampa and Boston i will take it and run.

  8. Winter says:

    If you’d told me we’d go 4-3 during a 7 game road trip through Tampa Bay and Boston, I’d have taken in in a heartbeat. Sure, some of the losses were messy and we lost Nova and Pineda, but overall I like where this team is. Tanaka sure is fun, and so is actually having an offense.

  9. Jorge Steinbrenner says:

    So much said about CC. He’s probably had worse Aprils than this as a Yankee. The adjustment is happening, though, and thank God for that.

    Greene’s spent more time on a bus than on the mound this season. Combine that and making your first appearance at Fenway and I’m more than glad to give him a pass here.

    Nice to see Solarte rebound. Nice to see DRob back. Sloppy and long, but a very nice rebound after the previous night.

    • cr1 says:

      I could feel more cheerful leniency towards Greene, and later doubtless will — when his presence doesn’t mean that we are in effect down to 23 men.

      • forensic says:

        No matter what they were going to be at 23 men tonight, and likely tomorrow night. If they had kept Claiborne, he couldn’t pitch tonight or likely tomorrow either. There are no other eligible and worthwhile pitchers who they could call up.

        I don’t necessarily agree with them calling up the two pitchers, but if they were set on it, there were no other choices to take Greene’s place (barring another DFA).

    • Looser trader droids Kenobi FotD™ says:

      “Sloppy and long, but a very nice rebound after the previous night.”


  10. forensic says:

    Could’ve done without Girardi freaking out and having Warren throw 22 pitches in 1.2 innings, but otherwise seemed to be a great game.

    It’s awesome to win the series, but I can’t help but wonder what might’ve been had Pineda not been such a dumbass last night. Oh well, I guess…

    On to a painful weekend where I get to listen to the Angels broadcasters, then the FOX broadcasters, then the ESPN broadcasters. Please, please, please win Yankees to make it a bit better, at least!

    • mustang says:

      And Solar breaks out in a big way with 2 for 5 night with 4 RBI to tie for the team lead in RBI’s.

      I know it’s been a long night for you listening to those broadcasters I know that’s the only reason this slipped your mind.
      Just trying to help dude.


    • nycsportzfan says:

      Having a bullpen full of converted starters, we should be able to use them alittle more then guys who been pen guys.

      • forensic says:

        That’s not how it works. You can use them a little longer each game (mostly just Phelps at this point as Warren has lost a lot of his distance as just a shortish reliever this year), but they’ll still need the ‘typical’ kind of rest time afterwards based on however many pitches they threw.

        Since he pitched so long tonight (along with last night) he’s certainly not available tomorrow, which is unfortunate with a starter going who will likely give you a chance to win but who won’t go overly deep in the game.

      • Jorge Steinbrenner says:

        That makes zero sense.

  11. Yankervis says:

    Stoked for Solarte..his at-bats are quality

    • nycsportzfan says:

      Tied with Beltran for team lead in RBI’s. How crazy’s that a month in?

      • ALZ says:

        Let’s hope he doesn’t turn into another Chris Shelton. Dude hit 10 hr in April, as a 25 yo. Ended up hitting 8 hr the rest of his career.

        • lightSABR says:

          If he does, he’ll still be a ridiculously successful signing, given what we’re paying for him and what anybody’s reasonable expectations for him were.

  12. Preston says:

    Overall this has felt like a pretty crappy 7 game stretch. But in the end we went on the road and split four games with Tampa and took 2 of 3 from Boston. I’d be happy with going 4-3 on any 7 game road trip, going 4-3 against our two biggest division rivals is huge, even if the three losses seemed extra painful.

    • Cy Tanaka says:

      Who cares that some of the losses were painful? If you lose by 1 or 100 it’s still.a loss.

      I’m not into style points.

      Not only did we win the series and have a good road trip but we are in 1st place in the toughest division…one that I think we will win.

    • vicki says:

      extrapolate 4-3 over an entire season and you get a 92.5 win team!

