Update: Ichiro day-to-day with back tightness


11:03pm: Ichiro clarified that it is only his back. His knee is fine. He tried to get loose today but couldn’t.

10:55pm: Ichiro Suzuki is day-to-day with knee and back problems, according to Joe Girardi. He did not hit today and was not available for tonight’s game. Ichiro hurt himself trying to make that sliding catch in Sunday’s game. With Mark Teixeira banged up and Carlos Beltran heading for an MRI on his elbow, the Yankees are suddenly short three position players.

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  • Yangeddard Solarte

    Solarte is going to have to play 3rd, 2nd, 1st, SS, RF, 1B and setup reliever. There aren’t going to be any ballplayers left. Call up Zolio.

  • Chip Rodriguez

    Ichiro. Beltran. Tex. Kelley.

    *checks calendar to confirm it’s not April 1.*

  • RetroRob

    I’m just ignoring all these and will go focus on DoTF. Denial.

  • Chip

    Man, who do you drop from the 40 man at this point? I’m guessing they keep trying not to DFA Campos and you could DFA Billings. Going to need to add Whitley for one and I guess you bring up Almonte and Sizemore? I wouldn’t be shocked if they traded out Claiborne for….somebody. Maybe he even gets the DFA

    • Chip

      Not DFA Campos, I meant try not to put him on the 60 day

      • Jorge Steinbrenner

        I’d have dropped Campos months ago. Billings would be the obvious choice. Sorry, Bruce. It’s not a bad life.

        Almonte or Flores get the call.

        I wouldn’t lose Claiborne. I also would avoid putting him in high-leverage situations, but desperate times…

        • Chip

          They have been playing Flores at first lately

    • forensic

      Why are you talking about Almonte and Sizemore? They haven’t said anything about a position player being DL’ed or anything (though it’s not out of the question with Beltran being MRI’d, but Sizemore does nothing for you anyway in that situation).

      • Tom

        They essentially have an “extra” spot until they call up Whitley (I assume on Wednesday?). They could bounce someone up and down for just tomorrow’s game while trying to figure out the day to day stuff. If someone is DL’d that player would stay. If not, they would get sent back down for Whitley.

        • forensic

          They don’t have an extra spot. With the short and unreliable appearances by 4/5ths of the rotation and the already short bullpen, you have to keep Daley up for now to be able to eat up a few innings if needed.

          • Tom

            Outside of maybe Kelley everyone in the pen should be available tomorrow.

            Even Aceves should be able to go multiple innings. An 8 man pen given all the day to day issues is a luxury/crutch Girardi doesn’t need.

            • Tom

              I should add – they are going to have to send Daley (or Claiborne) down anyway on Wed; unless they DL a position player?

              So with Tanaka starting would you rather have a 2nd player on the bench or a 2nd long man for that one day?

              • Tom

                Crap – I’m off a day (thought Tanaka was starting tomorrow and Whitley Wednesday; I must have been confusing this with the Mets TBA/Montero on Wednesday)

                Still the bullpen is rested and should be able to cover Nuno tomorrow. Aceves and Claiborne should be able to go multiple innings. Betances and Warren could conceivably go more than 1 inning in a pinch (though Joe will probably want to keep them to 1 given their recent workloads). If Nuno has a disaster start than they would need to call someone up to backfill after tomorrow.

    • Tom

      Daley I think is the other potential 40man casualty – he apparently was on the 25 man tonight?

      With Whitley’s start on Wednesday they could call up one position player for tomorrow (Almonte? Sizemore?), and it gives them an extra day to figure out if any of the day to day folk are 15day DL options for Wed. If so, that opens up a 25man spot for Whitley, if not they could send whoever they call up tomorrow back down.

      I’m going to guess Daley gets sent down tomorrow for a position player and then is probably the 40 man casualty for Whitley the next day?

      • Jorge Steinbrenner

        Forgot about Daley completely. Another option.

  • stuart a

    I am sure RObertson looked good in the bullpen.

    newsflash THornton sucks. DUH…

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      Glad to see you back. Not being sarcastic.

  • Jorge Steinbrenner

    Ain’t this some shit.

    I’ll just go focus on the Heat for a little while.

  • forensic

    It’s almost like the injuries last year weren’t necessarily a fluke and very old teams are just going to be constantly dealing with nagging (or worse) injuries.

  • qwerty

    Ichiro plays part time for the first time in his career and he ends up with an injury.