2014 International Free Agency Open Thread

Luis Severino was signed as an international free agent in December 2011. (MLB.com)

Luis Severino was signed as an international free agent in December 2011. (MLB.com)

The 2014 international signing period opened at 9am ET today, and, by all accounts, the Yankees are planning a massive spending spree. They have been assigned a $2.2M signing pool but are reportedly willing to spend upwards of $30M between bonuses and penalties. They’re said to have several verbal agreements already in place, many of which are individually worth more than the team’s signing pool.

The penalties for the spending spree will be pretty harsh. Not only will the Yankees have to pay a 100% tax on just about every dollar they spend, they will also not be allowed to sign any player to a bonus worth more than $300k during the next two international signing periods (2015-16 and 16-17). With rumors of an international draft continuing to circulate, this may be New York’s last chance to spend freely on amateurs.

As a reminder, these players are signing contracts for 2015. They won’t sign and report right to one of the minor league affiliates in the coming days. It’s also worth pointing out these kids are just that: kids. The majority are 16-17 years old, meaning they are a half-decade away from making their MLB debuts. If they’re like most other players, it’ll take another few years after that for them to have a real impact. These players are a long way away from helping the Yankees as anything other than a trade chip.

Our international free agency archive is right here. Both Baseball America and MLB.com recently released their lists of the top 30 available prospects, though Baseball America’s scouting reports are subscriber-only. MLB.com’s stuff — video, scouting reports, etc. — is all free. It’s pretty awesome. We’ll keep track of the team’s international signings right here throughout the day, so make sure you check back often for updates (all timestamps are ET).

  • 8:01pm: McDaniel has a bunch of low-profile, small bonus signings: Venezuelan OF Leobaldo Cabrera, Venezuelan C Jason Lopez, Dominican OF Lisandro Blanco, Dominican IF Wander Hernandez, Venezuelan OF Raymundo Moreno, Dominican OF Adolfo Morillo, Venezuelan OF Pablo Olivares, Dominican C Bismar Nunez, Dominican LHP Luis Pache, Venezuelan SS Danienger Perez, and Venezuelan RHP Gilmael Troya. No word on any bonuses, but again, they’re small.
  • 7:46pm: McDaniel reports the Yankees have signed 16-year-old Venezuelan OF Jonathan Amundaray for approximately $1.5M. MLB.com ranked him seventh and Baseball America ranked him 22nd. “Amundaray has good bat speed with a slight uppercut and average raw power that has a chance to be plus in the future … He has a decent stroke, but he doesn’t have an innate feel for hitting, with some length to his swing and inconsistent bat-to-ball skills,” wrote Badler.
  • 7:42pm: The Yankees have signed 16-year-old Dominican OF Antonio Arias, according to Kiley McDaniel. Sanchez says the bonus is $800k. MLB.com ranked Arias as the ninth best prospect when Baseball America had him 28th. “He’s one of the better athletes in Latin America, with plus speed that he should be able to maintain as he adds weight to stay in center field … He flashes solid bat speed and power potential, but everything about Arias is physical projection,” says Badler.
  • 7:03pm: The Yankees have signed 16-year-old Venezuelan RHP Servando Hernandez for $200k, reports Badler. He is not among MLB.com’s nor Baseball America’s top 30 international prospects. Hernandez “has a big, strong frame at 6-foot-2, 210 pounds and touches 90-91 mph. He shows feel for his changeup and is mostly a fastball/changeup pitcher with the curveball his No. 3 pitch,” says Badler.
  • 6:47pm: According to Badler, the Yankees have signed 18-year-old Korean SS Hyo-Jun Park. He got a $1.16M bonus according to Naver (translated article). Park was ranked as the 13th and 18th best prospect available by MLB.com and Baseball America, respectively. Everything you need to know about him is in this guest post from Sung-Ming Kim. Because he is 18, he can begin playing as soon as the contract is official.
  • 6:36pm: The Yankees have also signed 16-year-old Venezuelan C Miguel Flames, according to Badler. Sanchez says he received a $1M bonus. Flames was considered the 16th best prospect by Baseball America and 25th best by MLB.com. “Scouts who like Flames say he hits in games and takes quality at-bats thanks to his pitch recognition and ability to stay within the strike zone,” wrote Badler, who notes Flames is a recently converted third baseman.
  • 6:33pm: As expected, the Yankees have signed 16-year-old Dominican OF Juan De Leon, reports Badler. Sanchez says he received $2M. Baseball America and MLB.com rank De Leon has the second and fifth best prospect available, respectively. Badler says “De Leon has a short, efficient swing and strong wrists that help him generate the best bat speed in the class, which is why several scouts consider De Leon one of the top hitters available.”
  • 3:21pm: Sanchez reports the Yankees have signed 16-year-old Venezuelan SS Wilkerman Garcia for $1.35M. Baseball America and MLB.com ranked him as the seventh and 14th best prospect on the market, respectively. “Garcia draws widespread praise for his hitting with good bat-to-ball skills and a sound swing from both sides of the plate,” wrote Badler.
  • 1:40pm: The Yankees have signed 16-year-old Dominican 3B Nelson Gomez for $2.25M, reports Sanchez. He was ranked the second and sixth best prospect available by MLB.com and Baseball America, respectively. “Gomez, who trains with Victor Baez, has at least plus raw power … He has good bat speed and packs plenty of strength into a heavy, big-boned frame, putting on an impressive display in batting practice with power to all fields,” says Badler.
  • 12:50pm: As expected, the Yankees have signed 16-year-old Dominican SS Dermis Garcia, according to Dionisio Soldevila. He received a $3.2M bonus after being connected to the team for weeks now. MLB.com and Baseball America ranked Garcia as the best and ninth best prospect available, respectively, with Badler saying he is “strong, generates huge loft and puts on a fireworks display in batting practice, with 70 raw power that rates as the best in the class”
  • 11:25am: Jesse Sanchez reports the Yankees have signed 16-year-old Venezuelan SS Diego Castillo for $750k. He ranked 16th and 24th on MLB.com’s and Baseball America’s top 30 lists, respectively. “Castillo is one of the most intelligent players in Latin America. He slows the game down, playing calmly and under control in all phases of the game,” wrote Badler.
  • 10:23am: The Yankees have signed 16-year-old Dominican OF Frederick Cuevas for $300k, reports Ben Badler. He does not rank among Baseball America’s or MLB.com’s top 30 prospects. “Cuevas is a lefty who has performed well at the plate in games with gap power. He doesn’t have a tool that jumps out and he fits best in left field,” wrote Badler.

