Save The Big Three Revisited

Those of you with ESPN Insider access, or who have talked to the three of us this morning, might have heard about Rob Neyer’s piece today, in which he pimps the Save The Big Three t-shirts. Well, that got us to thinking. Phil and IPK have changed their numbers. Of course, I’ll still wear my shirt with pride — it was the spirit of the times that drove and continues to drive them, not some numeral on the back of a jersey.

Anyway, we’ve decided to update the shirts for anyone interested. You can head to our our store and check out the new gray offering, or you can go straight there. It’s the same idea, just a little changed, since our mission was accomplished.

Pictures after the jump. And many, many thanks to all of you who have bought and who will buy these shirts. The three of us will be sure to flag down anyone wearing the shirts at the Stadium this year.

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