Save The Big Three Revisited

Suzyn Waldman's dramatic moment, in hindsight
From the files of Captain Obvious

Those of you with ESPN Insider access, or who have talked to the three of us this morning, might have heard about Rob Neyer’s piece today, in which he pimps the Save The Big Three t-shirts. Well, that got us to thinking. Phil and IPK have changed their numbers. Of course, I’ll still wear my shirt with pride — it was the spirit of the times that drove and continues to drive them, not some numeral on the back of a jersey.

Anyway, we’ve decided to update the shirts for anyone interested. You can head to our our store and check out the new gray offering, or you can go straight there. It’s the same idea, just a little changed, since our mission was accomplished.

Pictures after the jump. And many, many thanks to all of you who have bought and who will buy these shirts. The three of us will be sure to flag down anyone wearing the shirts at the Stadium this year.

Suzyn Waldman's dramatic moment, in hindsight
From the files of Captain Obvious
  • Count Zero

    Dude — you guys get famous-er and famous-er every day. Pretty soon, nobody will come here anymore because it’s too crowded. ;-)

    You’ll be glad to know that both links are above the fold even for those who don’t have Insider access.

  • Ben K.

    I’ll buy a beer — if you’re over 21 — for anyone at the Stadium I see wearing a Save The Big Three shirt this year.

    • Joseph P.

      So anyone who buys it and is seen with it would recoup more than half the cost!

    • Motown Yankees Fan

      So, where do you usually sit? We are in section 20 upper deck.

    • Casper

      Make it a Beck’s… Don’t know what it is, but I like drinking Beck’s at the Stadium. Think it’s a mix between buying it from that vendor with all the tattoos and the fact that I don’t think I’ve ever had Beck’s anywhere but the Stadium.

      The shirts, of course, are awesome… Just ordered the new one for myself. The girlfriend is still rocking the old one (but she’s not allowed to wear it without me, figure if any RAB readers/writers see her around town in that shirt we might have an interesting scene on our hands).

    • marc

      That means if you spend anytime in the bleachers you’re going to hafta by the Phil Hughes Velocity Basher himself a beer… how awesome. love the shirt tho.

  • jason

    I’m just slow – why did they need saving?

    • Joseph P.

      You know, the whole Santana incident.

  • samiamsports

    I bought the shirt like a month ago then they change the numbers.ITS NOT FAIR

  • steve (different one)

    i’m going to order one. except the new numbers will make it obvious that i cowardly waited until after the Santana trade was completed to commit…

    • Whitey14

      That wasn’t cowardly Steve, it was being realistic. Nothing wrong with that.

  • samiamsports

    steve (diff one), you just made me feel better about my purchase

  • pb

    Are these shirts a little premature? Isn’t there a chance that Pettitte retires early or decides he can’t play this year, and we decide we have to go get another pitcher via a trade?

    • steve (different one)

      it’s possible. none of the Big 3 will be on the table though.

      the best pitcher available would be Blanton, and the Yankees aren’t trading Kennedy+ for Blanton.

  • Casper

    While respecting the right of the RAB guys to make as much $ as possible from sales of the shirts… Maybe transition into just selling the “Big 3 – Saved” shirts now? Would preserve the feeling for those people who bought/wore the shirts back when it meant something.

    • Joseph P.

      Once we get all the new ones up, that’s something we will certainly consider.

  • Mark

    Hey guys…i ordered one of the first versions back when you first made them but any chance you’ll come out with more versions of the new shirt…(Navy Blue???) I’m def ordering a new one either way, but i’m looking for a navy one

    • Joseph P.

      Yeah, probably early next week. I just wanted to get the gray ones up today, since they were the best sellers of the old batch.

  • Brian

    The beauty of this is that if we should ever part ways with one of the three, you can continue the Save the Big Three campaign (insert: Horne, insert: Brackman, insert: Betances, insert: Heredia).
    You guys are completely right that this marks an “era” in a very cool way, I’m just hoping we always have three to save. Unlike the Orioles.

  • Cam

    I know you guys aren’t tailors or anything, but what do the shirts fit like? I tend to run between a medium and a large and it’s tough for me to tell how they fit unless I try them on (duh). For example, with the Yankee blue name and number shirts, the medium tend to be just a little too small, and the larges just a little too big. I’m 5’10” 190lbs. Whattya think, large or small?

    • Joseph P.

      Well now. We’re about the same size. I got a large last time, and it’s a wee small. Nothing major. I don’t pop out of it or anything. I think I’m going for an XL this time around.

      • Whitey14

        Joe ~ Great job filling in over at MLB Trade Rumors dot com. Thanks for your insight in Tim’s absence.

        Beckett does look a little chubby doesn’t he?

        Here’s hoping he slims down quickly in the Florida/Japan sunshine.

    • Spike

      What are you a woman?

  • It’sMeSNITCHES!!!

    I wonder if the Yankees will jump on “Big Three Saved” campaign – although they shouln’t take credit for it. But, since they’re ours for good, I can see the organization jumping on that bandwagon saying they were for saving the 3 the whole time. Question is, if they ask RAB to sell the rights to “The Big Three” line, will you be in business with them? Could be big bucks!

  • jason

    Don’t get me wrong, I love that we saved these guys, but it’ll be tough wearing this around town when Santana is 12-4 and averaging 10 Ks a game unless Phil and IK are kicking.

  • Cam

    Yeah, Spike, I’m a woman. You caught me. If being a woman means not wanting to walk around in a shirt that makes me look like I’m a toddler wearing my dads shirt, then sure, I’m a woman. So glad you were here to clarify that for me.

  • Patrick

    Congrats on the mention. Cool stuff.

  • John Doonan

    Someone on BBI suggested your site. Great job–glad to buy 3…..just hope they don’t see each other

  • jboogz

    I was just clicking through Joel Sherman’s Hardball Blog for the NY Post, and I came across a sweet little nugget. I’ll link here to make it easy on everyone:

    Joel Sherman’s Hardball Blog

    Come’on Joel, just cite RAB, say congrats on coming up with THE nickname that has stuck. Shamelessly coming up with an obvious knockoff nickname [say that three times fast] just proves too many things about the NY Post.