Total Known Bonuses: $14.51M. Total Penalties: ~$12.31M. Total spent: ~$26.82M.


  1. The Great Gonzo says:

    BUY, BUY, BUY!!!!! Venezuela! Santo Domingo! Mexico! Peru! Brazil! Argentina! ALL TEH COUNTRIEZ!!!!!

  2. PhillyMatt says:

    FIRE CASHMAN!!!!!!!!!! Did I do it right?

  3. Paisa says:

    “Not only will the Yankees have to pay a 100% tax on just about every dollar they spend, they will also not be allowed to sign any player to a bonus worth more than $300k during the next two international signing periods (2015-16 and 16-17).”

    Ugh. You know, god forbid they should change some poor kids life. How horrible!

    • Scott says:

      These rules are ridiculous. What prevents them from paying bonuses next year other than MLB saying they can’t? Will they get another fine? So what, pay it. It is not like they can take the team away from MLB or make the kids sign elsewhere.

      I posted the other day about baseball’s “competitive balance” it is actually ruining baseball, not making it better. MLB is losing its audience to NFL, soccer (who would have guessed that 5 years ago) and the NBA.

      Baseball needs 1-3 great teams to keep things interesting. It is true in all sports. When you have a dynasty, people watch, fans of the team flock to their games in all cities. Fans who hate them watch in hopes they will lose. Stop the nonsense.

      • Paisa says:

        What bothers me is that you’re screwing these well deserving guys out of thousands if not millions of dollars for the sake of making a shitty organization like the royals equally mediocre as everyone else. Forget the players and their families, mlb is more concerned with doing favors for half assed owners.

      • Chip says:

        I’m fairly certain that MLB has to approve all of these contracts so they’ll simply not approve anything over 300k next year. Big deal, we’ll get 10x this year than we could have gotten next year anyhow

      • Ed says:

        It is not like they can take the team away from MLB or make the kids sign elsewhere.

        Actually, yeah, they can make the kids sign elsewhere. Selig’s office and the union have to sign off on all contracts. These rules were part of the collective bargaining agreement, so neither MLB or the Player’s Union would allow it.

