2017 Draft Order

The baseball landscape may change significantly this offseason. The Collective Bargaining Agreement expires December 1st, and while the new CBA will inevitably bring some change, we don’t know exactly what those changes they will be. The current CBA changed the amateur draft significantly by adding bonus pools and Competitive Balance Lottery Picks.

For the time being, the current draft rules — meaning free agent compensation and all that — will remain in effect until the new CBA is finalized, whenever that will be. Bet on it happening before December 1st though. Both MLB and MLBPA have way too much to lose with a work stoppage. The game has never been healthier financially.

MLB has not yet assigned the 12 Competitive Balance Lottery picks because the CBA hasn’t been finalized. Usually those picks are handed out in June. This year the league is going to wait until January. Also, the qualifying offer was set at $17.2M this offseason. A team gains a supplemental first round pick for losing a qualified free agent. The signing team forfeits their highest unprotected pick.

I’ll update this page as teams gain and lose draft picks this offseason via free agent compensation, with updates made after teams officially announce signings via press release. An in-depth breakdown of the current draft compensation rules can be found right here. Protected and Yankees picks are in bold. If you have any questions, you can email me at mike (at) riveraveblues (dot) com.

First Round

  1. Twins
  2. Reds
  3. Padres
  4. Rays
  5. Braves
  6. Athletics
  7. Diamondbacks
  8. Phillies
  9. Brewers
  10. Angels
  11. White Sox
  12. Pirates
  13. Marlins
  14. Royals
  15. Astros
  17. Mariners
  18. Tigers
  19. Giants
  20. Mets
  21. Orioles
  22. Blue Jays
  23. Dodgers
  24. Red Sox
  25. Nationals
  26. Rangers
  27. Cubs
  28. Supplemental First Round

  29. Blue Jays (for Edwin Encarnacion)
  30. Rangers (for Ian Desmond)
  31. Cubs (for Dexter Fowler)
  32. Competitive Balance Round A

  33. Rays
  34. Reds
  35. Athletics
  36. Brewers
  37. Twins
  38. Marlins
  39. Second Round

  40. Twins
  41. Reds
  42. Padres
  43. Rays
  44. Braves
  45. Pirates (for failing to sign 2016 supplemental first rounder Nick Lodolo)
  46. Athletics
  47. Diamondbacks
  48. Phillies
  49. Brewers
  50. Angels
  51. Rockies
  52. White Sox
  53. Pirates
  54. Marlins
  55. Royals
  56. Astros
  58. Mariners
  59. Astros (from Cardinals as part of the hacking scandal)
  60. Tigers
  61. Giants
  62. Mets
  63. Orioles
  64. Blue Jays
  65. Dodgers
  66. Red Sox
  67. Indians
  68. Nationals
  69. Rangers
  70. Cubs
  71. Competitive Balance Round B

  72. Diamondbacks
  73. Padres
  74. Rockies
  75. Indianss
  76. Royals
  77. Pirates
  78. Orioles
  79. Astros (from Cardinals as part of the hacking scandal)
  80. Third Round (and each round thereafter)

  81. Twins
  82. Reds
  83. Padres
  84. Rays
  85. Braves
  86. Athletics
  87. Diamondbacks
  88. Phillies
  89. Brewers
  90. Angels
  91. Rockies
  92. White Sox
  93. Pirates
  94. Marlins
  95. Royals
  96. Astros
  98. Mariners
  99. Cardinals
  100. Tigers
  101. Giants
  102. Mets
  103. Orioles
  104. Blue Jays
  105. Dodgers
  106. Red Sox
  107. Indians
  108. Nationals
  109. Rangers
  110. Cubs


Last year a record 20 players received qualifying offers. Three players actually accepted it too. First time that’s happened. This year only ten players received the qualifying offer, which is a reflection of the quality of the draft class. Here are the ten:

  • Jose Bautista, Blue Jays (Bautista re-signed with Blue Jays)
  • Yoenis Cespedes, Mets (Cespedes re-signed with Mets)
  • Ian Desmond, Rangers (Rockies forfeit 11th overall pick)
  • Edwin Encarnacion, Blue Jays (Indians forfeit 25th overall pick)
  • Dexter Fowler, Cubs (Cardinals forfeit 19th overall pick)
  • Jeremy Hellickson, Phillies (Hellickson accepted qualifying offer)
  • Kenley Jansen, Dodgers (Jansen re-signed with Dodgers)
  • Mark Trumbo, Orioles (Trumbo re-signed with Orioles)
  • Justin Turner, Dodgers (Turner re-signed with Dodgers)
  • Neil Walker, Mets (Walker accepted qualifying offer)

One the new CBA is finalized and officially takes effect, I’ll update this page to reflect any changes to the draft order and the draft process in general.

Update (December 1st): MLB and the MLBPA have agreed to a new CBA, but changes to the free agent compensation system will not take effect until next offseason. Everything remains the same this year.

Update (December 13th): MLB has finally announced the 14 Competitive Balance picks. They’re based on market size and revenue now, not a lottery. Either way, no, the Yankees didn’t receive one.

Last Updated: 1/30/17