Game 83: End of the Homestand

(Rich Schultz/Getty)

(Rich Schultz/Getty)

The Yankees wrap up their ugly six-game homestand this afternoon, a homestand in which they won the first game (yay!) but lost the last four (boo!). They’ve lost eight of their last ten games overall while being outscored 48-31. Worst of all, all ten of those games were played against AL East rivals. The Yankees are 17-17 in their division so far this year but I don’t believe it. The standings are lying. It feels like they’re 5-29 against the AL East.

The homestand ends today and the Yankees head out on an eleven-game road trip starting tomorrow. This is the last time they play in the Bronx for 16 days, until after the All-Star break. Given their performance at home (18-22, outscored 186-144), I’m not sure that’s a bad thing. End the homestand with a win and get the hell outta here. Here is the Rays lineup and here is the Yankees lineup:

  1. LF Brett Gardner
  2. SS Derek Jeter
  3. C Brian McCann
  4. DH Carlos Beltran
  5. 1B Kelly Johnson
  6. RF Alfonso Soriano
  7. CF Ichiro Suzuki
  8. 2B Brian Roberts
  9. 3B Yangervis Solarte
    LHP Vidal Nuno

It is pretty gross out in New York right now. Overcast but really hot and humid. There is also some rain in the forecast for later this afternoon, though it doesn’t look like it will impact the game unless they go to extra innings. I love watching games live and being at the Stadium, but this is one I will happily enjoy from my air-conditioned home. This afternoon’s game is scheduled to begin at 1:05pm ET and you’ll be able to watch on YES locally and MLB Network nationally. Try to enjoy.

Injury Updates: Mark Teixeira had his knee drained last night and is expected to be back in the lineup tomorrow. He’s been playing through some discomfort … Jacoby Ellsbury is a “little beat up” and needs a day off, according to Joe Girardi.

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  1. ropeadope says:

    If we win 50 of the remaining 80, all should be well. A win this afternoon starts things off on the right foot.

    • Winter says:

      So all we need to do is win games at a better pace than MLB-leading Oakland. Piece of cake!

      • ropeadope says:

        Oakland was 51 – 30 entering their current series in Detroit (where they’ve dropped two straight). It can be done. As the Tugger said, Ya gotta believe!

  2. I love watching games live and being at the Stadium, but this is one I will happily enjoy from my air-conditioned home


    • Josh S. says:

      I love watching games live and being at the Stadium, but this is one I will happily enjoy begrudgingly watch from the comfort of my air-conditioned home.

      I think that’s what Mike meant to say.

  3. Ichiro Eddard says:

    What a lineup. McCann in the 3 hole should present quite the challenge for Odorizzi. And now two of their good hitters are getting banged up. After they lose this game and fall below .500 I would start firing people and rebuilding for the future.

  4. Lukasz says:

    Carlos Beltran’s amazing homerun against the Orioles increased my faith for the team for a little while, but now its time to actually start winning games. The emotion of the ball landing into the left-field seats that faithful night just cannot carry the Yankees thru the rest of the season

  5. The Great Gonzo says:

    So much humid… Balls will drop in…

  6. swizmo says:

    Hey Guys, if you haven’t seen it yet, take a look at this article that gives some new information on ARod’s PED use.


    Apparently MLB gave ARod permission to take testosterone during his 2 MVP seasons with the Yankees. Another good bit, he made the Yankees make an extra ring for the man he identified as his steroid source in 09.

    • swizmo says:

      My apologies, I misread. He was only given the exemption for his 07 MVP season, not 05.

    • Mike HC says:

      Fans … the only suckers who didn’t know exactly what was going on.

      • The Great Gonzo says:

        Really? You knew this was all happening? Nothing in that article was new news to you?

        Man, being a fan and (mostly) only concentrating on what the obys are ding on the field… I’m such a dope.

    • The Great Gonzo says:

      I find the whole A-Rod thing fascinating still. He’s got this menatlity (much like Jose Canseco) that he will be vindicated and he was in the right. Blows my mind.

      • Paisa says:

        He is right. If the material in this article/book is true(and there’s really no reason to think otherwise) then it makes the suspension that was handed down on him look even more cruel and unusual.

        • I'm One says:

          Not sure I agree with your viewpoint. He was allowed to take a banned substance, which was most likely required due to steroid use, so MLB should have known what was going on, but then it seems he started using different substances, under Bosch’s direction. MLB didn’t approve that.