      • The Big City of Dreams says:

        Yes in their desire to create competitive balance they have actually created wide spread mediocrity. Their hard stance on PEDs and measures taking to stifle offense hasn’t helped the popularity of the game either.

    • Dan says:

      It probably won’t matter–there’s a very real chance an international draft is coming. So I’d imagine the penalties mean forfeiting the next 2 first round picks.

  4. awy says:

    sign all the dudes

  5. Wolfgang's Fault says:

    Figure MLB implements an Int’l FA draft the day after penalties and prohibitions on the Yankees end for plus $300K signings & blowing through their 2014 money allotment.

    Once again, besides the party in Vegas w/Frankie, Dino, & the rest of the Rat Pack (partying w/dead guys is such a blast), what does MLB do w/the penalty money they receive from teams penalized for going over their allotment threshold? Is MLB required to use it in a specific manner or is it up to the commissioner or league offices how it’s spent? What’s the criteria, if any? Anyone out there privy to how this is actually supposed to work?

  6. JK5 says:

    Can we just buy the Dominican Republic? I’m sure they’ll take Haiti as a throw in, could set up some nice baseball academies there.

  7. Jorge Steinbrenner says:

    We used to have a joke that every child born in Cuba (and, really, our other Carribean brothers followed suit after that….YAN-GER-VIS) after about 1980 was named after the three-syllable sound they’d make if you threw them down the stairs. We could make this joke because, you know, we were Cuban ourselves, even know typing that out loud really isn’t a very good look.

    Utilizing this principle, I’d love to make up some names, claim they defected, and watch the Cashmanfailing occur.

    • Paisa says:

      Breaking: Casmansux Cayones signs with Boston.

    • edb says:

      That’s funny jorge. We asians have the same joke. Throw a coin against the wall and name ur kid after that lol. Cash Ping Chang?

    • Deep Thoughts says:

      Besides Dermis (I guess Girardi would call him “Skinny”), all these signings have about a 35 name tool. Their floor is basically Austin or Ty. I don’t see any Yeicoks or Zoilos or Exicardos.

  8. Bryan says:

    Hopefully one or two of these guys pan out. I do find it surprising that outside of Sanchez, the top Yankees international prospect is Severino, a guy signed for something like 250k. Not exactly chump change, but definitely not 3 million dollars.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner says:

      Montero came out the wash already. Banuelos has been hurt. DePaula is doing DePaula things.

      • Bryan says:

        I meant right now. De Paula is looking more like a reliever in the bigs each month. I have some hope left that he can harness his breaking stuff into a starter stuff, but I am not sure. He is at least not as highly touted as Severino at the moment.

        • Jorge Steinbrenner says:

          I’m not sold at all on DePaula’s chances as a starter at this point either.

          Other than the Montero reference, I did give you a pretty “right now” list. The potential high impact guys are still pretty low in the minors. Torrens and Andujar would be the next closest.

  9. CountryClub says:

    Ben Badler ?@BenBadler 1m
    Yankees Sign 16-Year-Old Dominican OF Frederick Cuevas For $300,000 (via @iplbaseball_rd): http://bit.ly/1iXFEnu

  10. Need Pitching & Hitting says:

    Today’s middle of the order:
    3- McCann
    4- Beltran
    5- Johnson

    That should get the offense going.

    Any of these IFA’s ready to hit yet???????

  11. SamVa says:

    In a perfect world, where the Yankees really do sign all of these kids that are rumored to be signed, you have to think they’ll hit someone big for the future right?

    Dermis Garcia- “Some believe he’s going to have a plus-arm in the future, and he’s been compared to Twins prospect Miguel Sano, a teenage Alex Rodriguez and a young Shawon Dunston. ” (via MLB.com)

    Stuff like that makes me want to prospecterbate

    • The Great Gonzo says:

      “..and he’s been compared to…”

      I saw this kid tap a Coke can with his left toe and I compared him to a Young Ronaldo. It fits here…

  12. Need Pitching & Hitting says:

    Nice write up on Refsnyder:

    He may not be quite ready to play everyday at the keystone, even if his bat is up for the big league challenge, but he should be average or better in time.


    • Jorge Steinbrenner says:

      The first comment there is lol-worthy. Guess that guy’s back from his Adams-induced leave.

