Not good news for Karstens?

Don't expect Big Z in the Bronx
On winning the World Series

Gary Thorne and Buck Martinez are interviewing Gator in the Yanks dugout in regards to the state of the pitching staff. His response began: “Obviously, Wanger is out. Karstens is out…” He then went on to say that they still have Pavano, Mussina, Pettitte, and Igawa, and that they’re looking at Darrell Rasner for the fifth rotation spot. That’s not good news for Karstens, especially after hearing that there’s no real damage to his elbow.

Meanwhile, Phelps just hit a monster ball over the fence in dead center. His performance was immediately followed by an Andy Phillips strikeout. If Phelps isn’t going to make this team, one has to wonder why the Yanks even bothered to take him as a Rule V selection.

Don't expect Big Z in the Bronx
On winning the World Series
  • Mike A.

    Just hoping to catch lightning in a bottle with Rule V picks.

    I highly doubt Phelps will keep this performance up over the season. The same people calling for him to make the team now will be calling for him to get the axe then.

    Neither is a good option, but they’re both better than Chris Basak or Shelley Duncan.

  • Joseph P.

    Of course he won’t keep up that performance over the regular season. But I think it’s pretty safe to say that he’ll out-perform Andy Phillips, which is all the team needs right now.