          • Paisa says:

            So suspend him 50 games and be done with it. There is no need to make an example out of the guy.

            • Pasta Stumbling Sojo says:

              But he also supposedly did other things, such as recruiting other players, investing in Bosch, and trying to destroy evidence. I don’t see what MLB allowing him to use a different substance for 1 year in the past has to do with any of that, and those are reasons to impose a larger penalty.

              • Paisa says:

                Supposedly, of course, being the key word. He may very well have done such things. But considering the commissioner’s well documented investment in bosch and manipulation of evidence I have a hard time believing that a morally sound arbitrator would really buy that as a reason to go beyond the standard penalty. Not to mention that there wasn’t even a positive test involved in this whole thing. It would be really nice to see the documents that they base the book on.

      • Yankee Fan 1 says:

        Yup. The most baffling thing is the constant lying and propensity to blame anyone but himself

  7. Jason says:

    This is 2013-vintage line-up. Glad I’m at work.

  8. Mike HC says:

    I’m going to go ahead and predict a 13-11 Yankees victory in an ole’ roid classic of my childhood. Just about doubling the Yanks run scored total on the season.

  9. Need Pitching & Hitting says:


  10. The Great Gonzo says:

    Gardy! Power Hitter FTW!!!!

  11. Mike HC says:

    Masher Brett Gardner starts the offensive onslaught.

  12. Gardner has 8 home runs and its July 2…he hit 8 all of last year.

  13. The Great Gonzo says:

    Wow. Don’t look now, but the boys are hitting.

  14. W.B. Mason Williams says:

    Clearly this was a lineup built for 90+ degree weather.

    All those popups to 2B were always meant to fall in for bloops.

    Cashman Succeeded.

  15. SamVa says:

    Soriano should just take a pitch on 3-2. Every pitcher in the world knows he’s swinging. Too easy

    Also, agree with Michael Kay.. why is Ellsbury sitting? Doesn’t make sense.

    • PhillyMatt says:

      Jacoby Ellsbury is a “little beat up” and needs a day off, according to Joe Girardi.

      • SamVa says:

        Jacoby Ellsbury is 30 years old and is in the first year of a 7 year deal. If he was late 30′s– fine

        he needs to be on the field when we are struggling for offense

        • The Great Gonzo says:

          OR, if a $153M player is banged up, you get him a day of rest, instead of marching him head-first into the DL. In a 160-180 game schedule, it is PERFECTLY OK to get a day off. Stop nitpicking.

    • Neil says:

      One of the few times I’m agreeing with a Michael Kay rant.

  16. steved fl says:

    how much longer can they keep running Soriano out there???

  17. Need Pitching & Hitting says:

    Why is Ichiro in CF over Gardner??

  18. WhittakerWalt says:

    Hey kids, how bad was the breaking ball that Soriano struck out on? Was it in the other batter’s box?

  19. Need Pitching & Hitting says:

    WTF McCann?????

  20. The Great Gonzo says:

    Nuno Giveth, Nuno taketh away.

  21. Jose Pirela is the only Railrider to make the IL ASG. Nice work.

  22. Need Pitching & Hitting says:

    That’ll do Officer McCann.
    Now more of that going forward please.

  23. You know its a strange season when Soriano, Beltran, McCann and Johnson all have averages within a range of .222-.226. No one’s hitting .225 or else we’d have every single number.

  24. Yay, McCann give away, McCann hit HR No. 10.

  25. Kosmo says:

    McCann your not toying with us are you ?

  26. What is Nuno’s career high in Ks? He’s got 5 after 3.1..

  27. And Seth Smith is off the trade market, just got extended…

  28. The Great Gonzo says:

    God, Brian McCann is horrible and was a horrible signing and we shoulda never spent the money on a guy who….

    does exactly that. Bag O Dicks, haters. Bag. O. Dicks.

  29. nsalem says:

    Did Leiter just call Madden Biden?

  30. WhittakerWalt says:

    So tempting to pull the “I told you so” card with Solarte, but it would just feel like piling on.

  31. ARE YOU SERIOUS says:

    1st and Second nobody out and your team has scored 1 run in what is it 16-25 innings? and you don’t lay down a bunt to move guys over are you this serious Joe? Left handed batter and a R pitcher and you don’t move the guys up?