      Superb write-up, I must say. I can’t see anything better being said about the guy at this point in time.

    • TWTR says:

      It’s kind of strange, although predictable, that he is mentioned as “possibly a tantalizing trade target” when 2B is probably the Yankees’ biggest need.

      • Jorge Steinbrenner says:

        Not strange at all. They’re all potential Yankee lynchpins AND trade chips at the same time. You gotta know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em….

        • TWTR says:

          That is why I said it was predictable, but I think it’s part of the reason they keep having to scramble for talent to fill so many holes in recent years. I fully understand that I have not under-emphasized this point, but the time has come to keep the best of their young players and live with any potential under-perfomrance because we have aging veterans that are doing the same thing.

          • Jorge Steinbrenner says:

            Yes. I cannot agree with you more.

            …but they can’t keep all of them, and you know this.

            I’m not advocating trading Refsnyder in the least but, as purely intellectual and hypothetical exercise, there would be scenarios in which you trade him. N

          • Bryan says:

            It’s not at all predictable. The Yanks are in this predicament because they drafted poorly and the new IFA restrictions have hindered their ability to replenish their ranks. What good prospects have the Yankees traded the last few years that would have made a difference in the least? We traded Montero for a cost controlled pitcher. It failed…for both teams. Ajax is not very good and we had 40+ home run power from the left side for three years, I will gladly take that trade year in year out.

            The Yanks have literally had NOTHING in the upper levels they could use as leverage until recently. I don’t expect them to trade Refsnyder because there is a huge glaring hole he can potentially fix. I also don’t expect Pirela to be gone soon. But Murphy is definitely trade bait. Ditto Severino. But the current predicament is due to the FO doing a terrible job drafting and not doing their due diligence in scouting Cuban players.

            • The Great Gonzo says:

              You had me until:

              “… and not doing their due diligence in scouting Cuban players.”

              How exactly does one do a better job scouting players they can’t go see outside of a couple of games a year (WBC, Caribbean Series)? Here’s the hitch… If the ‘Cuban Players’ were so easy and we just missed them, then how come Cespedes and Puig are making peanuts in comparison to their Dominican/Venezuelan/American counterparts?

              Because they were a gamble. And the gamble paid off for LAD & Oakland. I mean, Tanaka was a gamble (albeit a little more of a sure bet since we all kind of know what you expect out of NPB by now), and 1/2 of you all blew your wad about “a guy whose never thrown an MLB pitch”.

              Perspective, man. Perspective

          • Ed says:

            Yup, but even the dynasty teams involved trading prospects for established players. Does anyone regret trading Russ Davis & Sterling Hitchcock for Tino Martinez & Jeff Nelson? Marty Janzen for David Cone?

            Keeping everyone or trading everyone won’t put you over te top. The challenge is figuring out that you should trade Russ Davis & Sterling Hitchcock while keeping Derek Jeter & Andy Pettitte. While that sounds like an incredibly easy call in 2014, it wasn’t so clear back in 1995.

            • RetroRob says:

              …and it would be great is they even had a Jeter or a Pettitte in their farm system. That’s my point below. They haven’t been trading their top talent because they don’t have much.

          • RetroRob says:

            What top talent have they been trading? Montero brought a young, front-line starter. Yes, both Montero and Pineda collapsed for different reasons so far, but it certainly made sense. They were trying to strengthen their future with a young stud.

            A-Jax and IPK for Granderson? They kept Gardner and added a 40-HR, lefty hitting OFer, which was a need.

            They certainly kept Phil Hughes and Joba for seven seasons. An argument can be made that they’ve been timid in trading their prospects.

      • Bryan says:

        Yeah seriously. That would be really freaking stupid.

      • Need Pitching & Hitting says:

        Wouldn’t “trade target” just mean that other teams would like to get him, not necessarily that the Yankees would be willing to trade him?

  13. Bryan says:


    Tracker for who each team signed and for how much.

  14. Kenny says:

    The penalties for the spending spree will be pretty harsh. Not only will the Yankees have to pay a 100% tax on just about every dollar they spend, they will also not be allowed to sign any player to a bonus worth more than $300k during the next two international signing periods (2015-16 and 16-17). With rumors of an international draft continuing to circulate, this may be New York’s last chance to spend freely on amateurs.

