Martino: Yankees have verbal agreements with three international free agents

The perfect fit and the trade that will (probably) never happen
Afternoon thoughts before the finale in Seattle

Via Andy Martino: The Yankees have verbal agreements in place with SS Dermis Garcia ($3.6M), 3B Nelson Gomez ($2.8M), and SS Christopher Torres ($2.6M) prior to the start of the July 2nd international signing period. All three players are 16 years old and from the Dominican Republic. Read more about them right here. Martino says the Yankees are believed to have agreements with two others in place as well.

Earlier this week Ben Badler (subs. req’d) said Torres was not expected to get anything close to his $2M+ asking price, so there’s some conflicting information out there. That’s nothing new for the international market. The Yankees are said to be planning a massive international spending spree this summer, upwards of $30M between bonuses and penalties, and they’ve already been linked to seven players seeking seven-figure bonuses. These verbal agreements in advance of the signing period happen all the time even though they are against the rules.

The perfect fit and the trade that will (probably) never happen
Afternoon thoughts before the finale in Seattle
  • ALZ

    Why stop at $30MM?

    • Preston

      Two things, First, I think it would be hard to spend say 50 million on IFA. You just aren’t going to get that many high dollar guys to sign with one team. So if you said 50 million and didn’t spend it you’d look silly. Second, it gives them zero leverage in negotiations to say they have no limit on spending. They probably have little leverage already because if you want to sign this many top guys you have to do it early. Thus you have to outbid the market before the market even bids, saying you have no budget on top of that would take any remaining bargaining power away.

  • Rod

    Maybe they won’t

  • mitch

    Glad this is happening. The opportunities to flex their financial muscle are dwindling, so it’s nice to see them going all out here.

  • Farewell Mo

    Since they seemed to play it safe in the regular draft, hopefully they’ll sign a bunch of high ceiling lottery tickets internationally.

  • Long-Past-His-Day-Rod

    I still can’t wrap my head around giving a 16 year old millions of dollars to maybe one day play in the bigs. So much can happen between 16 and your twenties.

    Oh well, that’s why I’m not a big league scout. Hope they work out!

    • Mister D

      You can give out 20 of them and have 19 completely fail and still end up ahead:–001mig

    • ALZ

      Is like a lottery, but you eventually come out ahead. Ellsbury cost $153MM to sign on the free agent market. You can just buy a massive amount of these kids, and odds are that you will find cheaper value than that. Once they come up under team control they cost maybe $30MM if they are elite for the first 6 years. Most will fail, but when you are looking at a WAR going for almost $7MM on the free agent market.

  • Chris

    Are any of these guys the consensus top July 2nd prospects? I haven’t seen any rankings out there. I would hope while shattering the pool we could pick up the top or top two guys out there.

    • vin

      I would like to see a study illustrating the success of top rated international prospects. You see this sort of thing with draftees, but not international signees. It’s got to be considerably tougher to project 16 year olds than players who are 18-22.

      • Chris

        True, that would be interesting. Can you think of any international prospects who signed for big money in the majors right now? The main international guys I can think of (Abreu, Cespedes, Puig) were all IFA.

        • Chris

          They were all FA unrestricted by the July 2nd spending limits I mean.

        • Preston

          Pretty much the best players. Felix Hernandez, Miguel Cabrera, Hanley Ramirez, our very own top prospect Gary Sanchez. It’s easy to notice when a Cuban defector comes over because they sign for big money and play right away. These guys don’t play for 5 years so people don’t remember what kind of bonus they got. But the majority of Latin players were signed for big money as a 16 or 17 year olds.

          • Cheval Anonyme

            5 of the top 10 on BA’s top 100 prospect list this year played as 17 year-olds in thr DSL.

    • zach

      I think the rank will come out in a week prior to July 2nd. It happened last year.

    • hey now

      Dermis Garcia is supposed to be one of the top available position prospects, along with Gilbert Lara (rumored to the Brewers for over $3M.)

      Both are expected to wind up as third basemen.

  • Sven

    If these guys were part of last weeks draft, would they be consensus top 50?

    • Preston

      Probably not all of them given the age difference (16 year olds vs. 18 and up). But from what scouts say, Garcia is the best talent availabe in IFA and would probably be a legit first round talent even at this age.

  • zach

    What are their MLB ready destination? I hope 4 or fewer years.

    • Kosmo

      remember they´re all 16 yrs old. Arrival time in the majors on prospects is usually 22-24. How many will succeed or fail ?

      • zach

        Ah.. I missed that part.

  • zach

    Internet scouting reports said Garcia is a 3B. Is he capable of sticking SS or what?

    • Preston

      Right now he is, but if his body is going to change a lot between 16 and 22. It’s hard to predict. His calling card right now is power, so bulking up and having to move to 3b wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world.

      • zach

        I ain’t complaining but stocking up SS the same way as Yankees have been on 1B and C would be much preferable.

        thanks anyway.

        • Preston

          The focus on C I get, it was odd how many 1b they drafted this year though. Maybe they think some of them can hack it at 3b/OF or something, I don’t know.

          • Cool Lester Smooth

            Or they think they’ll sign for nothing so that they can give DeCarr double slot.

            • Preston

              Fingers crossed they all turn into superstars like Kyle Roller.

  • Rational Sports

    What is the reason for the international spending spree this year? Is the crop of free agents particularly good? Does it have something to do with the luxury tax?

    • mitch

      they’re probably going to move to an international draft within the next few years, so the opportunity to just buy players will be gone soon

    • Need Pitching & Hitting

      Desperation, mostly.
      They realized last year that they needed an infusion of young talent into the system.
      This is the Yankees trying to jumpstart that process.

  • Pinedamaybegreata (formerly Monterowasdinero)

    Dermis Garcia? Great to have skin in the game…..

  • EndlessJose

    Great that we get many great prospect but sadly we won’t see any of them until 5 years from now.

  • pat

    Fuck you couch MLB!!!!

  • cooolbreeez

    Yankees doing their part to help develop third world countries.

    • leftylarry

      They might not be so good without their steroids.

  • Mike HC

    We are going to kick some ass in 2022!

  • Dan

    I love this strategy, but I can’t help but thinks the Yankees aren’t taking it far enough. They do this, they’re screwed for the next two years (not to mention an international draft is probably coming). They should seriously sign every player with any sort of potential. Money should be no object. They’re going big, but they should go nuclear.

    • Dan

      Of course screwed refers to signing new players only.