    I have never been a fan of Joe but this one takes the fucking cake. Sell and gut this team.

    • ARE YOU SERIOUS says:

      As someone said yesterday Cash has been here for 16 years? That’s just a little to long this team need a fresh view on things starting on the management and down to the coaches.

    • nyyankfan_7 says:

      For what reason? It’s not like Solarte has done anything to warrant setting guys up for him, Roberts is just as likely to get a hit in that situation as he is.

  32. ARE YOU SERIOUS says:

    200 Million for 40 year olds and .200 hitters. As Madden said go get better hitters. lol

  33. Kosmo says:

    I guess 1 run is now considered a rally ?

  34. The Great Gonzo says:

    “Yankees and Rays are tied at 3 in an ABSOLUTE SLUGFEST…”

    -John Sterling

  35. Rolling Doughnut says:

    OK. Nuno kept them in it. Well done.

  36. Need Pitching & Hitting says:

    Really need Kelley to start pitching well again.

  37. WAJohn says:

    And all this Kay “CC is your trade” comments are driving me nuts. The CC we saw in 09-11 is gone.

  38. Rolling Doughnut says:

    Well shucks, Nuno could have done that….

  39. WAJohn says:

    It’s one of those years that following the prospects is waaay more interesting than following the MLB club. God I hope we sell and build for the future. The thought of watching this team next year us just to much.

    • Kosmo says:

      selling Kuroda, Ichiro , Roberts and KJ nets you 1 prospect and a bag of balls.

      • WAJohn says:

        Ya, cuz that’s who I named right?

        • WAJohn says:

          Only the Yanks brass is dumb enough to sign the 3 near or at 40 year olds and a career .250 hitter that can’t field.

        • Kosmo says:

          who else ? everyone else are on longterm contracts. Name a few you´d sell ? Phelps, Nuno, Kelley ?

        • Need Pitching & Hitting says:

          I think the point is that they really don’t have much to sell.

        • Winter says:

          Who on this team would bet anything of value in a trade? Brett Gardner, maybe David Robertson, and…?

          • WAJohn says:

            Gardner, Robertson, Betances. You have to give value to get value. Anyone not named Tanaka should be available to upgrade the roster we currently have.

            • Kosmo says:

              Gardner, Robertson and Betances ? you´re going to sell 3 of NYs finest players and get what in return ? Better to hold on to the best players don´t you think ? Who is going to pitch the backend of games ? Gardner is this years best offensive player on a very friendly team contract. He would maybe get you a good # 3 SP and a prospect.

            • Need Pitching & Hitting says:

              Trading Gardner and Betances would downgrade the roster they currently have.

              I could see trading Robertson, but a half year of a closer isn’t likely to get you all that much.

              • WAJohn says:

                That’s why I said build for the future. When Gardner is your power outfielder, that’s a problem. When your starting a 40 year old Ichiro in CF, that’s a problem. When you spent 150 miles plus to Ellsbury to watch the 100 million dollar cheaper gardner out perform him, that’s a problem. When you start a 40 year old at SS, that’s a problem. When your 80 million dollar catcher is hitting .220′ish, that’s a problem. When you wait until beltran is 37 and sign him to 3 years, that’s a problem. When you have 1 starter you can depend on that’s a problem. You can deny all you like, the facts say otherwise. Problem is, you’ll be looking at the same club next year, minus the 40 year old SS.

                • Need Pitching & Hitting says:

                  And I’m saying trading Gardner and/or Betances likely doesn’t help with any of that, and probably just makes things worse for the next few years.

            • Winter says:

              I mentioned Gardner and Robertson already. As good as he’s been this year, you’re not going to get anything better for Betances. He’s a reliever with a history of control problems, no one’s going to give up a legit prospect for him. Besides, isn’t a 26-year-old fireballer reliever with a killer breaking ball the exact type of guy you’d want to keep? What would you want in return that’s better than that?

              • Winter says:

                Not to mention half a year of a closer, no matter how good Robertson is, isn’t going to get you a ton, either.

              • WAJohn says:

                I would love to keep Betances, problem is, we have so little to trade, we are forced into it. I think he could be great, but there are so many holes on the roster we have to do something. Otherwise we go into next year with the same holes/issues. Sure they could sign Scherzer, sign Hardy. It’s like watching Cashman pass on the Puigs, and Abreu’s, because of all the “great hitters” we have clogging DH and RF. Who exactly?