    How was this penalty determined? by a committee vote? by all owners (29-1?)? by Bud and Joe?

    • entonces says:

      Bud counted up the $100 million plus he extorts every year from the Yankees, warmed his gentle heart with the penalties he’d imposed signing free agents, smiled contentedly over the reverse-order slotting in the annual draft and pleasured himself appreciatively over the parity picks he’d given small market teams — then suddenly snapped himself alert, realizing there was much work yet to do.
      He didn’t want Yanks to fall too far- -that would give them the top draft picks he’d reserved for small market losers. He wanted Yanks mired in perfect mediocrity at exactly at .500.
      Guess what?

      • edb says:

        Kinda funny that no one bothered to cap the salaries of the execs. What’s bud pulling in, 20mil a year? At least we know the mediocrity tax money is being well spent.

    • Ed says:

      It’s part of the Collective Bargaining Agreement. Generally speaking, the last CBA improved things for players on 40 man rosters and screwed over amateurs signing their first contracts.

      • Kenny says:

        Then, presumably, these rules were not necessarily representative of the owners’ wishes, but of whatever MLB committee sat across a table from the players’ reps.

      • Wolfgang's Fault says:

        Up to this point, only American High School and College players. The Int’l FA’s still command whatever the market will give them — which is a huge incentive (& payday) for the local opportunistic buscones who are banging MLB & their inventory — uh, amateur players — like a drum.

  15. CountryClub says:

    Sweeny Murti ?@YankeesWFAN 4m
    “@MLBRosterMoves: The @Twins place 1B Joe Mauer on the 15-day DL with a right oblique strain.”// Yanks @ MIN for 4 Thur-Sun.

  16. Bryan says:

    Red Sox signed #6 IFA prospect Chris Acosta for 1.5 million.

  17. mick taylor says:

    of course cashman would not sign puig, cespedes, abreu , soler, chapman, all who would have greatly helped the team. what kind of scouts do yanks have.

  18. The Guns of Navarone says:

    This is why RAB is the absolute best. No reason to check anywhere else for Yankee-related material. Excellent work, Mike. Looking forward to checking this throughout the day.

    • Jedua says:

      Mike even makes reading mlb trade rumors kind of boring since the news about Yankees rumors are always in RAB

  19. Bryan says:

    And there falls the first top 30 domino.

  20. MB923 says:

    MLB let A-Rod (and 111 players, none mentioned) take PED’s in 2007


    Sorry if this was mentioned already. I’m sure Mike will put an article of it later.

  21. entonces says:

    Yes, Mike is almost a force of nature, churning ut all these stories.

  22. Paisa says:

    Well at least Castillo won’t have to wear this incredibly ugly shirt anymore…https://twitter.com/diegocastillo28/status/302854028142981120/photo/1

  23. jgibs says:

    Hate to change the subject here but anybody see this teaser article from Spirts Illustrated saying MLB basically gave Arod permission to use PEDs in ’07??


  24. W.B. Mason Williams says:

    Annie Wilkes and a sledgehammer have just been appointed as MLB’s International Parity Czar.

    All Yankees prospects must have their ankles “equalized”.

  25. Jorge Steinbrenner says:

    I look forward to them signing his brother, Epidermis. Heard he has great skin.

  26. Pasta Stumbling Sojo says:

    Here’s a good link to follow where Baseball America’s top prospects have signed (though it’s a little behind in updating): http://www.baseballamerica.com.....ts-signed/. With the Garcia signing, the Yankees have signed the highest prospect on that list so far.

  27. Frank says:

    twitter says the yankees already exceeded their pool? who else did they sign?

    • Need Pitching & Hitting says:

      12:50pm: As expected, the Yankees have signed 16-year-old Dominican SS Dermis Garcia, according to Dionisio Soldevila. He received a $3.2M bonus

  28. JLC 776 says:

    This makes me extraordinarily happy. I know they’re just 16 year olds, but seeing the Yankees throw money around like a boss just feels right.

  29. So we took out No. 1 and No. 2 according to MLB.com. Yay.

  30. SamVa says:

    can someone post the Baseball America top ten list? I know it’s subscription only, I just want their names.

