Rosenthal: Red Sox re-sign Stephen Drew

5/20-5/21 Series Preview: Chicago Cubs
2014 Draft: Matt Chapman

Via Ken Rosenthal: The Red Sox have re-signed Stephen Drew to a one-year contract worth $14.1 pro-rated, so basically the qualifying offer he turned down over the winter. He will presumably take over shortstop with Xander Bogaerts moving back to third base. Drew will be a free agent again after this season, but because he did not spend the entire season with Boston, they will not be able to make him a qualifying offer.

The Yankees had on again, off again interest in Drew during the offseason and even in recent weeks — we recently heard they would reconsidering signing him after the draft — which makes sense given the infield situation. Just this morning I said I expected Drew to sign with the Tigers after the draft, which shows what I know. Kendrys Morales is still unsigned, and if the Yankees lose Carlos Beltran to elbow surgery, he would make some sense as a full-time DH and replacement middle of the order bat.

5/20-5/21 Series Preview: Chicago Cubs
2014 Draft: Matt Chapman
  • CountryClub

    I’m just glad I don’t have to hear about him for a while. Of course, at the end of the season fans will be clamoring for the Yanks to get him again.

    Nice player, but severely overrated.

    • nycsportzfan

      I’d rather have the Yanks facing Drew then having Drew on the team. So, it’s fine by me that hes back with the Blosox. Dude is anything but special.

    • Pisano

      And not worth 10 mil a year. They can have him.

    • RetroRob

      For a while. He’ll be a free agent again and the Yankees will need a SS! : -)

  • Mark Teixeira – Ghostbuster (formerly Drew) RIP Egon

    I guess Middlebrooks isn’t the next coming of Mike Schmidt after all….

  • Taco’s Eskimo Brother

    Oh thank jeebus, now Mike will stop talking about him.

    • Sweet Dick Willie

      In fairness to Mike, he wasn’t the only one clamoring for Drew.

  • Yangeddard Solarte

    Good. Now people can stop saying his name like he’s Beetlejuice. It’s over and done with.

  • Yan Solo

    Well, at least that puts any further mention of Stephen Drew on RAB to rest…

    /wishful thinking

    • mustang

      Off season

  • TWTR

    One of Boras’ infrequent market miscalculations, but he gets a do-over soon enough.

  • Prussian General Jordan Brink




    If I had to read another rab thread about Drew, I would’ve lost my mind (up in hea!! Up in hea!!)

  • Chris

    Praise be to God!

    Seriously though… “The Yankees had on again, off again interest in Drew during the offseason”? Ummm no. Yankees WRITERS had interest, the Yankees TEAM clearly stated that they had no interest from the beginning.

    • TWTR

      Why is that so hard to believe? They made a time-limited offer to Choo, so it’s reasonable to think that they also made one to Drew. It’s not like Sherman doesn’t have good sources, because he clearly does.

    • Need Pitching & Hitting

      Not true.
      They made an offer to Drew.
      That would seem to indicate interest.

    • LK

      The Yankees made a multi-year offer to Drew which they then pulled after making other signings. It’s not that the FO didn’t Drew could help the team, it’s that they didn’t have any more money (that they wanted to spend).

  • tom

    Since he is re-signed with Red Sox, will he be offered a qualifying offer by Red Sox this off season or what?

    • The Other Matt

      They aren’t allowed to. You have to be with a team for a full season in order for them to be able to offer you a QO at the end of the season. Which is why Matt Garza couldn’t receive one last season from the Rangers, after he was traded from the Cubs.

    • Need Pitching & Hitting

      They can’t. He has to be on the team for the full season to be eligible for a qualifying offer.

      • tom

        cool.. thanks.

  • The Other Matt

    Well, now that that’s over … What I’m most surprised by is the fact that there weren’t really any rumors or whispers as to this happening. According to my knowledge, nobody really reported dialogue between Drew/Boras and the Red Sox, as to to the possibility of him signing with the Red Sox prior to the draft. Nevertheless, it makes sense that the Red Sox would sign him at this point, and for Drew to accept. It became increasingly apparent that Drew – had the Red Sox not came in and re-signed him – was not going to sign until after the draft, at which point the Red Sox would not have received draft pick compensation. On Drew’s side, him signing now allows him to recoup some of the money he loss in declining the qualifying offer, as he likely would have signed a pro-rated qualifying offer after the draft anyway. Then again, maybe a few teams might’ve bid on his services which could’ve drove his price up, but probably not much more than $10 million.

    Oh yeah, now everyone can calm down about the possibility of Drew coming to Yankees. At least for this season.

  • qwerty

    They had him over a barrel, why offer to pay him 14 million?

    • Need Pitching & Hitting

      There’d potentially be a lot more competition for his services in a couple of weeks. Not sure they really had him over a barrel.

  • Yan Solo

    I thought I had said my final piece on Drew, but the more I think about it, there is something still bugging me that I just can’t ignore. I don’t understand (other than not losing the compensation pick) why the Red Sox would essentially give him the same amount of money as the QO he turned down before the season? That just seems like bad negotiating on the Red Sox. He gets the same amount for even less time (he’s missed 26% of their games at this point and I assume isn’t ready to just jump right in to a MLB game) on the team to make a difference. Unless Drew started with 20 million and they countered with 10 million, getting to the original 14 makes absolutely no sense to me as a position by the Red Sox. He had his chance at 14 million and turned it down. Plain and simple. The only thing I can assume, and maybe I answer my own question here, is that they assumed he would get more money (or at least more years from Detroit) if Mike was correct in that sense and wanted to sign him now and avoid losing him altogether. Which, then begs the question already often asked, what is it that teams actually see in Drew?! Because, frankly, I just don’t get it.