                • Winter says:

                  My point is who could you possibly trade Betances for who would be better for the team than Betances?

                • nyyankfan_7 says:

                  Were you aware how “great” the Puig’s and Abreu’s were going to be before they even had an at-bat in the MLB? Do you have any idea how hard Cashman actually did try to sign those guys or do you just know that he didn’t even pay attention to them just because they aren’t Yankees today?

                  Let me guess, you are one of the vast majority here at RAB who knew how great Nelson Cruz was going to be this year and it’s Cashman’s fault for not waiting to sign him to a 1 year 8 mil contract in March.

                  • WAJohn says:

                    How hard he tried? Lol. The one thing the Yanks have more than anyone is money. Not just for players. Scouts, talent evaluators, advanced scouts etc. Are you telling me he tried to sign those guys? Then what stopped him? Not money. He signed A 37 year old Beltran to 3 years 45 mill. He couldn’t do 7 years 42 mill for a 23 year old? You can defend the roster, signings, non signings until you’re blue in the face, the fact is, he has failed. And now are yanks are full of overpaid old players, who even as you admit, are untradeable. And until their is a shift in the way the franchise is run, we will continue to miss the playoffs and be mediocore.

                    • nyyankfan_7 says:

                      And if you sign a complete unknown to 7 years and 42 million and he sucks you now have a roster full of young guys with zero track record to ever do well that can’t be traded.

                      You had no clue who Puig or Abreu were until they showed up in the MLB and started playing well. Don’t act like you knew the day they signed the Yankees made a mistake because you didn’t. I’m sure you were someone who was all up in arms about Kei Igawa – there was a young guy they just wasted money and a roster spot on, how did that turn out? How about Hideki Irabu? Jose Contrares? Remember all those “great” young guys from other countries? Sure glad the Yankees signed all of them – because even though they sucked the Yankees just traded them because they were young because apparently age is all that matters.

                    • WAJohn says:

                      Nyy, that’s what you pay your scouting department for. And ours obviously suck if we throw money at Keith Igawa, but let the Puigs and Abreu’s walk. That’s my point. We have money, seems we would have enough money to pay our advanced scouts well enough to pass on Kei Igawa, but say hey this kid Abreu, he’s got some pop. Money in an organization is more than just about paying player salaries. Again, disagree all you want, our .500 record says otherwise.

                    • nyyankfan_7 says:

                      #1 – 28 other teams did not sign Puig or Abreu. So obviously the Yankees “advanced scouts” were not in the minority.

                      #2 – You have zero clue how involved the Yankees were on either player. Both could have said they did not want to play in NY. (Believe it or not there are players who don’t want to be a Yankee) Both could have been offered more money and chose to go somewhere where they saw a quicker path to making a MLB roster.

                      To simply blame Cashman every single time a free agent does well somewhere other than New York is the stupidest comments made on these boards other than “the Yankees need to sign Stephen Drew”

                    • WAJohn says:

                      How anyone can defend Cashman at this point is just crazy to me but whatever. The construction of this team falls squarely on his shoulders. We didn’t make the playoffs last year, and we won’t make it again this year. I’ll enjoy the few bright spots (Tanaka and Betances) but for those of you thinking we are fine, are in some serious denial.

                • Need Pitching & Hitting says:

                  ” Otherwise we go into next year with the same holes/issues.”

                  Your plan is just adding to the holes/issues for next year.

                  • WAJohn says:

                    Future is more than a year out bro. This team won’t compete for a title for at least 2-3 years. So start the process now or keep delaying that 2-3 year mark. Simple as that

                    • Need Pitching & Hitting says:

                      “Otherwise we go into next year with the same holes/issues.”

                      I was responding to this.
                      That would be even worse in your plan.

                      If the goal is to improve for the next couple of years, then trading guys like Gardner and Betances likely downgrades their chances.

                      If they choose to look at a full rebuild over a longer time horizon with the idea they won’t be seriously competing for the next few years (which will never happen), then everyone should be on the table to be traded, including Tanaka.

