Michael Pineda begins facing hitters in live batting practice

Yankees acquire Chase Headley for Yangervis Solarte, Rafael DePaula
Game 99: Forget About Last Night

Michael Pineda has started facing hitters in live batting practice, Joe Girardi told Jorge Castillo over the weekend. The right-hander has already thrown one batting practice session and is expected to throw one more before advancing to simulated games and eventually minor league rehab games.

Pineda, 25, has been out since late-April with a muscle problem in his back/shoulder. He suffered a setback during a throwing session in May and has slowly been working his way back since. The Yankees can’t count on Pineda to bolster the rotation at this point, not with his recent injury history, but man it would be some kind of boost if he returned sometime next month.

Yankees acquire Chase Headley for Yangervis Solarte, Rafael DePaula
Game 99: Forget About Last Night
  • Scott

    I echo your sentiment JLC. I really want to see him pitch again (and pitch well). What a huge lift that would be for the team.

  • JLC 776

    C’mon, Big Mike. There are few players I’m rooting for more than you.

  • Chip

    Next trade target – Josh Willingham to play RF

    • http://Riveraveblues Austinmac

      I agree Willingham seems in line with the team approach. Better than Ichiro even hitting .210.

      • D23

        I prefer the Yanks go with Zolio or Pirela.

        • al

          but is he that much better than kelly johnson who will now play right field bc of headley?

          • al

            oops that was a reply to Austinmac

  • PoopChute

    Headley and McCarthy were both great moves, low to no cost and pretty decent upside… Now go get Marlon Byrd and Jorge De La Rosa if they can be had on the cheap side in terms of prospects… Then call up Resnyder.

    LF – Gardner
    SS – Jeter
    CF – Ellsbury
    1B – Tex (unless of course he goes on the DL)
    DH – Beltran
    RF – Byrd
    C – McCann
    3B – Headley
    2B – Refnsyder

    Kuroda – Phelps – McCarthy – De La Rosa – Greene

    • JLC 776

      Plus a SS from Arizona to spell Jeter and audition for next year…

    • AndrewYF

      De La Rosa is terrible. Marlon Byrd is a mirage.

      Best case scenario, if both Tanaka and Pineda are pitching come mid-August, is

      Tanaka – Kuroda – Pineda – McCarthy – Phelps

      Which is a mighty fine, playoff-worthy rotation that can take you all the way. Combine that with the killer Betances/Robertson combo in the bullpen, and you have the makings of a 96-esque team, even if the offense remains below-average.

      • PoopChute

        A mirage that has OPS’d over .800 the past year and a half? Get out of here. Byrd would be a huge upgrade of Ichiro, not even close. De La Rosa is serviceable as a lefty back end guy who would come on the cheap. De La Rosa was great last year and has been solid this year. Someone’s gotta eat innings before Whitely completely runs out of gas.

        If your “best case scenario” doesn’t play out (and there’s a near 0% chance that it will) what do you do then if you haven’t acquired a starter? Hope Whitley’s arm doesn’t fall off? Bryan Mitchell? Chris Leroux?

        • Kyle

          We don’t need another 36+ year old OF.. Byrd has already said to Seattle if he were to accept a trade they would’ve to pick up his third year.

          • PoopChute

            Too bad for Byrd the Yankees are not on his no trade list like Seattle… I don’t care how old he is… He is hitting and on a short term deal. If the prospect cost is right, it’s a no brainer.

  • ac1

    Cashman called Headley “average” defensively

    Why does Cashman always trash his players?
    He is known as a good defensive player. Not average. And even if he was, what is gained from calling it out at a press conference?

    • Ed

      Cashman generally tries to lower expectations when bringing in players that aren’t top free agents. Remember when he said they viewed Tanaka as a #3 starter?

      There’s no downside to it, and it helps keep the press back a little if the player doesn’t perform immediately.

      • Silvio

        Cashman generally tries to lower expectations when bringing in players that aren’t top free agents. Remember when he said they viewed Tanaka as a #3 starter?