    • Need Pitching & Hitting

      The deal is prorated.
      He doesn’t get the full $14M, he’ll just get the prorated amount (about $10M).

      • Yan Solo

        I was wondering about that but in principle it’s the same deal even if he doesn’t get it all, so it’s still a bad position by the Red Sox IMO.

    • The Other Matt

      I don’t know if he would have received a multi-year deal from Detroit because they still have Jose Iglesias in the fold moving forward. He played quite well for them – and the Red Sox, too – last season, and the only real reason that they have a whole at the SS position is because Iglesias is out for the year. But then again, they might’ve offered a one year deal plus an option. Though there is no guarantee Drew would’ve accepted that, because now he has the ability to hit the market with no compensation tied to him this off-season.

    • LK

      Do you actually not get what teams see in Drew, or do you just not want to get it? Because it’s rather obvious – he can play short (actually play it, not just stand between second and third base), and he’s not a zero at the plate. He’s not Andrelton Simmons in the field, and he’s not Miguel Cabrera in the batter’s box, and he’s not Cal Ripken as far as durability. He’s still plenty good for many MLB teams, including the one this blog is about.

  • Looser trader droids FotD™

    Our long national nightmare is over.

    • Kiko Jones

      Ha! If only…

  • Need Pitching & Hitting

    So apparently Boston is going to play with a 24-man roster for the next week or so while Drew gets ready.

    Seems like they could have figured out a way around that.

    • Gonzo

      Really? I thought he wasn’t added to the 25-man roster until he was actually activated. Or else how would he be able to play games in the minors.

      Can someone confirm or deny this?

      • Need Pitching & Hitting

        According to Joel Sherman, he signed a MLB deal so he has to be immediately placed on the 25-man roster.

        • Gonzo

          So is Sherman saying that he must be put on the 25-man roster because he signed a MLB deal, or are you saying he must be put on the 25-man roster immediately?

          • Gonzo

            Either way, that’s interesting for sure.

        • Gonzo

          Ahh, ok. McAdam is saying they will only play one short for 2 games. They need 48 hrs to get Drew through optional waivers, so he can go to rehab. After that, they can call up Cecchini to play 3rd (Holt would have been sent down to make room for Drew for those 2 days).

  • mustang

    THANK YOU!!!


    It’s finally over….. tears of joy running down my face…

    Lets sing…. No more Drew threads…LALALALALA……NO MORE DREW THREADS…….LALALA

    • Need Pitching & Hitting

      He’s still a free agent after the season, and Jeter will be retiring , so…

      • mustang

        I can deal with that a lot better since there will be a need at a position Drew actually playsand they wouldn’t have to DH Jeter.

    • mustang

      God help us if Drew gets hot then there be like 500 I told you so threads.

      • LK

        Oh, we’re going to hear about it every Yanks-Sox game for the rest of the year. That’s if he performs well or badly by the way – there will be endless “I told you so”s regardless.

  • mustang

    “Kendrys Morales is still unsigned, and if the Yankees lose Carlos Beltran to elbow surgery, he would make some sense as a full-time DH and replacement middle of the order bat.”

    Morales just makes sense period!

    A needed switch hitting power bat that can relieve Tex once in a while plus insurance for Beltran

    • mustang

      Especially if they can get him for the same $$$ deal as Drew got.

  • Roy Munson

    Well now the Yanks will definitely sign him next year. Acquiring a player 2 years too late fits right in with their roster construction

    • Need Pitching & Hitting

      That would probably apply to pretty much any available SS for next year.
      Somebody has to play the position.

  • ahrmon

    I thought Bogarts was the Next Coming™? Was he that bad at short?

    • Mandy Stankiewicz


    • Gonzo

      Isn’t this move more about replacing Middlebrooks – with either Bogaerts or Drew – more than replacing Bogaerts?

      Also, being 10th in fWAR for the entire major leagues at age 21 isn’t crapping the bed.

      I would do some bad things for the Yanks to have a 21 year old SS with a .369 OBP.

  • vicki

    ding dong the witch is dead.

  • RetroRob

    Not too surprising he went back to the Red Sox. With Middlebrooks having both DL and performance issues, they can slide Bogaerts back to third and slot Drew at SS.

    The Red Sox hope of getting a draft pick was gone, as it was clear teams were planning to wait a couple more weeks until early June when the draft pick compensation was gone. Or perhaps it was Boras who was planning to wait. Probably a combination of both. So they had nothing to gain by waiting, and indeed they were about to have a lot of competition for his services, so they had to pretty much move now to lock him up.

    For Drew, he goes back to a situation where he’s comfortable, in a park where he hit substantially better than he did on the road, and now he can re-enter the free agent market unrestricted, as a true free agent this fall.

    This was clearly Boras’ strategy and one he will use again. It will be interesting to see what impact the Drew and Morales situations have on teams offering QO’s this next offseason. Some players might actually accept them, which might cause some teams not to offer them.

  • W.B. Mason Williams

    This is now the “Yankees must give up the farm for 4 months of Drew” official threat.