                    • WAJohn says:

                      And if we don’t make moves, including Robertson, Betances, gardner, we won’t be “seriously contending” some years ahead. Judge, severino, jaigelo, Clarkin, Austin (don’t see it but whatever), sanchez, banuelos, Hensley, Murphy, DBJ. Only Banuelos, Murphy could possibly help in the next year or 2. The rest are at least 3-5 years away. Again disagree if you want, our .500 record says otherwise

                    • Need Pitching & Hitting says:

                      Trading Gardner and Betances isn’t likely to significantly change the future. Really the most likely scenario is it weakens them for the next couple of years and barely impacts the following years. Trading Robertson likely won’t make a significant difference in either time period.
                      If they are going to go the route of trading players who could be substantial contributors in the next couple of years, they may as well trade Tanaka as well, and really completely rebuild.

                      Otherwise they just don’t have much to sell that would bring back major returns, and if they are going to seriously contend in the next few years, it’s mostly going to be because of free agency and trading for MLB players, not prospects.

                    • WAJohn says:

                      It’s not like I’m saying, hey trade betances and get Mike trout! Of course you’re going to have to package some of these players with some prospects to get a quality return. What I fear ( and honestly some of you arguing with me probably fear) is Cashman selling the farm for a #4. I love pitching and I love defense (that probably adds to my nauseating feeling at this year’s team) but I would love to see us with a young middle of the order hitter. Our inability as an organization to develop a #1 pitcher or a young middle of the order hitter is beyond me. I think it goes to say our talent evaluators, scouts, and frankly our hitting and pitching coaches in the minor leagues has to play a role in that.

    • nyyankfan_7 says:

      Waaay more interesting than an underperforming club that really can’t play much worse and yet they are only 3.5 games out of 1st place with 80 games to go?

      Sure glad we got “real” fans like you out there. Hope you can jump on the next time the bandwagon comes through town.

      • WAJohn says:

        If you watch this team day in and day out and think they have a shot at a title, you sir are delusional!

        • Need Pitching & Hitting says:

          Nothing about a title anywhere in that comment.

          • WAJohn says:

            We play for titles in New York, but if it makes you feel better, I’ll say playoff team. I’ll use my best Jim Mora voice saying playoffs though.

            • Need Pitching & Hitting says:

              So you can only enjoy MLB if the team is a likely title favorite?

              You can’t enjoy the good things that they do have, like Gardner, Tanaka, Betances, etc., especially considering the mediocrity of the division, they do have an actual (though I don’t think likely) chance of making the playoffs?

              Talk about a spoiled fan.

              • WAJohn says:

                Spoiled fan. Lol. Don’t agree with the current roster and I’m a spoiled fan? Some people want better, some people are cool with mediocrity. I’m one who wants better. Ya know strive for better things. I watch them daily. I can’t say I enjoy it more than the mid 90 ‘ s to 2010 teams. Of course I want them to win, but reality says, we are .500 team. We have nobody to blame but the powers that be who make baseball decisions for the yanks.

                • Need Pitching & Hitting says:

                  You can not agree with the current roster and still enjoy the good parts of it.
                  I want better too.
                  I don’t like a lot of the current roster either.
                  I don’t think they are well positioned to get substantially better in the short term.
                  I think the team will likely be slightly above .300 at best (which would probably contend for a playoff spot).

                  Only being a fan if the team is a title favorite is being a spoiled fan.

                  • WAJohn says:

                    I do enjoy the bright spots, betances, tanaka, but bringing me to my original post, I happen to enjoy following the prospects way more than the MLB team this year.

            • nyyankfan_7 says:

              So you only root for the Yankees if they are winning?

              Again..sure glad we got “real” fans like you.

        • nyyankfan_7 says:

          2006 Cardinals that finished 83-78 and did win a title.

          If you really think a team has to be in 1st place on July 2 with a 10 game lead to have a shot at a title you are delusional.

          This is called baseball, not every team is going to be the 1998 Yankees – get used to it.

          • Kenny says:

            Really, the choice is NOT between the 1998 Yankees and the 2014 Yankees.

          • WAJohn says:

            Once again, nobody said anything about having to be in first place. But you should see some potential to turn things around. Our potential is in A ball. Beltran = cooked, my 10 year old son has more range than our SS, our power outfielder is Gardner. This is a .500 team. Been saying it all year, and here we are.

