TiqIQ: NYCFC Kicks Off Next Chapter Of New York Sports At Yankee Stadium

Yankees must regain their home field advantage in the second half
Wednesday Night Open Thread

From our friends at TiqIQ:

New York City is the largest market in the country. In sports that’s meant more than one franchise per major sport. But instead of a double dipping in allegiance and an increased chance of a championship for the region each season, the city divides support…even if it’s never been done evenly. And, as the saying goes, familiarity breeds contempt. That’s led to plenty of intercity rivalries in the NBA, NHL, NFL and MLB. Now you can add MLS to the mix.
Major League Soccer is a growing sport in the United States, even if it doesn’t feel that way. Soccer has long been an afterthought to the majority of sports fan in the US, and many of those that have paid attention choose to focus on leagues overseas. But that doesn’t mean MLS has remained stagnant. Since it’s inception in 1996 the league has grown from 10 teams to 19. Up until now the lone New York team was the New York Red Bulls, and like the New York Giants and Jets they’re New York only in title, playing their games in New Jersey instead.
Starting in 2015 New York City Football Club will be added to the league as the 20th team, playing their games in Yankee Stadium for their first season. Jointly owned by the Yankees and Manchester City owners, there are already plans to build a new stadium for the club adjacent to Yankee Stadium. The point is, this team will actually play its home games in the city.
Until the new stadium is built, those home games will be played at Yankee Stadium. Yankee Stadium has already been host to several international matches in the past few years, including Manchester City against Chelsea and Spain vs Ireland last year. On July 30, Man City will play Liverpool at the stadium as part of exhibition tournament for European clubs in the US. The Man City-Liverpool matchup will be the fifth soccer game held at Yankee Stadium since 2012. While plans for a new soccer stadium are in progress, the friendlies and NYCFC game will have to schedule their games around the Yankees schedule with two to three days needed to change the field over from a baseball diamond to a soccer pitch. After the July 30 match, the Yankees won’t play at home until August 4.

So with the birth of the latest New York City rivalry and another coming to Yankee Stadium, this one will have an interesting wrinkle. While the New York Red Bulls have been part of the league since the start – though as the MetroStars through the 2005 season – they are far from a longstanding tradition like the Giants, Yankees, Knicks and Rangers were before rival franchises entered the league. With the team actually located in the city confines, former Red Bull supporters may jump ship. With the prime venue of Yankee Stadium for home games, it wouldn’t be a surprise if NYCFC tickets become some of the most coveted in the league on the secondary market.

NYCFC, following suit of the Yankees, has already made some big name additions to the roster mainly David Villa, who played for Spain’s national team in the World Cup, and the rumored signings of Frank Lampard, who played for England and recently Chelsea in the English Premier League while there have also been reports a deal with Spanish midfielder Xavi is imminent.


Yankees must regain their home field advantage in the second half
Wednesday Night Open Thread
  • Jeff

    The field is going to be chewed up and players will complain.

  • Andrew

    There has been no official confirmation of Frank Lampard signing for NYCFC. Been widely reported as potentially happening, but, not as clear-cut as the last paragraph makes it seem.

  • klaus

    Looks a lot like the Yankee gameplan: overpay for old talent past its prime.

    • Greg

      Yeah, and they win championships. Please think before you troll

  • J-Son

    Cannot wait for NYCFC…Getting to the stadium will such a breeze with Metro North from Westchester.

    • http://nycfc.com/ Zach Galkin

      Glad you are excited! I am a representative with New York City FC, if you are interested in getting a Founding Membership with the club feel free to give me a call at 212-238-5803 or email at zach.galkin@nycfc.com

  • KeithK

    Chewed up ballfields. One more reaosn to dislike soccer.

  • JohnnyFutball

    They could literally be the best team in MLS day one. If only MLB was that easy. I’ll be there, for sure.

  • KD

    Shouldn’t that be Futball? NFL should sue.

    • Joe C

      Actually the game the NFL plays is NOT football. They don’t use their feet.

      • bas

        Except at the beginning of each half, at least once after every touchdown, field goals and punts.

        • Nope

          Right, for a combined time of 2:00 they use their foot. Totally justifies “football” instead of ~90:00 minutes of using your foot/feet.

          Makes total sense.

  • http://twitter.com/IsaacforPrez Isaac

    I’m really excited. Even if baseball and the Yankees are my number one, I’m a fan of all sports, and especially after the major buzz of the World Cup, soccer is becoming more exciting. Hopefully one day MLS won’t have their best players leave (Yedlin) and settle for former European Stars (NYCFC’s best players).

    • Kei

      When pigs fly…

      • Greg

        20 years ago nobody wanted to play in the epl. Pigs fly

  • Mattchu

    To be fair they won’t really be favorites the very first year in the league, most past MLS winners had a good mix of domestic talent and Designated Players and foreign players. Though if they do get Xavi alongside David Villa. This is coming from a Red Bulls fan who might be switching since i have strong ties to the Yankees. I just hope they get a stadium for themselves inside the city… can’t tell you how bad and un-natural is it in a baseball stadium.

  • Joe C

    I actually am a fan of football but I’m not really a fan of Man City. Can’t stand them. I tend to root for United. Having said that, I hope they beat up on Liverpool on the 30th if only to give John Henry one more Yankee Stadium Nightmare to go along side Arron Boone’s Homerun.

  • The Other Mister D

    I’m am glad for the city of my birth to get a soccer team, but really are we just going to name the team the NYC Football Club???

    • The Platypus

      One of the more entertaining traditions about soccer comes from their naming conventions – typically a team has an official bland name (like NYFC), but their actual nickname grows organically as the team becomes popular (i.e. Brazilian team called the Selecao, or Ghana as the Black Stars).

      So it’ll be up to the fans, really, to come up with something. Hopefully they won’t settle for “The Yanks” or something. =)

  • RCK

    I’m excited.

    I was a pretty die hard MetroStars fan from ’97 until about ’04, but I started to get fed up with all the losing and mismanagement. I had pretty much declared them dead to me by early 2005, and then they went ahead and actually died by becoming the Red Bulls. Bleh.

    I’m thrilled that I’ll have an MLS team to root for again. The Yankees connection only makes it better.