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Can you believe it’s been three-and-a-half years since the Save The Big Three shirts? Good times, though I don’t even wear mine anymore. The vendor was used wasn’t great and those things shrunk like you wouldn’t believe. It was the thought that counted anyway.

Today I’m happy to (finally) announce that we’re getting back into the merchandise game, though it’s not just t-shirts anymore. Now you can get hoodies, coffee mugs, bumper stickers, all sorts of stuff at the River Ave. Blues Shop. And if you do just want a t-shirt, you can now customize the colors and what not, which is always cool. The prices are reasonable and in the interest of full disclosure, yes we do get a cut of the sales, though not all of it. I wish.

We have the one design above with the street sign logo and what not, plu this numbers design courtesy of Tyler Wilkinson. He also designed our podcast logo, and will be providing us with more in the future. We just launched the shop today, so the selection is limited for the time being.

Update: If you’re having trouble with your shopping cart (as in, it’s empty even though it shouldn’t be), just clear the cache and cookies within your browser and you’ll be good to go.

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It’s become tough to watch Jorge Posada‘s at-bats this year. I’ve taken to covering my eyes and listening for that good contact that signals a long double or a homer. Of course, Posada has none of the former and six of the latter this season, while collecting just nine hits total. It’s led to something of a baffling start for the former catcher. Today at FanGraphs I point out some disturbing Posada trends. His swing and contact rates are all sorts of screwed up, which has played heavily into his slow start. There’s time to turn things around, but with the way he’s looked in his first 60-some-odd plate appearances, I’m having a hard time convincing myself that it will happen.

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TiqIQ presents the average Opening Day ticket prices on the secondary market. Click to enlarge.

As Opening Day dawns, I’d like to take a moment of your time to talk about RAB Tickets, our secondary ticket market partnership with start-up TiqIQ. Every year, hundreds of thousands of fans find their ways to sports events via the secondary market. For non-season ticket holders, it’s too hard to get seats on a single-game basis, and day-of sales are nearly nonexistent these days. Thus, sites such as StubHub, eBay and TicketsNow have become a popular destination for ticket purchases.

Last year, we entered into a partnership with TiqIQ. The company has developed a platform that aggregates ticket listings across all major secondary markets and presents the options in an easy-to-use display that shows seat location and ticket prices. Every time someone purchases a ticket using our co-branded site at, we earn a small commission. TiqIQ can hook you up with tickets while you support your favorite Yankees site. (You can also find Rangers and Knicks tickets on the new landing page. We’re hoping to expand that to all NYC-area sports team.)

Over the course of the season, we’ll use some space on site to promote our partnership. TiqIQ supplies us with pricing graphics — such as the one at right — that shows how Yankee ticket prices are trending. Secondary ticket prices for Opening Day, for instance, have declined precipitously over the past few days as the weather forecast has worsened. If you’re buying tickets this week or next month, keep us mind. You can also find RAB Tickets right here on Facebook. Give the page a “like,” and be ready for contests and special announcements throughout the season.

For Opening Day, navigate to this page where as of this writing there are 3687 tickets for sale. The cheapest are some obstructed-view bleacher seats for $18 each, but there are plenty of decent seats left for under $30 a pop. And there you have it.

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Just in case you missed it, I posted my list of the 30 best prospects in the Yankees’ system last Friday. Check it out if you haven’t seen it, or heck, read it again if you already did.

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Talking Yankees with Keefe

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I haven’t yet had a chance to make my much-anticipated — at least by this guy — debut on our own RAB Radio Show, but yesterday I had a chance to talk baseball on a different podcast. I joined WFAN’s Neil Keefe for 15 minutes of baseball chat, and the recording hit the web today. While I was standing outside in the freezing cold in Midtown, we talked about the upcoming baseball season. We ran down the starting pitcher competition, the situation at catcher and the projected lineup. Give it a listen right here, and soon I’ll join Joe and Mike on our own podcast as well.

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As the final homestand of the regular season gets started this evening, ticket prices are on the rise. After a few homestands featuring mediocre opponents, the Yanks end their Yankee Stadium slate against Tampa Bay and the Rays, and RAB Tickets still has some great deals.