            • nyyankfan_7 says:

              So if the Yankees turn it around in the second half and start playing to the back of their baseball cards you won’t be rooting for them right? They have no potential other than A-ball so you’re just going to sit the second half out right?

              • WAJohn says:

                Problem with that is, players like Beltran can have production drop off a cliff. I never liked paying Ellsbury that kind of money, he’s Brett Gardner with more injury history and he is a better base stealer. But 100 million more than gardner? Now you have 2 no power outfielders locked in until 2018? I do think McCann bounces back, but history of catchers at 30 suggest he may not. I’ll continue to watch and root daily, sometimes I get nauseated doing so. I would simply like to see us explore all avenues to make this club competitive again sooner rather than later.

            • Old Man Time says:

              Is it impossible for you to show up on here and not come across as a spoiled brat asshole?

  40. CashmanNinja says:

    And Shawn Kelley gives the game away after 2 pitches. This guy is obviously not 100% and has been overworked. Girardi needs to stop leaning on him so much and Cashman needs to start finding another bullpen option.

  41. AndrewYF says:

    Alright, enough. Call up Refsnyder and Pirela, cut Soriano, send down Solarte for a while, then bring him back in September. Might as well see if some young guys can contribute rather than wishing and hoping in the offseason and being caught empty-handed.

    • Winter says:

      So signing proven veterans is “wishing and hoping,” but calling up unknown youngsters isn’t?

      • nyyankfan_7 says:

        Yes Refsnyder and Pirela are basically Ruth and Gehrig but Cashman sucks at life so bad that he can’t see it – have you not been reading these message boards for the past 2 weeks?

      • AndrewYF says:

        No, going with unknown youngsters is wishing and hoping. Which is why you call them up the season prior (and not just for garbage time in September) to see if they can contribute, or if they need more time in the minors.

  42. Winter says:

    Fucking Sean Rodriguez.

  43. The Great Gonzo says:

    If I said it once, I said it 1000 times.

    Fuck Sean Rodriguez.

  44. The Great Gonzo says:

    I hate second guessing Girardi, since you all do it so well… But I would have let Nuno have a go at Rodriguez.

    • nyyankfan_7 says:

      Not me. He made the right call – it’s not Joe’s fault Kelley hung a BP slider up there that any major leaguer could hit 425 ft.

    • Rolling Doughnut says:

      Kelley for Nuno? Kind of a crapshoot I’d say.

      • nyyankfan_7 says:

        If you look at Nuno’s numbers the 3rd time through the lineup and the fact that Rodriguez already had 2 at-bats and a hit and RBI I would go with a fresh arm and a new look; even the turd Kelley.

        But yeah it’s a crapshoot – and had Nuno stayed in and given up a run everyone would be crying “WHY DIDN’T BINDER JOE GO TO THE BULLPEN….I BLAME CASHMAN”

        • Rolling Doughnut says:

          Truth. Either way you cut it, this one’s not on Girardi. And why Cashman takes so much shit here is beyond me. It’s like he should perform miracles or something. Shit happens. Dynasties end.

  45. NeilT says:

    Get rid of Kelley he’s been shite since coming back. Mind you who’s the alternative? Daley? Ramirez? Yikes.

    • Rolling Doughnut says:

      Too bad they traded Swish.

      • NeilT says:

        True he looked really good in his one inning of relief in April ’09. Yeah call up the Tribe right now and trade him back.

        • The Great Gonzo says:

          Well… If you are trading for nick Swisher the COF/1B, you’ll pay a kings ransom. BUT, if you tell the Tribe you want Nick Swisher the last ROOGY in the pen….


  46. Kosmo says:

    Solarte 7 for his last 53 ABs

  47. RetroRob says:

    So, ummm, for the late arriver, what’s the good news? Surely there must be something.

  48. RetroRob says:

    Painful listening to Michael Kay trying to interpret Baseball Prospectus data.

  49. Kosmo says:

    now for a dramatic Yankee win !

  50. vicki says:


    that is all.

  51. FIPster Doofus says:

    Fuck this.

  52. CMed21 says:

    This is whats so frustrating about this team, he has thrown nothing but change ups and the batters are going up there looking like they’ve never seen the pitch in their lives. Did he even throw one fastball?

    • Rolling Doughnut says:

      No. Even with the movement on it, you’d kind of figure if they know what’s coming they have an advantage.

  53. NeilT says:

    Stick a fork in this lot. They’re done.

