Farwell, Andy

Changing the line of Yankee succession
At what cost loyalty?

The Star Ledger is reporting, through an anonymous source, that Andy Phillips was placed on outright waivers yesterday. As many of us have been saying over the past week or so (or even longer), this was a no-brainer move. Yeah, you have to feel bad for Andy and the conditions surrounding him. But he’s simply not good enough to cut it.

Phelps, on the other hand, even at 28 years old has plenty of upside. He may pan out during the season, and he may not. Regardless of the eventual outcome, though, this was the correct move.

I’m not sure what other teams would have a need for Phillips, and I don’t (from my pedestrian view) see much of a reason that he won’t clear waivers and head with Phil Hughes and Tyler Clippard to Scranton.

Hat tip to Steve for the link.

Changing the line of Yankee succession
At what cost loyalty?
  • Jb

    Clay Buchholz vs Rays .

    The Redsox Fans already salivating Bucholtz after his great outing against Drays who could be part of Redsox rotation iin august.


    by the end of August… Wakefield will be in the bullpen

    Quote from Cysuzaka

    “I think buchholz would be more effective this year than wakefeild.

    Listening on radio. Saying his curveball is K-rodish, good change-up, and 95-97 fastball, and good command.”

    I still think Yankees have better future rotation than the Redsox.

  • http://mybaseballbias.com Jason McAdams

    Wow. Sad to see this news Joseph. He had a rough spring, having to leave camp because of the car accident his mother was in and then trying to play catch up to Josh Phelps. It was the right move, but Andy is a good guy and you wish him nothing but the best.

  • http://www.riveraveblues.com Joseph P.

    Couldn’t agree more, Jason. Hopefully, the Yankees can take care of him for the rest of his career as an organizational player.

  • http://riveravblues.com Mike A.

    Ugh, enough with Buchholz. He’s a talented young pitcher, yes, but he’s a product of the Peter Gammons hype machine. I don’t give a shit that Dice-K says he’s a great, the kid’s 19 friggin’ years old. He won’t see the majors until 2009, at the earliest. Any sooner than that would benefit the Yanks.

    All the bullshit Peter Gammons throws out there about Sox prospects is starting to bug me to no end. “Can Phil Hughes be as good as John Lester down the stretch,” fuckin’ a of course he can. Hughes is better than Lester now and he’s been better than him his whole damn career.

    If I started hyping up Yankee prospects like that, everyone would laugh at me. But because he’s Gammons, his word is gold. What a load of crap.

    Sorry for being so animated.

  • http://yanksandmore.blogspot.com Eric Schultz

    Mike, Bucholz was 22 last season in A ball, and will turn 23 in August. While he seems to have great stuff, it seems like a lot of hype for a guy who was old for his league. Let’s see what he does in AA before we start considering him a big-time prospect.

  • http://riveraveblues.com Mike A.

    You’re right Eric, my bad. Geez he’s older than I thought.

    Plus he’s never thrown over 120 innings in any season, so who’s to say he’ll hold up?