  31. Kevin says:

    Here is the Top 30 IFA list w/ scouting reports & videos


  32. Jake says:

    How are the yanks gonna let the rays sign rondon?! #sarcasm #kinda

    • Chip says:

      If they allow any of the top 10 prospects on either the mlb or BA lists to get away, I’ll consider this a failure

  33. RetroRob says:

    So when can the Yankees start signing international players again without a penalty? I thought it was a two year penalty, yet it seems like it’s really three years, beginning in 2017.

    Bad luck scenario: The Yankees suffer a 1989-1992 collapse in the next season, having one of the worst records in the game, but will have no ability to capitalize on it with the international market!

    • Need Pitching & Hitting says:

      They can sign all they want for the 2014-15 signing period.
      The penalties would apply for the 2015-16 and 2016-17 signing periods.

      • RetroRob says:

        Ok, so basically up until July 2015, they can keep adding international free agents as long as they are prepared to pay the penalties. When the next phase opens that July they are restricted.

        • Preston says:

          Yes, so in order for this to work out, they need to sign 3 times the talent they’d normally be able to. Already they’ve signed two guys the cap wouldn’t have allowed them to get and they’re rumored to be the favorite for 9 out of the top 30. If they can get six of those guys this strategy will have been a huge success.

  34. EndlessJose says:

    The Yankees just need to hit the Cuban market better as Yasmani Tomas will be a non-prospect player MLB ready and Yoan Moncada is a 3B prospect who is only 19.

    Those guys are the next guys the Yankees should try next year.

  35. Yankee$ says:

    I’m no geographer or anything but there seems to be a focus on Venezuela and Dominican for these New York Yankees.

    • Yanks says:

      That’s where most of the top talent comes from, but the Yankees are also in on a player from South Korea and a player from Colombia

  36. EndlessJose says:

    Yoan Moncada is a prospect but this farm should take what it gets.Also unlike many of these prospects he is 19 and won’t take 5 years to get here.You could put him straight to High A and like Puig needs a year or 2 to get here.

    The Yankees let a lot of these guys get away and most of these Cuban players had the same problems and just needed some fine tuning.

  37. bpdelia says:

    Gotta admit it…. This is pretty darn fun and exciting. Every other teams fans can suck it as far as I’m concerned.

    And honestly Garcia and the outfielder and wilkerman all seem like pretty nice prospects.

    There’s no getting around how huge this is.

    It’s a totally unprecedented move and will basically take the farm system into the top third of teams instantly.

    With the very encouraging bounce back already experienced this is a very very pleasant and exciting development.


  38. bpdelia says:

    Oh the gnashing of internet teeth tomorrow will be GLORIOUS to behold.

    Let me be the first Yankee fan to extend a hearty “nyah, nyah. Nyah nyaj nyaaaahhhh!”

    To the rest of baseball fandom.

    • Old Man Time says:

      They’re already crying over at MLBTR.

    • Mike says:

      What we’re doing is only fair with MLB screwing us with that stupid draft system and with low draft picks every year.

      • bpdelia says:

        I’m more ok with mlb draft system than with NBA. It’s fair enough there is usually only one guaranteed great player per draft and in baseball no one player can have a massive impact.

        The NBA needs to change though.

        A player like James, who is 20 percent of a starting lineup and perhaps %30-35 percent of its production can single handedly elevate a team to relevance.

        And in the NBA the top players generally don’t flame out completely unless Michael Jordan runs your draft room.

        The IFA rules piss me off because third world (politically incorrect imperialist Kantar l language!!) teenagers didn’t have any say in the rules and it totally artificially deflates the one chance at money they will get. Out of the 50-100 guys who will get life changing money $100 and above maybe ten w will carve out productive major league carers. Id hate it less if minor leaguers were paid reasonably but they are exploited pretty hard until the advance to the upper levels and even there it’s only upper working class (bpdelia range) money.

  39. Yankee$ says:

    Just checked some of the names Yanks have been linked to (DeLeon, Amundaray, Park, Flames, Arias, Wilkerman Garcia, Emery, Torres etc.) to see if they signed elsewhere this morning and that is not the case. The Yanks signed 3 guys we have heard they were in on (Dermis Garcia, Gomez and Castillo) and the other guys we have heard they are in on haven’t announced signing anywhere yet…

  40. Mia says:

    Yankees sign Juan De Leon + Miguel Flames via Ben Badler Twitter


  41. RetroRob says:

    So where do all these 16-year-olds play now? The Dominican Summer League? Or not even that? Also, they signed at least four players all listed as SS. I know some are going to move, but probably not right a way. How do they fit them so they’re all playing regularly somewhere?