  54. Rolling Doughnut says:

    Vaya vaya vaya 4 cambios seguiditos…la cagaste Carlos!

  55. Stevis says:

    freakin Kelly Johnson,this team makes me want to throw up

  56. cooolbreeez says:

    We may be down, but we have an ace in the hole in the form of our $50mm bench today.

  57. trr says:

    it’s just so…predictable.

  58. trr says:

    I feel like I’m here alone.
    hello…(echo, echo)

  59. trr says:

    Yanks record 1-31 when other teams scores 5 runs or more?

  60. trr says:

    and look at the next batters for the Yanks

  61. NeilT says:

    Is Brendan Ryan still on the 25-man roster? Or has he wandered off to a sports bar somewhere near the ground to watch the World Cup? I don’t recall seeing him in weeks.

    • RetroRob says:

      They rarely ever play him, which is why when they do he’s rusty in the field. He should be appearing, either as a starter or at least a defensive replacement a few times a week.

  62. NeilT says:

    Tell me, is there really something that different to hitting with the bases empty as opposed to hitting with RISP? Because this lot seem to be allergic to doing it. It’s a frickin’ shambles.

    Sure their overall K% may be down but I’d like to see what it is with RISP.

  63. Stevis says:

    Atta boy Girardi, why the fuk did you let Solarte hit in the 8 th. I can’t watch them anymore….its time to dump all the crap in the lineup and REBUILD

  64. stuart a says:

    saving Robertson for next year..

    Robertson is not remotely over used but hey use Huff. a career bum…

    • Rolling Doughnut says:

      Down by 2 in the ninth? DRob would be a waste. Down by 2, down by 5, I bet the difference in winning probability is less than 5%.

      • Mikhel says:

        Overusing a pitcher is similar to not using a pitcher in that it causes lack of control, their command can go amiss and other non pretty stuff. Sure overusing a pitcher has the downside of possible injuries, but both are examples of not using a bullpen appropriately.

  65. Need Pitching & Hitting says:

    Good to see the IF defense back to its usual standards.

  66. Rolling Doughnut says:

    Well there’s the excruciating infield on parade. Just awful. Two E’s in a row on easy grounders. As if Huff needs any help coughing up runs. OMG.

  67. NeilT says:

    I’m not watching this on TV, merely following on MLB Game Day. But I’d just like to say, Mr Kay, that no, the Yankees most definitely do not have a “rally in their bones” and haven’t had for some time.

    • Rolling Doughnut says:

      The rally in their bones has morphed into the pain in my ass.

    • WhittakerWalt says:

      He says that EVERY.FUCKING.TIME. they’re down a couple of runs in the ninth.
      This time has zero rally in their bones, in case he hasn’t been watching.

  68. JLC 776 says:

    I fully expect Mike to have the recap published as soon as the final out is recorded.

    Maybe have to make a few extra notes on the shoddy defense from the top of the 9th – but this game really wrote itself already.

  69. RetroRob says:

    What happens when a mediocre team goes into a slump? This.

    There used to be a time the Yankees could count on the Twins to snap them out of any slump. Let’s hope that’s still the case.

  70. Yankeefan91 says:

    we officialy suck

  71. Kenny says:

    This team doesn’t look better than any team in the Al East. The sweep in NY of the Jays was an invitation to entertain illusions about the Yankees. Tampa Bay has really de-pantsed them. They’re laughably bad.

  72. NeilT says:

    Well that was as depressing a 3 hours and 40 minutes (?!) as I can ever recall.

    Wait, who am I kidding, I’m English, I guess I’d already pushed the World Cup to the back of my mind.

  73. trr says:

    I’m too numb to pile on.
    I guess anyone who needs to vent, go ahead

  74. Max says:

    This team is shit.

    I think (hope) they’re waiting the All Star break and the end of this long road trip to clean house.

    We resurrected the Red Sox and the Rays, this is a lost year,
    barring a miracle we have no chance.

    Send Beltran under the knife, cut Roberts, Soriano, Johnson, send Solarte to Scranton,
    Promote the youngsters, get them some experience.

    Ah, Fire Long!!!

    • WhittakerWalt says:

      They’re not cleaning house. There is zero chance of that. Give up that pipedream because it’s simply not happening.

  75. Dave G says:

    Should have signed Stephen Drew.

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