So much for that super-utility guy idea


If you don’t already know, Alberto Gonzalez – one of the guys picked up in the Big Unit deal – is basically the shortstop version of Marcos Vechionacci, meaning he’s frickin’ awesome with the glove. Since he plays a position occupied by someone whose name I forget at the big league level, there’s been thought of using Gonzalez as a utility guy.

Well, Gonzalez make an error in today’s game that ultimately cost the Yanks the win. Why is this signifcant? Because he was playing third at the time. This is Gonzalez’s second error of the spring, with the other error coming as he manned second. Granted this falls into the “small sample size” category, but still, he doesn’t seem as comfortable at non-natural positions.

He’s got some serious value as a trade chip, too bad Yankee fans most likely won’t ever get to see him pull a Rey Ordonez (with the glove, not the bat) impression in the Bronx.

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  • Johnny Gznerbashvilli

    i think hes only played 6 games at 2nd, that was in 2005. according to his stats he has never played at 3rd. its noble to try to find a use for him on the yankees, but the guy is a ss not a utility guy (at least not now anyway). if he keps making errors he’ll probably be traded before too long.

  • Tim K

    The Yankees can easily package him into a larger deal for either Zambrano or Santana down the road. Keep him at short where he belongs and let him shine.

    Gonzalez, Sanchez, Cox, Cabrera, and Duncan could be a package to get either guy or another comparable pitcher.

  • Mike A.

    I dunno Tim, Cash has been doing the opposite of late – shipping overpriced players off for prospects.

    The Gonzalez issue will play out somehow, these things always work themselves out (injury, trade, flameout, etc).

    I don’t get all the love for Zambrano. Sure he’s got a electric stuff and all that, but he walked almost 5 batters per 9 IP last year, and he’s issued the most walks in baseball since he became a full-time big leaguer in 2002:;MinWP=0

    That’s just not ace material, a patient team like the Yanks would feast on this guy.

  • Joseph P.

    “Gonzalez, Sanchez, Cox, Cabrera, and Duncan could be a package to get either guy or another comparable pitcher.”

    All I have to say is: unless you’re dealing with Bill Bavasi or Jim Bowden, this ain’t happenin’.