Cashman confirms Sabathia has degenerative condition in knee

Game 39: Save Us, Masahiro
DotF: Mitchell returns and O'Brien homers in Trenton's loss

7:01pm: In a follow up, Marakovits notes Sabathia’s knee is structurally fine and stable. Carlos Beltran and Hideki Matsui are among those who have the same issue and have been fine with treatment.

: According to Meredith Marakovits, Brian Cashman confirmed CC Sabathia has degenerative changes in his ailing right knee. He will receive a cortisone shot with stem cells tomorrow and there is no timetable for his return.

Just yesterday we heard Dr. Andrews confirmed Sabathia’s original knee inflammation diagnosis, but inflammation is just a symptom, not the cause of the problem. Sabathia is a big dude and he’s been coming down hard on that right knee (his landing knee) for years. It’s no surprise it’s starting to give out. Hopefully the stem cells work as well as they did for Bartolo Colon a few years ago.

Game 39: Save Us, Masahiro
DotF: Mitchell returns and O'Brien homers in Trenton's loss
  • Yankee$

    Ugh, and wow. Wow, and ugh.

  • http://Riverave CB

    Insurance money? Early retirement due to injury? He will never be the same guy and probably not even an innings eater going forward….. Super frustrated hope cortisone shot works magic

    • hornblower

      CC will pitch without pain or will retire. He has made enough money and is too big to put that kind of stress on one body part.

  • willie w

    another $100 million dollar mistake
    they should have let him walk when he opted out for more years

    • Darren

      That would have been a very tough, but shrewd move to make. Not sure if any of the Yankee front office would have had the stones to do that. Especially with a player who by all accounts is a good dude, family man, causes no problems. Kind of the anti-ARod, in every way except the contract.

      Good luck bug guy, hope you can turn it around and recover from this and have a productive rest of your career.

      • Wolfgang’s Fault

        He chose to take the option, & the Yankees rewarded him. Precisely for the reasons already outlined, the Yankee FO should have let him walk on that (then unknown but clearly inevitable) damaged right knee. It was just a matter of time before something or other was going to blow out on “the big guy,” be it an arm, knee, or leg. So much wasted money over the years for so many over the hill players, & never really solving the long term problem w/this club, the inability to consistently produce M/L quality talent.

  • Eric Young

    Wow. That definitely sounds very serious.

    The nice guy in me prays for CC and his family. CC is one of the class acts of the game.

    The unfeeling asshole in me wonders if a retirement will get NYY out from the contract.

    • Eric Young

      Per a tweet from Feinsand: “Cashman said players incl. Randy Johnson, Carlos Beltran, Hideki Matsui, Raul Ibanez and Andruw Jones played through the same issues CC has.”

      Maybe just knowing what’s going on will help CC get right. Fingers crossed.

      • PsiFighter37

        If that means we get to see Sabathia pitch to the Big Unit’s (in)effectiveness while he was in pinstripes, that’s not really a good thing.

        Just because he might make it back on the field doesn’t mean he’ll be worth the $25mm/year (or whatever stupidly insane number we are paying him).

      • Looser trader droids FotD™

        Some of those names don’t exactly make me go “Well in that case he’ll be fine.”

  • Roadgeek Adam

    Do we know that the change for Colon actually benefited his pitching? If it did, I’d be happy to see CC back.

    • Eric Young

      It’s widely suspected that the “stem cell” treatment Colon received included banned substances. The doctor administering them was a known distributor.

  • Wolfgang’s Fault

    You could grow old waiting for the Yankee farm system to develop quality starting pitching. Their starting to get the hang of developing relief pitchers; how about some attention to the starters?

    • Tom K

      Do you seriously think they don’t pay any attention to the starters?

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      Cannot be serious.

      We need a remedial camp for commenters who show up during losing streaks.

      • Deep Thoughts

        Extended Spring Training. a/k/a “Game Threads.” Perhaps they could be moved off the main home page.

  • Steinbrenner’s Ghost

    “Sabathia is a big dude and he’s been coming down hard on that right knee (his landing knee) for years. It’s no surprise it’s starting to give out.”

    If it’s no surprise then why did Cashman extend his contract to age 37?

    If any other team had done that everyone would be calling that GM incompetent.

  • Derek Jeter

    Dos David Cone announce games drunk?!? Bcause some of the shit he says is crazy. Him and Leiter blow! Give me Singleton and Kay any day over them…

    • Derek Jeter


      • Deep Thoughts

        Cone on a ranting meth-fueled binge (which, let’s face it, has a non-zero chance of having happened) would be orders of magnitude more interesting, enlightening, and better informed than Michael Kay on his best day. Hands down. He’s a play-by-play guy who can barely be arsed to give the count after each pitch. If only he would tell us what he thinks about instant replay.

    • Colin Tenpenny

      I think Leiter and Cone are terrific,insightful,and funny.

  • Algernon Blackwood

    Has extending anyone who opts out (or can opt out) ever been a good idea?

  • Gonzo

    So when do they start injecting CC’s knee with hyaluronic acid?

  • Jorge Steinbrenner

    Your opinion is incorrect.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      Reply to fake Derek Jeter.

  • Jorge Steinbrenner

    When did Beltran and Matsui receive this diagnosis? Curious as to when in their career this occurred.

    Obviously, this isn’t good in the long term for CC. I have no clue what it means in the short term.

  • cooolbreeez

    Does anyone out there seriously think CC may retire. His condition is not that hopeless and he’s not stupid.

    Stupid was extending him, and re-signing A Rod, and bumping Jeter’s salary, and three years for Beltre and two years for Ichiro and on and on.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      You forgot trading Doug Drabek and signing Dave Collins.

  • Jamie crown

    This sucks

  • Fatty Colon

    I had more than just stem cells

  • mick taylor

    how come when a pitcher like cc gets a cortisone shot and stem cells shot into his knee to artificially heal, that is not cheating but a player taking hgh is