    • Dalek Jeter says:

      The 3 loses seem extra painful because they were 2 blowouts and a game where the bullpen blew what felt like a win. I’ll take a 5-3 lose where we’re behind right out of the gate but stay competitive throughout and just shrug it off, blowouts and blown games stay with me personally.

      • forensic says:

        Not to mention the extras from the two blowouts including losing one starter for the season and another starter embarrassing the himself and the entire organization.

        • edrt says:

          Please just shut up Pineda. The guy came back from a shoulder injury that ends most pitchers. He and Tanaka are the major reasons the Yankees have hope 2014 and beyond.

          • forensic says:

            Did I change my name to Pineda?

            Either way, none of what you wrote changes or excuses what he did.

            • Cy Tanaka says:

              So what. So as long as he cheated discreetly it would be ok.

              After Pineda makes his next start this will be long forgotten.

              • forensic says:

                So as long as he cheated discreetly it would be ok.

                Whether or not that’s true, he didn’t cheat discreetly.

                • Cheval Anonyme says:

                  He’s from another culture and hasn’t mastered the language. He doesn’t understand the American perspective on what’s OK cheating vs. non-OK cheating. It’s subtle. And it’s not the same where he comes from.

          • Cy Tanaka says:

            Well said.

            It’s embarrassing to hear some fans overreact so much. The Yankees responded perfectly and showed some great signs to indicate their overall toughness.

          • Jorge Steinbrenner says:

            Just them two? It’d be a barren shitland otherwise?

    • LK says:

      I think the biggest reason why we feel bad about the recent stretch is primarily Nova’s TJS (with a dash of Pineda’s suspension thrown in recently).

  13. Yangeddard Solarte says:

    This lineup really showed how good it can be when healthy. We had speed on the base paths, Teixera with the added power, Sori is on a roll and Roberts/Solarte contributing in the 8-9 holes. Top to bottom this is the best lineup in baseball.

    And they’re now 5-2 against the Sox. I expect another series W this weekend at the Stadium. They can get through this stretch without Pineda just fine because their lineup will carry them.

  14. TWTR says:

    Just keep winning series.

  15. Pineda's old fashioned BBQ Sauce says:

    After further investigation the yanks just announced that Pineda was actually rubbing BBQ sauce on his neck yesterday and they plan to appeal

  16. Kosmo says:

    hats off to Roberts who in his last 3 games is on a nice 6-14 run.

  17. Kosmo says:

    a 4-1 WL thru the last 5 games of April will put NY at 17-10, looking back to 2013 NY went 16-10 for the month of April.

  18. Jimmy says:

    Sabathia passed Al Downing last night and is now #10 in Yankee’s all-time strikeouts. Sitting just 989 K’s behind Andy Pettitte for all-time lead.

    • lightSABR says:

      At Sabathia’s current rate, it’d take him at least five years to get that many strikeouts. I don’t see it happening, but you never know.

      • Jimmy says:

        I know, I wasn’t really serious although he does have a legitimate shot if he can remain successful with the reduced velocity.

  19. Wayne says:

    Who is pitching on tuesday against mariners?
    I believe Tanaka will pitch on Saturday may 3 against rays.

  20. Cheval Anonyme says:

    Yangervis Solarte Anagram of the Day:

    In honor of Yang’s big hit last night

    “Tyro Avenger Sails”

  21. Bronx Boy says:

    Sterling compared this game to ‘an unmade bed’ and although I’m not exactly sure what that means, it seems appropriate.

  22. Michael Pine Ada says:

    I got dibs on this nickname.

  23. Mandy Stankiewicz says:

    Carp made some of the last outs watchable, before he was gassed at 15-20 or so pitches, he mixed in a decent knuckleball. It feels good after those Tampa games to put a crooked number on the board, especially at Fenway.

  24. Bill says:

    I think the quote of the night on YES was when Cone said that Girardi should show a sense of humor and have Mike Carp checked for pine tar…

  25. Wayne says:

    Who are the yankees pitching on may 2,3, and 4 against rays. That is a more important series since it is against an al east team that is going to be on our backs the whole year.

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