        Well, not the best example for your claim about Cashman. Tanaka was precisely a “top free agent.”

    • D23

      I have to agree with him. From what I have seen Headley he is a good defensive 3B, not above average. But better than what we have.

    • pat

      He tempers expectations because if he says he’s a great defender the second he boots a ball fucktard Yankees fans will boo him.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner


    • Old Man Time

      I’m guessing you have really thin skin.

  • Algernon Blackwood

    Carl Pineda is not coming back this year.

  • CMed21

    At this point I’m not holding my breath for Pineda.

    On another note, Barney was just DFA. I think the Yankees should get him and replace Roberts. I’d trade Roberts little offense and terrible defense for Barney’s terrible offense but near elite defense. The Yankees infield defense could actually be average with Barney at 2nd and Headley at 3rd.

  • W.B. Mason Williams

    I don’t like the idea of Marlon Byrd but his numbers smack of last-year Soriano. Hope it doesn’t cost too much from the Phils.

    As for a starter…Masterson? This is the one area that may require a serious denting of the farm.

    • Craig

      Nah…he’s injured.

  • TopChuckie

    If only they had won last night, this would be quite a day of optimism in Yankeeland I think.

  • Kevin G.

    I still blame the Red Sox for his injury. Snitches get stitches Boston. Remember that.

  • soxhata

    Let’s give Wheeler a look at second.If we can get Barney,I would dump no defense Roberts and take my chances.Either way,I would release Roberts and take my chances with Wheeler,and Kelly Johnson.Boy,I haven’t watched a lineup this pathetic since-uh-oh yeah,LAST FREAKIN YEAR!!

  • PaulJ

    Dump Roberts, his defense is horrible, he is more concerned about getting hurt than making the play and his offense, is to be puny, offensively bad. Ichiro is horrible and is not hustling in the field, he watched a ball drop yesterday that he should have caught easily. And far be it from Girardi to get on his players about hustling, he is the worst manager I’ve ever seen. He left Greene in way, way to long and then brought in Thorton who can’t get anyone out, especially the first batter he faces. He needs to go too.

  • Pete

    I know Darwin Barney sucks but he was just DFA’d and can provide great 2B defense. With him, Headley, and Tex, INF defense turns from a huge weakness to at least a tick above average (taking into account the fact Jeter’s awful) Can then call up Refsnyder for RF where he’s more comfortable. Thoughts on claiming Barney?

    • I’m One

      You do realize that players get DFA’d for a reason. It’s not usually because they provide any type of value at all.

      No to Barney.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike Axisa

      They already have a perfectly good no hit, all glove infielder in Brendan Ryan.

      • Old Man Time

        But he’s not new.

  • http://Riveraveblues Austinmac

    Barney is great defensively, but he is a huge drop off from Roberts offensively. We are talking Brendan Ryan hitting. The offense is bad enough already.

    • CMed21

      Almost forgot Ryan still existed, at this point Roberts defense isn’t worth what he’s doing offensively. I would be in favor of trading little offense no defense for no offense elite defense.

    • trr

      …and Roberts ain’t exactly Joe Morgan

  • George

    I will play in the majors before Pineda

  • W.B. Mason Williams

    Speaking of Tulo…down he goes.

  • Jorge Steinbrenner

    This comment thread smells rather, shall we say, LoHuddy.

    Can’t wait to see you on the mound again, big man.

  • PunkPitch

    Rub some habanero juju on his frickin shoulder, we need him to stay ahead of the sawx. Pine tar didn’t woik.

  • Mike

    Hulk Smash

  • Tom

    I don’t believe Pineda will be back either. Something tells me he will have a set back.

    I would like them to go out and get a veteran arm. Get a Danks without breaking the bank (ie Hedley and McCarthy)

    Phelps is pitching like he belongs, ride Green until he breaks (maybe he won’t)

    I love seeing what guys like Phelps, Greene, and Whitley can do.