    • Wolfgang's Fault says:

      Yeah, where do they all get playing time? As is, the two DSL teams are loaded. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Hope they know what they’re doing here. Wonder about all the players they presently have under contract who probably get bumped and lose their chance to develop properly.

  42. Eric Duncan Fan says:

    a few more names ive seen on B.A and P.P that has the Yankees connected to: (outside of the top 30)

    Raymundo Moreno OF Venezuelan R.H.H
    Pablo Olivarez OF Venezuela (not sure which side he hits from)
    Cervando Hernandez Venezuela RHP
    Walner Davila RHP Nicaragua

  43. KyleLitke says:

    Olney said a scout told him the Yankees have deals with (depending on which list you use) 10 of the top 15 or 11 of the top 18 prospects (I assume BA is the 11 of 18 since they have Park ranked 18th). For what it’s worth.

    • Eric Duncan Fan says:

      More names will continually pop up over this calender year till june perhaps. The Yankees usually operate in waves when it comes to bringing IFA’s in.

      …But this is possibly the biggest one day haul ive seen to date of following the july 2nd Start of the IFA period.

  44. Bob Michaels says:

    Sign more homegrown talent.

  45. Preston says:

    It would be easy for the Yankees to just focus on the top guys and rest on their laurels signing the million dollar guys that get the headlines. I really like that they have signed a lot of lesser hyped guys. They are going to leave no stone unturned and grab every prospect they can in this IFA. Cuevas, Hernandez and Castillo might be the guys who end

  46. Dan says:

    I’m definitely excited about this, but I wish one of the top guys they got were a SP.

    • Preston says:

      I think they’ve decided that 16 yo pitchers are more volatile than 16 yo hitters. Most of the success the Yankees have had internationally with pitchers has been for cheaper guys. Servando Hernandez could turn into the the next Luis Severino. They also went pretty pitcher heavy in the draft to counter balance it (DeCarr pitched two good innings in the GCL today).

    • Eric Duncan Fan says:

      Arguably thier current top minor league pitcher below AA was signed in December and not July.

      This is why i said that we all should enjoy the first wave cause im almost sure that there will be another wave in the Fall.

  47. perfect double taper says:

    I feel like I am watching the end of The Godfather and Cashman is Michael Corleone.

  48. The Guns of Navarone says:

    I just jizzed my fucking pants

    • Chase Whitley Strieber says:

      Over 16 year old boys with buff, athletic bodies in form-fitting unis running to and fro on fields of green, sweat glistening in the tropical sun from their exertions?

      If their is any other explanation for your comment, I, for one, do not think it worth regarding…

  49. JLC 776 says:

    I’m still excited out of my mind over what the Yankees pulled off yesterday. I get that these are 16 year olds and hardly sure-fire future AAA players let alone MLB elite, but to have the balls to just say, “screw it, we’ll buy them all and to hell with your penalties” has restored a lot of my confidence in the front office of this organization.

    This is a long-game, folks, but our Low A / High A squads will be a lot of fun to watch in the coming years.

  50. Bill Neftleberg says:

    Bryan Emery hasnt signed yet, those in the know liken him to a young Vladimir Guerrero…. I really hope we sign him

  51. Samuel says:

    If Yankees don’t cut a bunch of minor leaguers in next year or so, they will have tons of players for only a handful of teams. Kids playing in the DSL or GCL will not get necessary playing time with all these international youngsters around, and then having drafted 40 kids this past year and 40 or so next year.

    Is it possible the Yankees could open another Low A, High A or Double A affiliate to house all these players? Or would they just have another DSL and GCL team?

    • Preston says:

      We have two DSL teams, two GCL teams and SI. That’s plenty of teams for all these guys. They’re all 16, one of them might be ready for Charlestton at 17 like Torrens, a couple more will be ready at 18, most will be ready at 19 and 20, some will come later or not at all. The cream will rise to the top and it won’t be a problem. Even if there are multiple guys at a position they can DH a little and play elsewhere (positional flexibility never hurt a prospect).

      • Cheval Anonyme says:

        Most of these guys are going to flame out well before AA. The fact that they have 2xDSL and GCL teams gives them plenty of chances to weed out the losers. Expect a great team in Charleston in 2017-18.

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