As the above chart from our partner TiqIQ shows, seats for the Rays’ games are currently going for less than those against the Red Sox. Only Thursday’s CC Sabathia/David Price rematch is going for above the season average. Meanwhile, even though the Red Sox face an elimination number of seven, the seats for this weekend are still going for a pretty penny. I’d expect the weekend prices to come down by a few bucks before all is said and done, but the Battle for First Place and potential ALCS preview should outpace yet another Yanks/Red Sox series.

Don’t forget to check out RAB Tickets for all of your game needs. We receive a cut of the sales and always appreciate the help. It’s also now possible to get away game tickets via TiqIQ by clicking on the “Other Yankees Games” link at the RAB Tickets home page.

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This past Saturday, as we’ve advertised for weeks, the three of us joined the crew at FanGraphs for a Live Discussion at Florence Gould Hall on 59th Street in our very own New York City. From the reactions it didn’t seem like anyone had a bad time. And if they did, they forgot about it as we drank ourselves silly watching the Yanks topple the Red Sox.

Since the three of us participated in the event, I’m not sure it’s appropriate to review it ourselves. Thankfully a number of the participants took care of that. There will be pictures to follow for sure, and I heard something about video highlights, though that’s something I can’t confirm. For now we’ll turn to Amanda Rykoff, Carson Cistulli, and Brian Cartwright for the reviews.

Friend of RAB Amanda Rykoff, a/k/a OCD Chick, is one of the most prolific tweeters you’ll ever come across. I recommend you follow her on Twitter, @amandarykoff, for not only baseball stuff but also for her social media content. That, and, of course, her general humor. If you’ve ever read OCD Chick you understand Tale of the Tweets, a daily feature she posts that recounts the day 140 characters at a time. Unfortunately there was no Tale of the Tweets for the Live Discussion, mainly because there was no Wi-Fi or cellular reception at the hall. Oops. But she does run down the event in a similar fashion, starting with some bigger thoughts and then moving to the bullet pointed review. She focuses on the media and stats panels, which were really the main events.

At a site like FanGraphs, humor comes at a premium. That’s why Carson Cistulli is on board. The man can add a touch of lightness to any subject, including, apparently, baseball analysis. He served as moderator for the statistics and the New York baseball panels, and then recounted his experience on FanGraphs. I particularly appreciated this line: “Observation: saber-oriented Yankee fans, just like all other kinds of Yankee fans, are disgustingly confident.” Hell yes we are. Carson also brings to light some interesting conversation points from the after-party. His bullet pointed list complements Amanda’s well.

Brian Cartwright of The Hardball Times sat front row center for the event, and even got his wife to come along with him. He wrote a more traditional review on THT Live. There is more than one interesting anecdote in there, including ones that involves Brian “fumbling for [his] narcotics.” I think that’s an ample teaser.

I would like to thank everyone who came out to enjoy the morning with us, and then to those who came downtown and made the Yanks-Sox game that much more enjoyable. I’m certain we’ll do this again.

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RAB on The Shore Sports Report

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Just a reminder, my weekly appearance on The Shore Sports Report with Mike Krenek and Joe Giglio is coming up at 6:05pm ET today. You can listen in on either FOX Sports 1030 AM or WOBM 1160 AM, and I’m willing to bet that you’ll be able to stream it online via one of those links as well.

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I’ll be making another appearance today on the Pulse Network’s Sports Buzz show. Today’s hit comes at 11 a.m., and I’m calling in to chat trade deadline. I’ll talk about which players the Yankees are interested in, the areas in which the club needs the most improvement and which deals are most likely to get done before Saturday’s trade deadline. You can watch it live right here.

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RAB on the Off The Wall podcast

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Just a heads up, I sat down for a chat with Joe Auriemma of the YES Network’s Off The Wall podcast yesterday, and we basically covered the Yankees’ farm system head to toe. We touched on all the big names like Jesus Montero, Austin Romine, Ivan Nova, and personal fave Eduardo Nunez, but we also hit on the Rookie level GCL team too. Make sure you give it a listen, it’s the second on the list when you click the link.

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